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Fawn Chan

3 years ago

Dr. Werner is simply easy to talk with. All my three senior pets are under his care. He was able to keep their ear infection in control when it was not possible under primary care. He has profound patience and interacts well with my pekes. I appreciate the written discharge instructions which I receive after each visit.

Mary Ann Romero

3 years ago

The doctor and staff are so helpful, professional and polite.

Susan Turner

3 years ago

Amazing! I have a senior frenchie that has suffered for years with allergies and skin issues. These issues are now under control and my Sammy can enjoy his golden years! Thanks to Dr Werner and his capable and supportive team!! I cant thank them enough!!

Deeni Beeni

4 years ago

Dr. Werner saved my dog's life. End of story. You don't really need to read further, but here are a few details. By the time we got to him, we'd seen 4 different vets, including 1 dermatologist, & Andy was almost dead. That is not hyperbole. One, whom we saw for something unrelated, didn't notice the condition at all & considering what he was being treated for, definitely should have. One guessed that it was because of something else, without even bothering to look at the lesions, & treated the guess rather than the condition. Number 3 did the same thing, except her guess, & the treatment for that guess, caused something life-threatening. Number 4, the first dermo, didn't assume it was because of something else, but for whatever reason, more or less refused to treat it. Thus, by the time we saw Dr. W, Andy had lost 25% of his body weight, was covered in wheals & scabs, hadn't been out of the cone for 2 months, & had a WBC count of 75,000. This was all because of their so-called "treatments," which were not cheap. Before I get to Dr. Werner, I want to say a word about the above. There are times when all you can do is treat a "guess." Like when a condition defies diagnosis, either because there is no good diagnostic test or results are inconclusive or there's no known treatment. That was *never* the case here. The best I can come up with is that there are medical practitioners who are basically "afraid" of the diseases they are treating. They avoid diagnostic tests - maybe there's ego attached to guessing the correct answer, going through 100 drugs until they find one that works? They do "polite" medicine. They treat the disease like a therapy client that is ultimately going to see the error of its ways & leave on its own. They try to "negotiate" with the disease, which in our case was a little like trying to negotiate with an angry 2-year-old psychopath. They use impotent little regimens because they don't want to hurt the disease's feelings. In the meantime, the disease is becoming a raging inferno, a tsunami, & those vets are chasing after it with squirt guns & bailing buckets & lots of "wait & see," while it gets further & further ahead. NO NO NO. That is not what you want when you & your companion are looking death in the face AND there is a better, & blatantly obvious, alternative. You want the big guns. Someone with the courage of his convictions who is not afraid to find out we are dealing with and to treat it. Seems simple, doesn't it? Well I'm here to tell you, apparently it isn't. For some vets out there, your dog is nothing more than a test tube, a high school science project. Enter Dr. Werner. Arm the photon torpedoes! Do the tests! Get the drugs on board! Get IN FRONT of the disease rather than "chase it." That was what was required. That's what Dr. Werner did, with competence & utter integrity, no false promises, & Andy lived. Full stop. Now, I drive a long way to see Dr. W. Do I mind? Are you kidding? I would drive around the world for Andy, & look, here I am, in my car for the next couple of hours with my beloved dogs, one of whom is *alive* because of the guy we are going to see. What could be better?And here something else. When I first contacted Dr. Werner's office I was nearly at the end of hope, deeply frightened & helpless, nothing else to try, considering euthanasia because I couldn't bear to see Andy suffer any more. I thought: if this doesn't work I will have Andy put down. But Bonnie heard the fear & desperation in my voice & immediately understood the gravity of the situation & started making room in the schedule for us. We did not even get that kind of consideration from staff in offices where we'd been seen for years. She had never even met us before and from Moment One spoke to us with warmth & caring, as has everyone in that office every single time. That is no small thing. Bottom line: I owe Dr. Werner & Bonnie & everyone in that office Andy's life. My advice to you, O Gentle Reader? Start at the TOP. See Dr. Werner, & tell them Andy sent you.

Marva Fucci

4 years ago

A big fan of Dr. Alexander Werner.????????


4 years ago

Saved my dogs life, so thankful. Here name is Gracie.

Steven Ridnor

4 years ago

Very nice staff and Doctor.

John DeMartino

5 years ago

Great service and very friendly, went above what was expected

Linda M-11

5 years ago

I have to go there pretty often with my dog for his allergys. Great doctor, terrific girls at the front desk. The girls are great with questions about the meds, they all are up to date with all the new meds. They get you in when you have to be seen on short notice.

Louann Farran

5 years ago

Great vet, caring and very professional, with one of the best staff I’ve ever dealt with. Highly recommend!

Mario A.

5 years ago

I was worried about my German Shepherd after he take care of him I'm so happy that chucho is in control:)

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