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Anna Becker

2 years ago

We brought our English Pointer, Agatha, into her evaluation and first daycare trial. The Bow Wow Bungalow staff were welcoming and friendly and Agatha seemed super comfortable with them right away. They walked us through her evaluation process and were very considerate and thoughtful of ensuring she had a safe and positive experience. We can’t wait to bring her back and she seemed to have had a BLAST! I particularly love that we can check in via the dog cams and one of the things that made me feel most comfortable was how engaged and attentive the staff is with all the dogs. Very happy we found a place for her.

Wes Stevens

2 years ago

Front desk both on phone and in person was indifferent and felt rushed. Intake and interview was obtuse, the handler even admitted, "I am good with dogs not people." I explained one of my puppies was shy, he approached him straight in the eyes and showed no skill in building basic trust. Then after leash walking him in a space with 20+ dogs, naturally, the dog failed intake. There was no solution offered, other than, "Would you like to leave your other dog?" My objective was socialization of 8 month old puppies. You came well recommended. The experience with the three staff members I interfaced with definitely made me glad Elton failed, I wouldn't have wanted to leave him or Dolly there. Felt like there was no core animal behavior training, depth of care, or concern for solving customer issues.

David Hosseini

2 years ago

My Luna was very very happy she played with other dogs the place is clean the help there is very friendly and they’re able to answer all your questions in a business mannerism I think it was a very good fit for my dog

Ryan D. Thompson

2 years ago

I like this place, but my dog loves it. And they seem to love him.

Paul Urcioli

2 years ago

Excellent boarding facility. Clean, well maintained and organized; dogs get plenty of play inside and out. Employees are great, caring, loving, give attention as well as send and respond to messages quickly.

Jeff Dengrove

2 years ago

A great place to board your dog. Everybody that works there are into the dogs. They also bathe and train if that is what you are interested in. Good parking and easy access near Burbank airport.

Kendall Clement

2 years ago

***.I HAVE UPGRADED MY RATING FROM ONE STAR TO FOUR STARS. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE CHANGE IN MY REVIEW BELOW*** DO NOT USE BOW WOW BUNGALOW!!!!!! I called twice within two weeks to verify the arrangement that a manager had promised me. I was promised that I could sign a waiver because my dog was now due for two vaccines. I took her immediately to get the first round of the 2 vaccines. I was told that because she had had the first round I could sign a waiver and they would be happy to board her. "Bring her in and sign the waiver and we will be happy to take care of your puppy," is what I was told for the second time within one week of my Thanksgiving flight. The day before my flight I took her in and they would not allow me to sign the waiver and turned us away. THE DAY BEFORE MY THANKSGIVING FLIGHT IS WHEN THIS OCCURRED!!! They said there had been a change in management two days before and therefore the owners would not honor what the previous manager had told me less than a week earlier. At the very least they could have informed me that the other manager was gone and that they were no longer accepting waivers. COMPLETELY irresponsible way to run a business, and the public is asked to trust these people with their pets? I don't think so. AGAIN, AVOID BOW WOW BUNGALOW AT ALL COSTS!!! ***It's been two weeks since I left the above review*** It was a very stressful experience and I was VERY lucky to find another pet hotel the evening before my Thanksgiving flight. However, the owner of Bow Wow Bungalow reached out to me the very next day and offered to make things right. He apologized for the actions of his employees and offered a satisfactory remedy. I believe he was sincere and that this was an unusual occurrence; therefore, I am now recommending Bow Wow Bungalow. And, i now would consider boarding my dog there. The faciliy, what I saw of it, is very impressive. I am upgrading my rating from one star to four stars.

M Ries

2 years ago

Deeks always has a good time at Bowwow!! He makes friends and hates to leave. So glad we found a safe place for our four legged-kid.

James Macak

2 years ago

I think your staff (and I would name them except I'm afraid of leaving someone out) are really considerate and thoughtful and seem to really love the dogs they work with. Thank you for hiring people of this caliber.

William Schleicher

2 years ago

The staff is great! Our dog loves it here.

Stephen Cannon

2 years ago

We found ourselves stuck at the last minute without an option for leaving our dog as we went on vacation. Bow Wow Bungalows was there for us. I called them and described our situation. The staff member I spoke to told me to bring our dog in for a quick evaluation. Upon walking in, it was obvious to my girlfriend and me that our dog would be safe and cared for. There are several play yards, all fully enclosed and with web cameras. Ultimately, our dog was safe and taken care of, and that's all we hoped for. The price tag is high, but we were willing to do it for our dog's safety, and for our own peace of mind.

s s

2 years ago

From the lady that answers the phone ( Sarah ) to the groomer (Gabby) this place is excellent I am wowed! My Tip was groomed to perfection! The ability to watch my pup on Dog Cam is awesome. I will be using their boarding services this month. Forgot how I made this review, so Im piggy backing off of my old one. Tok my son's girlfriend dog ( Harley ) and received same excellent quality services!!!

Philip Fadriquela

2 years ago

Nice place our dog was tired when she got in the car “A tired dog is a happy dog” we went for a free evaluation before we board her for 7 days. They want to make sure our dog will be happy and not be afraid with other dogs. We watched her on the webcams she was so happy her tail was like a rooster tail.

Leilani Alvarez

2 years ago

I'm actively searching for a boarding resource for my 10 month old puppy. I've never boarded my dog here and based on how the owners respond to complaints, I never will. I can tell that this is not a customer service oriented facility.

Brian Howe

2 years ago

There is clearly a great deal of thought and care put into the running of this place and the treatment of the dogs. The staff are compassionate, caring and professional. Our two dogs had a terrific time there on their evaluation day and we very much look forward to bringing them back for day care or boarding or both.

Cassie Hanle Brady

2 years ago

They were all very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. My toy poodle had a great time and we look forward to visiting on a continual basis.

Courtney Gray

2 years ago

TLDR; IF YOU ARE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER, DO NOT BOARD YOUR DOG HERE. Absolutely HORRIFIC experiences both times I have boarded my dog here. I chose the silver activity package, and the FIRST NIGHT I left my dog here, I noticed that he was being relentlessly dominated by another dog there, and this other dog was also aggressively dominating the other smaller dogs by mounting them, dragging them across the floor by their necks, pinning them down, and chasing them. There was no attempt to stop this behavior, separate that dog from the group, or separate the smaller and larger dogs in general; despite the outbreak of kennel cough and k-9 influenza, there were probably 40 dogs all together in the same area, even though I was told they were doing everything possible to prevent a spread. And I was also told that they separate smaller and larger dogs. They lied about both of those points. Then, later in the evening, I noticed that my dog had been isolated in a small cage in the outdoors area, prevented from running around, despite my purchase of the silver activity package. Every time I checked the cameras in the days following, he was contained in that small area. It was FOUR DAYS LATER that the facility FINALLY called to tell me what was going on. They believed that my dog had contracted kennel cough, and were making almost zero effort to isolate him properly from other dogs or provide him with any care. They DO NOT have a vet on staff or any medical resources for dogs who become sick or experience an emergency in their care. I found this absolutely absurd for a facility of this caliber, and I had to cut my vacation short because of their negligence. I also tried to call and ask about the status of my dog so that I could plan a treatment for him, and they failed to call me back or respond to my messages. I cannot express how distressing it is to be on vacation, trying to enjoy myself, and then every time I check on my dog, he looks miserable, sick in an unfamiliar place, isolated from everyone else and locked in a small area with no food or water, and ignored by staff. So incredibly upsetting. I also wonder if they’re informing any of the other patrons that there was a sick dog grouped in with all the others??? Additionally, both times I have boarded my dog here, I booked a groom. They have failed to deliver both times, for one reason or another. This place has absolutely abysmal service and care.

Doug Mclean

2 years ago

Really clean and friendly place. I would recommend this place to everyone


2 years ago

Amazing & professional management! Great staff! A must for ANY dog owner! ????

Johnny Ayala

2 years ago

Employees look very affable and are knowledgeable. Environment is very pleasant and warm for the dogs.

Lopsie Schwartz

2 years ago

I first checked this place out because it was near my work and other co-workers trusted their dogs to Bow Wow Bungalow. Since Covid Quarantine, I no longer am close, but I still make the 30 min drive out when I need or want doggie day or boarding care. I like that I can see my two dogs on their cams, that they watch the dogs and genuinely seem to enjoy it all. My puppies always come back happy and tired, and they are equally happy any time I take them there. That means a lot to me.

Melissa Mancini

2 years ago

Great place for our dogs, clean, plenty of both indoor and outdoor play space. I do struggle at times getting someone to answer the phone when I call which can be extremely frustrating.

Natalie Freiburger

2 years ago

Radar our dog always has a good experience! We feel he is safe and stimulated!

Olga Badalian

2 years ago

Pleasantly surprised ! It’s my first time coming to this facility : very neat, very friendly people, ready to help, answering all your questions patiently ! They have webcams, so you can watch your doggie playing any time, all is transparent ! You can bring your food , you can drop off and pick up your doggie at any convenient for you time during their working hours. Even my very shy chihuahua , being first time in her life in this kind of environment, looked happy after the evaluation ! Not to mention such attractive perks as a first night free :-) it’s my first experience with BowWow, and it’s a very good one!

Spencer Taylor

2 years ago

My dog LOVES Bow Wow Bungalow. To the point where he literally pulls me inside when we step out of the car. I love that they do wellness checks (they even told me that his ears seemed pretty red, prompting me to take him to the vet where they confirmed and ear infection). I also love that they have a pool set up for those ridiculously hot summer days. The report cards at the end of the day are such a cute bonus and let me know what my pup has been up to. But my favorite thing, is that you can watch your dog online. It helped ease my mind when choosing this boarder. Cannot recommend this place enough!

paul kersh

2 years ago

Good experience with our dog starting overnight and having ample play time with the other dogs

Joshua Skidmore

2 years ago

On May 20, 2021, our dog was wounded while attending Bow Wow Bungalow. She had a deep puncture wound on her right side. Unfortunately, the staff watching her did not notice the wound. My husband saw it when picking her up around 6:30pm that evening. He was stunned and immediately returned to Bow Wow Bungalow to inquire about her injury. The staff watching over her hadn’t even noticed, which was worrying since the blood was dry leaving us to believe it had happened hours prior. When my husband asked them to call the closest vet, a staff member responded that they were all closed, but someone from the office would contact us the following morning. Disappointed in the lack of care or urgency shown by the staff, my husband drove to the nearest after-hours veterinary clinic which was in Hollywood. The vet was shocked to see a 1.5 inch deep wound and couldn’t believe no one had noticed earlier in the day. Luckily, he was able to clean the wound and staple it closed after taking x-rays just to be safe. The total cost was $638.75. The next morning, no one from Bow Wow Bungalow contacted us. We had to reach out to the manager on duty and were told to submit photos and the vet bill. After doing so, we waited until 6/7 before a $500 reimbursement check was issued. We emailed the manager asking if a separate check was to be mailed making up the difference of $138.75 and were told that Bow Wow Bungalow only covers bills up to $500 and that we had signed an agreement with that understanding. We understand that accidents in a dog daycare happen. Dogs cannot be watched every second. We get it. The response to accidents can, however, be very much controlled. So, here are our issues with the entire experience. 1. The staff didn’t even notice the injury and therefore we were not contacted and our dog was not attended to earlier in the day which could have lessened the severity of her injury, as well as the cost. 2. No one followed up the next morning after we were told they would. An injured dog should ALWAYS be priority number one. 3. The general manager and owner never once contacted us to apologize. 4. Even though we signed a contract stating that the limit of vet reimbursement is only $500, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from paying more. 5. The lack of empathy and responsibility is not only disheartening on moral grounds, but it’s also bad business. We are no longer taking our dog to Bow Wow Bungalow and we ask that prospective customers take our experience into consideration when trying to decide if this is the right place for your dog.

Michael Diaz

2 years ago

I was extremely impressed by help I was able to receive by Rebecca she made it very easy and quick. Who definitely recommend for friends and family.

Candace Dalton

2 years ago

Today was the first day we brought our 1 year old puppy to bow wow! We heard so many great things about it and it met our expectations and more! Our pup had the best time, we were greeted by a super awesome employee (Enon - I could be spelling wrong) who took his time to tell us everything about how Bow Wow operates. We got to see our pup play on the webcam from home and he is SOUND ASLEEP since the minute we got home. Thank you!! Highly recommend.

Randy Karraker

2 years ago

Our dog enjoyed her stay and we could watch her online.

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