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Gina Catania

2 years ago

I want to preface this by saying that I am not here to put anyone who works at Obedience Please on the spot. I dislike writing reviews for small businesses as a single bad statement could ruin an entire reputation. However, what I saw when we picked our dog up crossed a line for me and my family and I feel that it would be unfair not to share our experience. We left our dog in the hands of this facility with the minimum expectation that she would be kept clean, safe, and hopefully happy. Not one of these standards were met. I must express my disappointment considering that everyone was so pleasant to talk to when we first arrived to drop our dog off. We called to check in on our dog during our vacation multiple times and were told she was doing great and was having fun playing with all the other dogs! This was exciting to my family and I considering that she hadn’t been around many people or dogs due to COVID. In hindsight, we were blatantly lied to. When we picked her up, she was COVERED in citronella spray to the point she was sticky to the touch, she was covered in dirt, dried feces from days ago smudged down her legs, her nose had a gouge that continued to bleed once we got home, and she was so lethargic (and later we found out sick) that we had to take her to the vet the morning after at great expense. And when I say “COVERED in citronella spray” I mean she was outrageously coated in it. Do they not have any other method to get the dogs to behave? The methods of care in this facility are simply outdated. Not to mention, they don’t require leptospirosis vaccinations, a potentially fatal bacterial infection that spreads through the blood. My dog was fully vaccinated and still managed to get sick in this filthy place. After speaking with the veterinarian, we were consoled by her agreed disbelief that anybody could ever neglect and mistreat a dog the way our dog was. Luckily, our dog is young and able to recover quickly. However, if she was a senior, I don’t know that we would have been as lucky. I am quite frankly disgusted by this boarding facility and would hate for any other dog to have to go through what my girl did. I highly recommend, with a lack for better words, that you do not support this facility and spend your money at a place that will care for your dog the way they deserve to be cared for. I will never come back to this place. I am beyond disgusted and wouldn’t wish this treatment onto anyone or any animal.

Chris Manning

2 years ago

These guys have been doing this a very long time and they know how to treat your animals. My my dog loves the day care because he gets to play!

Jill Lange

2 years ago

I left my fur babies for a week's vacation. My dogs were so happy there! They took care of my dogs as if they were my own.

ramin yosian

2 years ago

Waste of time. Waste of money. Howard uses negative responds which can cause dogs to be violent in the future. Six weeks later, and $3000 later, he knows nothing. My daughter taught him a few tricks and he knows how to do those better. My dog is out of control and it was a very dirty facility. Six weeks later when we picked him up and we called complaining that our dog is out of control, they gave us a piece of paper that told us how to train him. I do NOT recommend this facility.

Nat Pat

2 years ago

I really really don’t appreciate this! I Gave Howard the benefit of the doubt to train my four month old pup. Even though I check out the facilities and they were very very poor, old and broken down. But Howard stated that he trained tens of thousands of dogs, and he was amazing, and blah blah blah. We I decided to invest the 3K. Every two weeks I visited my dog and took him for a walk, but he was totally out of control during those walks. Far worse then when he went in. I was assured over and over that the training is not done and he will be well behaved at the end of training. Well, that did not happened. Howard had him for about 10 weeks. When I went to pick him up, I told him my dog seem totally out of control….what is going on. He was better behaved before the training. He gave me a piece of paper and told me I need to train him at home. AS i said my dog after the 10 weeks is worse then when he went In. My dog know some things before and knows nothing now. Not even sit…. As i walk him it feels like he breaks my wrist, running every which way. I can not calm him down. This place needs to be shut down. Howard is in his 80’s and need to call it quits , and shut down this filithy place, broken old outdated place I dont even think they allow the dogs water. When i picked him up for his walks every two weeks, I gave my dog water and he would drink for a solid 40 seconds… it was alarming. When i told this to the trainer, I was told they dont give them water so they dont pee. What?? I very much would recommend to avoid this place. I’m really really unhappy. I wish i trusted my gut and went elsewhere.

john nolan

2 years ago

Very nice place and staff. Cooper loves going here

Guillermo Arroyo

3 years ago

Best safe and humanitarian people

Ron Morgan

4 years ago

Howard and his staff are nothing short of amazing with dogs. I was checking this place out for my son and daughter-in-law to train their service dog. After meeting Howard, the staff, and some of his clients I am certain I have made the right decision. I highly recommend them.

Tony Clough

4 years ago

Howard is the best! He trained us how to train our American Staffordshire and it's been fantastic He's super knowledgeable and was great at explaining everything along the way. We're really happy with how our dog has changed so much and even happier about how we know so much about training the dog ourselves now!


4 years ago

I am so happy I found Howard! He helped my two male English bulldog puppies become proper gentlemen! These were my first puppies and I was a little overwhelmed to say the least and YouTube videos about dog training weren't cutting it. So I looked online for trainers and found Obedience Please Dog Training and my puppies and myself have learned a lot. Definitely worth every penny!

Tami Catania

4 years ago

We have enjoyed a wonderful experience with Howard training our puppy. He understands the unique training needs of each breed, each dog, and each owner and proceeds accordingly. We have learned a great deal and we now have a well-behaved, sweet dog.

Rhonda Shiozaki

4 years ago

We have a sweet, strong, BIG dog. Whether we're dropping off for daycare or for a few days of boarding, Howard and his staff greet her with warmth and love, and she comes home happy, tired and well adjusted. She gets so happy when we pull up in their parking lot and runs to the front door!


4 years ago

I'm are extremely pleased with the training our dog received.

Rebecca Shekib, M.A.

4 years ago

We are so happy we hired Obedience please dog training for our dog Micah. Our dog had many issues which was corrected by Howard our trainer. We enjoyed our training sessions and very please with their boarding facilities.

Mary Christianakis

4 years ago

I love that Howard trains dogs with "love" and not treats. His training methods are sound, based on psychological behaviorist principles. He helped me train my two puppies and now I can bring them with me to work and they will sit quietly through 2 college lectures. They are now obedient and non-aggressive and I know that I can take them with me anywhere and they will be safe.

Maria Swann

4 years ago

Howard the trainer immediately made my 3yr old Rottweiller know that he was alpha but also reassured my dog he was loving. After two in home sessions the same level of control was transferred to me. In a short amount of time (5 sessions) I was sitting at an outdoor cafe with my now calm dog letting many distractions circulate near and around him. When I first approached Howard, after being rejected by other trainers, my dog was showing fearful aggression, pulling me on walks, and lacking confidence. He is now the perfect dog for me. Thank you Howard for your kind yet firm psychological approach to training dogs and their owners. MariaS

Lori O'Gorman

4 years ago

My English Bulldog has been going here regularly for 3 years since he was a puppy and loves it, he's always very excited on the way and is clearly well taken care of when I pick him up! The staff is professional, friendly and accommodating. I'm comfortable leaving Samson there every time we need doggie daycare and I highly recommend them!

Guillermo Olaiz

4 years ago

Dog Whisperer & expert trainer Howard has been training my German shepherd puppy. We started at just a few months old, now he's almost a year old and more obedient than ever. 5 Stars to Howard and Obedience Please Training!

Gary McKee

4 years ago

Wonderful people working there who really love the dogs.

chalce dony

4 years ago

Do you not I mean do not let your pets go here I sat and watched one of the employees walk a puppy downstairs not even to the corner didn’t use the bathroom didn’t get a chance to use the bathroom and she is pulling his neck with the chain and when I went to complain about it they told me that they know what they’re doing and it doesn’t affect the dog when they pull their chain back like that. The poor puppy didn’t have a chance to even use the restroom they walk down the stairs walked a few steps and they turn right back around what kind of place is this horrible

barca 3

4 years ago

I do not recommend this business. A waste of money ($790). Howard spent more time talking to me and sharing stories than working with my dog. Take your business somewhere else.

Alicia West

4 years ago

Howard is an amazing trainer with years of experience. He trained our Doberman, Otto, at our home one-on-one. More importantly, he trained us, and taught us how better to communicate with our dog. We still practice Howard’s techniques, and Otto is a well-adjusted good boy, without treats, and without a harsh punishment.

Roland P. Pineda

5 years ago

Very reasonable price for an overnight stay.

lavonia macko

9 years ago

I can't say enough positive about Pinnacle trainor, his methods, and his dedication to the art of canine care and education. The improvement in our schnauzers is one thing. More impressive is the improvement in us as owners and in our kids and their relationship to our dogs. High recommended!

Stephanie Wilson

9 years ago

.........Has done a terrific job training with my pup learned so quickly with them and training has gone from a stressful thing to something we both enjoy. I'd highly recommend them classes to any dog owner. We took they'repuppy class, Puppy class also had time for the puppies to play around and learn to socialize. It was a great time for us and our puppy. We highly recommend them for training, walking, and pet sitting.

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