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Najusha Robertson

2 years ago

Fast friendly service. Everyone there is really nice and helpful

Anna Schuetz

2 years ago

Boarded my dogs over holiday weekend. I asked them to trim their nails, they didn’t. Because they didn’t trim their nails or take them on very long walks, one of my dogs came home with cracked and horribly overgrown nails. She won’t put pressure on one of her paws. She was probably pawing at the kennel and hurting herself. It’s so hard to see her in such pain, can’t even get comfortable because she can’t dig a bed with her soar paws. My other dog has a raw and irritated snout, won’t stop scratching it. They both smell like urine. My first time here and won’t be back. Disappointed that I wasn’t informed either of my dogs had issues while in their care, even when I called and asked how they’re doing.

deon jones

2 years ago

They treat your animal like it’s their own

ralph caldin

2 years ago

Called to see if they had ultrasound tech working and they said yes. I came in, waited an hour past my appointment time to find out they can't do the ultrasound. Wasted over 2 hours of my time...never again at this place

Sam Blum

2 years ago

My experience has been that the staff isn't organized or communicative. I needed a prescription for my dog. But I was never given the time of day with the doctor to discuss why he needed the medication, and what to expect with the medication. I also spent hundreds of dollars on blood work without any real explanation of the results. It's fine to be busy and not have time for everything. But as a doctor and as a veterinary hospital, it's important to properly communicate with customers — especially ones that are paying a lot of money for your service. Thanks!

Sabrina Hewson

2 years ago

The staff doesn't communicate with you or answer your concerns. The vet never seems to be in and you only communicate with the vet techs, and even then just barely. I wasn't sure if this was normal so i tried a different vet office a few blocks away. Leaps and bounds better. It was so nice to have the vet and staff actually talk to me, and the prices were comparable. I highly recommend you avoid this place.

Nicole Floyd

2 years ago

Everytime I board my dog here, they always forgot to do something, whether it's trimming his nails, giving a bath, etc. Well this time they forgot to give his flea meds, even though he was there for 10 days and I called THREE times to remind them. Came to pick him up on the 10th day, fleas still not done. They told me if I waited another 3 hours the doctor could examine him and then give him his meds. 10 days wasn't enough time?!?! In the car I realized he was scratching like crazy. Took him to his new vet, he had scratched himself raw from an allergic reaction from fleas (which clearly he caught while being in boarding bc he didn't have fleas when I dropped him off). So now I'm spending even more money to get this taken care of. This place is poorly organized and negligent. My dog's skin is raw, bloody, and inflamed. This is literally the 5th or 6th time I've dropped him off and they've forgotten to perform at least one service I've asked. This time just had awful consequences for my dog. Also, EVERY vet and other dog person I've talked to said an exam for flea medication is just a ploy to get more money. This place is terrible and money hungry and your pet will suffer as a result.

Elmer Escobar

2 years ago

Brought my dog Tank in on a Sunday after we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He was throwing up, wouldn't keep anything in, and was lethargic and shaky. I didn't have an appointment obviously since it came out of nowhere. I arrived when they opened on Sunday and they took me in. Dr Hernandez ran blood work and did an X ray on him. They figured out what it possibly could be, gave him fluids, and sent him home with us to monitor. It still was bad that evening so we took him to an emergency hospital again that evening; next morning took him back to Signal Hill Pet Hospital as soon as they opened and Dr Boctor monitored our boy all day. They took care of the issue and we picked him up that afternoon to take care of him at home. Our sweet dog is home and feeling like himself again on Tuesday morning and I couldn't be more thankful to this hospital and their staff. Thank you guys so much for everything.

Diana Lara

2 years ago

Took our cat to get his vaccines and neutered here. Great and fast service. Prices are fair.

Dannie Rong

2 years ago

I have my dogs for boarding 3 days . Come back skinny and got kennel cough .

Daniel Lara

2 years ago

This place did a GREAT job when it came to making sure my newly adopted forever cat had all her shots and the prices are great too. It was busy the day I went but I took that as a good sign lots of devoted animal owners making sure that their love ones are all healthy and happy. Vaccinations make a difference people. And I also I met this great dog while I was waiting for my cat to be seen. His name is Bruce. His owner said she was nervous for me when I sat next to him cause he doesn't like people all that much cause he experienced abuse from his original owner and she had rescued Bruce and now has found his forever home. But Bruce is a cool Dog and was such a good boy he just sat next to me, two souls that needed each other that day, I was feeling a bit down and he did what animals do best they just love. It was a sweet moment.

Crystal Johnson

2 years ago

Very good with my dog. Low prices. Fast service.

Frank Schmidt

2 years ago

Great staff with polite positive attitudes. They always take great care of my 2 German Shepherds.

Shannon Davis

2 years ago

Listening to the front staff complain about their hours and seniority while sitting at the front desk...not a fan.

Tina Gutierrez

2 years ago

I called in to this clinic regarding one of my pets and one of the receptionist Seidi started snapping on me when I had quiestioned her regarding my pets medications as for the dr who attended to chuckle very good dr whose willing to go all out to save my pet

Yokai Alchemist (Yokai Alchemist)

2 years ago

Brought my cat in for her routine Vaccinations. I love coming here for its quick and affordable services.

chilin m

2 years ago

Extra unexpected fees, will not take my dogs there again. I had an e collar, was told it was wrong size. The one i bought off them was bigger.. it kept slipping off. Watch out with receipt, not itemized.


2 years ago

My dog had basic eye infection. The Doctor wanted $295.00 to treat. I purchased $25.00 tube of Terramycin from Pet Supply which cleared infection After 24 hours. Go figure

Tarek Salah

2 years ago

Excellent facility, Dr Attalla is the best..My mini Dachshund was suffering from severe Diarrhea with some blood in it, and i was very worried, the Dr got me in rite away, and did all the proper tests and gave my dog some medication, by the end of the day he was much better, and now almost a week later he has fully recovered. Pricing was more than reasonable, i'm definitely coming here from now on.

Thomas Beyrooty

2 years ago

The one on 7th & LB Blvd has better fries ????

Cecilia Abad

2 years ago

Quick service and it's local!

Gabriela Harris

2 years ago

Went to register my cat because she needed surgery, the process was very easy and covid safety protocols were being taken at all times. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. My cat received great care and after care was explained thoroughly. Very impressed. Very happy with this location.

Janella Stroman

2 years ago

Took my pup there for his first round of shots and to micro-chipped. They did a quick job and from what I can tell handled my pet nicely.

William Cody

2 years ago

I recently moved to the Long Beach area and have taken my dog here a couple times within the last year. One time they sent me an email saying that all of his vaccinations were out of date which was untrue but I didn’t think anything of it. Today, however, was the final straw. My dog has had itchy skin and I dropped him off there to be looked at. I wanted to point out where on his leg he has been itching and tell them what I think it might be and what I’ve been doing for it but they told me I cannot talk to them because of covid. Then they came back with a list of things they wanted me to pay for and I said I wouldn’t do it without talking to the doctor first and they said he cannot talk to pet owners because of covid. I declined the treatments but was still charged $50 for the visit even though they did nothing. I called the office demanding to speak to a doctor because I just paid $50 and got no answers so they put me on hold then hung up on me. When I called again they claimed I was harassing them and I cannot speak to the doctor. I will not be taking my pet here again and urge anyone thinking about doing so to look into other practices

Jody Picconi

2 years ago

They were very good. They set up my appointment and were right on time taking in my dog. I was told that I would get a phone call the next day with the test results. It takes 24 hours to do blood tests. I have not heard from them. I guess if it was bad news they may have called. I also thought it was a little spendy.

Adam Paskowitz

2 years ago

The vets seem fine, but the office is terribly mismanaged.

Elvira Garcia

2 years ago

Took my dogs there for a blood test prior to dental cleaning and I didn't get any details about their bloodwork besides that they were ok for teeth cleaning. Really weird because their last vet told me they had a high white bloodcell count and were on infection medication. I asked for their results so I could take them to a different vet and they only emailed me my receipt from the visit. NOTHING regarding the lab results. This place obviously just wants MONEY. Doesn't care for your pets. Do NOT come here if you love your pets! Good thing I didn't get teeth cleaning here but now I have to pay again for lab work elsewhere because they didn't wanna give me the results.

Marlene Gosser

2 years ago

Love this place, wonderful staff and Vet Dr. Attalah are terrific with my cat and dog. We've been clients for 25 years and counting.

Delmar Eltz

2 years ago

I'm not impressed Covid protocols still in place You deal with so many people through a closed door, you never see the actual doctor Messages are passed through several people I didn't feel a sense of urgency nor any compassion I'm not impressed

Connie Roberson

2 years ago

They are the best! Dr. Attalia shows that she cares about your pet.

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