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Alex Polishuk

2 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY! This is the first time that I post a review warning other customers/clients/patients to not use a business or facility. I selected the facility given its proximity to my residence but in retrospect should have paid more attention to the negative 1-star reviews this place receives. I scheduled a "wellness" exam for my 9-week old puppy, who I picked up last week. The first and repeated comment they will tell you when you call this place is that they charge a $75 deposit for any type of visit. This was a red flag for me but I unfortunately decided against my better judgment and kept the appointment. The appointment was scheduled for 1:50 p.m. on a Thursday. I took time off work to pick up my puppy and drive to this place. I arrived 4 minutes late. I parked my car and started heading inside at 1:51 (it's a busy street and there is very little parking). By the time I got the puppy out and walked to the facility, 1:54 p.m., I received a call from Bryan, the receptionist, telling me that my appointment was cancelled because I was late. His "solution" was that I leave the puppy at the facility, where I could not stay, and the veterinarian will see him when he's free. The level of recklessness in Bryan's "solution", which I assume is supported by the veterinarians working here, is tragic. Any respectable veterinary or canine professional or really any person with a sense of logic understands the trauma that will result from leaving a 9-week puppy in a strange place, in a crate, without his owner, with other potentially aggressive and loud animals. This was either lost or ignored by this clinic. Unsurprisingly, the facility is now refusing to reimburse my $75 payment. I would caution everybody against using this veterinary clinic. There are plenty of veterinarians in Sherman Oaks. Bryan should not be allowed to interact with clients or pet-patients given his obvious lack of care for customers or compassion for pets. Alex

Luz Ornelas

2 years ago

Brought my cat in for a check up. It was easy to set up an appointment and we arrived 10 min before our appointment at which time someone came out to pick her up. I received a call from the vet who was very nice and informative. We picked her up just as easily as we dropped her off. Will be coming back when needed. It was pricey but I do feel like it was worth it.

Tammy Buchanan

2 years ago

Brought my rescue dog, Blue, in to have them diagnose his severe allergies. Was recommended by a neighbor. They were very sweet and kind and helped releave my dog from his grass allergy.

John Gee

2 years ago

The service is amazing. Very good people.

W. Tyler Johnson

3 years ago

First, I'd like to thank Masis for his incredible care and consideration on the day of my dog's spay. As new parents, we were naturally nervous. But, Masis went above and beyond to make me, and my partner, comfortable and informed- I truly can't thank him enough. On top of that, the procedure was quick and the incision was clean and precise. We received a call from Dr. Nellet immediately following the procedure- giving us a full update along with release instructions and a compliment for our pup! I switched to this vet after a recommendation from a colleague, and I suggest you do the same! Excellent!!!

Simer C

3 years ago

I really hate to leave a bad review but if you're considering bringing your pet here, you should know about this. I stuck around through the ridiculously unprofessional and negative interactions with, either Masis or Chris, I'm pretty sure it's Masis, for months because I loved having Dr. Colleen Nellett as my vet. I trust her with the lives of both of my pets, I felt so lucky to have found this place. But Masis shouldn't be working anywhere around the customers, and probably not the animals either. I've had three interactions with him before today where he huffs off and speeds walk away if you say something in the wrong tone or hastily shoves my animal into my car and runs off because he's feeling like having attitude that day, similar to a thirteen year old girl. But again I stuck around because I really love the rest of the staff here, especially my vet. After seeing that he was working today I specifically requested to have the kind front desk female employee (sorry I don't remember her name) come bring my cat in from my car (covid times) for the appointment because she's a normal tempered human being who has been reliably nice and sensible. I specifically said not to bring Masis or Chris or whoever over because I wanted a normal interaction that wasn't upsetting today, and felt like maybe if I specified this every time I had an appointment, maybe I could manage to keep going to this vet. That's how much I wanted to stay. During the appointment, the vet calls me and says my cat is too distressed for an exam. And that we'll have to try again later. Even the vet admits this is abnormal, because she's always been good and it's cited on her records there. Masis or Chris or whoever that brunette male employee is, brings out my cat. I'm parked by the ramp by the front door. I can't open the door on the side facing the ramp he's standing in, because it's parked too close. So I open the other door FOR HIM, and I'm holding it open for him, and he literally yells out "What?? I can't do it through the window???" I was going to ask him to please just walk the three steps around my car so that she can be placed nicely into the seat (what kind of customer service is that?) but then I notice my cat is literally hanging vertically in her carrier without any proper support and is probably stressed the hell out. So I just admit defeat and lower my window and he squishes her through. I seriously feel like he doesn't like me and is careless with my pets as a result. You shouldn't work at a vet clinic if you're going to be weird and vindictive. If he's the one that carried my cat into the medical exam room, with her swinging vertically in the carrier with no support and him yelling every sentence, it's pretty obvious why she was too stressed out for a medical exam today. If this was the only bad interaction with him that'd MAYBE be okay, after a formal complaint and him improving, but this is the fourth incident of bad customer service I've had with him and I'm just so over it. Distressing the human owner out is one thing, I can handle it, but he's stressing my pets out (I brought my dog here too) and that's where I have to draw the line. The rest of the staff here, veterinarians especially, are absolutely wonderful, capable, and reliable. But this one bad egg has me in stress tears when I leave. When I called the kind lady in the front desk to make a formal complaint, she even said they've had to talk to him about this kind of stuff before!!! How validating and horrifying is that!! If you ever replace him with someone sensible and patient, please give me a call and I'd love to have my pets under Dr. Nellett's care again. Until then, I feel sorry for anyone's pets who has to deal with this guy too. Take care, I'll miss the rest of the staff here dearly.

Sandy Combs

3 years ago

I took my 5 lbs Yorkie there because he had a urinary infection and I needed to get him some antibiotics. After they examined him they handed me a $900 estimate to treat him that covered a multitude of tests, but not the antibiotics. I declined their services, because of the price, and they charged me $62 for the examination in which they never said a word to me regarding my dogs condition.

Nancy Duitch

3 years ago

I have had great experiences in the past, but when I called today with an emergency for my dog, i was told they couldn't see me until Sunday as they were fully booked. My dog is extremely sick and in the past they would have seen us on an emergency basis, but I guess they have gotten too big and just don't care anymore. Too bad. There are plenty of great Vets out there who really care. Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks doesn't. Someone needs to teach Brianna when a patient is sick don't act entitled.

Lucille Soderquist

3 years ago

I just moved and needed a new vet. There are rattlesnakes near where I live. They had the vaccine available. They were professional, thorough and knowledgeable.

Gina Lisitsa

3 years ago

I've been bringing my cat here since he was a baby for the last 17 years, I've always had a great experience. Everyone loves my cat there.

Lesley Gouger

4 years ago

We started coming here when our sweet dog, Bobo, became extremely ill. We saw 3 different vets over 3 weeks, and each were kind, patient, compassionate doctors. We are both educators and they provided honest and supportive care, working to balance our financial abilities and our dog’s needs. Our pup was 12 years old and was not able to recover from his liver failure and heart complications and passed away naturally at home. The care we received for him throughout the very difficult process (and after) made us certain that these vets are the ones for us. We have been to several vets in LA over the last decade, but we won’t be going anywhere else. They handled every step honestly and compassionately. Also, the vet techs and front desk assistants have all been friendly and patient to respond to my many, many questions. We have since brought both of our other dogs here, for check-ups, bloodwork and dental work, all done exceptionally.

StandUp Smile

5 years ago

Over priced medications by 70%, there nice until you question them. I'm suing them but it will not bring my baby back. Awful, awful

Andrew Erie

5 years ago

Very caring staff and doctors. Made a very hard time easier; could not have asked for better support and care for my cat.

Martin Goslins

5 years ago

Emergency evacuation due to Woolsey fire. Took my cat Gracie in and had to leave her for 4 days before we could go home again. Gracie needed some shots, which she got, and although the vet's is not Gracie's favorite place to be, she was well cared for, and back to her happy self once I got her in the car to go home. The staff was great, and I would highly recommend the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for your pet.

David Garcia

5 years ago

Had a fantastic first experience with Dr. Brookenthal at Pet Doctors. I brought in my new puppy for a standard physical exam and some basic tests. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. Loved that they had the paperwork online so I could fill it out ahead of time, instead of trying to deal with a pen and clipboard while also managing a squirming, leashed 55-lb dog that was excited to meet the other dogs in the waiting room. Dr. Brookenthal took a lot of time during his exam to answer questions and suggest options, and was candid was about my dog did and didn't need, so I didn't feel like I was being upsold on unnecessary tests or add-ons. I got a call 24 hours later from Dr. Brookenthal himself - not a tech or staffer - who shared test results and suggested next steps. I'm so thankful to have found a vet that I like and trust at this time - when my dog is healthy - so I know that if I have to take my dog in under more dire circumstances, I can trust the doctor and know I'm getting sound advice and care. Dr. Brookenthal will be my pup's vet for life!

carolyne shapiro

6 years ago

It definitely is pricey yes but...for me, I get the best care ever from every doctor and all the staff. and I want for my animals to be cared for well and one way or another i figure out a way though yes - it does get costly no doubt...:(

Phil Moser

7 years ago

We are delighted with the experience we have had at Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks -- most specifically with Dr. Alexis Cox. She has been wonderful in helping identify problems with our dog and finding solutions to resolve them. She takes as much time as needed and uses every means available to diagnose and remedy his ailments. We are deeply impressed with her and will soon be transferring the care of other dog to her as well.

Monika Zimaniova

8 years ago

This is the best place ever!!! I have taken my cats, stray cats and a stray dogs there. Dr. Caldwell is amazingly gentle and sweet- he was the one taking care of all of my animals! He would always call and ask how they are doing after the vet visit. He would stay on the phone with me for a long time and explain every little thing I asked him. I never felt like he wants to rush through. And the same thing aplies to the visits- NEVER rushed through!! When Dr. Caldwell wasn't working Dr. Cox or Dr. Winhoffer looked at my animals. They all are great! I brought a stray cat with 2 bad wounds on his leg and they took very good care of him and helped me out a lot! I can't be thankful enough! I really like the vet techs ( one guy wasn't that nice but others are awesome) and the office girls. Very easy to talk to, very helpful, very sweet and always very empathetic!! I LOVE THIS PLACE but it is definitely higher priced. I tried many cheaper vets but I always come back here. I just trust them much more than somewhere else. So usually this is the 1st place to go to but vaccinations/microchips I get somewhere else.

Merrin Folender

8 years ago

Love this place! The girls at the front desk are so nice and always get us in when I call with an "emergency". Also appreciate the very convenient grooming here, 7 days a week with very flexible drop off and pick up times. The doctors, of course, are wonderful and I'm really happy with The Pet Doctors overall.

Oopie Parraco

8 years ago

My dog has been a patient at the Pet doctor's for 9 years. I brought her in when she was 4 months old. We had just adopted her and she had double pneumonia. Dr. Szanto saved her life. We just recently adopted another dog and she was a mess. She needed extensive dental surgery and came out of it just great. We have been seeing Dr. Dulake and she is AMAZING. Every time we have gone in and had a procedure done Dr. Dulake follows up. She has taken the time with my older dog, who now has Cushing's, and has gotten her on the right track. She had a really bad eye problem and we went to Dr. Dulake and she immediately got me in to the eye doctor and problem solved. I can't say enough nice things about her.

Pam Buckley

8 years ago

We have been taking our both our dogs and cats to The Pet Doctors for many years now. We used to switch from vet to vet, never happy enough to stay with any of them. Then we found Dr. Caldwell, and we have never left. He has always been there for each of our pets. He is great with the dogs and cats...and our dogs actually like going to the vet! They march right in. He has given us straightforward information whenever we have had a medical issue....and unfortunately we have had more than our share of "issues" over the years. He is great! I also should add that the staff at the desk is always friendly and helpful!

Pamela Nissen

8 years ago

My dog is always apprehensive making a visit to the vet, but once she see's Dr. Caldwell things change. She loves Dr. Caldwell. You can tell he has a sincere love for animals. Wouldn't trade Dr. Caldwell for the world. Keep up the good work

Patti Sugarman

8 years ago

I take both my Akita's to The Pet Doctors in Sherman Oaks I have been going there for several years and many of my neighbors also go there as well.. I adore Dr. Caldwell. He is so concerned with my 2 dogs and their well being. Both my dogs also like him as well. He goes out of his way to make sure they get the best care possible.


8 years ago

My dog Bella Luna went in because the Dr noticed that she looked as though she may have an abscess. Unfortunately it turned out that Bella had to have 7 teeth removed. You would have never known from the outside. They are very caring there

Rev. Aimee’s Musings

8 years ago

The Pet Doctors are wonderful. They provide clear communication and care about animals like family. I appreciate their approach to care and would highly recommend them to everyone.

Richard McCurdy

8 years ago

My last visit began with a warm and courteous welcome from front office staff followed by a short wait while doggie's shots were updated. A very efficient and pleasurable experience.

Robin Gaven

8 years ago

As a first time dog owner, my family had adopted a puppy and after only having her for two days she became very sick. I frantically called my friend at 7 in the morning to recommend a vet and she told me about Pet Dr.'s of SO. I called them and they said to come in right away. They actually came out to the car and helped me bring my puppy in. I felt she was in terrific hands. Unfortunately my puppy was diagnosed with distemper. Dr. Winhoffer tried every thing she could do to save our dog, but after a month it was clear our puppy was not going to make it. When it was time to put her down, the whole staff was amazing, and were especially great with our daughters. I'm happy to say that even our new dog Kato love's to come and see Dr. Winhoffer!

Ronli Tzour

8 years ago

Please read entire review as there IS a positive side as well! CON: I actually agree with the review below re: Dr. Cox. I was referred to the Pet Doctors by a good friend and when I ended up with Dr. Cox I re-evaluated my vet relationship.. Every time I went, she only would help based on what I was able to afford for my dog instead of helping with some sort of a payment plan and actually helping my dog. She also wanted to go through a full regimen of changes at once for my pup instead of going step by step so my dog (and wallet!) would be at ease. POSITIVE: With that said, one fine day I ended up seeing Dr. Caldwell b/c he was the only vet available on a day I needed to see someone. He is AMAZING. He really takes the time to speak with you and discuss all the possible options, outcomes and is so considerate. In full transparency, the only reason why I continue to go to this clinic is for Dr. Caldwell. He's genuinely concerned about both of my dogs and while seeing one, is always asking about the other and how he's doing. To me, it's so important to know that my vet truly cares about what he's doing and prioritizes my dogs' well-being over the hefty vet bills. And Dr. Caldwell most certainly does. If he leaves, I will follow.

Amy McQuade

8 years ago

After two years with The Pet Doctors, I'm still very pleased. When I first adopted my dog, I wasn't aware that he came from a hoarder house. I was nervous about taking him to a vet, any vet. Luckily, The Pet Doctors worked with me and they were extremely patent with him. I honestly can't imagine going anywhere else.

Tracey Koblick

8 years ago

The Pet Doctors were great! I recently brought my Maltipoo, Bobby McGee, in for a routine check up and was very happy with the experience. Very fairly priced, attentive and knowledgable Drs and I didn't feel rushed - I got to ask all the questions I wanted and needed it. I would highly recommend.

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