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Danielle Tejada

2 years ago

Let me tell you, we LOVED this place. My kids and I went here on a Sunday afternoon. I we parked on the side of the road but they had plenty of parking. They even had little go carts to take you from your car to the barn. All the volunteers and workers were so sweet and very knowledgeable. It was so cool that all the animals had their own names and stories. I’m so glad that they were rescued and have such a pleasant home now. We were able to pet EVERYTHING!! That was so awesome to my 2 year old especially. It was such a nice and relaxed atmosphere too. This place is really legit. Such a great place to go with the fam or with some friends. They’re were people of all ages there enjoying themselves. That was really cool to see. Definitely going again. Love this place.

Tracey Cleary

2 years ago

We had a wonderful time. My mom has been wanting to go for a long time. All the staff was super friendly. The animals were well taken care of and happy. Mom got to hug a cow, all is good in the world. Thanks Ellie and team for an awesome experience.

Ivan Del Toro

2 years ago

It is so fun you just have to visit

Marcia Peeler

2 years ago

Awesome place. It was a great birthday present for my son's girlfriend.

Adam Hasper

2 years ago

Such an amazing place! You can feel the care and love for the animals that live at the barn. Thank you for what you do Gentle Barn!

Cesar De Santiago

2 years ago

Amazing place! Bring your kids! Relieve your stress by hugging a cow and feeding a horse.

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

2 years ago

The Gentle Barn is the best name to describe what this barn and all its occupants is all about: Gentle stroke, Gentle words, Gentle thoughts, Gentle conversations, Gentle love ❤ Ellie Laks has infused in the Gentle Barn all her healing love and harmony ???? All the animals, from the smallest to the biggest are Gentle and welcoming toward everyone, little children to elderly adults. Dogs are allowed, on a leash. There is a way to eat lunch or drink something on location for a Gentle price as well. They are -of course- big vegan advocates as they are very much aware of the love, emotional bond, and stories they share with these animals, and rescue them from slaughter houses. Support them Visit them Organize your next event over there It's so much worth it!!! Love and appreciation to all of you at the Gentle Barn.

Haley Crow

2 years ago

The staff was friendly and we enjoyed the animals, but it was extremely crowded. My toddler had a very hard time waiting in line and we ended up leaving without seeing the cows. I'm all for the vegan cause, but probably won't return simply because navigating the crowds wasn't worth the price and the drive.

Kevin Chen

2 years ago

Nice barn with different varieties of animals to look at and pet. Gets pretty busy, but had enough chances to pet everything that could be pet. Cows were really gentle and nice to pet. Couldn't really pet all the horses, but you can feed them. Great experiences if you have kids and for a good cause.

Nel A

2 years ago

So lovely to have this for carrying animals. Took my mom there and she enjoyed

Sahil Hegde

2 years ago

Lots of fun to spend time with the animals. Would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a fun Sunday morning activity outside the city.

Don Mosandl

2 years ago

Amazing caring group of people and a lot of them are volunteers. Shame on the people who mistreat animals... Any animals


2 years ago

Awesome place. One of the best experiences we have had ever.

Vikki Nusser

2 years ago

A fabulous place to spend time and get up close and personal with the precious rescued animals there. What's not to like??

Becky Stoltz

2 years ago

We went to celebrate my friends birthday, we got the general admission tickets and we had a blast. It was well worth the drive from Cerritos to Santa Clarita. The volunteers are so friendly and welcoming. They really advocate for their animals and for the guests to have positive, mutually beneficial interactions. The animals seemed calm and happy and we saw people of all ages and physical abilities on site and enjoying the animals and volunteers. I would absolutely return to enjoy the gentle barn again.

Christie Davis-KRAEMER

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing to meet Ellie and the animals. What a place of refuge and peace. The animals know they are safe, loved and they never have to worry about abandonment or abuse, ever again. Every person who visits will walk away healed in some way, great or small.

Cyndi Sabo-Cook

2 years ago

We love this place. We are visiting from England, but made sure to stop by. Highly recommended.

Lori Harr

2 years ago

I love the Gentle Barn it's my favorite place to be. If you love animals this is your place too! Great for both adults and children. All the animals are rescued and each has a story to be told all you have to do is ask the person who is representing each one.

Mar Oliver

2 years ago

Love this place The world should be a better place to live and become vegan ❤

Snow Wright

2 years ago

Love this compassionate place. The staff and owners are really nice. The plant based food tastes great. The animals are well treated. It is an educational place for kids and adults to teach them about animals. I highly recommend a visit.

April Hazelett

2 years ago

I had sponsored two goats, sisters Amelia and Hannah, for four years at California Gentle Barn. When I had to switch my credit card info AND I contacted them PRIOR to, this facility CANCELED my sponsorship. NICE TO KNOW THEY HAVE SO MUCH CASH ROLLING IN THEY CAN CANCEL SPONSORS WITH NO NOTIFICATION TO THE PERSON SPONSORING THE ANIMAL! The ONLY reason I gave two stars is because I love the animals I WAS sponsoring- GOOD LUCK Hannah and Amelia… hope you live out your lives strong and healthy.

Judith Clarke

2 years ago

I have been to Gentle Barn a couple of times and loved it. Drove up there a couple of weeks ago but was disappointed when I found out that they are closed due to the Covid virus. Go away COVID and open up Gentle Barn. ????

Madelaine Triana

3 years ago

What an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE and animal sanctuary! This place is making the difference needed in our world today. I highly recommend visiting !

Sac Sac

3 years ago

The work they do here is amazing and the Sunday’s here are just incredible , way better than any typical petting zoo, these animals are loved and give that love right back , you get the most amazing experience you can with them, especially with the cows, definitely a place for cow lovers

Or Agassi

3 years ago

What an amazing experience! This kind of place gives you back the faith in mankind. This is a beautiful experience for families and the drive through during the COVID-019 was very well managed and fun

Michael M.

3 years ago

Great place for the kids and family. Petting the animals and feeding the horses was awesome.

Marguerite Smith

3 years ago

I love all the sweet beings here. My favorite in Alice! She is a very special turkey c':

Dizzira Blackrose

3 years ago

Beautiful, beautiful place! It's a lovely calm place for rescued animals, and they deliver a really nice experience by allowing people to get close to their animals and hold, pet, and hug them. Every animal has a story, though heartbreaking. It's a great learning experience for what goes on in the meat industry, as well as just wholesome. I highly recommend coming here at least once in your life. You will not regret it!

Da ph

3 years ago

We went last December in 2019. We enjoyed visiting the farm and hugging as many animals as we could! Since becoming Vegan in July 2019, I wanted me and my kids to become more familiar with other animals. We are now aware that all animals are the same. Dogs, cows, pigs, cats, turkeys!!

Dex Deckers

3 years ago

If you haven't visited, you need to make it happen. This place is awesome. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The entire experience is educational; each animal has a story behind its journey to The Gentle Barn, which in and of itself is interesting. For animal lovers like myself, the icing on the cake is that you also get to pet, brush, and feed all of the animals in a really low key setting. Even the turkeys love to snuggle! Right now, they have 8 piglets who (along with their mom) were rescued from becoming Christmas dinner. They have several cows (one that purrs and one that loves music!) and a bull, horses and a donkey you can feed, chickens, roosters, pigs of all sizes. I saw a llama or two, an emu... lots of doggies since they have them on the grounds and you're allowed to bring yours on leash! There is a picnic area where you can purchase vegan food (or bring your own, though they do kindly ask that you not consume animal products on the premises, which seems logical to me as many of their friends were rescued from slaughter). There's plenty of space to roam around and infinite opportunities for photos. The Gentle Barn promotes love and kindness to all living things, so please share the experience respectfully. It's a beautiful place and I hope it stays that way even as it becomes a more popular destination!

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The Gentle Barn, California, Santa Clarita

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