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Darren Burrow (Dopey)

2 years ago

I love this place ..I miss Dr Tracy terribly but she put together a wonderful team and her spirit lives on...minus a little sarcasm ????????❤

Kaiyun Yang

2 years ago

Very helpful with the feral cat we found. They gave us the chip info and wrote down a lot of ER recommendations. Super nice.

John Stader

2 years ago

Initially I wasn’t interested in leaving a review as I decided I was simply going to not return to this vet and wash my hands of the poor experience I had. Based on a recent issue I observed, I decided that people should be aware of my story. It’s been about two and half months since this occurred so I’m stating these details to the best of my recollection. This all changed when I was preparing to give my cat her meds and I noticed one of the pills in the prescription I was given was shaped differently. I looked up the pill through a pill identifier and realized this erroneous pill was actually a steroid instead of my cats prescribed Prozac (fluoxetine). If an error like this had been made by a pharmacy for humans, I would be strongly considering reporting this to the pharmacy board. This error is egregious and could have harmed my cat. Since the gates are now open, my original experience with the cat doctor and friends was awful. I dropped my cat off at the front door on time (they were currently operating under covid protocols). I had been rescheduled by the office twice at this point as well. I waited nearby to make sure someone would retrieve her as it was hot out. After a number of other pets were picked up and dropped off, I approached (from a distance and while wearing a mask) one of the staff members to ask if they were ready for my cat since the appointment time had now passed. She responded, “I hope so”, begrudgingly. After my cat was retrieved, I waited in the car for what ended up taking approximately two hours. At around the 1 hour 15 minute mark, I called to ask for a status update. A staff member said they would check with the vet and call back. They never did call back. I played phone tag with the staff until about the 1 hour 30 min mark. I finally got ahold of the vet (who sounded very flustered on the phone). My cat was very agitated at this point (she and I both). I’m not entirely sure that a thorough exam even occurred. I asked about my cats ears (she is prone to ear infections) and the vet said she wasn’t really able to look in them. The vet said they were almost done and after filling the prescription they said we would be on our way. I waited for approximately 30 more minutes while my horrified cat sat in her crate on the floor of the busy clinic front desk. At about the two hour mark I was handed the prescription and my cat. I was told I could pay over the phone due to my long wait. This might normally be a great clinic when not dealing with covid issues but in my experience they were painfully uncoordinated. I was really looking forward to a nice cat-only clinic but I’d recommend others look elsewhere if you value your time! I hope this helps anyone looking for a vet. I’ve never left a review like this before but I felt the pharmacy mixup was inexcusable and the public needs to know.

Dee Schiller

2 years ago

The Cat Doctor is the only place we'll have our kittykids vetted. They genuinely care! We have been using their services for 20 years. Friendly, professional staff.

Raul Castro

2 years ago

We were so happy with the care and attention that our cats received while they were being treated here. If you have a cat and are in the Santa Clarita Valley, this is the place to go. The doctors and staff are the kindest and, since they work mostly on cats, know all about them.

Paige Simonson

3 years ago

Always love bringing Tiki here. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Ramen Reviews

3 years ago

Amazing, everyone was so sweet and treated my cat very well. Excellent pricing too.

Paul S

3 years ago

Amazing doctors and staff! Dr. Megan and the staff clearly all love cats. We were reluctant to take our beloved cat to a doctor in fear it would be ridiculously expensive and that the doctor would simply want to put her down. Dr. Megan was gentle throughout the exam and afterwards was logical that given our cat's age (17), we should just deal with simple to handle quality of life issues to give her the best time she has left. She added that our cat "has a lot of life in her" which doesn't seem like much but it was. In the end, we did some blood tests and found that our cat had thyroid issues. With a pill and a cream, she's already so much better. Costs were very reasonable and they were upfront when I asked. I am sure that all the doctors there are great. Highly recommend!

Ryan Mukai

3 years ago

Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable doctors and staff make this an ideal choice. I take all of my cats here for their routine exams and healthcare needs.

Mrs. Library

3 years ago

The doctor and staff there endangered my cats life on multiple occasions. I'm so very disappointed with the care my cat received at the cat doctor. A shame because I thought it would be nice to have a cats only doctor thinking they would know more about cats. Doctor Megan and Jackie are negligent

Michael Petrich

3 years ago

Only place I take our cat

Janet Alves

3 years ago

The best vet for a cat.


3 years ago the best way I can describe the staff and veterinarian care that my cat and I have received here over the past few years. I have been taking my little kitty here since the first day I got her and every time the staff show a geniune love for all animals and humans. They understand that sometimes unexpected surgeries or boarding can be a financial burden and will work with you to make sure that your pet is ultimately taken care of. The front desk staff always have a smile on their face and even offering up a hug, when they can tell you need it most. They really make you and your pet feel like a part of their family when you visit. They are hands down the best veterinary office in Santa Clarita!! I can't say thank you enough to the staff of the Cat Doctor and Friends. <3

Ellen Howard

3 years ago

Even though Beloved Dr. Tracy is gone the Practice is still as wonderful! They are carrying on and doing what they do best. Takin care of our kitty babies that we love so much. You can rest assure that the service is up to par as always. You can call or go in. Your questions will be answered and if someone isn’t positive they will check with someone who will have the answer. I’ve gone to them for 18 years and will continue with no worries about the service I received. Thanks to all the Dr.s, Vet techs, and everyone that keeps this Special Practice rolling along.????????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Elizabeth Riggins

3 years ago

I got word of mouth these guys are the best and take good care of pets. My experience has been far from exceptional. I question their reliability as they have made multiple errors his documentation regarding his gender despite numerous attempts at correcting this issue. My impression is the overall organization of the office is chaotic. Prior to appointments we get several calls telling us conflicting measures to take regarding pick up, drop off, and are unable to get a clear layout of how his appointment/procedure will go. Even though we are reassured he will be well taken care of I wonder what is really going on. I took him in for a dental cleaning and 7sum odd hundred dollars later I get a heavily sedated cat with the same looking teeth as before. No consult with veterinarian explaining what was done, no aftercare instructions and the poor thing was just sitting in the lobby with lots of other cats (while he was heavily sedated). I personally have had too many off putting experiences with this facility and feel it is a high risk leaving my pet with them.

Claudia Rios

3 years ago

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my four leg babies. There super nice with me and my cats.

angela flores

3 years ago

I’m reading the reviews and a few are not good... I just wanted to say my experience was actually great ! The staff was amazing ! Everyone was so full of energy ! My cat is a very scared cat but they did so good with him . They called me before doing anything let me know how much ahead of time . Also due to the COVID we had to wait out front and leave our cat on the bench . They came out to get my cat within a minute. Over al my experience was great. And I see that some people didn’t like the prices ?? Yes you can get they neutered for free at a pop up pet I BUT I WANTED TO MAKE SURE HE WAS TAKEN CARE OF ! A LOT OF THOSE POP UP PLACES WOULD RATHER WORK ON DOGS A LOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE CATS . YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET AND YOU PAY TO MAKE SURE YOUR CAT IS IN GOOD HANDS

Alixis Hoare

3 years ago

This is the only vet that I takes my cats to. About 3 weeks ago I made the decision to put one of cats to sleep. My kitty, Contessa was a senior cat and possibly suffering from lymphoma. None of the IB medication worked for Contessa and she just stopped eating a few times. It broke my heart to make that decision and it made me feel like I failed sweet but sassy cat. Doctor Megan and the staff members helped me accept that I had the right choice. I truly appreciate their support during the procedure and highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a fantastic veterinary facility to take their cat. Thank you again for the support and having such a wonderful staff.

Lisa Hineman

3 years ago

Compassionate care and great staff

Trudy Callahan

4 years ago

I found my sweet baby was a rescue at “The Cat Dr.” They took care & boarded my old kitty & my other cats there as well. Very kind folks there!

David Stotler

4 years ago

A great place to bring your kittens and cats

Carolyn Jamison

4 years ago

Awesome staff and doctors. They explain to you what your furbaby thoroughly needs and diagnosis. They care about you and your cat.

Melissa Schnitzius

4 years ago

The doctors and staff are wonderful and caring.

Jared Proudfoot

4 years ago

Came here for a second opinion on our cat's health issues. I wish we would've come a lot sooner. The vets are great and the office staff very helpful.

P Alger

4 years ago

Had a very nice visit here. The doctor was very knowledgeable and the front staff were courteous. I really liked the fact that they only have cats.

Susan Carpet

4 years ago

Trusted partner in our pets' care.

Tambry Lee

4 years ago

2017 We've been taking our cats to Dr. McFarland (The Cat Dr) for nearly 25 yrs, & the last 15 yrs we drive into SCV from the SFV. It's beyond worth it!!! You'll never find a more knowledgeable, experienced, loving & caring staff. Their comprehensive facility & website is reassuring, plus via Wi-Fi, boarded cats can be observed. They consistently keep fees at a minimum & accept Care Credit for payment plans. We're lifelong patients & can't imagine ever going elsewhere.

Alma Phelps

4 years ago

Efficient, friendly, kind, affordable, I was able to take my kitty for a check up and shots without having to wait long.

Dawn Smith

5 years ago

Dr. and staff are angels!

David Kornbluth

5 years ago

Warm, professional and compassionate service.

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