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J McGuinness

a year ago

Sorry PetSmart, you lost my business. Went for grooming appointment during my lunch. From go, the employee explained she might not be able to handle my dog since she just had surgery, and the other was pregnant and can't work with larger breeds...what?! They know the breed size when the appointment is set. Once I verbally checked in, I explained he is scared to go into the groomers and it's difficult to get him in the initial check-in room to begin with. I waited. Another owner came to pick up so they asked me to step out rather than just checking him in and taking him. (After all, it was his appointment time). I can't get my dog back in there as I already explained. They didn't care, they wasted my time, so I left. Such horrible customer service. I won't be back and suggest others call to be sure they are properly staffed for your pup before wasting time or really just find a company that appreciates business. Prices are higher and service and people skills are declining.


a year ago

Employees are always friendly and courteous and helpful finding what I need. I'm always welcomed when I enter the store with a smile. And I love the Treats Rewards program that gives me points for every purchase for future purchases when I earn enough points. I saved $12.50 on my recent purchase today. And earned points on that purchase too!

Nora Wade-Schultz

a year ago

Big fan of Petsmart. Great variety of product for most animals. (They could beef up the bird section a bit) Some locations are having supply issues but on the whole you can usually find what you need.

Eugenia Oviedo

a year ago

I find it very interesting that as a sales store their first greeting is “can you please wear your mask when youre with us?” Instead of “hello are you finding it everything okay with us” or “do you need help finding anything”. And then they can remind us to wear a mask on an EMPTY store.

Commander ZEMO

a year ago

Excellent products for my attack doggie puppy & der killer kitten. Yah!

Jaimy Morales

a year ago

I took Blossom for her 1st ????‍♀️! And I was a kind of nervous of the process. But Holly is always so reassuring and patient with my girl. Final results where amazing ???? everyone loved her new look. Thank U Holly! And Nicolas checked us out and he was very nice and professional! Thank u guys

Sam M.

a year ago

The grooming ladies and the Asian or Latina girl up front are awesome, and so sweet with our dogs! We just brought them there today for the first time!! Would definitely highly recommend and we will be going back ????

Humberto Marquez (Burt)

2 years ago

Had a close encounter with an irate employee there today. After the rude young lady at the register practically threw my change at me I went tothe engeaving machine to engrave a tag I had purchased. I didn't give the rude treatment another thought and went about my business at the engraving machine. When I was donewith that I noticed two employees staring me down. I immediately knew why and told them the other woman had been in a bad mood, tiredor whatever so I told her to not take it out on me by being rude. But the male employee got very irrate, being rude to me also. I told him he was thinking with his little head and not with his real head because he acted as if I had offe ded his "girl." As I was leaving this guy ran after me trying to physically attack me and he would of if he hadn't been restrained by the 2nd lady employee. I want to stress that I had put the rude treatment of the 1st lady employee out of mind. To me it was just tured employee needing a break. I said as much to Mr. Knight in Shining Armor but he had already been persuaded to attack me by the 2nd female employee. Don't go there. You could be assualted by a misguided hero.

julia m

2 years ago

Very nice people helpful great place clean to

Brayden Brewer

2 years ago

Always has everything we need

donald foster

2 years ago

Always very helpful and pleasant

Jessica Espiritu

2 years ago

Great fresh water fish selection no (salt water section) the bathroom had no working hand dryer. That’s the only two bads. The store was clean and the customer service is so great. They are over the top helpful and insist on giving great customer service. One of my favorite pet smarts.

Kathryn Colley

2 years ago

This location had helpful and friendly associates, made my getting dog supplies easy. The primary focus was dog training and the trainer is awesome! He was able to gain the trust of my anxious dog very quickly. I will recommend this to my dog loving friends. A+++

Sandra T

2 years ago

It was a young guy in there, didn't get his name but he was really nice.

Jerry Jarak

2 years ago

Delightful as usual. Well stocked, not crowded and a plethora of smiling Petsmart Associates. By far, my favorite Petsmart.

Lakeeta Gardner

2 years ago

Wow, I had no idea so many items were available.

Maria Zamora -kapnek

2 years ago

Clean, staff ready to assist and very courteous

c brown

2 years ago

Nice clean store and the employees are always helpful, nice and friendly. Check out is usually fast

Dmitriy Ulko

2 years ago

Went to buy two dog leashes and they had it.

Terri Feinstein

2 years ago

The manager Dalia I think is her name is a far cry from a manager. When we had the bad winds I had gone into the store to exchange some dog food. I left my dog food at the counter and after 2 min being in the store they all of a sudden closed. The manager rush the customers me being 1 out the door that I had forgotten my dog food. I had called the next day and was told not to worry I could pick it up any time. I had a lot of things going on so tonight I went in and she clearly remembers that night and remembers me leaving the dog food ( Royal Canine petit) and tells me they will give me a $5 off coupon that I waited to long to pick up my dog food. I explained I had personal matters and was unable to pick it up and she told me that I shouldn't have left it in the first place I told her if you would have let me get it at the front instead of rushing me out the door and 3 others we wouldn't be having this talk. I'm calling corporate in the am.

Bray Reese

2 years ago

Friendly staff and great service!

Amberlee Ayala

2 years ago

Staff here are always friendly, helpful and seem to care and really like/love their job. Customer service is always top notch. I feel like they must screen potential new hires really well during the hiring process and/or give really good training. It shows!

Christine's Doggie Videos

2 years ago

Every time I want to buy chicken wellness can they only have 2 or 4 dented cans. :(

Curtis Koepsell

2 years ago

Super friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Love this location.

Cheryl Cross

2 years ago

The grooming Dept has always done a nice job on my dog

Rob Petrozzi

2 years ago

I thought the groomer was very knowledgeable tentative and very sweet to my pets

Paige Lucien

2 years ago


Joseph Saenz

2 years ago

I took in my scruffy looking dog for a grooming. Our groomer was so kind to our dog. He looked so handsome when I picked him up. Pricing was less than I expected. Also the grooming area was spotless and covid-19 compliant.

Patricia Dorado

2 years ago

The store was very clean and organized well. I was able to find what I needed quickly, and staff was friendly. Great place!

Sandra Sanchez

2 years ago

The store is always fully stocked and always clean. Most of the stuff if nice but there are couple employees that don't seem to want to work with people or kids.

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