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C. Denn

a year ago

I thought our Daisy had a stroke. The Vet took her time and gave her some medication to take and our dog is like a PUPPY! Thank you so much! I love Dr. Cisneros and all the vets at Canyon Country office!

Deidre Stiffel

a year ago

The staff at this office is very accommodating, knowledgeable and compassionate. I have only taken my dog here 1 time. It was an emergency he had an abcessed tooth (teeththat had busted out the whole side of his face. I have never saw anything like this before and was so upset. The staff was reassuring and provided me the meds my dog needed. I recommend this place.

cristina coria

a year ago

I took my dog for a rash on her leg. I had gone to another vet a month ago after she was bit by something. They prescribed what I think is Apoqul and this doctor was now prescribing the same. I then ask him how much would she need that I think I still have some at home. He was rude and said he wouldn’t tell me because he wasn’t now going to prescribe. Needless to say I think it was because I didn’t buy from him and he didn’t want me to use what I had. I will be going back to my other vet from now on. I just didn’t this time because the had no openings. Go to Sierra Vet from now on better service

Randy Rodriguez

a year ago

Not too many vets that treat reptiles. They treated my turtle for a injured leg. He was honest and didn't try to charge me ,a arm and a leg, like the other vets I called.

Laura Zeh

2 years ago

Very disappointed with service at Little Paws this past three weeks relating to reception staff ( blonde woman who argues with pet Mom’s and Dad’s and then gossips about them behind their backs with other receptionist and with techs and sometimes even other customers). Very unhappy with tech who has been responsible for last two bandaging jobs on a tiny rear paw with two broken bones doesn’t get the splint on straight, and doesn’t seem to care or have concern based on her lackadaisical attitude when loving pet parents are trying to appeal to her to listen and do the right thing for their beloved animals. The splint she just Re applied is kind of off to the side which causes excruciating pain for my pup when he tries to move or steady himself. The receptionist told me: “well he injured his foot so it’s going to be painful so he’s NOT going to be able to put weight on it comfortably. The tech bandages the way the vet tells them to.” After first splint bandage which was applied while Tommy was sedated after resetting the bones was wonderfully done. The bandage splint stayed in place for two weeks without incident. The pup was perfectly able to balance and often had to be leashed to keep him from running on that broken foot. The follow up tech does not wrap the bandage around the pups hock so causing the entire weight of the splint and very bulky bandaging job to be resting solely on the injured broken bones which are not coming together as they should. This was my third attempt to get the bandage corrected. I asked the tech if I might be with her while she Re bandaged to help pup stop struggling so she could get the splint placed properly, “tech told me “I’ll ask the doctor. I’m fine. The pup is fine.” She did not return to get my support she instead had another tech return the pup to me with another very bulky bandage and splint at a diagonal bandaged to Tommy’s foot. He can barely place his foot down on the ground. Once again the splint bandage stops before the pups ankle causing all the weight of the splint bandage to be resting squarely on the broken bones and this time again in order for pup to balance he must turn his foot outward at a very awkward and painful angle. I complained to tech and to blonde receptionist about the bandage not being applied to redistribute the weight of the splint OFF the broken bones … when the pup was handed to me I was told by a different tech handing him off other than the one who’d said she’d ask the doctor, who said, “ well that’s the way she does it.” I left put pup down to tinkle he cried out, I picked him up and took him back in where receptionist argued with me. ???? Whatever happened to common courtesy and the idea that “the customer is always right.” I have many pets and I have cared for pets with broken bones. The splint job done by this tech crew these past two times is horrible and most likely causing damage to bones that are already being very slow to mend and in danger of collapsing. Up until now I have been satisfied with service at Little Paws. I miss Erica at reception. The new gals don’t seem to be compassionate; they talk about the customers loud enough for the few of us in the reception area at the moment to hear; sometimes engaging other customers into their gossip. Maybe Little Paws has grown in number of customers too fast and quality if service is being sacrificed for quantity of those served. Not sure what’s happening there but based on my last 3 experiences I am looking for another vet. Which makes me sad because I really like Dr. Garcia and Dr. John.

Brian Danner

2 years ago

After (notoriously) losing our current vet, and being treated so horribly by All Creatures in Newhall, Dr. Cisneros took us in without any question due to the urgency of the visit. We were treated with such kindness and given immediate relief during the exam, which was thorough, informative, and friendly. They have our business for as long as we live here. Thank you!

Monica Moreno

2 years ago

They are very polite and helpful, also not as expensive as other pet hospitals. Taking two of my pups here.

Desert Dogs California

2 years ago

First time checking out this vet. The staff are very kind and professional. One dog got his shots and the other had a dental cleaning. Easy to get an appointment and no hassle.

Caroline Takeda

2 years ago

The Vet here has expertise in birds!!!! I moved here a year and a half ago and finally found a vet who can examine, diagnose and treat my pacific parrotlets! He was awesome!@

Trezian Blue

2 years ago

They helped my cat Tiger, who has been sick for a few months. They are a very nice team of people.

Tiana Petlin

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and doctor is knowledgeable and friendly when she answered my millions of questions. Just moved to the area and all three of my pets have had a good experience. Glad we found a good veterinarian.

Scott Gee

2 years ago

We take all of our "children" (4 dogs & cat) to Canyon Country Animal Hospital. Dr. Menger & Dr. Cisneros really take time to listen about what is ailing our pets. We've been to several different vets in SCV & the staff of CCAH has become our go to vet.

Patricia Faza

2 years ago

Awesome place. They seen my dog without an appointment, due to his pain and gave him pain meds. The vet was so great with my dog. I'm so grateful.

lilly s

2 years ago

i had an amazing experience here! they helped me get a good understanding of my pet and treated her with care and kindess. i would definitely recommend this place.

Karin N (Kat)

2 years ago

I've known Dr.Cisneros for over 20 years. He's a compassionate, Vet who can read animals, remarkably well. His background and education from the Veterinary School at UC Davis, is incredibly helpful. There isn't a question he can't answer. He's professional, loving and experienced. He's particularly astute with exotic pets, such as rats, mice and rabbits. I highly recommend Canyon Country Animal Hospital, or VIP Veterinarian Services (Which Dr. Cisneros is part of.)

Karen Nosala

2 years ago

I want to Thank the wonderful people at Canyon Country Animal Hospital!! I was desperate to find someone to see my beautiful little pet snake, they fit her in even though they were very busy!! They diagnosed, treated and saved her! They are very knowledgeable, fair, honest and quick! I will be moving all my pets to Canyon Country Animal Hospital!

Julie Guzman

2 years ago

I was looking for a good place to star my puppy visits so I call them and they put me in hold like 3 times and they never answer my question! terrible costumer service, the good is that I found Pineapple Veterinary Center, they have a great costumer service.

Jay Winslow

2 years ago

Turned Cheyenne & me away. 20mins before they were closing.

Jada G

2 years ago

It was my first time here. Very friendly staff, affordable prices, and excellent animal care. Would recommend!

Francisco Garcia

2 years ago

Great Treatment To My Elder Dog

Carol Borella

3 years ago

Great place for our dog.

Jeanette Beaulieu

3 years ago

I love De. Cisneros. Very professional, very knowledgeable and fairly priced. I never take my dogs anywhere else

cmbat wnded

3 years ago

Amazing place. Highly recommended. Very professional and very reasonable price. Initial check up 50% off for new clients. ????????

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