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Nicole Callinan

a year ago

The staff at SBAH misdiagnosed my dog’s tooth abscess, and were disorganized, uncommunicative and unprofessional during my entire experience with them. …

Robert Teed

a year ago

Take your pet anywhere else. This hospital is incompetent and unprofessional. Our dog had an immediately recognizable tooth abscess. Over multiple appointments and an unnecessary CT scan, they refused to believe it was an abscess. Meanwhile …

Nicole Lucielle

a year ago

They were so sweet and kind. I had to leave my kitten with them over night after we rushed him there from an emergency visit and they were so responsive and took great care of him. They called and updated me constantly and I really appreciated how much they showed they care about my kitten.


a year ago

I rated 1 star because of the following reasons: 1- They don’t even let you in the hospital so if you don’t have or don’t bring a car you freeze outside waiting for your pet. 2- They charge an insane amount of money for a very poor service. Paid 2.4k for checking my pets urine issues. 3- There is no fluent communication client/doctor, you see the doctor 1 time when they give you back your pet, then you hope for the best they will call back because email takes days to reply and phone the doctor is never available. 4- When you go back to pick the medicines who handles the medicines to you is not a doctor so literally when I asked the person a question about the medicines they said “Sorry I’m not a doctor I don’t know and the doctor is not available”. 5- They have 0 attention to detail, they gave me medicine that wasn’t enough for the dose my pet required and that THEY said my pet needed. It was simple math 2ml x 2 times a day x 10 days = 40ml. They gave me 30ml. 6- There is no consistency on the answers you receive via email/phone. I raised bullet #5 and they said ok come (Again) for the remaining 10ml. Then the next day another person called and said, hey with 30ml is enough for your pet. So ????? Worst experience ever.


a year ago

While on a trip to the Bay Area, our mini poodle had come down with GI upset and vomiting for 24 hours, and of course it’s a holiday weekend so most places are closed. This is what brought us here. We arrived, filled out paperwork, and handed Joy over for them to examine her. A few minutes later, the doctor calls and we discuss what is going on. The doctor recommended an IV, pancreatitis test, blood work and some other items. After our conversation, he sent out an estimate for us to review. $3500-$4500 depending on what she needs. Woah. We were shocked and took a moment to review our options. After a discussion we asked if they could simply treat her dehydration and run a blood test. They refused on the grounds that it would be irresponsible, although they were unable to articulate why that would be the case. Frustrated, we were asked to pay $185 for their time. Upon paying, I requested a syringe so that we could at least irrigate our dogs mouth if she is refusing fluids. They would not even give us that, first saying that they didn’t have any, and then pivoting to claim it would be unsafe and water could go down the wrong pathway. The entire experience felt like an emotionally-driven money grab with a pretty low focus on the actual wellness of our dog. We left and found another hospital that has treated our dog same-day, provided fluids, medications, advice and food - all for less than 25% of the estimate we initially received

Annie Sprague

a year ago

We've done 4 TPLOs for two of my dogs so far. This place is the only one that didn't trim his nails while my dog was under even they had me signed the agreement for a complimentary nail trimming. They put us through hell on New Years Eve day. We did this procedure a few times before, normally the hospital will call us in a few hours (3-4 hours based on our experience) after we dropped them off to let us know how the procedure went and how my dog was doing. They asked us to drop off my dog at 6:30am on NYE, but until almost 12pm, we didn't get any call or any other form of communication regarding the procedure or my dog's status. When I called and this lady named Monique told me she would call me back in a few minutes. After an hour or so, I never got a call back. I called again, Jessica (she has been great) helped to check and found out the surgery never even started yet since they were waiting for the traveling specialist to arrive. After the surgery finally started by 12:30pm or so, around 5pm at night, again I didn't get the communication on how the procedure went and how my dog was doing. I called again and the same lady Monique said she would call me back in 20min and she never did once again. At 5:30pm, I finally got a text message to confirm the status. I wouldn't recommend this place for any critical procedures done since the communication is very concerning with certain staff. Their charge for exams is on the high side. X-Ray alone is $2300+ while other places charge between $300-$500. The surgery alone is in the $10K range. We're paying for the board certified surgeon, so if that's not what you're looking for, do your due diligence to compare.


a year ago

Great experience. Cat had an emergency dental issue where she needed surgery right away. They were the ONE & ONLY vet or even emergency place that didn’t have a month long waiting list for dental issues. For one canine tooth extraction with all the bells and whistles like head CT, blood work, putting her under, etc it was $2600… i didn’t know what to expect but I was terrified it would be past $5000 so yes, it was expensive, but it was more than worth it as I’m not a vet and my cat needed this tooth out. Luckily I qualified for 2k in care credit so it only cost me $600 after all was said and done. I felt like my baby was in good hands. They even sent me pix of her fresh out of surgery. I would go here again if I had an emergency. When I called roughly 5 times to check in on my baby they gladly gave me an update. And after surgery they wrapped my baby up in blankets. this might be standard procedure but it made my day because my kitty loooooooooooooooooooves blankets, so it was the icing on the cake. 10/10 Highly recommend.

Myoung Kang

a year ago

I love how they take care of my dogs. I have been going to this vet since 2007. We love how they remember our dogs and our family.

NF Robertson

a year ago

The staff at South Bay Animal Hospital are amazing. They are friendly, kind, and compassionate with their furry patients. The medical staff keeps in touch and competently answered all of my questions. My little dog, Rascal, had to stay overnight, and while he was there the night veterinarian sent me an email with pictures of Rascal and an update of his recovery. This was my first time at South Bay, but I would definitely come here again.

Vinay Ambekar

a year ago

They have been taking care for my dog for over 12 years now. He is not a easy one to deal with but Dr. Atwal & team have been wonderful in handling him and his issues.

Daniela Bottai

a year ago

Disappointing. Very expensive. I had to follow up the test results that were not sent by the clinic. I do not recommend.

William Carlin

a year ago

So they did good and staff was friendly. It just sucks to pay a $130 consultation fee for them to tell me the price.

Hisons Mark

a year ago

This wonderful team has taken care of my precious angel. The care my bby has received from their team has been exceptional.

Gustavo Santos

a year ago

The South Bay Animal Hospital helped us when Sage failed to do so. My dog had an amputation surgery executed in the Sage Campbell hospital. The week after the surgery, my dog got an infection and he needed help. I took him to Sage, and Sage said that for my dog to get help I had to stay in their parking lot for 4 hours waiting. They were working on 2 critical cases and I simpatize 100% with that and the fact they are low in personnel. The problem is that I offered them to give me a call when they could see my dog, and I would wait home. They refused it, by saying they didn't have the time to give me a 1 minute call. It's an absurd, considering they had the moral duty to treat my dog, given they did the surgery. Nonetheless, when Sage refused to help my dog, South Bay Animal Hospital was there to help. I arrived with the expectation to have to wait for one hour or so, but they got my dog seen by a doctor right away. The doctor was great, very patient in answering all my questions and took the right calls to handle the infection. The people who take the calls there are also great and super helpful. Every single interaction with them has been positive (even when we pestered them a little bit to get the results for my dog quicker, as there are some criticality on the matter). This is a great place that seems to be run by great people, that can be counted on.

Gaoyang Wang

a year ago

This hospital is the most terrible animal hospital that I have seen. My cat had gingivitis and the doctor suggested doing all-teeth extraction and rejected to give him any antibiotics. It was so expensive ($2300 only included pre-exams and x-rays) and I just left the hospital immediately. Two days after, I went to another hospital, the doctor there said “no need to do extraction” and he was totally recovered after being given antibiotics. ($400 totally)

Gail Uy

a year ago

Very compassionate staff and the doctors were always available. I was extremely satisfied with my experience with South Bay Animal Hospital.

demo janes

a year ago

my dog was seen by a very rude man (I didn’t get his name but he was short and had glasses). he talked very passive aggressively and rudely and gave us medication for our dog without any instructions on how to administer it. I don’t know about the rest of the staff but I wouldn’t recommend being helped by him.

Ashley Tsai

a year ago

Keep away from this place and Dr. Rupashree Rao!! Can’t get my cat’s life back even give it 0 star!! Our 8 years old male cat Biu was passed away from South Bay Animal hospital due to their malpractice on the unnecessary examination procedures on Nov, 15th 2021. Before we send our cat to the South Bay animal hospital, he has already hospitalized in the local veterinary for the weekend and had treatment to his urination block issue. On Nov, 15th afternoon, the doctor from the local veterinary suggested we need to bring the cat to a ER find specialist on urinate block s surgery immediately. Then in the afternoon that day we send our cat here. That night we got the phone call from South Bay animal hospital said Biu was passed away due to stressed reaction with stabilizer due to the examination process. The issue occurred with this South Bay hospital caused our cat’s death was: 1. In the condition of they have already received the examination report of Biu from our local vet. Why would the vet provide extra examination during that time period which our cat already been so weakened hospitalized for several days and need immediate help for surgery? 2. After the accident happened, we can not connect the vet for one day and the hospital refused to give us an official report. 3. On the third day of Biu’s death, Nov, 17th 2021, the vet (Rupashree Rao) and hospital denied the reason they told us on Monday and indicated the death may caused by our cat’s heart problem which may originally existed! (Our cat never had any heart problems or medical records during the past 8 years). South Bay claims that they have been sending several emails and phone calls to the local vet to request for Bui’s previous examination report but not get any response from them. According to the email history we request from South Bay, they only send ONE email to our local clinic and it was sent AFTER our cat’s death. 4. After the death of our cat, the South Bay animal hospital feels no apologies and continued sending us $2000 bill to charge. My husband and I adopted Biu 8 years ago and raised him as our most cherished family member. Non of us would expect these kind of tragedy results happened to us. During the communication with South Bay Animal hospital, tons of lies were made to us to cover-up the truth and try to pass their responsibility to the local clinic. We want to get the truth about what happened during that night directly caused our cat’s death, and request for legal help to protect the rights of our pet as well as us the pet owner. And also we want to help other pets and their families like us to avoid irresponsible vet/ hospitals such as South Bay animal hospital.

Momo Spam

a year ago

Spoke to Jessica when my cats swallowed a string; Super helpful and informative! Thanks so much for your kindness and support.


a year ago

thanks for saving my cat‘s life. My cat could not pee at deep night. South bay staff let him stay in hospital for 60 hours and took good care of him. Very patient and professional!

Narggess Nikkhah

a year ago

This is probably my second time reviewing them in google but I just can’t believe how caring and thoughtful they are. I took my 1yr old Maltipoo here today since he’s been showing allergy reactions to his food. They went above and beyond to auggest me a right food aftersent me home with medicines. Yes they are pricey but WORTH every pennies.

Nick M

a year ago

Highly experienced and skilled veterinarians. They took the time to explain each step of treatment. Their staff was patient and understanding with all the questions we had when our dog was hospitalized. Best of all, our dog is alive and healthy!

Audrey Wanstrath

a year ago

We brought our elderly, diabetic cat to South Bay Animal Hospital after being advised by another vet that euthanasia would relieve her from pain. We selected SBAH because of their weekend availability. We explained the condition of our pet to SBAH before coming in. We were not prepared for the absolute cruelty of the doctor. He refused to put her down, reducing us to tears as he advised paying $1,000/month for insulin. Not only did he belittle us for not being able to afford $1000/month treatment… he charged us for the visit despite not providing the service, and asked us about her health record despite us having paperwork and giving them all the information from the former vet. We have now called the original vet who is going to help us peacefully put our pet down, and apologized for how SBAH treated us. I pray that no one else has to say goodbye to their furry friend twice.

Cody Jansen

a year ago

Wrongfully diagnosed by new puppy with parvo. Scared our family and wanted us to give them our puppy to treat for $10k. We got our pup retested and he doesn’t have parvo.

Jose Velasquez

a year ago

They took great care of our cat, Mochi, when we brought him in for an emergency visit. Mochi was hurt badly when playing too rough with a sibling. They cleaned him up in half the time they anticipated, all the while complimenting him on his handsome, panther-like features and purrfect teeth.

Myles Guglielmelli

a year ago

One of my neigbbors dog shows up at my doorstep all bloody you can see the entire lower back legs bone because the skin was ripped open because it was Just hit by a car. So went here 4am and the ladie wouldnt even look at the puppy inless we had 175 up front just to examine the puppy.. as were trying to explain the dogs status. all she kept saying was i need 175 dollars just to look at it. Then refused us any service at all with or with out money. she says we should go somewhere else. Hangs up on us. And then as were trying to figure out were else to go at 4am with a critically injured dog. The police show Up because she now has called the police on us. This place needs to be shut down. They have absolutley no compassion for animals. What a disgrace of a vet.

mary shapiro

a year ago

Thanks to South Bay Animal Hospital for seeing my dog right away. Everyone was very nice. Excellent care

Maggie LC

a year ago

This is for the hospital services. We took our pup here for bloody diarrhea and vomiting. They said the wait would be 2 hours but we only had to wait 1 hour -- not bad considering Covid is making everything take longer. We have a shiba who hates the vet and snarls, tries to bite but doesn't actually bite because he's actually a good boy. Most vets are scared of him which is super frustrating because isn't it their job to understand how to handle all kinds of animals? Well, SBAH was unfazed by the attitude of our dog and was not at all scared of him -- which was SO REFRESHING. Dr. Spencer really knows her stuff and is super straight with you, only recommending what she thinks your dog needs and seems to take a customized approach, instead of just running through a checklist like other vets. Literally have no idea what we'll do if she ever leaves this joint. Costs were high but that's not surprising. Vet establishments run off of fees, no government funding. You should get your dog pet insurance -- we did and it covered about 80% of all the emergency costs (thousands of dollars), which is more than manageable.

Jason Kochis

a year ago

Quick response and friendly staff. Very caring people work here. Our Husky had pulled on a long leash and ended up dislocating a digit on his paw (short leash for now on). Called around and happened to be able to get in here pretty fast. They helped explain everything in detail and made us feel at ease and comforted our dog. They were very helpful and we are very happy we visited them. Our doctor was very impressive and detailed in her responses, diagnosis and treatment. Pup all fixed up and getting better now. Thank you guys!

naho k

2 years ago

Had an excellent experience with Dr. Atwal and his kind staff. Everyone that we communicated with was very professional and caring. Thank you for taking care of Jesse!

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