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Sydnee Journel

a year ago

I wanted to share what I hope will be interpreted as helpful feedback, and I'm a bit reluctant to share as the staff and vet were very friendly when we visited in early December 2021. We brought our 4 month old kitten in for a general exam to check his overall health, as he hadn't had a visit since we picked him up at the shelter a few weeks earlier. The staff insisted on sedating him to do a general check up. We flagged a number of questions and concerns, one being that he licks his tail a fair bit in one particular patch. This was brushed off as normal behavior and I too thought it must be normal. Turns out what he had on his tail was ringworm and I found out because I caught ringworm on my legs/ankles where he tended to play as a kitten. We brought him to another vet and the vet immediately identified the patch on his tail, did an analysis, and it came back as fungal. The entire exam was all done without sedation, and he was less stressed and never growled or hissed, whereas sedation seemed to be the only possible way at Quito to even do an exam (adding an additional $160-200 per visit). As you can imagine we're frustrated. It's now in the past and we've found a new vet, but I wanted to share that feedback in the spirit of hoping future patients can benefit.

Barry Zhang

a year ago

I have been coming here for over 3 and a half years. They provide really good service, from scheduling to front desk to appointments to procedures. Their veterinarians are very competent. There was a time I remember when I felt like they were overpriced but definitely not anymore as in the past year I’ve found their pricing to be very reasonable. They always do a great job grooming my kitties without charging much and that is kinda hard to find.

Girl Fitness

a year ago

I have to change my posting because this place was sold and Dr. Rosetti is no longer here so the reviews are not for the current staff or owners. I am thoroughly disappointed in this place since she left. It is so overpriced and the doctor is insensitive to cats. I had to put my cat to sleep and it was the most awkward experience ever! Also when I brought my bengal there during covid they would have me sit there for 45 minutes before taking him in and he is very stressed in the car. So stressed they wanted me to drug him just to bring him there for treatment while I sat in the car with him because they were running 45 minutes behind. The doctor prescribed gabapentin and told me to give it to him prior to bringing him. This makes him sleepy.Dr. Rosetti never needed him to take that. She knew how to handle cats and she was super gentle. A cat knows when he is liked and whether a vet is truly a cat person. They truly are not cat people. They specialize in those little tiny white 10k dogs. I hope they can get it together and have the right staff. It sucks to pay for things that absolutely are not necessary.

Molly Haley

a year ago

Our experience here was so wonderful. We had a lot of questions and they answered them all professionally. The service was all around great.

Michael Lubrano

a year ago

The staff is amazing and friendly. Lauryn was a gem.

Tresnany Marjoedi

a year ago

Providing very good service and friendly staffs.

Irene Z

a year ago

One of the nurses was very rude and cut off us when we described the situation. She greeted my cat perfunctorily before trying to get my cat out of bag, which made my cat very stressed. I don't think she was professional enough to handle shy cats. And after about 1 year with this hospital, we will never come back again because of her. Dr. Sharma is nice though.

delia benitez

2 years ago

Incredibly caring and professional - provided clear instructions and demonstrated deep knowledge for the care of our young kitten. The techs & admins were sensitive to the needs of our pet. Will return and refer Quito Veterinary Hospital!

Pien van Westendorp

2 years ago

They treat my kittens like family. My boys usually frightened of strangers but always come back from the doctor happy and relaxed. The nurses take genuine delight in seeing the pets and are very friendly and professional. I've actually moved further away but keep coming here because of the high quality care!

Nikki Francone

2 years ago

I truly appreciate the staff here. Everyone I've interacted with has been kind and helpful. I feel that the staff here genuinely listens and tries to help address the issue while also taking consideration of your thoughts, concerns and/or wishes.

Integrity Empathy

2 years ago

My puppy got the Parvovirus and UNLIKE Sage Emergency Vet Hospital, their main concerns were my puppy's recovery and not leaving me broke. I appricate the humanity and compassion of real people who work at Quito Veterinary. One staff member truely touched my heart & surprised me and actually left me speechless. As you can see, that is not easy to do!???? ❤????

Karen Anderson

2 years ago

Extremely professional, helpful. Would recommend them to every one.

Mitch Daugherty

2 years ago

My cat ???? was feeling bad on a Saturday. I'll called them and 15 minutes later she was being taken care of. Great people and great care! Thank you ????

Alma Rosas

2 years ago

All the staff are awesome! ????

Alice Tribuleva (allergeek)

2 years ago

Unfortunately the staff at Quito Veterinary Clinic refused to give an exam to an abandoned cat that needed help. She was very low weight and we didn't even receive any health assessment or advice as to how oi care for her best after she had been starving. It was bluntly stated that per the clinic policy it would be at least 16 days since she was rescued they would be able to do the exam. They don't care about the life of animals we are bringing in or about any life for that matter. My 3 year old son keeps asking why the doctor wouldn't help her.

Q. Y.

2 years ago

On Sunday I was able to make an appointment to check my kitten's softpoop condition the next day. (Can't make appointments with other vet on Sunday) The charges are very reasonable and the staffs are very patient in explaining how softpoop can happen and how to administer the medicine. My kittens condition significantly improved the next day. The only downside is that there is a bit of waiting involved. (The doctor seems quite busy)

Digital Alice

2 years ago

The vet's here are always wonderful and take great care of my pets!

Omar Morales

2 years ago

Great staff. Loving and caring.

Charlee Elerath

2 years ago

The staff was wonderful. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They took great care of our puppy.

Karen Bryan

2 years ago

They care about your animal and you. They do a full checkup on you're animal, from nose to tail. Their great. They helped my baby get better.

Jeff Vaughn

2 years ago

Great clinic. Very knowledgeable Doctor . Very friendly staff.

Bhavin Patel

2 years ago

Super friendly staff and doctor!

James Filice

2 years ago

Best vet yet. Rhymes!

Giovanni Cordova

2 years ago

Staff is incredibly kind, professional, and informative. Prices are extortionate. If you don't mind paying more than usual for quality service, recommend.

Karen Flores

2 years ago

The best veterinarian team!!!! Dr. Chahal has been out vet and friend for many years.

cray zee

2 years ago

Great place for your pet needs

Lynn Murphy

2 years ago

They take good care of my pets and are people friendly as well

Rebecca Hassinger

2 years ago

We bring the cat here because my wife doesn't like the way VCA makes us sit in the waiting room for an hour every time we bring the dog in. I haven't quite managed to nail it down yet, but we've been to Quito three or four times now for routine annual check-ups and dentals and there's something about them that I do NOT like. They seem friendly enough, but very scattered and disorganized. Nothing bad has happened yet, but my gut tells me not to trust them. The last time we went in, they took the cat in back to draw blood and we could hear her screaming from the exam room. Our cat is very docile and we had never heard her yell like that before, nor could we imagine why she would be reacting so strongly. It went on far too long and the wife had to leave to collect herself. The vet checked in with us and when I asked why the cat was yelling so much, she seemed uncomfortable and told us the cat was just upset about them grooming her leg after drawing the blood. I went to the restroom and when I came back, a tech was talking to my wife. I asked the tech the same question and she said the cat was angry because they had to restrain her for the procedure. This seemed like a more likely answer, but I did not appreciate being given two different stories. The wife was still shaken and now more upset because the tech apparently didn't introduce herself when she came in and because she had a nervous laugh. The wife wants to continue using Quito, but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on these guys. It's true that their service is faster than VCA, but that's the only advantage I've seen so far. I also don't appreciate that my cat allergies go crazy every time we come in. I've never had that problem at any other vet office.


2 years ago

The desk ladies were so incredibly helpful and answered all questions patiently. The vet was so informative, warm and friendly and most importantly, respectful to my cat. Thank you!!

RP Blanda

2 years ago

Very helpful and nice. Took good care of Cooper. (Average pricing, not cheap, nor expensive) Stayed late after closing to help Cooper without charging me emergency fee. I thought that was kind.

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