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Carly Melert

a year ago

Dr Diaz is amazing. She was able to get me in so quick, knows what she is doing, very nice and the price is not extravagant! Highly recommend!

Ginamarie Cleveland

a year ago

I have never had an issue with any vet here but their billing is a little irritating and excessive. We took our bulldog to have a bump on his head checked out. The vet called and explained that it was a histiocytoma and chances are it will resolve on its own but if we would like we could get a biopsy. We told them we wanted to think about it but ended up making an appt for the biopsy. When we brought him they charged us another addi $70 dollars in addition to the biopsy fee to “ examine him and tell us yet again we could biopsy” which obviously was not necessary because we already knew that. Then, we took our new puppy in and they started her 1st round of shots, when we brought her back for the second round they were trying to charge us another additional $70 to re-examine and the puppy and tell us what shots are needed next? When I asked why they need to exam again if they already know what shots are due the staff said “ it’s a charge for the doctor to answer any questions you have” WE DON’T HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!! we just want our dog to get their second rounds of shots, as discussed at the first appt. without you guys trying to throw in an exam charge any time you can. Also upset me because they said “ we only do that for puppies” but they did the same thing for my older dog in the beginning. Again, never had an issue with the vet but just want to give you a fair warning they are definitely trying to tact on any charge they can. Like I said this was an additional fee to tests. I am just not sure what would change health wise, and last exam that took “ two seconds” costs 70 dollars so not really sure how they could examine hyper puppy throrougly in that time lol. Also- We do pay for the tests. Maybe you should take the feedback and improve instead of coming at people for telling their truth. Hide your reviews it you can’t handle it. Simply as that.

Annmarie W

a year ago

Took a dog here that had gotten a rash …. I did skin scrapes and other testing and I have called 3 times for the results……if they found something or they didn’t I paid for them to test!!! Nope never got results . I have called several times and nope no call I had to be on them to send me a detailed receipt. Till this day still no word on a skin scrape they charged me for …… BUT THEY GLADLY TOOK MY CARD WITHOUT HESITATION. DO NOT COME HERE. Super overpriced and not worth the money if you have to be on them and they dodge you

La Korita

a year ago

My kitten of 6 months suddenly started looking weak and going limp on me, took her to this vet as it was the closest one to me that was still open. Charged me $1000 to tell me they didn’t know what was wrong with her. They prescribed her medicine but unfortunately she passed away less than 24hrs later. The same day she passed, they called me to see how she was doing and I let them know she passed away. A little later the same day they called me again to see how she was doing, like if I was going to have a different answer for them. NOW 3 days later, I get a thank you card in the mail from them thanking me for taking her in and to write a review. Big slap in the face when we’re still grieving and spent so much for them to not be able to do anything for her! Reply to owner: not my real name but you and your clinic are REAL trash. You asked me to leave a review, I left it ????

joey marzouk

a year ago

I’ve been taking my animals to Archvet for years, and the only place I trust my furry friends with. They are courteous, kind attentive and always have fair prices. Keep up the good work Dr. Solomon and staff!


2 years ago

$1780 for a foxtail removal. Dog has a foxtail in his ear, made an appointment for the next day. First their google address is wrong, which made us late, so they took my dog in the back for when the doctor "has time" instead of checking us in for our appointment. Over an hour later they call and try to upsell me on flea/heartworm prevention and refused to tell me what those would cost. They then went into a long and detailed description of heartworm disease and treatment to pressure me into buying it from them. I was already getting really uncomfortable with how pushy and cagey they were being about the costs of everything. I know heartworm is important so I said I would follow up with my vet. But they refused to take the blood tests/meds off the estimate unless I email-replied to the invoice. Turns out they misspelled my email even though it was written on the many many forms I filled out. When I finally got it I broke down. The last foxtail, with a different vet, was $470 including sedation and medication. This vet wanted $1780. I checked the itemized list and everything was horrifically inflated. Sedation, medication, tests, everything in the estimate was increased for no reason. The act of putting the tweezers in his ear and pulling them out again? that was billed at $600. $600 did not include the exam, the meds, the sedation, nothing. $600 just for that single action. $1780 for a foxtail removal WITH an appointment. I guess they were hoping I would be overwhelmed with everything and just agree. I told them I couldn't afford it, I would just pay the exam fee ($84) and go. 90 bucks, 4 hours of our day, and a gallon of gas lighter, we're back where we started.

Brian Ortiz

2 years ago

Called the cottle location and they said a email would be sent but I never received a email women on the phone continued to say it was clients who don’t pay attention and that’s the reason why I missed my appointment this is horrible customer service if calls are rerouted then please feel free to let customers know

Ali Canela

2 years ago

Chase me down? It is not my fault your staff is inadequate to perform their administrative duties. I never denied to pay and I picked up the calls and tried to paid online and even went back the same day to pay with my debit card. It is not my fault your system sucks. If I didn’t want to pay I wouldn’t have gone out of my way twice to pay. Anyways, may god bless you!

Ryan Peteburge

2 years ago

Dr Solomon is a good man. Forgiving and understanding.

Paul Schroeder

2 years ago

My 1st and only visit to ARCHET was a horrible experience for several reasons: - After my cat was returned to me after a series of blood tests, she immediately went into a state of shock and suffered a seizure. After discussing this over the phone with ARCHVET they simply told me she was probably car sick... - I was given drugs that would help my cat's pain due to kidney failure and other problems she was suffering. The drug specifically stated not to give to cats with preexisting kidney conditions or boody stool and vomit... - It cost $800 for blood / urine tests for my cat. - It was like pulling teeth getting any information or records from ARCHVET. I had to follow up constantly to get test results, the eventual prescription and was never given email / written records of test results. Good luck to any brave soul who brings their pet to ARCHVET!

Mark Brown

2 years ago

Love this place, when we moved to San Jose we were worried about finding a great vet like we had in Berkeley. They are fast and efficient and are open on the weekends and take care care of our dog. Very happy to have found them

Lauren Ricketts

2 years ago

Thank you, Dr. Solomon!! We called other emergency vets in the area and they had a 5-6 hour wait. ArchVet took our dog in the second we pulled up. They were so helpful and caring. Kept us updated throughout his care and surgery. When we picked him up, he was a completely different dog from when we dropped him off. Dr. Solomon cares about his patients. Thank you for saving our Kingy! Highly recommend ArchVet!!

Jana Veitsman

2 years ago

First of all, i would like to thank Dr Solomon for always being there for my puppy. Not only he is the great doctor, he is very kind and compassionate man. That means a lot!

Hepzibah Craw

2 years ago

If I could, I would drive 800 miles from Arizona to take my dogs for their vet visits with Dr. Solomon. He has a very special knack with his animal patients, a stellar veterinarian indeed. A real-life Doctor Doolittle! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheryl Cardamon

2 years ago

L❤️VE Dr. Solomon - best vet voted by #Kojakdiaries ! Kojak had a tick on his eyelid removed, no issues - healing great! The entire staff at Archvet is amazing, nice and professional. I found their clinic prices to be very reasonable. We highly recommend this vet clinic ????????

Barbara Chandler

2 years ago

Very nice staff. I wish they had 24 hour care so we could have left our Max with them the whole time care was needed. Thank you very much.

Carol Welsh

3 years ago

Dr. Solomon is the best vet I have ever worked with. Genuinely treats your pet like it is his own. He's very smart and intuitive about diagnosis, as well as a great guy. My cat has been coming to him for almost a decade. Dr. Solomon has expertly sheparded him through well-kitty care as well as some minor but critical issues like bad teeth. You will be pleasantly surprised and, I suspect, greatly satisfied by Dr. Solomon, a truly world-class vet who runs a stellar practice.

Sandra Leyva

3 years ago

Just called to get price for a 5lb cat to be cremated. Wanted $600.00 dollars. A person costs $650.00 That didn't count having her euthanized.


3 years ago

Dr. Solomon is the owner and he is horrible, but the other vets are very nice. The owner is obviously money-grubbing because when I asked for a script to fill a medication at an online pet med site one of the other vets had to refer it to him and he refused. Instead he only wanted me to buy the medication from him, when I could get it online at 1/4th the price, plus he insisted on monthly visits to get it refilled. And this is a medication that my cat will be on for life. At the price he wanted I would have had to put my cat down, because I cannot afford hundreds of dollars a month for the prescription and monthly check-ups that he demanded. And this was after I had already paid him several hundreds of dollars for multiple things in a two-week period for this cat. There was no dealing with him about it. He said it was for the "safety" of my cat, despite the fact that the medication is a simple, safe medication according my present vet. My present vet has no problem writing the same prescription with 6 refills between each visit, so every 7 months I take my cat for a check-up and get another script to send to the online pharmacy.

Ty Max

3 years ago

Horrible owner. Dr. Soloman is rude, obnoxious and obviously does not care about his patients or their owners. Just see how he responds to negative reviews here. His responses are outrageous! The other vets are wonderful, but they are under his thumb and are obviously afraid of him. I've always had wonderful vets caring for my many animals, so running into him was a shocker! I would never subject any of my animals to his services again.

Bel Cat

4 years ago

I brought one of my cats here in an emergency. They were really wonderful and accommodated me at the last minute. The vet was patient with my stressed out cat, explained things thoroughly and the front office was calm, clean and organized. The only downside is that they are a schlep from me in San Mateo County.

Joseph Mosebar

4 years ago

Nice staff and facility but pretty pricey

Tanya M

4 years ago

Dr. Solomon is a very caring, talented, and driven individual. He was the only vet that was capable of getting to the bottom of our dogs bizzare ear issues (In almost 10 yrs, no other vet could diagnose or resolve, so they've lived most of their lives on ear meds/cleaner that only minimally helped). Most recently, he saved our cat from urinary crystals. Time and time again, he and his staff have helped us through tough times with our pets when we had given up hope. Caveat: The front office staff has had regular turn over. Beyond that, his expertise comes at a price, so if you are looking for a cheap solution for your pets problems you should look elsewhere or you will be very disappointed. In our case, we feel his open line of communication, expertise, and willingness to investigate alternative treatment options when necessary is worth the expense. Our sincerest thanks go out to ArchVet.

That dude in a Chevelle

4 years ago

My mom works here and they take good care of my pets

Garrett Barker

6 years ago

Staff that demonstrates love towards the animals

Marco Paganini

6 years ago

Fantastic vet. Dr. Solomon is one the best vets I've known. He takes his time making sure everything is fine with your pet and won't try to sell you anything you don't need. He managed to solve some allergy problems with our cat that no other vet could. ArchVet is a bit more expensive than the options around, but worth it.


6 years ago

Friendly and compassionate staff who love animals and understand the stressful nature of emergency vet visits. My cat had a major limp and after taking x-rays, the doctor physically showed me that he had a dislocated leg from getting hit by a car. The surgery was too expensive for my college student budget but the doctor was still able to put him to sleep and pop the leg back into place for an affordable price. Over a year later, my cat is living a normal life with no problems thanks to ARCHVET. I cannot thank Dr Solomon and the ARCHVET staff enough for fixing my cat's leg and also for their compassion through such a stressful time. If any of my family and friends needs to visit a vet, I always recommend ARCHVET with confidence because they took care of me and my cat. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Kyle Berger

7 years ago

Dr. Solomon is one of the most talented and caring vets you can find. He is friendly, upbeat, and cares as much for your animals as you do. We've known him for a while, and it is always a pleasant experience. He always takes care of us and helps however he can. Please give him a try; you won't regret it.

Celina K

7 years ago

Dr. Solomon is everything you would want from a vet. He examines and diagnoses your pet in front of you and explains exactly what he is doing. He is warm and caring. I came here after having a very distressing experience at an ER vet clinic. My maltese/poodle was experiencing pain and they gave the worst case scenario about a possible slipped disc or back injury. They said most likely, we would need a MRI($1600-3000) for diagnosis and back surgery. Dr. Solomon performed a thorough neurological exam in front of me, prescribed medication and limited activity. My dog Sugar, after 4 days of medication is almost her old self again. The clinic is clean and the staff is very friendly.

William Herbison

8 years ago

The Vet and staff are very nice they really care about your pets health and just getting money for their services this is a great place to take your pets

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