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Jason Russell

a year ago

My new to me former community cat is a skittish runner. She is so pretty now, and it was so easy to schedule a Sat am curbside bath. I will happily call again. Yay!

Alonzo Patton

2 years ago

I was told only 1" of her fur would be cut instead her entire body was shaved haphazardly and the fur around her head is badly uneven.

Myly Posse

2 years ago

Artana is the cat whisperer. I bring my kitty to her for kitten mittens. My couch thanks me for this daily. I thought Mochi would cry and panic when we first tried them. I don't know what voodoo magic was going on, but Mochi didn't make a peep or struggle. So now you can understand why it's worth it to drive to San Francisco to meet Artana's mobile grooming van--it only covers SF area. She's absolutely the best!

Donna Hubbard

2 years ago

I've been a faithful client now for over 6 years - two different cats. Convenient, quick and my cats always look fabulous afterwards.

Chadd Binney

2 years ago

Honestly terrible... first I appreciate the door service, but this woman is terrible. LATE, Rude, rushed, and sloppy... my poor cat looks like a mess and she charged $100+ for what took her 15 mins and then pressures you into a tip that "she can add now"

Monica Ha

2 years ago

Artana gave my cat one of the cleanest cuts he's ever had. Super pleased with her services and the care she takes during covid. Looking forward to booking her again! Thanks Artana!

Jason Smith (Jay)

2 years ago

First off, the fact that they can just drive up and can do this mobile is a HUGE plus. They did a wonderful job with my dog. She is young and had a rough start at life so she is a bit skiddish but they were able to work with her and give her an AMAZING haircut. absolutely worth the value!

Anh Duong

3 years ago

Professional service. My cat was treated with care from the moment I placed him in a carrier and handed him over for a lion trim. He enjoys his new haircut and we will definitely both be back! Thank you for making this a very seamless experience.

Dave Bloomfield

3 years ago

Everything was great. I had never actually seen a grooming so I was invited in to watch. Artana was a blast to talk with and she recommended some items I could buy to help with my cat. I look forward to using Shear Pets again in the future. My cat Stroganoff looks adorable with his Lion Cut & bow tie. So dapper. Thank you again!

Joshua L

3 years ago

I must say that when I first booked my appointment with Artana that I was a bit skeptical about how my cat (Reggie) would handle his first professional grooming appointment, in his 7 years he's only been bathed by me twice and this process consisted of me being fully dressed and getting into a shower stall with him (didn't have a bathtub at the time), once that water started running he used me as a climbing structure and did his best to get out. So I was a bit worried about what he'd do to a stranger trying to shave and wash him. To my surprise everything went excellent, you could see the care and professionalism to Artana's process and the final product was even better than I expected. Artana showed up on time, was very polite and allowed me to join her in the van so I could be there for Reggie's moral support. Artana was very methodical and detailed and even pointed out some things I would want to get looked at by Reggie's vet. The van was clean and professional (and even had AC in the grooming area, it was a hot day!). I would highly recommend Shear Pets/Artana to anyone looking to get their cat groomed, even if you are on the fence about how your cat would take it. Artana thank you so much! You are like the Bay Area's "Cat whisperer".

Nikki T

3 years ago

I called this service, I didn't use this service. Shear takes 0 responsibility for anything that might go wrong while in the process of caring for your pet. I don't recommend using this service. Never sign your rights away.

Sabrena Jefri

3 years ago

With not many -willing- cat groomers in SF, I was certainly glad to find Shear Pets and Artana. The whole booking system was rather efficient with prompt follow ups by email. Groomer was courteous enough to call me ahead and let me know she was running a little late. I was even allowed to watch her groom my DLH cat Mila. Mila is pretty opinionated and can be fussy. This didn't deterr Artana one bit who handle her with confidence and care. The whole process was quick and efficient, which is important as cats tend to get stressed up. Highly recommend her services.

Patricia Haddock

4 years ago

Ive used Shearpets for more than five years and trust her totally with my cats. She told me my one cat needed dental work and sure enough he needed dental surgery. It’s comforting knowing she’s knowledgeable and will tell me if she sees something that needs to be taken care of. I recommend her without reservation.

Kayla Rose

4 years ago

My dog honestly hates just about everyone so he has to wear a muzzle even though hes only 9 lbs but he absolutely loved her. I will never go to another groomer again. Shes always on time, quick responses, sweet, and reasonably priced and she does a great job! She even showed me a better brush for my type of dog.

Lola Corona

4 years ago

Since 2014, my cat, Claude, has gotten lion cuts from Shear Pets over the past 2 years. He's super picky about who touches him. I can't brush him or clip his nails. He hates when I bathe him, but shear pets are pet whisperers. Claude gets lots of care during his grooming. The mobile grooming is amazing. They come as close to your house as possible, which is great for the pets who hate being crated for soo long or hate car rides. Artana know's how to read Claude's vibe. Xoxo

Steven Lemeshow

4 years ago

Brought our toy poodle, Poppy to get groomed. We are loving dog owners but by no stretch are we perfect, nor is Poppy. She had a few tangles and apparently she nipped the groomer when she was put in an uncomfortable position. Pretty understandable when a stranger is poking, prodding and pulling your hair. I'd probably bite too. Often, groomers put muzzles on dogs unless they're relatively docile. Anyways, when I came to pick Poppy up, the groomer openly criticized Poppy and made me feel like a horrible dog owner. She even insinuated that her crate was covered in urine from Poppy being locked inside of it for too long, which is ridiculous and hurtful. To ice the cake, when my wife tried to make an appointment many months later, she found that she was locked out of their system. After calling, she discovered that Poppy had been "banned" for life. This is honestly the worst experience we've ever had with a groomer and Poppy has been groomed by dozens of people over her 9.5 years. Not recommended unless you want to feel judged and then get banned without notice or valid reason.

Salwa Saleh

4 years ago

I have a cat that got fleas from being around my neighbors cats and I’m trying to get rid of them for her. Sprays, baths, ointments, collars, etc. Over time it got even worse to the point that she got flea bite allergies around her tail. I’m wondering if you guys are able to shave my cat fully so I can treat the bites and get her back on her little healthy paws again????????

Michele M

4 years ago

Shear Pet's is great! Our Kittty loves her Mani Pedi and smells so nice and fluffy when she comes back from her bath. This is a great service! They come right to your door making it so convenient for me and Kittty. Great service for us!

Mia S

5 years ago

Really good service. Gentle and loving. One of the few that wont give your pet fleas I hear.

Mike B

5 years ago

Shear Pets is by far my favorite groomer. They have always been friendly and professional, and both of my pets (a terrier and a tabby cat) look great when they are finished, and seem to love the experience. The fact that they are mobile and flexible really puts the icing on the cake. Thanks again for being excellent!


5 years ago

First off the oder of the groomer Artana was so off the charts I didnt want her touching my cat. Second after my cats service she know seems very skittish. She is not the same affectionate kitty she once was before experience with the groomer. Ive never had this problem with a groomer and would not recommend them to anyone. I hate having to give a a bad review but I feel people who trust there precious pets/family member should be aware.

House San Francisco

5 years ago

I was really worried about how my cat would do with mobile grooming because she's never been groomed before and she's 10 years old but she started getting seriously gross. I've booked online and it was pretty easy. The groomer showed up and was very gentle with my cat. She let me in the van and walked me through the whole process of what would happen. I was pretty pleased with what she did with my cat and my cat was surprisingly cool with it all. I would totally use them again.

Bobbie Howard

5 years ago

Outstanding service. Artana is gifted. Not only is her talent as a groomer exceptional, she cares for the animals and looks at the pet overall. Artana noticed my cat had a broken tooth, which I'd not seen - when I went to the vet my vet said you have an excellent groomer if the groomer noticed the cat had a broken tooth. My little boy always looks so handsome after a visit with Artana at Shear Pets.

Dr J

6 years ago

Apparently they won't groom intact dogs because theor philosophy is against breeding. If dogs weren't breed I wonder how they would stay in business. I am own a breed that's almost extinct Alpine Herding dogs (Alpenhütehunde) and I am beyond disappointed that despite my explanation as to why I don't neuter or spay them, they didn't want to groom my dogs. Not sure how denying a haircut is going to help control dog overpopulation!

Michele M Voice

6 years ago

Our Kettle Kat lives her Sahara Spa. She looks forward to her mani and pedi that comes with it too. And so do we!

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