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Gabe Wikoff

2 years ago

Very cool store with a good variety of supplies!

kin tsang

2 years ago

Don't have anything good in store

William C

2 years ago

The owner has great fish and is very knowledgeable. My go to store for live fish.

Will SF (willinsf)

2 years ago

Great prices on live freshwater fish. Owner is helpful, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. Will help you solve your tank issues, fish compatibility and more.

Dan Songer

2 years ago

Always friendly and has everything for my Chinchilla , Frankie Alihadro

Orange Lemonade

3 years ago

I went to this pet store for my first budgie parakeet, the budgies were in great shape! Their feathers were nicely groomed, their feet were nice and healthy, they had no mucus on their noses, over all, they were good birds

Norman Desmon

3 years ago

I've been a customer for years,back when the store was huge on Broadway,and though i miss the incredible selection of fish for my pond that the old store had,the owners have done a great job of downsizing while still offering the very best in S.F. The owners are so friendly and knowledgable; and will gladly attend to your every need,while offering their expert opinions without a " hard sell" approach. I can honestly say that i've never had a problem with the health ir quality any of the goldfish and koi i've purchased over the years: except that they aren't racoon nor heron proof: but if those strsins are ever available: i'll bet Pet Central will have them available in healthy shape and priced below any other local pet store . Pop in and experience what is beautifully unique about well run and worthwhile small businesses: you won't be disappointed.

JinChang Su

3 years ago

When I go in this pet store it was amazing.When I ask everything he answer all he know.When I brought my cute pet .I was so happy.It live for one year and had no sickness or injured. Thank you sell me this nice pet.

Banana Sauce

4 years ago

Not bad went in to buy a couple things for my hamster. Pretty sure it’s cheaper than petco. Smaller selection though. Owner was pretty nice he occasionally didn’t give me tax lol.

WM De Leon

4 years ago

Prices much less than the chain stores. Owner is very friendly and very good variety.

Lulu Hocker

4 years ago

Their pets are so cute and so sweet. The people in there are so nice and friendly. They also had an affordable price! The place is also huge and you also had lots of pets to choose from! I love the place!

Jim Palm

4 years ago

Worms crickets and roaches, what else could you need.

Carlton Fuller

4 years ago

This store is quite okay. The store small compared from what i expected but it has most of what i need. I agree that the prices are just reasonable. I just hope that they expand so that they could cater more pet needs.

AjbWha YT

4 years ago

I really love this pet store!!! Very nice people and service here. There's lots of kinds of pets: fish, birds, guinea pigs, etc. I bought my fish here and it's very beautiful!!!

Zora Zigler

5 years ago

Great local store! Reasonable pricing, super convenient, service is friendly and good food selection! They validate parking for the lot next door now (on Spring st). Small but with a good variety of items for cats and dogs. Love that they carry Taste of the Wild brand food for dogs and cats!

Agnieszka Szefer

5 years ago

The whole shop seemed very cramped. The pets there also didn't have too much space left, they have at least 5 guinea pigs in one medium sized cage. Bird also keep making noise that doesn't sound like a happy one. Similarly with fish, I haven't seen that many fish in one tank in any other store. The shop assistant was kind but I'm worried about the condition the pets are kept in


6 years ago

Lots of fish and cool reptiles. I bought SANIC here, my red iguana. He was $70 for a baby, I was fine with that, I really love him! But he came with mites.. and his scales don't look too good. I'm caring for him well now and I really do wish that these guys can take better care of the pets. Plus a lot of the animals are next to each other.. birds and hamsters along with reptiles

Lisa Whittington

7 years ago

Love this place. Love the owner. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. The animals always look clean , happy , and healthy. The prices are reasonable and the owner always makes sure everything is stocked. I buy all my pets here. Love it!

Nelly sin

7 years ago

Please never buy anything from this place. It gets worse everytime I come in and check on the animals. The birds are always sick and stressed I know this because they have been pulling their feathers out even though molting season is over that bird hardly has any feathers. The rodents are also a problem they are cages in WITH the birds its not good for them to become too expose to bird feces. The cages it seems like its hardly cleaned. The fishes are fine however it very unsanitary. I really don't want to rate this because I rather rate it 0 stars. Because IT'S ANIMAL ABUSE CLOSE THE FREAKING SHOP DOWN.

Victor B

7 years ago

Sorry sorry looking pets Store.


8 years ago

Once you go in, you will be followed by a middle-aged bald chinese man wearing glasses. He will follow you everywhere you go around the store. He especially gets angry at you if you touch anything.

Mikhael Mandecote

8 years ago

Yes! It is hard to park in this area. More patience for parking, but It's worthy once your inside the store. They have everything that I need for my 40 gal. Price are fair, not enough fish though.. I love to comeback here again for a canister filter..

jonathan solstis

10 years ago

Awesome pet store, tons of fish! U can find pretty much anything in this aquarium. Parking is a headache though, good luck!

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