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Robert Mader

a year ago

Just don’t take your pets here. I took my rescue here for her first wellness check, that took literally five hours longer than expected. I found worms in my dog’s stool two days later, which means they obviously didn’t check for worms like I asked them to. At that point I took my dog to a new vet and called woof and purr to transfer my dog’s medical records, which took a total of an hour and half on the phone spread out over three different phone calls where the doctor tried to upsell me on a very costly surgery to remove a benign fatty tumor. When I first asked for the records their response, word for word, was “why do you want those?”. Are you kidding me? Then, I got to listen to the doctor ramble for twenty two minutes (yes, I checked) about how my dog is probably going to die if I don’t pay up for a surgery that she had just gotten done telling me would be pointless. Then, they sent incomplete records to my new vet, even though that had only seen my dog once. Stay far away, these people have no idea what they’re doing. They will not help your animal and they will cause you nothing but headaches while trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of you. Advice to management: find a new profession, you’re terrible.

Jennifer Edwards

a year ago

I came to see this vet for my puppy’s first wellness visit and the vet came out to speak with me. She spoke like she was on drugs / very add all over the place. She continued to sell me/ tell me that my puppy had many different Health issues that would need lots of tests and medications she talked in circles even contradicting herself. She bad mouthed my breeder and basically told me I got a bad dog/ lemon. I refused the 700 recommended treatment and she instantly became rude and marched off. I left completely terrified but quickly realized she was trying to rip me off! What a horrible thing to do! Please no one go here!

Katherine Duenckel

2 years ago

Horrible place to take your Dog!!!!

marian khoury dougenis

2 years ago

I was so upset how I was treated by Dr Williams. Too much to go into but I will say, she lacks customer service skills which is why you have reception staff to handle that. Personally I witnessed one of her staff members receive a stink eye from the Dr. because I engaged in a conversation with her. I can empathize how Covid has turned biz owners lives upside down with added stress, longer wait times, no reliable staff etc. Our biz has been affected greatly too but we are kind, we apologize, and we do our best to communicate. Not this Vet. We were left outside in the sun for 45 minutes just to be told they have no idea when they can see us. I even offered to go home and come back since I live 3 minutes away. I think she is overbooked with appts which is causing her to get super on edge, unpredictable with her outbursts and simply unpleasant. I don’t want that for my puppy. I’m sure she’s a great Vet but we together decided it would be best to go elsewhere.

Lena Gardelli

2 years ago

I spoke to them just to receive some fees. I asked for basic bloodwork and allergy shot fees. The receptionist giggled and said we do not do those and giggled again saying: we are so busy we have people standing in a line outside the door." She was friendly but not professional and seems like they do not wish to give basic information on services every Vet provides.

Ywahthena Foster

3 years ago

Didn't even get a chance to show up with my sick dog!! I just called right now at 9:38am as I write this at 9:30!!! And Carlos answered the phone barley able to speak English and yet alone answer simple questions like the initial price of a regular vet check up!! I'm upset there website state's one thing and called and got another. Bad service and comminations! Also checked back here to see the reviews and I knew then I was the one who should have never called to begin with.

Stewart rife

3 years ago

They took great care of my dog Woof. He's a lab mix. He's a little rambunctious to say the least. They handled him perfectly. When I came back for the follow up visit he was so excited to see the lady's that helped him last time. Highly recommend this vet. They're very professional and know their stuff!

Maire Hunt

3 years ago

Dr. Jayme Williams is a kind and skilled veterinarian.

Lisa Clifton

3 years ago

They were really good really nice but wonderful people until I come I didn't have that kind of money and then it got locked away the girl helping me tried to work the bill down some to make it work so I could pay it she was cool that was good but I didn't like the fact that the vet walked away when I told her I didn't have that kind of money

Jaylah Mackinac

3 years ago

Dr. Willams is very compassionate about her job and I respect that but the prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH. Would recommend if you’re not on a budget if so I wouldn’t recommend. And the receptionist are weird ????

Carlos Campos

3 years ago

Dr. Jamie is really knowledgeable about animals. I have taken my Dogs and tortoise to her and she always solves their issues. She does love to talk, and I can see how she could be socially awkward. I don't need her to be superb with humans I need her to be superb with my pets. Which she is.

Ashley Parsons

3 years ago

A wonderful small business type of vet where you get more of a family feel rather than a corporately ran office.

Allison MacDonald

4 years ago

Steer clear of this vet. I took my 2 dogs there some time ago for routine check-ups and vaccinations. I really wanted to like this vet because she's in my neighborhood. She proceeded to write up extensive "treatment plans" for both dogs amounting to thousands of dollars!! Neither dog had any symptoms, except for some arthritis in my older dog. On top of that the staff seemed really uncomfortable and strange. And to top it all off, they held my dogs hostage until I paid in full for the visit.

Ariel Sam

4 years ago

Absolutely love Woof and Purr. They are quite busy but they are attentive and care about those they see. Thanks for taking care of Hazel!

Berta Elisa - La Liza Quinones

4 years ago

Great veteran. Great service. One of the best in San Diego.

Bonnie Haworth

4 years ago

They state online if you have an ill pet just bring it in. I showed Fri. at 9:00 with my sick cat. I told the receptionist what the ad said and she got a strange look on her face. She said they didn't have a vet on duty!! Bizarre. Suggested we try VCA in Mission Valley. We chose B Street Vet Hospital and got wonderful care.

Liza Morrissey

4 years ago

Jayme and Victoria are amazing. My cat needed to be laid to rest last year I hated the other Vet I was at off Jamacha in Spring Valley. I was in tears and they didn't seem to care and kept me in the waiting room for 35 min just to hand me an invoice. They lacked sympathy. I felt uncomfortable this wasn't the place I wanted to say goodbye to my Nala. So I was recommended to Woof and Purr by my friend. Jayme and her staff Victoria were so accommodating. They knew why I was there and was expecting me. I was already an emotional wreck and they led me to a private room. Jayme the Dr. gave me a hug and talked me through it all and I felt the care and concerns. The place was clean and bright. I could feel the love. This was the place. She held my hand and I know my kitty was in good hands. The worst day of my life, but Jayme and her staff made it the most comfortable as possible for me and Nala. From the bottom of my heart Nala and I Thank you!

Patty M.

4 years ago

Ridiculously overpriced, it seems like they are not fully staffed, the girl at the counter kept going back and forth while I was trying to check in to check on a dog that got out of surgery few minutes before I got there, really??! ???? I …

Sarah Garcia

4 years ago

Go to B Street Vet instead!!! Wish I could give her zero stars!!! I don’t normally write reviews but this was absurd. Called to make an appointment. Valentina put me on hold, never came back, and then hung up on me. I thought it was by accident so I called back but no answer. Thought it might be because they’re swamped so I walk over since I live a street down. They were not swamped. One person waiting to pay. Valentina disregards me after I say I just need to make an appointment. I spend the next five minutes waiting while Valentina and the new guy she’s training go back and forth from front desk to the back. Not sure what they’re doing. But the new guy is tasked with telling me everything they have scheduled the next few days while Valentina and Dr. Jayme stand in the back room telling him what to say to me???... he literally goes through every day of the week to tell me what they have scheduled each day... and then says, but we can call you when we figure out what our schedule is ??? Call me crazy but I thought most businesses had a calendar and could tell you a next available appointment... why would I care what procedures you’re doing over the next few days? Just tell me when I can come in! I tell him I just want the next appointment and he keeps saying, we’ll call you. This is the third negative experience with this shady place!!! Others revolved around Dr. Jayme’s untrustworthiness with quoted prices.. I let those slide because she’s a vet and that’s what they do and because this place is so close to me. Anyway, all in all, this place is super annoying to work with and a waste of time. B Street Vet has WAY better customer service and is just a few blocks away.. Hope enough people realize they can get MUCH better service elsewhere and stop giving this place business that it does not deserve.

Tyler Lewis

4 years ago

Called to make an new client appointment Bc my cat is sick they refused to give me and price estimates and after looking at all their recent reviews it’s clear why! Saving my money and my cat from a horrible experience.

Michelle Webb

5 years ago

When I came into her office my dog was dying and though there was nothing she could do to save him she made my experience losing my dog less painful I will be bringing all my other pets and recommend her to all my friends

Crowell Family

5 years ago

I have 2 dogs and i took one of them there for an issue. By the time the appointment was over they gave me an estimate that was outrageous. I ended up taking her to a different vet whom explained her issue was common and prescribed us a very inexpensive med and it worked like a charm. So i call today to inquire about a rabies vaccination and my god these people are money hungry. Can't do it without a full exam. B.S. and how much is an exam???? Exactly. Nope i will continue to go somewhere else. I have severe trust issues with a vet who is more so out for money than actually trying to help especially if helping is cheaper and they think they need to Jack up their price to make sure they pass their pockets as much as possible. Pass.

frass Bigges

5 years ago

Best vet in San Diego


5 years ago

X-rays are half the price of larger chains. Vet takes her time to explain things send helps prioritize tests/treatments being suggested.

kate b.

5 years ago

As much as I really wanted to like this vet she has proven as untrustworthy, money hungry, and blatantly rude. After bringing in my puppy at 3 months I should’ve suspected she wasn’t a good choice based on her trying to sell me unnecessary oxycontin (she only has light asthma) and hundreds of dollars for just 2 months of flea medication. A colleague referred me to her and swore by her love of animals but I have only been guilted for not buying into her pricey supplements and stuck listening to her stroke her own ego. We won’t be returning after her latest lies and horrendous, brash attitude. I’ll be looking for a vet who actually cares about our furry family members.

Nerd Repair Center

5 years ago

Best bet in San Diego I will be definitely be going back to wood and purr vets.

Patrick Harrington

5 years ago

Extremely flakey and untrustworthy. I will never take my dog back here again. They will not fill out any form saying that they have done their duties as a Vet and do not have any written promise that they will actually do there job. If you …

Rachel W

5 years ago

I'm sick to my stomach just reliving this experience but I knew it would be a disservice to my neighbors to not share what happened. My pet and I were mistreated and I was yelled at and degraded. Please see Yelp for full review.

Savannah Stone

6 years ago

Money hungry “vet”. I suggest that you take your pets elsewhere if you don’t want to feel bombarded and pressured to give them a ton of money. They will lie just to get you to spend some more money.

Aleksandra Blando

6 years ago

Very friendly and professional...pleasant experience

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