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cesar castillo lopez

2 years ago

Buena atención, acompañe a un familiar para apoyarla con el manejo de un perro grande....todo muy bien con la atención.


2 years ago

Been taking my dogs here for years. They are affordable and really know how to treat and take care of our fur babies.

Miri Salinas

2 years ago

As a dog owner unfortunately I’ve had my fair share of bad vet clinics both in San Diego and Tijuana. My 7yr old dog started coughing and hacking like she was having trouble breathing for 2-3 days. I called this vet clinic and they asked me to bring her in the same day since they don’t do appointments…..but once we got there, there was no issue. The staff was super friendly from the beginning and they ran x-rays the same day (to rule out an obstruction). Within an hour, I was out of there with a full round of antibiotics for my dog. Dr Aurora Covarrubias was extremely professional ???? she was really good with my dog and I could tell that my dog was at ease, my dog is a diva ???? Dr explained to me the possible causes for my dog’s issue and although we suspected Bordetella to be the culprit (fully vaccinated dog) but not confirmed, the meds were inexpensive and worked. 3 days later and my baby is back to normal ???? I don’t care how far I have to drive to come back here again, I will do so without hesitation!

Georgina Marlene Gonzalez Mendoza

2 years ago

I buy my anti-flee medication for my dogs that last for 3 to 4 months

Robert Ivan Gomez

2 years ago

Real good service. Took my pup in for 1st vaccines. Dr. Pamela was very nice and friendly with my dog. She explained the next step and made sure we were happy.

Bibiana Arno

2 years ago

We have been going to this Vet for 2 years and they have always been super friendly. The vets are knowledgeable. Our chihuahua had emergency surgery in Jan. 2021 and even though she did not react well to the anesthesia, she made it out ok. The vet kept us up to date through out the night on her progress post surgery. I would highly recommend this vet.

Patricia Cabezas

2 years ago

Excellent vets. My baby ???? is well after two delicate surgeries. A second chance!


2 years ago

This vets are all really good and very humane. I go here for their shots and any issues related to my two Yorkie babies. I highly recommend them ! They are professional and through in their explanations. They always give you options and they are all talented vets. The owner of the clinic is always there and aware of what goes on and has a lot of experience. You can trust them with your pups

Mary Adams

2 years ago

We have taken my pets to Dr. Adrian, he is very professional and he cares so much for his patients (our pet), he works on how he can get our pets well, we really trust him with our pets, and we have 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Luis Ramos

3 years ago

Great veterinarian service , your pet will love this place , and your pocket will it much more.

Lucy torres

3 years ago

I took my German Shepherd to them as he was not eating, they wanted to prescribe some medication and send him home. No real exam done or tests, it did not sit right with me so I went for a second opinion. Thank God I did. He had swallowed a small chew toy and it was stuck in his digestive track. If I had listened to them who knows what could have happened to her?

Joshua Velazquez

3 years ago

It's the best experience ever on a vet

Jaime Reynoso

3 years ago

Great clean affordable spot with awesome staff.

Elisa Gali

3 years ago

The young female doctor is UNEXPERIENCED ! My dog got worse, I found another doctor (EXPERIENCED) and my dog improved after just the first visit ! Some places just want people to keep coming back $$ ! No way !!

Daniel Gallaga

3 years ago

Great service and covid measures ????

Bobby Cunningham

3 years ago

My wife and I love this place. We’ve been taking our dogs here for almost 2. We’ve gone through cancer surgery with one of our dogs and ear infections. Shots. They’re so loving and caring and they’re true professionals. Oh yeah! It’s super cheap. They speak English and they take credit cards. My wife and I have our Sentri passes so it’s so easy to get back across the border. I nightly recommend this place.

Marco Mahecha

3 years ago

I have broken down this review into 2 sections Pros and Cons. I tried to be as complete as possible in the review. In summary I would not recommend this place to any one. From the receptionist to the absentee owner, I just hope no other pets have to die on their watch. Our cat went from sneezing to no longer with in 5 months. Pic of 1 weeks before taking him to this place and another pic 2 weeks before he left us. Don't let this be you.... Cons: 1. The Vet Aurora: I was told they ran "every test possible" at least that was what I was told at the time. At a future date they decided to do an ultra sound (which they had not done when I was told they did every test possible) along with several other blood tests. My little one was so far gone we could not save him. I am now convinced that if they had done the ultra sound when they said there were no other tests to be done he would still be here with us. What I would not give for more time with him. Any amount of time I would take.... 2. After our cat was gone, I needed answers and took all the x-rays, prescriptions and tests to 2 sperate clinics. Both came to the same conclusion, they misdiagnosed our cat and the full battery of tests that they conducted at the end , should have been completed upfront.... 3 The Owner Gustavo: After everything I tried to contact the owner to discuss what happened, after several phone calls, going there in person Twice, after being told he would be there in the afternoon (keep in mind I live in San Diego) I could not speak with him. 4. Parking is very difficult. There are very few parking spaces and no real street parking. You have to walk a few blocks from where I parked. Or you can double park and wait for some one to leave. 5. Receptionist Lesly: they treated my cat there for over a year, and once he passed away I found the receptionist to be quite rude and unprofessional. Once his time finally came, the receptionist had no empathy through out the process and rather cold on the day of. When my wife called about a possible viewing to hold a funeral she was told it was not possible. She asked for the company that was doing the cremation to see if an exception could be made or if there were any other possible options for a viewing/funereal before he was cremated, the receptionist just hung up. I personally called 4 days later to follow up on the ashes as they were already past the time frame we were told it would take. I was told to wait 7 more business days and that they would call me when they came in. As I was asking why it would take an additional 7 days, she hung up. I just assumed we got cut off. So I called back a few minutes later. Asked for the company's name and number so I could ask about the delay and see if their was anything we could do to have the process expedited as we wanted to have a private funeral for our fur baby. Her only response was that she could not give that information out, and as I was in the process of asking why she hung up again before I could finish. I obviously never called again. Pros: 1. They are very clean. They clean and disenfect after every patient even before Covid. 2. No appointments are necessary. They offer walk in service. Which is great. 3. I never had to wait very long when I was there. 4. The vet team is very knowledgeable, courteous, this obviously does not include the receptionist. 5. They take the time to explain everything with great detail and will email all test results to you. Whether it be blood work, x-rays and so on. 6. Blood work come back normally with in 24 hours. 7. Onsite x-ray and ultra sound machine.

Beatriz Barreto

3 years ago

Amazing ???? , they have all services I need for my pet. I really like this place.

antonio losoya

3 years ago

It was our first visit. Great service, got there at 9 am on a Saturday morning place very clean. Three shots were given along with hair cut and bath $55.00. Definitely going back

Alexis Pacheco

3 years ago

I have a year old chihuahua that was hit by a car in LA. Took him to VCA in South Pasadena where I paid $1750. The following morning, I drove him down to TJ to this specific hospital where they immediately got to work on him. They said exactly the same thing the US dr said. Dr Adrian was super attentive and careful while examining my dog. The staff was great and til this day has been great. Went from almost loosing my son to soon bringing him back home. The price and clientele i received was unbelievably less than what i paid for here in the states. If your dog needs hospitalization and would be able to handle the 2 hour ride from LA, trust me, it is WORTH IT! They are always busy so try to be patient with the staff, they really do their best to give updates as much as they can. Gracias Veterinaria Palmas! (:

Omar Garcia

3 years ago

I can totally trust the vets here to take really good care of my dog

Shaun Metzger

3 years ago

Our cat suffered injuries after a gas explosion in our apartment building. We were very very worried about our cat, but Dra. Aurora Covarrubias made us feel so comfortable and she was so gentle with our baby. The service was very fast, professional, and excellent. Luna is recovering well after we followed the instructions that were given to us. She immediately felt better with the pain medications and treatment and she now seems to be getting back to normal. Also, the price was very reasonable and they were serious about following COVID protocols. I would recommend this vet to everyone. Thank you to the staff for being so kind and professional!

T'Challa Duhart

4 years ago

Reasonable prices and short commute from the border.

Olga Levy

4 years ago

Great Veterinarians, very reasonable prices. They speak English

michael soberanes

4 years ago

Will take you for a consult without appointment. Reasonable prices

Ken Brucker

4 years ago

They took good care of our dog and Mom's cat.

juan camaney

4 years ago

Very professional staff, they are very dedicated to their job and they love pets, Dr Isac is yong but he is knolodgable and he put his heart on his work.

Josiah Nelson

4 years ago

After hearing a vet in us tell me the cost to save my bull dog would be close to 5k, I decided take my chances and her to palmas hospital. They took great care of her and saved her life. My experience was awesome and I highly recommend them.

Christine Clark

4 years ago

I am leaving another review for Dr. Enrique and Dr. Gustavo on their extraordinary knowledge as doctors and their high level of compassion towards your animal and you the pet owner. In January my dog was missed diagnosed as usual in the US...its just always worth the drive to TJ when you think "well just let me run down the road and get robbed with the US prices for convenience" its different when some Doctors here miss diagnosis and you feel like you need to take out a small loan for what "might be the problem". My shepherd ended up having a tumor in his snout...not an eye infection as stated here in US. Both drs at Las Palmas told me all options...but being my dog was 13 they were able to suggest some herbal pills to control the bleeding from his snout and continue his life as comfortable as possible. Thats what we did. Just a few days ago we came to end my dogs suffering as the pills were unable to control the bleeding after a few months. It was time to say goodbye:( Dr. Enrique made my daughter and I feel very comfortable given time and space in the room to be there as my dog drifted into his final rest letting us know what was happening with each medicine. We had 2 months longer that would not have been possible without their knowledge of these herbal pills. I am forever grateful. Now the states wanted 900.00 for euthanasia and cremation on 100lbs...I paid a fraction of that price here and was treated like a human being....not a dollar sign. My vet for life.

Chris Zielin

4 years ago

Enrique took excellent care of our dog.

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