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Holly Ferreira

2 years ago

Everyone at Thrive Vet has gone above and beyond my expectations! They are always so nice and so super helpful! They did a great job with my dogs neuter and always answer all my questions I have! Can’t recommend enough!!

Laura DeMarco

2 years ago

These folks were so hard. They had 2 doctors transfer and in the meantime as busy as they are I still got not one but two separate phone calls checking to see how Katy and I are. We had a rough week and an issue at an ER and these folks at thrive in Santee really cared and took the time to call and listen. I'm over the moon to finally find a vet clinic where the care and comfort of your pet is the priority.

Houdini Athena

2 years ago

I haven't actually taken any of my family members there but after reading the reviews, I am honestly afraid to. Petco has never been known for being "affordable" either so I expect the lower office call fee is offset by higher costs for other services. I also like to meet the vet who will be seeing my babies. You can't do that here.

Mike Mitton

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, reasonably priced, & they always are great with our pets. My only issue is that they advertise being open on weekends, yet everytime I try booking a weekend appointment,they aren't open on weekends. Makes it tough for people like me that work Mon-Fri...

Michelle Guaragna-Henderson

2 years ago

This is the only vet office I've ever loved. Super easy access to get in and everyone is great with my dogs. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and proactive to resolving appointment issues. Thank you guys!

Nina Balistreri Chambers

2 years ago

Hi, my kitten is 8 weeks old. I was referred to Thrive by my boss at work who has five cats. Of course I am looking for a good quality, good value, professionalism, responsive and reliability. I will call to make my first appointment soon.

Ruthmarie Meadows

2 years ago

Dr was very clear about what needed to be done.

Trina Hopkins

2 years ago

We went and got them there shot's and nails trimmed.

dria p-d

3 years ago

Very kind with my very blind (and cranky) Yorkie!

Kaci Pena

3 years ago

We have gone to thrive for a little over a year but today we unfortunately have to cut ties. My husband had an appointment and he was running behind so I called to notify them. They told me it was ok and said that he needed to get to the door by 3:30. He was standing there waiting at the door at 2:28 while they were checking in someone else in. I called again and said my husband is waiting at the door like the person on the phone had told us to do and she told me it was too late and accused me of lying and wouldn’t see our dog. We have had a lot of scheduling issues with Thrive and we will not be returning. They may be affordable but I will happily pay more money to get better service.

Samuel La Rosa

3 years ago

They really seem to care about your pets, they are always nice, and really diligent, and at a really affordable price.


3 years ago

Setting up appointment online was easy . The staff was amazing and super friendly . Dog got check in fast and the doctor is great this place by far is the best vet I've visited . This is my new vet for sure .

Dana Mckenna

3 years ago

Got appt right away and Dr very knowledgable.

Michael Januszewski

3 years ago

They got my dog vaccinations so that he doesn't get rabies

Philip Paccione

3 years ago

I brought my 13 year minpin in today. I was pleasantly surprised by the timely care, the reasonable prices, and the empathy the staff showed for my dog Bella! I will be returning with Bella in the near future for Dr. DeAngelo to repair Bellla’s hernia. Thrive Vet Care is the best! Pass the word! Phil P.

Talisa Waite

3 years ago

The staff is always so great and my boy had to get some growths removed and the were so kind to him and us. Im very happy with our vet and highly recommend them.

Michelle Brisk

3 years ago

I've taken my cat here for the last seven years. Always great service and excellent quality. Long , long , LLLLOOOONNNGGGG wait even If you make an appointment but Its worth it.

Devora May

3 years ago

I feel differently about Thrive now. I went to two locations after the first bad experience. This location in Santee with Dr. Jungman was a good experience. I had called various Thrives to see which had the soonest appointment and ended up here. I researched as much as possible before calling why my puppy was sick. Later, I knew It was a UTI and I needed to get a urinalysis to test, and amoxicillin to treat. I got my puppy to feel better with cranberry and d-mannose, but she most likely needed the vet visit for amoxicillin for the UTI bacterial infection. Dr Jungman listened to me and did the urine collection and sent it to the lab. The next day she called me with the results, that my puppy has a "significant" bacterial infection. She said she can do a more extensive test, but it runs at 250.00. She also suggested the same thing I choose, which was to do the two weeks of antibiotics and do a retest when she completes them. So I made the appointment and will do the urinalysis for 60.00. If the test results don't show improvement, then I may do the extensive testing; as the sample at the lab can be tested further. Thank you Dr. Jungman for being on the level with people and caring about their pets. ~Zeppelyn's mom

Kim Bailon

3 years ago

The place that was here before would give shots without a pet exam/fee. I was surprised to find out my dogs had an exam along with their shots. Oh covid!

Jackie Naah

3 years ago

Easy to book online appointment, personable staff with excellent social distance protocols in place. Thanks for taking great care of our pups!

H Adonis

3 years ago

Great service and very caring and affordable.

Laurie Ellertson

3 years ago

You can't beat the prices. The office visits $25 and they ended up waving that for for me. I took a friend's dog and it was in a bad bad way and they were really really good with it explained everything. What was going on Route me. The prescription is it so that I could take him to Vons or use pet meds so I could get a better price and didn't charge me for the office visit. So that was great. I've never gone to a vet. That didn't charge me for the office visit.

Billy Horton

3 years ago

Excellent care and grooming of my cat

Beatrice Arnold

3 years ago

They were very punctual and provided a discount as prices had increased prior to my visit

balsam bachoua

3 years ago

They are all very friendly and very thorough. When you drop your animal off you know they will be taken care of


3 years ago

very nice people and good prices :)

Anne Barber

3 years ago

Very professional, plus kind and caring.

Robert Nadeau

3 years ago

We had a puppy that didn’t loose it’s baby teeth known as shark mouth and also needed neutered. Pre surgical lb work was done and they proceeded with a long surgery removing 20 teeth. At the end of the day we were told that there was some elevated kidney level results that they noticed from pre surgical lab work. Turns out that the surgery should have never been done according to another vet we took our very sick puppy to. Our puppy had to be put down because of this and we we confronted Thrive about how they handled our puppies case they apologized and offered to refund the thousand of dollars we spent. They even failed to have a doctor show up for the follow up appointment. Now months later we receive a letter from doctor d’angelos insurance saying they are not responsible and will not be refunding our money. Thrive knew the risk and decided to make the money rather than put the health and safety of my dog first. Go else ware don’t let Thrive kill your pet for profit as they did to mine.

Ryan Hall

3 years ago

It's a great place to take your pets. My girl and I took our 8 month- old giant orange tabby here to get checked out and microchipped. We did have to make a reservation about two weeks in advance but this is because our availability is limited since we work nights and sleep during the day. It was very easy - drive up, call them to let them know you're there, then they come out and get your furry buddy. Few minutes later, I get a call from the vet letting me know of the diagnosis, you receive a text link to pay, then they bring out your babies. That's it! Simple, painless, and convenient. Oh, and also very affordable. They're not kidding about that part.

Bruce Furze

3 years ago

Needed to use their veterinary services on 2 separate occasions and was not able to book an appointment within 3 weeks. Why am I paying for monthly service if I can't even use it?!

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