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2 years ago

Kitty. Kitty kitty. Coffee coffee coffee

Dustin Colucci

2 years ago

Be advised. If you are visiting to see cats, you will be charged and need a reservation. Ya. Kind of like going to SeaWorld and getting charged extra to see the whales. On the bright side, the staff and management are very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and considerate of animals. Coffee is good. Worth visiting unless you want to see cats... like the ones you're showing up for in the first place.


2 years ago

Haven’t actually gone here. Just looking at the reviews because I was interested. Whoever runs this google page seems to be an overgrown child. Learn how to speak to people. EDIT: ewww…got a notification from google a year later that people liked my review and saw that the hypersensitive weirdo running this place got upset. Report me to google pls. :(

Baron Huang

2 years ago

The cats were extremely cute and it was a very fun experience. Some cats were very sleepy but others were fairly energetic. The staff were very informative and the boundaries were very clearly set without being too limiting. Lots of drinks and food options.

Andra Kopac

2 years ago

It's worth the reservation fee to come visit some cats that need a home! Additionally, they give you a free item from the café per reservation (if cats aren't enough). This place is spectacular and the work they do is great. My second time visiting and it only gets better. You can interact with many cats (12 on our visit). My recommendation is get an early spot where the cats aren't played out or watch their kitty camera or follow their other social media pages.

A A.

2 years ago

Please keep in mind you are going to visit cats not a perfume store. Personnel was fantastic; they were extremely helpful, and friendly. The proprietor was a pleasant introvert. The kitties were fantastic; they were both entertaining and relaxing. Being in such a space was quite relaxing, and the experience was fantastic. When I'm in San Diego, I'll surely go back. I enjoyed it and would suggest this company. It's also fantastic that they help locate homes for our feline companions. So, if you ever find yourself in central San Diego, I strongly advise you to pay this location a visit, especially if you are a cat lover. My niece enjoyed it as well, although it is not suitable for youngsters under the age of six.

Craig Wilson

2 years ago

It's gotta be unique, and not for the gourmet coffees (which comprise 95 per cent of what's available, although I chose a pre-made sandwich from the fridge). It's the mini petting zoo of a dozen pettable cats in the adjacent room. It's practically therapy, if you're so inclined. Charming.

Dawn H

2 years ago

This place is a great way to sip coffee and get to know adoptable kitties in a cute environment. The heavy scent of litter box was a bit off-putting at first, especially while drinking coffee, but that’s to be expected. Plan ahead for parking. It’s located in a tight spot but there are a couple of pay lots near by.


2 years ago

the cats are either playful or sleepy, no inbetween. i got scratched once, but it didnt hurt and im alright. the drinks and food are great too. my only problem is every cat was occipied for the first 10 mins, but id still defidently reccomend

Tarin Summy

2 years ago

Lovely place to hang out and pet cats.

Charly Foisy

2 years ago

The cats were so cute. Great place and friendly staff. If you go be sure to tell the cats I said "pspspspsps"

Daniil Shvartsman

2 years ago

A pretty nice place! Like the interior and coffee.


2 years ago

Rude girl behind the counter told me there was dairy in the chocolate syrup without even checking (I checked the bottle, there wasn’t any dairy) I asked for a frappe she gave me an iced mocha. Very bland, nothing special. Creepy guy in the cat room the whole time who made me feel pretty rushed and unwelcome. Way too expensive for this poor quality in service and environment, I felt it could’ve been cleaner for the cats there was feces or something on one of their toy stands. Had a reservation for 5 but only 4 could attend. I tried calling a day before and went to voicemail. I tried calling the morning of and finally reached someone who told me I couldn’t receive any form of refund or credit for the person not able to attend due to me “not calling” the day before. They then told me to email cat cafe to see if they could see past it and I didn’t even get any type of response or apology. I paid around $85 for 4 people to have their coffee made incorrectly. Would’ve been better off hitting Starbucks then taking a walk through the animal shelter. EDIT: I leave reviews to help people decide what businesses they choose to support, not to get a refund after I already tried to get my refund. It’s very unprofessional for a business rep to ignore customer complaints and state they will continue their unfair, greedy, and rude way of providing service instead of understanding that reviews are for alerting other persons not to waste their time or money and to help owners to improve their business. I wish I would have read their reviews before because I’m not the only person who felt this way. The response from the cat cafe is a perfect example of how they treat their guests and how it felt to be inside the shop.

Rachel Howard

2 years ago

Always a supporter of animal focused establishments, this one was ok. I would not recommend bringing children under the age of 12. While I understand there need to be rules to protect our furry friends and they most certainly need to be followed, there could have been a less uncomfortable and oppressive attitude.

Bernard Cayetano

2 years ago

The people and cats here rule! Staff were professional and educated us how to interact with the cats. You get 1 free snack or drink with the ticket and you can enjoy them while inside the kitty jungle. We had fun here. Cats are friendly.

Cameron Beckman

2 years ago

It's a cat hotel where you, the paying customer, are treated below the staff and the cats. I understand the business model, but for average working class folks who make around $15 an hour after taxes you'd be better off going to balboa park cat sanctuary to feed the local strays than pay for this experience. If they pledge to read their customers a little better and treat them accordingly instead of treating everyone like idiots who have never seen a cat before I'll change the review to 3 stars. In this economy I can't see the value in the price for the experience.

McCall Castro

2 years ago

Cat cafe and coffee shop in the heart of downtown with adoptable cats. Be advised, if you want to see the cats (or even be in the same room as the cats) there is a $15/hour charge. As far as their menu goes, they have a few specialty coffees in addition to a more traditional coffee selection. I tried the calico - a caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut latte which was yummy. However, I’m not giving this place 5 stars because overall my customer experience was not great since the front staff were not very welcoming or helpful.

Karol Gramajo

2 years ago

Hanging out with cats that are eligible for adoption, while sipping on some coffee, is a wonderful experience. The people who work here are great, and you can feel how much the cats care for them.

Nessa Ness

2 years ago

I had seen this cat cafe on tv many years ago, that during my visit, I had to stop by. I was let in without prior reservations due to a slow day. $15 for an hour, with one free menu item. I ordered a vanilla latte, nothing special, it was perfect for this cat bonding moment. I guess I was expecting to be holding a cat, but rule is, don’t pick them up… I own a few felines myself so , that was especially challenging. Overall, I loved being around these rescues , was hard not to consider adopting… but for a first time experience, was proud of the self restraint. Non cat owners, prepare to be tempted to the max, cute kitties lie in this cat haven. You’ve been warned, but I do recommend!

Ryan McNally

2 years ago

A cute experience for kids and animal lovers. Good food and coffee (excellent soy latte). The cats were fun and the kids really enjoyed the experience. The only negative was it was tricky to find and many of the public parking lots in the area are $25 for the day. Arrive early to find cheaper parking!

SanDiego Food Czar

2 years ago

Went late in the day, Cats pretty exhausted. Not allowed to hold the cat's. I think I get to lay with cats more just walking around my neighborhood. Protective iss one thing, but over protective kind of ruined the experience. Have adopted/ rescued all my cats throughout my life... this would not be a great way to do it. Coffee was delicious, Julian (staff member) was great!

Sahily Leon

2 years ago

I know that it's not right to make a review about a place when you haven't been to it but I noticed you guys answered questions very quickly so I wanted to ask if to go we had to make reservations or we could just walk in thank you I will definitely visit soon

Samuel Wilson

2 years ago

Great place. My kids had a lot of fun interacting with the cats. Very well taken care of.

Fiddy Biddy

2 years ago

I have been to this location once before a few years ago but I'm happy I visited again. The owner is professional, straightforward, and kind. The coffee was yummy and the two baristas were kind as well. The cats were in excellent health and very happy. I appreciated the environment the business has set as the cats were happy and it was very obvious all staff care deeply about the business. I will be returning :)

Robin Norris

2 years ago

Loved all the sweet cats and kittens. Was a very fun experience for the whole family. Coffee was very good too!

kayla d

2 years ago

Very cute and small place to stop by and see the cats.

Jay Preston

2 years ago

We decided to drop by and check out this Cat Cafe, and it was well worth our time. You have to make a reservation for an hour timeframe ahead of time before you show up. Once you get there your ticket in gives you the ability to have 1 beverage or morsel to eat from their fridge of goodies. Once it's your time to enter, you can go inside and interact with the kitties. The cats we met were adorable and were fun to cuddle with. You can adopt any of them, and the staff will help you in that regard. I recommend visiting this place. We have gone to one in San Francisco and now San Diego, and both were great!

Kristin DeVleming

2 years ago

Coffee was so-so, but we went for the cats! We made a reservation (highly recommended; it was fully booked all day and walk-ins were turned away) and spent an hour petting friendly cats! The cats are adoptable from the Rescue House and the friendly representative from the shelter was there to tell us about all of the cats and answer our questions. They had about 11 cats the day we went, but only about 7 of them came out to play (although some just wanted to nap). There were 8 people there, so a few too many for everyone to engage with a cat.

Ms Coffee AKA Amy Grady, BSW

2 years ago

Haven't been here in awhile but if you want a fun outing with the coolest cats (wait I have the coolest cats :) and you can ADOPT them as well!!! So you can socialize with the cats to see if they fit with the ????! I wanted to bring them all home naturally! Lol Parking is a little tight around the area, but make sure you feed the meter enough. The parking patrols are demons!!! They harass me all the time when I help the homeless on Thursdays.

Daria Preston

2 years ago

Such a great and fun place to enjoy a moment with a cat. Plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy. Reservations are recommended. We were able to secure one the night before, but I noticed someone walk in and schedule a time for later in the day. Loved it and can't wait to go back.

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