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Kayla Iamarino

2 years ago

I have had the luck to share time with several animals and unfortunately say goodbye when the time comes. The genuine care, love, honor, and pride that Paws into Grace provides is second to none. From the initial contact made to Paws into Grace to the farewell to our beloved Lollie, every moment was made as comforting as absolutely possible. I would very highly recommend them to anyone. The peace of heart and reassurance that our Lollie is being handled with the utmost care is priceless. Thank you Paws into Grace. We are forever grateful.

Mackenzie Ooms

2 years ago

I rarely, if ever, take the time to write reviews; but this company deserves the recognition for their outstanding customer service and compassionate care. Their work can't be easy, but they do an absolutely phenomenal job. Our dog, Athena, declined suddenly and rapidly after long battles with a handful of medical issues. They were able to come the same day that I called them. For going through such a terrible experience, I couldn't have asked for a better handle of the situation by the Vet and the customer service staff on the phone. They are kind, compassionate, and professional. They were able to take away the pain my sweet baby girl was feeling and gave her a peaceful passing. After 14 years with her, that's all I could have asked for her. They returned her to me in a beautiful bamboo box in two weeks with a clay mold of her paw print, vial with a lock of her hair, and a personal sympathy card from the staff. They even returned the metal plate that was in her knee from a previous cruciate ligament repair (which was piece of mind for me that it was really her). The cost of the service is not cheap, but it is well worth the money for the piece of mind that you receive and the invaluable service that they provide. And they accept Care Credit if, like me, you don't readily have the cash on hand. I will be forever thankful for this place for making such a difficult grieving process just a bit easier. Thank you to the staff of Paws Into Grace. <3

Matt Burr

2 years ago

We are absolutely amazed at the high level of service that Paws into Grace provided. Not only do they come to your house and make the transition for your pet comfortable but they surprised us with what they provided. We were given our dogs ashes in a nice quality cedar case, a glass vile with a lock of his hair and a paw print cast into clay. Thank you to everyone at Paws Into Grace!

Skyvalley Higher Praise

2 years ago

• Caring | Helpful Staff • Gives Time for Grieving • Compassionate

Anand Srinivasan

2 years ago

This was a very well managed and peaceful passing for my doggie and best friend. The process at home was very easy, and serene to the very end and my baby went to heaven without any fear....thanks to paws into grace for helping us in the sendoff.

Carla Henley

2 years ago

Very friendly and genuinely empathetic. We have used them for all our dogs. Great place to utilize


2 years ago

Dr Bryn came over to assist saying a goodbye full of tears to my 17yr old best buddy. She was very patient and caring. I’m glad this option is available to have him pass at home.

Virginia Jones

2 years ago

What a wonderful group people. Kind, compassionate and as accommodating as possible. Well worth any additional cost.

Linda Shepard

2 years ago

They are very sympathetic, kind, considerate

Sheree P

2 years ago

I had a very traumatic experience. The 1st shot partially leaked out and she jabbed him at least 2 more times for the second shot before he ran screaming and collapsed on the floor. I still have PTSD. I wanted my beloved cat to have a peaceful death. The initial shot didn't go in completely for a reason. He was never held. During the 2nd shot when he was jabbed several times before he was injected, he cried out and ran away. My son held him during the 2nd shot. He was full of cancer. I will never get over what happened to him. I shouldn't get over what happened to him. He was my priceless companion. I have had many people tell me my money should have been refunded, but how do you put a price on a life that ended ? He should be honored. I will never get a do over. I wish I had taken him to my vet, where proper protocols would have been followed. Thank you for the apology, but is a day late and a dollar short. It never should have happened.

paul trimble

2 years ago

It's never easy to lose your pet. We wanted to make best decision possible for our baby. Paws Into Grace was the perfect choice for us. Dr. Courtney Mills is a beautiful soul, my black Lab just loved her. Paws into Grace also provided the same service for our neighbors the following day. ❤

D Todd

2 years ago

Paws Into Grace is wonderful. Having to put our dog down was a very difficult decision but they make it as smooth as possible. On short notice Dr. Mark came out and was a consummate professional. He understood the needs of our dog. Explained everything very well, and gave us as much time as needed. These people are amazing and you will not be disappointed. God sends for sure, and they (Dr. Mark) have our gratitude forever.

Robert Kruse

2 years ago

Hooch we love you and you will be in our hearts forever. We didn't want to say goodbye but we knew it was time. To the Doctor and Driver with "Paws for Grace", you helped us with such a painful process with the upmost care and respect. My family and I cant thank you enough for giving us the time to say goodbye, grieve, and carrying us to the end. Hooch went so peacefully and in the privacy of his own home with the family he loves.

Jennifer Vera

2 years ago

I'm not one to write reviews, but I felt compelled to write one after my experience. Its a little late as this was back in april. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is willing to spend a little extra money. My cat was in pain and I didnt want to wait for a shelter or my vets office to be open for me to have to make the very painful decision as this all sadly happened over the weekend. I called around and Paws into Grace responded pretty quick. Dr Brown was nice and very sympathetic, she gave us time to say our goodbyes and understood the pain we were going through. She treated my cat with kindness even after it was done and she had to take her. I would also like to address the kindness of Eddie who I think is there receptionist. When I called to inquire about the status of my cat he immediately started giving his condolences and started asking how I've been. It made me want to tear up. When I was finally called that she was ready and went to pick her up he was the one who gave her to me and again he was very kind and offered his condolences again. The box they gave me is very beautiful, they also gave me a handwritten note which is very sweet of them. It makes it seem more thoughtful then some places that might just have these printed to go. Thank you again Paws into Grace for your wonderful service. While I'm hoping I won't go through another heartbreak again anytime soon, I will use your services again if I have to make that decision again.

Rob Keim

2 years ago

We have nothing but positive things to say about Paws Into Grace. We would give them 20 stars if that was an option. Dr. Nicole, Elizabeth, Josh and the team are amazing and we really don't know what we would have done without them. When we first called them we talked with Elizabeth and she was so nice, understanding, helpful and on top of everything! We could tell from the start just talking with Elizabeth that this company really cared and she was such a huge help and a gift to us in so many ways. Also, she is an amazing person to talk with after you go through loss of your loved one and was a blessing to have her on our side. Dr. Nicole went above and beyond to help us well going through extremely hard times with our pup's health and was the reason why our dog lived for 6 more months comfortable while very sick. We thought we were going to lose her at the ER and the advice we were given from other vets was not helping her at all. Once Dr. Nicole came to our house to visit it was a game changer and a gift that we got to have her for 6 more months because of everything Dr. Nicole had us do. She really cares about animals, their family and well being.. Plus you can tell she does her research to stay on top of everything, something we discovered many vets do not do. She is a truly gifted person and our dog loved to see her. Was a million times better than taking our pup to any vet hospital and so much less stressful. It was truly a gift that she came to the rescue and you can never buy back time with loved ones. The last 6 months we had her was such a special time and we owe a massive thank you to Dr. Nicole for being the reason she had 6 more months to live. Once our little angel had passed we talked with Elizabeth on the phone and she was so comforting and helpful. She sent Josh to come pick up our forever dog. Again we were blown away at how nice and respectful Josh was and how comfortable he made us feel taking her with him. We could tell he really cared and was in good hands with him. Was very nice that Josh was the one who brought her ashes back to us and was so respectful and understanding when dropping her ashes off that came in a beautifully wrapped urn that had a perfect engraving, some of our pups fur and her paw print. They did an amazing job and we couldn't have asked for a better company to handle everything. We love the Paws Into Grace team and just want to thank them for everything they did to help us. We would have been lost without all of your help. I could write for hours about everything else they did to help us, but there aren't enough words to describe how amazing this company is. They are truly a blessing to the pet community.

Brenda Foor

2 years ago

They were amazing. So nice and gentle with the whole process. Had my girl for 16 years . But I wanted her to be comfortable in her own home . Dr Ishida was absolutely great .explained the process and gave us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes.

Dan Greene

2 years ago

My dog passed away, I called paws into Grace the next morning someone came to pick up my dog. It's hard when a family pet passes away, but they were so kind and compassionate. It takes about 10 days to receive the ashes.

Dean Duprey

2 years ago

I had to put down my dog who I've had for 10 years. I didn't want to bring him to the vet anymore as he has been to the vet too much and I felt terrible bringing him there every time to get poked and prodded, I wanted him to feel comfortable during his final moments. Paws Into Grace did just that. They were incredibly, incredibly respectful, and described the process before and during. Even during the removal, they were incredibly respectful and gentle with my 90 lb Oso. I had Dr. Toni, who is wonderful, perform the euthanasia and it was the well worth the price. Her assistant/transporter Jonathan were both top tier. Thank you Paws Into Grace for making my boys last moments peaceful.

Laura Lewis

2 years ago

Absolutely above and beyond my expectations Dr Benson was so caring and professional, she made such a difficult situation much more tolerable I will completely recommend this service

Valentina Hutchens

2 years ago

Thank you for the excellent care my best friends family received today. Thank you for understand how distraught and confused they were and answering all their questions very thoroughly and respectfully. Everything was perfect in a not so perfect situation and I sincerely thank you for treating everyone with dignity and respect! I am happy to refer anyone that needs your service in their time of need! Many thanks!

Alan Barnett

2 years ago

One of their vets, Dr. Toni, came to our home to euthanize our cat. She made a difficult procedure compassionate and caring. I was very impressed.

Sab B

2 years ago

...This is the only way our family will say goodbye to our pets in the future, Paws Into Grace is an excellent service... Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Simba, became paralyzed and we could not transport him to the vet (100lbs). We also did not want him to be terrified at the vet's office during his final hours. Dr. Pandi was timely, professional, sympathetic, and respectful during the process. Josh, Simba's final driver, was of the same quality as Dr. Pandi, a very sweet and caring human being. The price for this service is well worth it for the peace of mind provided by having our Best Boy here in our home during his transition to his next great adventure. Thank you, Paws Into Grace, you made a grief-filled day easier to bear...

Isaiah Marrero

2 years ago

Had to put my cat down this evening and the young lady was so compassionate and caring. She was so gentle with her. This company was highly recommend from people on the next door app. I highly recommend there services to anyone.

Karen McGowan

2 years ago

The Vet came to our house where our sweet dog could pass in familiar surroundings with family. I was very impressed with how gentle and compassionate the Vet was. I highly recommend.

robia fleming

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your amazing service, kind dispositions and beautiful bedside manor. We have used them on two separate occasions (many years apart) and I can not express how wonderful they are. I would give 10 stars if I could ❤️❤️

Kimberly Masiello

2 years ago

I am so thankful to have found Paws into Grace. This decision was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make but they handled everything with professionalism and empathy as I cried on the phone making arrangements. We opted for our vet's office and they coordinated pick up and then delivery of our beloved Dexter back home. The thought and care put into the remains of our precious little boy was so special to us, and knowing he was treated with respect. We fully recommend Paws into Grace when it's time to make that difficult decision. Thank you so much for making this process just a little easier.

Fredrick Gonzales

3 years ago

Very very understanding when my Spottie passed away

Elliott Pacini

3 years ago

Great service. Professional and kind.

David Rose

3 years ago

They were very caring and respectful to us and your pet. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

CJ Maynard

3 years ago

Great service during a very difficult time. Not only were they able to come to the house quickly, they took the time to make sure our elderly kitty was as comfortable as possible. They were very kind and compassionate which we really appreciated given the circumstances.

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