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Emily Santelices

a year ago

Dogs are loved and cared for. Staff is wonderful.

Warren Muir

a year ago

FonJon have taken incredible care of our two elderly dogs on a number of occasions. It is much easier to enjoy a vacation when you know your dogs are in a kind and loving environment. Highly recommend

chris laughlin

a year ago

Super friendly staff who you can tell loves dogs! Times are busy and they even mentioned that and apologized for missing our phone calls but were happy to help us when they called us back. Our dog absolutely loves this place and the staff! With any facility or dog park, health is not 100% guaranteed and they let us know immediately when our dog got a scrape from playing too hard in daycare. But dogs are dogs and it happens. We really appreciated their open communication and trust them with our baby, definitely recommend them!

William Dillard

2 years ago

I had my first dog training session at Fon Jon Pet Care today and it was excellent! The training from Jared, was spot on with his observations of my dog and how I handled my dog. He gave me concise tips and literally "homework" for me to work with my dog at home. I will update this post if the training gets bad but so far it's good.

Anthony Passmore

2 years ago

I will never take my dog back here. He has open wounds on both of his front legs and has a bunch of green gunk in his eye that appears to be infected. We paid for the grooming session where they like to do “a once over” and they missed this. I had to bring it up when I picked him up and they didn’t even know or inform me of the issues that were clear as day to anyone paying attention. So not only did I have to Pay $400 dollars for the boarding, but now I get to take him to the vet in the morning to make sure he is ok. My happy excited dog that I dropped off a week ago is not my happy excited dog that I picked up today.

Hailey Renard

2 years ago

TL;DR - We boarded our three dogs here, they are all sick and one is dying. Treatment may end up costing over $100,000 and even if we can afford it there is a high chance it won't work. Illness, change in behavior, and extreme weight loss went completely unnoticed by the people we were paying to care for our animals. The owner refuses to take responsibility. This place does not deserve even one star. This place does not deserve to be in business. My family is in the middle of a move and we had to board our three dogs for a few weeks while showings, inspections, etc. were taking place. A few weeks into their stay we were notified that our Great Dane was hospitalized with pneumonia and possibly sepsis. We are currently awaiting more updates but it looks like we may have to put her down at just six years old. She is on oxygen and, according to the vet, uncomfortable. It is $4000 a day to keep her there and pneumonia recovery is a lengthy process. So even if we can afford to put her through 10-30 days of treatment, her chances of survival are slim. After finding out all of this, I went to visit the other two dogs. My English Mastiff had lost 45 pounds during her stay, wouldn't come when called, and wouldn't wag her tail. They "didn't notice" the weight loss or change in behavior. I got her in the car to take her home and five minutes into the ride she began coughing. I highly doubt that was the first time. I immediately took her to the vet where they did X-rays and found out that she also had pneumonia. Thank God I checked on her, who knows how long they would have waited to take action. After dropping her off at the vet, I went back for my Husky/Shepherd mix and talked to the owner about everything. He claimed he didn't notice anything wrong with my dogs. I don't believe that for a second, but regardless he should be transparent with everybody who is paying him money under the false impression that their animals are being cared for. I told him that he should give everyone whose animals are boarded an email or call letting them know that PNEUMONIA, A DEADLY ILLNESS, is going around the kennel. Not canine cough, as he calls it on the website. The most I could get him to do was put up a sign and slightly alter the message on the website although it still doesn't mention pneumonia or capture the severity of the situation. Any animal at the kennel could have it and it would go completely unnoticed and undiagnosed until it's too late. You would think they have enough experience with kennel cough that they would be able to catch and treat it before it progressed into something severe and deadly. We trusted them with our animals and it was the biggest mistake of our lives. Even the husky is not acting herself; she is lethargic and her eyes are red and full of gunk. We will be taking her to the vet as well. The owner took zero responsibility for anything, I don't know how he lives with himself.

Phil Ortiz

2 years ago

Great place for boarding, various services are provided for all your pets needs????

Elizabeth Guerrero

2 years ago

I found FonJon through a USBP canine handler. He recommended FonJon. My GSD is anxious, not good with other dogs, and former working dog. They have boarded her several times. She comes home happy and smelling good every time. I do pay extra for her bath and they'll clip nails too. The boarding price is fair. I would recommend FonJon for boarding.

Alexis G

2 years ago

The best place in San Diego for pets! My dogs both do group play and absolutely love it! They have the best set up for boarding and the dogs don’t just sit in a crate all day since they have access to a huge patio and get to play with the other dogs all day long! My cats were more shy for sure and as cats usually don’t adjust as well as dogs, it’s expected they weren’t happy we were leaving them haha but they still were taken great care of and got loved on!

Shana Gibbs

2 years ago

We have a highly active 18 month old cocker spaniel, who we adore but know that he needs an outlet! Fon Jon came highly recommended by a few friends, as a place that they take their pups for socialization, activity and boarding. It was the best decision that we have made for our dog, Lou. Just as the other reviews mention, Lou jumps out of the car with his tail swinging and cannot get to the gate fast enough to see his friends at FJ (both the staff and the furry pawpals!) He comes home exhausted and happy after a day romping around. We also travel a lot and feel so safe boarding Lou, knowing that he plays with his friends all day. It's vacation for him, as well! They take such great care of the dogs (and cats!) and are very aware of all the needs & special notes. The add ons are great, as well: bath & grooming, pups come home shiny and smelling great. In December, at our request, Fon Jon hosted a birthday party for Lou and his five bestest daycare friends. It was a better party then his paw-rents could throw him, with the same amount of love and peanut butter. Thanks Fon Jon, we couldn't have gotten through his first year without you ... and cheers to many more!

Penny Jo Thune-Adamo

2 years ago

Very informative for our upcoming trip to Vegas.

Lauren C

2 years ago

We love Fon Jon! Our dog always comes home happy and exercised. We also like that they sometimes post photos and videos of the dogs on their Instagram story. I just wish they did it every day!

Wendy Rogers

3 years ago

Great day care and boarding!

Lisa Winkenwerder

3 years ago

This may be a great place for dogs, but my cats did not come back the same. We boarded them for 5 days, one of my cats was in the exact same spot we had left him in. Not sure if they actually take them out to the 'play area' like they said or not, but I do know that one cat is now very skittish when he was the most outgoing. Will never bring my cats here again.

jessica sanchez

3 years ago

Brought my 4 year old Pug for training and they were very accommodating with covid restrictions and staff was really friendly and made it a fun training for my dog! Learned a lot of tips that we will continue to use???? Highly recommend their trainers and facility.

Donnie Foster

3 years ago

First class all the way

Brianna Enoch

3 years ago

I have taken two of my dogs to Fon Jon. Things have changed over the years, especially during COVID, but what hasn't changed is that my current dog and my previous dog LOVE(D) going. The price is competitive compared to other daycares in the area, and the staff is amazing. Every time I take my Great Pyrenees mix she can't contain her excitement and when I pick her up, she sleeps the rest of the day. I have gone from working full time to being a full time law student and Fon Jon has been a life saver in both instances. They take wonderful care of my baby. Fon Jon has large yards for the pups to play in all day. They put up tents for shade and have plenty of water. They also offer individual or small group playtime if your dog is not great in groups. I've also taken my pup there for some training and enjoyed the experience. The only issue I had was with my current pup when I boarded her, but she is very sensitive and anxious so I discovered kennel boarding is not for her because of her anxiety. I boarded my previous pup there with no issues. I also can't stress how amazing the bath specials are. It is hard to find a good price for a full bath including ears and nail trim for a big dog like mine! I love whatever soap they use, she comes back smelling great for days! I highly recommend this business.

Paul Salerno

4 years ago

Horrible my dog had a bite under her eye and was timid and afraid when I picked her up, I will never go back to this place again

Coleen Theodore

4 years ago

Great place for my loving Oliver. Wonderful staff does well care for him when I am away and during my long work day at work.

Lori Orzechowski

4 years ago

My pups love Fon Jon!! And I really like the staff and the fact that they really seem to enjoy their work and care about your fur babies. They actively play and interact with my pups which is really important since they're used to humans being part of their pack. I visited other daycares where someone just sat in a corner and supervised hands-off from a distance and the dogs were bored to tears on concrete with no toys and it looked like they just gave up. So I'm really happy that Fon Jon is the exact opposite. On Instagram I get to see my dogs playing and socializing with hoomans and dogs, on astroturf, with toys and water hoses and shady spots, etc. Smiling from ear to ear and having a blast. My pups love Fon Jon, they get so excited when I even ask them if they want to go!

Dain Soulds

4 years ago

This place is awesome my dog Gio loves it!!! He comes home and sleeps allllll day after, so I know he had a blast.

patti emerson

4 years ago

Excellent service ♡ Awesome staff ♡

James Kuhn

4 years ago

Great place to board pets.

Aaron Jennejahn

5 years ago

Twice I used this place for care and twice they returned my dog worse than when I dropped her off. The first she was randomly bleeding, and I just brushed it off since its not unreasonable but the second they did not follow her medication …

Adam Grobin

5 years ago

Boarding kennel for cats and dogs. Have been completely satisfied each of the many times I've boarded my pets here. Knowing they are getting their medications and daily attention makes it possible for me to travel.

Cyrus Sidhwa

5 years ago

My favorite doggy day care. Great staff, and the dogs love going. If you're on IG, they post TONS of pics on their story... lots of fun seeing all the activity and finding pics of your pup. They have a couple of good sized yards and the dogs get to hang out and play all day. Great stuff!

DeVonna D

5 years ago

My dog always seems well taken care of. He doesn't come home thirsty like he does at other places. The staff is courteous and professional and the place is clean.

Kimberly Graziano

5 years ago

Wonderful place. Left my 2 dogs with them while I stayed with my mom in La Jolla. Awesome staff. Took excellent care of my pups. Gave regular updates and took pictures. Very flexible. Beautiful clean facility. Thank you so so much guys. We will definitely be back next time we visit!!

Lauren Windfeldt

5 years ago

DO NOT board your pet here. They do not have anyone watching over the dogs from 7pm-6:30am every night. The staff said there is “someone that lives on site in case of emergencies.” Which means the dogs are going 11-12 hours without being let out. I picked our dog up after a weekend boarding stay and she was urinating blood. Which means she has a UTI from holding in her pee for so long. The staff claimed that my dog has access to an outdoor patio that she could have gone on if she needed to go. Their our door patios are concrete. My dog is trained to only go to the bathroom on the grass and not to go on other surfaces. I brought them here based upon the good views, and was widely disappointed. The staff did not care about that my dog picked up a UTI while under their care. They told me it was my responsibility. NEVER taking my dogs here again. This is a very irresponsible establishment.

Warren Fowlks

5 years ago

Fantastic caring staff. They took the extra time to make sure your dog was comfortable before putting him in free time to play. We will use them every year when we travel to San Diego. Very impressed.

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