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Katy Maslow

2 years ago

I am so grateful to Patty and the FACE Organization for helping my baby boy Doom with the cost of his subtotal colectomy (he had part of his colon removed) after a long few months of tests, xrays, and ultimately surgery. Patty responded within minutes of my application, and held my hand through getting all the necessary screenshots, statements, and documentation to be approved for assistance. I don't think I could have done this without them. My boys, Doom and Gloom, were so happy to see each other again after Doom's hospitalization. He was treated by Dr Matthews at a Cat's View Veterinary hospital, an organization I highly recommend as well. Thank you, FACE!

Debby Marcum

2 years ago

FACE represents most compassionate group of people you will ever hope to find. Once my Husband went to Heaven, I lost all financial resources. My dog Oliver was very sick and I was faced with the heartbreak of having to euthanize him as I couldn’t afford the $1300 for his surgery. I heard about FACE and I thought that it was just too good to be true. My prayers were answered when FACE stepped up and saved Oliver’s life. I am eternally grateful to FACE and all of the fine folks who contribute to the foundation.

Tammy Stevenson

2 years ago

I have supported this organization in a number of ways over the years and I will continue to support them in the amazing work that they do. They have a very specific criteria to meet when they help animals (ie. mostly related to life threatening emergencies) and although I know they would help every pet they could on occasion they have to say no. I can't imagine what a toll that takes and yet they continue year after year helping as many as they can that fit the mission of FACE. To date that is 15000 animals. Way to go FACE.

Mari Beckstrom

2 years ago

What a god send they were to me, I had no idea what I was going to do,I knew my dog was in trouble (she had a blockage) i had no idea face4pets even existed they saved my dogs life, she was able to have the surgery she needed I’m grateful and thankful for their help.

Kendra Budik

2 years ago

Face saved my dog. A few years ago my dachshund mix Mika, had one her vertebrae basically disintegrate and needed immediate back surgery. As you can imagine the bill was extensive and I was sure I was going to have to put her down. I applied for help through the face foundation and was given the help she needed. They were quick and compassionate with me and my situation. I am forever grateful for them giving me more years with Meeks.

Sarah Verdusco Singh

2 years ago

Love the mission and work! They help so many pets and touch so many lives

Cini Robb

2 years ago

The team at FACE works tirelessly with love and compassion to advance their mission of Saving Pets and Helping families. I have been a volunteer for 15 years and have seen first hand their life saving work. It is truly an honor to devote my time to this wonderful organization.


3 years ago

Great organization for animals in need. Trustworthy & well deserving of donations.

Nicole Bunn

3 years ago

I'm so beyond grateful for this non profit. Our family dog Pongo woke up one morning really sick and not able to walk. Upon getting him to vet we were told he had been hit by a car but it was an old injury but it had cause a diaphragm hernia and his intestine, lungs and liver were in is chest. I felt like I was losing a child my kids were so devastated. The surgery to save his life was way more than we could afford. But thanks to the face foundation we are able to get him the surgery. My family cant thank them enough for what they are doing saving our beloved dog.

Katrina Presting

3 years ago

Face was amazing!! I was referred by the technician from Veterinary Speciality Hospital. My dog had been diagnosed with IVDD and needed a surgery I could afford to save his life. He ended up having a herniated disk at his C3-C4. Working with face and the great staff at the hospital, Kooper is back home today and looks great and so happy. I’m beyond thankful for FACE. I will definitely donate to this charity for the rest of my life!!????????❤️

Jorge Macias

3 years ago

I would like to thank the face4pets foundation for helping me with my dog sparky with his treatment. I am very thankful for their help and support. Again, I am very grateful for face4pets.

edward picho

3 years ago

Applied for assistance a few days ago for my dogs surgery. These past few day I have been giving them proof of my unemployment and that I am low income. They kept fighting me on how much money I have in my bank account and demanded screen of my bank account and my parents bank account. Not ones did they ask about how my dog was doing but kept insisting to show them proof although I had already shown all the proof I could. I’m not mad that I didn’t get funds but the fact they make us jump through some difficult hoops knowing my pet is suffering. Don’t apply for assistance here.

Dominic Duganne

3 years ago

Dearest FACE Foundation lierally in the middle of weekend night, my dog needed emergency surgery which I had no money for- I was beyond distraught, shamed even... I never believed contacting some organization via email at 10PM on a Saturday would be of any use, by morning, there was an email informing me that the grant was approved . My Girl Mavis is home, recovering, Im still crying with joy and really disbelief... warms my heart !!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Colleen Grace

3 years ago

The FACE Foundation came through for us when we needed it the most. Our pup, Sumo, was facing an intestinal obstruction surgery + hospitalization that would be costing us thousands. After calling numerous vets, facing a potential transfer, and quickly running out of options, and we were encouraged to apply for a grant through FACE for a chance to save Sumo's life. FACE came through. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am - they saved my pup and have given him a chance. I've been hard pressed to find an organization I can truly stand behind - but this is it. I'll be paying it forward. Sumo thanks you, and so does our little family! It was refreshing to feel the sense of urgency the team had in getting our application reviewed as quick as possible as our little guy was in need of immediate medical intervention. Huge thanks to FACE team!

Andrea Myerson

4 years ago

Several years back my poodle was diagnosed by an Escondido Veterinarian as "paralyzed". She appeared to be, so I let this Dr. do a work up. She concluded that my dog had a serious spinal injury with no good outcome. I was devastated and …

Ashley Hart

4 years ago

Friday evening, my husband and I took our fur baby and only child Braxton, a mini dachshund, to his local vet Dr. Reh, because he had completely stopped moving his back legs and was immobile. I knew Dachshunds have a predisposition to back …

Casi Pearson

4 years ago


Cody Dye

4 years ago

The FACE foundation is amazing! They provided funding for surgery to save my boy. We received an extremely fast response even on a Saturday all you have to do is provide what is asked and truly need the help. Thank you so much, looking forward to supporting this foundation anyway we can.

Helen Giss

4 years ago

This is an organization devoted to assisting families with emergent vet bills they might not be able to afford.

Lillipop Garcia

4 years ago

I can't thank FACE 4 Pets enough for the difference they made to my little family!! I can't believe there are amazing organizations like this one. After calling so many vets in desperation to help my dog with a ripped ear, I was referred to FACE Foundation. I'm a single moma trying to get back into the work force. I have limited funds and a vet bill was the last thing that I needed. They answered the phone the entire time. They referred me to a Vet that could help and together we helped my little dog, Lola get ear surgery right away. I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the help that they provided us with. If you are looking for an animal charity to donate to, I would really recommend this one. Thank you so much to FACE Foundation and your friendly and efficient staff!

Rayanna Rey

4 years ago

Thank you so much Face for helping my family with the cost of our pup Max's leg surgery. He broke both legs and both bones and needed plates inserted. Wr had no idea what Face Foundation was but are so grateful they were able to assist with the cost. An amazing Foundation and quick to respond.

Lone Wolf

4 years ago

FACE Foundation is a true blessing!! My boy kitty desperately needed surgery or he could have died.. My financial situation is crucial and I could not afford the surgery and everything. The Veterinarian I was seeing suggested applying to FACE and seeing if they could help in any way. So I reached out, applied, and got accepted. They funded for his surgery! My baby boy would not be here with me if it weren't for FACE. Everyone I had spoken to on the phone was so nice and understanding of everything. They know that our animals are in fact our fur babies. Thank you all for everything!!

Madison Roehrick

4 years ago

If it wasn’t for FACE my EZ boy wouldn’t be here today. We took him to the vet after noticing he wasn’t feeling himself for a few days and after lots of testing and X-rays we found out that he had something lodged in his intestine. The …


4 years ago

FACE quite literally saved my cats life. I can’t express how great I am for this organization!! My cat broke his leg and needed emergency surgery. I’m a student and work as a waitress so there was no way I was going to be able to afford the …

Elizabeth Wild

5 years ago

Face 4 Pets is a God send! They saved our kitty!! He developed a sever infection in both legs that almost cost him his life! The cost of his surgery was not in our budget at all and it looked like euthanasia was the only option due to our fixed income. Which would have devastated my children especially. The face foundation quickly came to our aid and funded his surgery.Joe is now on his way to a speedy recovery and back to his happy playful self. They were a blessing indeed! Wonderful organization!

Andres Calvo

5 years ago

I just want to share my story, My pupper was feeling very ill over the weekend, she started to bleed a lot and would not eat or drink. As soon I could I took her to our vet after coming up with the diagnosis of pyometra (life threatening) I knew I had to come up with the emergency surgery money or let her pass. I was at a lost for hope, I reached out to Face as I searched for any help. Within 20 minutes if not less I was called by a wonderful lady named Shelby. I couldn't believe it! she gave me all the info and made sure all paper work needed was being updated. By 5 the afternoon everything was just about taken care of even a little after hours I was being helped by Danai. At this point i couldn't imagine this to be real? Is someone really going to help me to save my service animal? my friend? Well I'm writing this review with my pupper and I couldn't feel more appreciation and happiness. Thank you guys at the Face foundation. My fur baby get's to live another day. Thank you so much!

Brian Davis

5 years ago

Sadly this place lies constantly and told me they would help if the situation was a bi lateral surgery . So I sent the copy’s stating that they are in fact what she told me they would help with. so that being said your word is all you have …

Tiffany Corona

5 years ago

The face foundation gave us hope for our pet, and in doing so we spent half of our rent money doing everything we could on our end. Only to find out they would not help us until they knew how every penny of my very small fixed income was …

Phantasia Brendez

5 years ago

They assisted us when we were on the verge of having to put our baby down. We contacted them and within one day our Delylah was in surgery. They genuinely do this out of the kindness of their hearts and we are forever grateful.

Kate Hylan

5 years ago

They were so wonderful helping our cat get surgery on his broken femur! He's on the mend and doing wonderfully, something that would not have been possible without their generosity!

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