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a year ago

Friendly staff, my pups seem to enjoy their time there and I'm less anxious knowing they're well taken care of.

Lori Pampinella

a year ago

Dr Boyd’s is fantastic the staff is incredible, and the Vet is top notch, she has lots of knowledge to help you at any stage of your pet! They Day Care is very flexible and so kind with our Emmitt, highly recommend

Shirley Han

a year ago

We love Dr. Boyd's! It was our first time here dropping off Momo since we were going fishing all day in San Diego so we had her in for a full day of daycare. The staff here are extremely thorough, professional and kind, and really put us at ease since our puppy is only 5 months old. The facility is extremely clean and beautiful as well. We definitely will be back for daycare and also overnight boarding. It's nice to know too that it's a vet here as well so you know your pet is in good hands! Also the place is open 24 hours so its very convenient for late/early pick ups and drop offs.

Jeffers Nyaradi

a year ago

My dogs love boarding here! It’s one of the few places they have ever been to that they seem utterly comfortable being dropped off and when they are picked up. It’s the staff that makes all the difference, they truly care for your pets, and even will meet their specific dietary and medical needs. Also, Dr. Wilcox is a GEM!! She goes over and beyond the average vet and is one of the most qualified individuals I’ve ever met in my 25 years of pet ownership. She isn’t just going through the motions. Dr. Wilcox genuinely cares about your fur baby and wants to do everything possible to help them. She also showed great compassion, balancing delivering hard news with kindness and understanding. Highly recommend! - Chelsey (Jude and Rory’s mom)

Eric Kahn

a year ago

We were out of town day-trippers to the San Diego Zoo traveling with our puppy. Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort was very responsive to my questions when making the reservation and worked with me to get all of the required vet paperwork in order. This was the first time our puppy had day care and he absolutely loved it. The staff even contacted us midday while he was there to let us know he was doing well and then gave us his first report card when we picked him up. Would definitely recommend them. Thanks for taking care of our puppy and letting us enjoy the zoo knowing he was well cared for! Also, their hours are very accommodating too!!

Arlene Wong

a year ago

Was referred by a friend, and have been clients for 6 years. We have been very pleased with the veternary staff at Dr. Boyd's. The front desk staff is always cheerful and happy to help. I very much appreciated how compassionate they were when our Toby developed chronic renal disease and then transitioned over the rainbow after a year of illness. It is wonderful to have grooming, day care and boarding all under the same roof. Some services were cut back due to Covid, but they are ramping up again. We have started up care with our new pup Dewey; so nice to have in-person visits again and see Dr. Wilcox face to face!

Deby Ayala

2 years ago

My son got married last week end and we placed our dogs here for the weekend so they would not be left out of festivities. I was called with daily updates on care and how they were doing. They were given a bath when I picked them up . I will use again and thank you for taking care of them as I do,

Amy Anderson

2 years ago

My dog Jinx visited Dr. Boyd’s for the first time over the 4th of July for a 10-day stay. He’s a very anxious dog so I was pretty nervous myself about the new stay. I called a few times and got friendly updates on jinx and how well he was doing (after an initial anxious day) and all the photos showed him clearly at ease and having a good time. Such a huge relief for me! Dr Boyd’s made me feel so assured that he was in good hands. Also, I dropped off a few Trazodone pills in case he needed it for his anxiety and authorized a subsequent vet visit if he ran out and needed a refill. In my head, I acknowledged that the bill could be run up pretty high. I was pretty relieved to hear not only that he didn’t need it (except for once on the 4th due to fireworks), but that Dr. Boyd’s didn’t take an easy opportunity to run up the bill. To me, this makes the facility not only a quality dog boarding business, but also trustworthy and professional. We will be back!

Grant Wong

2 years ago

Love Dr. Boyd’s! Their location is convenient for me and they are always super nice and helpful. They remembered my cat from previous visits and know how to give her care. Thanks for always talking me through care options and pricing before I decide, that is super helpful! Will keep coming back!!

Sarah Mower

2 years ago

Can you please get a doggy cam so we can keep an eye on our pups? :)

Tim Wright

2 years ago

Oliver enjoyed his visit at Dr. Boyd's!

Debbi Dodson

2 years ago

My beloved older cat just completed her first stay at Dr. Boyd's and I couldn't be happier with the result. Our former pet sitter, who would stay at our house, recently retired and I needed a pet sitting solution for a 5 night trip. I was admittedly a little nervous about dropping her off in a strange location but judging from her appearance and attitude when I picked her up they provided all the attention she desired. She came home healthy and happy. They were also able to give her all of the medications she needed which was great. As soon as I have my next trip booked I'll be reserving her a room at Dr. Boyd's again.

Merce Figueroa

2 years ago

I did like this place and I love how it is 24 hours. My dog was able to come in after 11 pm when she came in on her flight. The only downfall of this place is their parking it is very limited. Had to park a block away to pay and then had to illegally park in order to pick up my dog and her kennel. Other than that great place and great prices.

Cathie Range

2 years ago

This was my pup’s first experience with doggy day care. Everyone was super helpful and patient with me as we got her registered and set up for the first day! The technician who met us at the door was very nice and helpful and my pup seemed comfortable with her right away. At the end of the day we picked her up and she was happy to see us but did not seem stressed out at all. It would be great if there was a doggy-cam to be able to see them in the play area. Otherwise all was great and we will be back for another visit soon!

Allison Manning

2 years ago

Love Dr. Wilcox and the staff at Dr. Boyd's. My pup has very high anxiety and can be a handful and they're great with him. It's run efficiently. Appointments are a breeze. 10/10 would recommend.

Audriane Flamand

2 years ago

Our dog has severe separation anxiety, to the point where he has hurt himself trying to get out of a crate. We wanted somewhere he'd be comfortable and where a vet could see him if he hurt himself again. He LOVES these guys!! He's now been going to them for every trip he can't join us on for the last 7yrs. They always take such good care of our old man.

Michael Sides

2 years ago

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about DR.Boyd's Pet Resort. The staff absolutely have the passion for my pets well being. They are professional and all around focused on making my pets stay with them fun and beneficial. The Veterinarian on staff is extremely knowledgeable. I trust them with my baby and that says a lot!

Liz Staff

2 years ago

Our dog Honey has always received wonderful care at Dr. Boyd's in San Diego. She loves to go to doggy daycare, almost coming out of her skin upon arrival. She is a very exuberant dog with an over-active greeting response. She is handled with love and care and firm hands. We so appreciate all that Dr. Boyd's wonderful staff members at all levels have done for Honey and us!

Joelene Townzen

2 years ago

Our dog and cat have received great veterinary care, daycare, and boarding. The staff seems very caring and knowledgeable. Hoping they upgrade to the live video feed, but it is very nice that they provide plenty of daily photos.

Amanda Pillis

2 years ago

Tried rating through their feedback form they supplied us with via email, not showing up publically, after reading they asked another guest to remove her review on Yelp before boarding her dog again we knew we had to take the time to write this again. I feel it's very insightful feedback on the animal care that was supplied to us, and the fact that we would not recommend this faculty to others based on the severity and disposition of our situation. Like other poor ratings, we also struggled with the lack of public and inconsistency amongst staff, not to mention bearing responsibility for things that took place during our animals stay. Without realizing there were over 35 hidden reviews on Yelp, we sought out this pet resort to shelter our little guy for four nights while having to fly back to the east coast because my mother had passed. Upon arriving back to pick him up we were fully aware he would be exhausted. We get home and notice our puppy was limping and not putting pressure on his hind leg at all.. I put him in bed and notice there were multiple patches of missing hair where he obviously was bit by another dog, all from the left side of his neck all the way down his leg. Then we noticed the caked up eye discharge, his breathing was shallow and he shook and shivered with each breath in. This was alarming and concerning, we call and ask if anyone happened to leave any notes and maybe forgot to mention them to us or perhaps they looked him over and he seemed to be fine.. None of these questions could be answered and there were absolutely no notes left during his stay. Anyway, without being able to answer any of our questions we scheduled an appointment first thing that next day. We get into the examination room to access the current situation and we are assured it's a nail bed infection and nothing to be alarmed about and left with a complimentary empathy of antibiotics, anti inflammatory and eye drops. That evening his first digit blew up so incredibly bad that it started gushing blood ... We made him as comfortable as possible and the vet called us that next morning to check in, our little guy seemed much better at this point and was in fact applying pressure to that foot again! That evening we noticed he was licking that paw a lot more than normal and went to pick it up, Upon picking it up there was a huge hole in the bottom of his foot this was not there before and between the webbing of the first and second digits it has completely opened bearing all internal tissue straight to the bone in that first digit. We call right away and they give us the first available appointment. This vet spent about 45 minutes telling us what she THINKS it is (a foxtail) without even looking at his paw mind you.. She gets up to exit the room to speak with the manager in regards to applying a discount because we were told before this would be due to it happening during his stay - she than proceeded to tell us they wouldn't do that for this situation because it's a foxtail and that are on cement an there's no way he could've got it there etc. she pulls up his paw to access and is completely shocked and even takes a picture of it to show the vet we first met with and says this needs to be delt with now and how bad it is and that if it goes on it could possibly be amputated (amputated!) and even went on to tell a story of another dog she helped treat who had a fox tail enter through a dogs back and work its way into the spinal cord .. Leaves the room and comes back to tell us he seems fine and she might have three hours to get to him tomorrow but that he would be fine until Monday.. & they couldn't help with the cost. Meanwhile I call our primary vet and explain to them the situation and get a second opinion - immediately they pull an emergency visit and within 15 minutes of leaving Dr Boyd's and arriving at San Diego bay animal hospital they have him in a room accessing him, within ten they already have him sedated and ready to clean it out and suture it up due to the severity. Guess what, it was NOT a foxtail. Never again.

Danny Binder

2 years ago

I have taken my dog to several day cares in the San Diego area and Dr Boyd’s is on the low end. The employees there don’t seem to care and are very nonchalant when mess ups happen. Now I understand things happen, but not feeding my dog? Several times over a few days? And the response I get when I asked why my dog lost weight and has so much extra food left over from what I gave them...”thanks for pointing that out, this will be a good learning experience for the employee who watched her and she will try to do better next time”. So my dog doesn’t get fed and that’s your response? No you know what would have been a good learning experience...firing that person. There was another time, in the last few days, (which was the last straw) where my dog was segregated in her own space because she didn’t have a set of shots that although every Vet says is only required once a year, Dr Boyd’s deems it should be done every six months. So I agree to leave her with Dr Boyds, segregated, based on them telling me that they are going to take my dog for walks every two hours, I pick up my dog and she’s soaking wet, smells and is acting like she hasn’t been exercised all day. And all dog owners know their dog’s behavior, so if I’m saying she acted as if she hasn’t been exercised she wasn’t, or barely was exercised. My dog was there for 12 hours (I work long shifts) and there is no chance that they took her out 6 times. So this experience told me a few things, one they lied about taking her out and charged me extra to do so, two the kennels are not cleaned efficiently otherwise why does my dog smell so badly, especially if she wasn’t around other dogs, and the soaking wet thing who knows...maybe she knocked over her water dish while moving around the separated space because she had so much pent up energy from not being taken out. I won’t be taking my dog here again. Heed the bad review people, there are other quality places you can go to in the SD area.

Elena Beltran

2 years ago

Very friendly service, took good care of our cat.

Hannah Flynn

2 years ago

Don’t take your fur baby here!! They don’t care about the animals the things I saw made me sick. The kennels have rust on them, there is no heat durning the colder months (it’s was freezing), and the yards are small and overcrowded. I heard employees screaming at dogs to “break them up”. Staff is not familiar with common dog behaviors they will forced a scared dog out of the kennel and since they accept all behaviors dogs with behavior concerns are stressed and stress other dogs out. They still support outdated techniques for animals like choke chains and prong collars which scare dogs into submission. This place is not a good boarding/daycare facility!!! Please consider other options or in home care before sending your precious baby here!!

John Townzen

2 years ago

Great vet. We board or dog here's when we travel. They've been great and we enjoy the pictures they post everyday.

joules w

2 years ago

Great people, great staff, great fun. The doggies always have such a good time here and are watched like a hawk. The veterinary team is caring, knowledgeable and responsive.

Peter Kruithoff

2 years ago

This place has amazing staff and amazing xustomer service. I have my dog here every day for daycare during the week while I work. I know I can trust these people with my best friend when I cant be there. Highly recommend.

Shauna Bryant

3 years ago

My husband and I were walking our dogs tonight & we happen to walk right by the Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort. When we walked by the windows, we could see very clearly, a small doggy inside a TINY kennel pacing in circles over and over and over. He seemed really stressed out and he was completely ALONE in that entire room. We stood there and watched for a while to see if anybody would come check on him or give him some kind of attention. Nobody. Nothing at all. We continued on our walk up the road and about an hour or more later came back by the vet resort and looked inside to see that poor little dog still going in circles. Stood there again for a while to see if anybody came to visit him and still nobody showed up. We felt so bad for him. I feel like this place stating it was a 'playcation' was totally misleading. The kennel was incredibly small (even though he was a little guy) and he was completely alone and very stressed out. I'm not 100% familiar with places like this for pets, but my husband and I both felt that this situation wasn't right for that poor little doggy. I would never trust another person to care for my babies properly, especially people we don't even know. I wanted so badly to go in there and save this lil' guy and love him! (Im going to try to upload the video i recorded of him. Not sure if it'll work)

Lance Carter

3 years ago

Maybe they just had a bad day? Brought my dog there for an overnight stay. The next day, called ahead to say we were about to pick him up. Got there and he wasn't ready, which was fine. But then I waited for almost a half hour. All this, while two people came in and got their dogs cuz I was still standing there waiting for mine. I asked at least four times was going on. It was all just veryfrustrating, especially since I had never had a problem there before.

Rafael Ibanez

3 years ago

Wonderful staff and excellent service

Barbara Cate

3 years ago

The employee who gave my dog a bath was outstanding. My main concern is that the kibble and wet food they used I was told was by prescription only. Since returning my dog has not touched her kibble so I’m going out to buy the brand they used. After calling a manager about this she corrected the info and said it wasn’t necessary to have a prescription after all. Wish I had known that before as i’d have bought their kind sooner.

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