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Jesus Gonzalez

2 years ago

Denise and I believe it was Diana were very friendly. Denise asked specific questions on how I wanted Rye cut and made sure I was good with his cut at the end. Great customer service and cut was good. Rye's paws were so white and he smelled great.

Vinka Valdivia

2 years ago

I have mixed feelings about this store. In the one hand they trim nails and provide rewards points for money spent. On the other hand my dog freaks out when we go in-- indicating at least one bad experience-- and they raised their prices by nearly half.

stephanie redmond

2 years ago

Terrible business. 5 mins past their grace period, I explained my GPS took me to the wrong location and I drove 40 mins to get there. Not only did they refuse to do the service but wanted to charge me for it anyways. Will not be going back

Bryan Spaulding

2 years ago

Stopped in to make appointment for nail trim, they took us in and out in 10 min. Great team, very friendly and great with our dog

S. H

2 years ago

Samantha does a great job with my dog and is so thorough with brushing my fur ball I could have sworn he had a hair cut as I have never been able to de-shed him as well. She takes pride in what she does and my dog always leaves happy and looking his best. Highly recommend.

Julie Kane

2 years ago

Good vibes??? Check your groomers attitudes about their jobs. Observe your pets getting groomed!!!

J Nelson

2 years ago

We love Samantha!! We have now visited 3 different locations and have had several different groomers. Most have been good. One wasn’t and skipped part of the premier scrub but with Samantha we can see and smell a difference. My husbands hearing dog usually always smells pretty good since we have to keep her that way but Sam takes her up several levels. She also cuts down on the shedding A LOT so our housekeeper can even tell a difference!! For awhile Taffy stopped liking to go to the groomers but now she’s liking it again with Sam!! I hope she doesn’t leave!!!! This location is so convenient too because you can drop off your dog and then walk down to hallmark to buy this months cards to send out and get breakfast or lunch at champagne bakery. By the time you are done the call or text comes from the groomer!

Sean Suastegui

2 years ago

the self service dog wash was great and the employee was nice and helpful.

Linda Kegley

2 years ago

I like coming here to wash my dog (self dog wash) , but... there are some things I wish they would look at.... 1) water temp....to me it's too hot.... dogs aren't going to freeze to death in San Diego, but they can overheat 2) if you say you take customers till 6:30pm and I walk in with a short haired well behaved dog on Friday at 6:27pm..... don't argue with me about "well others can't get their dog washed in 30 minutes". If you don't want to take dogs after 6:27pm, then post that.... but don't change ther rules once I arrived. For the record I finished by 6:50pm. Overall.... love this place..... its just some of the workers clearly leave much to be desired...


2 years ago

My dog loves this place!

Mike Gaff

2 years ago

We have been going here for about 4 years and we will never want to find another place. Unfortunately, since they are very great at their jobs and were very backed up, we had to go to another place. After going to a different place I am even more grateful for all of the groomers and workers at Dirty Dogs! Our pup was at this other " groomer" for over four hours and they didn't do my pups nails and she looked absolute silly!! Even with Dirty Dogs being very busy and backed up they were super accommodating and allowed my pup to come in the have a quick fix up. Dana was extremely professional and accommodating and I am super grateful for that. There are a ton of other groomers however I will always choose these professional groomers!!

Xaptain Ro

2 years ago

Great service and they have everything you need. I love washing my dog but it's even better when the mess is not in my house ????

derek barrios

2 years ago

Initial attempt was rocky with bad information given to me over the phone. I've given them a handful of attempts with only 1 good account. They used to be over booked with a week or two wait time for an opening pre-covid and apparently getting back to being busy again. They offer a discounted price on a certain day of the week (Wed.) but there is always an excuse to not do the "job" of bathing or trimming nails, so it's a waste of my time which cost me money still (my time is money just like they pay their employees hourly and need an ROI to cover P&L). Employees are hit & miss with personality & customer service. This place has been unreliable three times for services the day of my appointment (a simple bath, dry & nail trim) after scheduling 2 weeks in advance. They offer a service to the public and I try to patron a local small business but they can't even provide the service. Maybe they just pick & choose who they want to cater to based on the amount of effort/work and wishful tipping, or maybe they practice profiling based on a biased perception of socio-economic class or dare I say they are prejudice against ethnicity? I don't mind paying 6x the cost (1 out of 2 canines so 12x) of me doing it myself, but they just come off as a snobby business now. They shouldn't offer a discounted day, make appointments and flake out last minute. Not good business but obviously they don't care since they have money rolling in either way. If you consider this place, just be prepared and have a backup just incase. I can't speak on the quality of "cutting fur" but don't expect Show Quality (expect house pet) and bathing is a big hit & miss especially for the regular & even discounted prices. My Autism Companions have been given better baths by me at the local car wash dog station ????????‍♂️????‍♂️.

Patricia Ruiz

2 years ago

Best place love the whole experience

Barbara Lloyd (HDV Diva)

2 years ago

You can either choose to wash your dogs yourself or you can have their groomers take care of your family pets. My girls have some specific grooming needs and they are more than willing to accommodate and exceptionally good at doing so.

Bonnie Riehl

2 years ago

I will say that the staff at this location was very friendly and did try to be as helpful as possible. All large dog owners should be aware there is not an easy way to get your dog in the tub. I'm not sure who would ever design it this way but your large dog needs to be lifted into the tub. They offered a ramp but it's narrow, steep, and then a large drop into the tub. A male staff member did come to help me. The shampoo and conditioner are beyond watered down. I would have brought my own but thought they'd offer quality product. The dryer is helpful but doesn't even have low heat so it doesn't actually dry the dog. There are two towels that are cheap motel style/quality which is not near enough for a 90 pound dog. Not the fault of the store but there was another dog being bathed that was completely freaking out thus stressing my dog out. This was such an awful experience and I will never return.

shirley yager

2 years ago

Nice place for self service dog wash.

Susan Buckingham

3 years ago

Am glad to have a store close to home where I can buy raw diet food for my Sheltie. They keep supply high, so I never need to worry about them running out. 4 stars rather than 5 because of high employee turnover. I would prefer seeing the same faces every week & have them remember my dog & me. Sincerely, Susan & Jazz

Cheryll Putt

3 years ago

This place was great! The staff was friendly and helpful. It was so easy to wash my dog!

Cayden B.

3 years ago

They provide good thorough baths and brushing, but my dogs nails and ears have been missed multiple times, causing his nails to crack and bleed during walks. This service is supposed to be included in the package I pay for. This place is fantastic, except for those two small inconsistencies that frequently happen with my experience here. I wish I didn't have to double check my dogs feet and ears when I pick him up from here.

Vitaliy Lee

3 years ago

Came here for the first time. The guys who work here are pretty knowledgeable. They seems to know their stuff.

Julia Kenji Timmerman

3 years ago

Great customer service from Jesus! Needed something and when I called, he was very knowledgeable and super nice ! Same when we went in the store! Thank you, Jesus! We really appreciate your help!

Kimberly Handy

3 years ago

The staff here were so incredibly helpful. We had a glitch my my first appt but they were so accommodating it all worked out totally fine! My groomer was awesome and finished in an hour so Patron didn’t have to be there all day like my old place! Love this place!!

Lucas Isumi

3 years ago

Great customer service and products. Staff is very friendly. Nice place to wash yourself your dog.

Rick Shrout

3 years ago

Great service and a great cut on our Miniature Schnauzer.


3 years ago

Great service, excellent staff, and easy to make or reschedule an appointment

John Dannecker

3 years ago

Wow. Great dog grooming service for our 9YO German Shephard. Normally when we pick her up from grooming (other places) she is stressed and worn out. She was happy, clean, shiny, looked 2 years younger. Obviously this place has set it up to be great for the dog. The staff was friendly and kind and Lucy was immediately at ease. This was our first time at Dirty Dogs and we will return - maybe even do a self wash of our dog.

Allyson Cheeks

3 years ago

The best staff ever! I’m literally here once a week because no place is like dirty dogs that sells clean products for your pets!

Amy Kim

3 years ago

Friendly and fast service! With their rewards program, my favorite place to buy quality food for my dog!

William Dillard

3 years ago

Looks like a great place to wash your pets. Very friendly staff. Knowledgeable about the items they sell.

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