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Alexandra Higgins

a year ago

The staff is fantastic and they are more than fair with their pricing. The only place we will take our pets.

Sean Fields

a year ago

I was able to leave my cat ???? Tiger without an appointment at walk-in early in the morning. I came back to get him that evening. He got into a little territorial scuffle and had an abscess on his neck from a bite. He's doing fine now. I thank the staff at B Street Veterinary and Tiger's resilience for that. I love their website. You are able to view the results and treatments for your pet.

Nixie Valerio

a year ago

Kinda high priced but good able to walk in

Meghan Saunders

a year ago

My dog has been a client for the past 5 years and we have never had any issues. He had a lump removed surgically and had to be put under to get his teeth cleaned. Today I called to make an appointment to have another lump looked at and was told they have no more appointments (for returning customers) in January but I could come in early as a walk in. I have seen the line and no thanks. If you a returning customer and it is not that urgent, I highly recommend making an appointment when available.

Michelle Smith

a year ago

They're usually really busy but they've been providing excellent care for my puppy.

Norma A.

a year ago

my dog ​​was very nervous and was barking the Hispanic woman saw my dog ​​horrible and told me we can not attend you. lousy bad service..

berenice zepeda figueroa

a year ago

They where really helpfull and nice with my dog and my family, especially because we have to say goodbye to my dog "FOSTER" they support us thru this process, thanks to the doctors and the staff

Chandler Lane

a year ago

I'm not sure what this vet is even here for. They haven't been taking any new clients for a year. They say they take walk ups but it's $70 just to show up. At the location they say they no longer take any walk ups anyway. They have an emergency number on their website that I've called 2 or 3 times that they've never answered. Not once. The fastest they ever got back to me was 4 hours later, that was to leave me a message saying they don't take new clients They list themselves as an emergency hospital but they turned us away when I brought my dog there because she'd been throwing up and said they couldn't do anything. So in all my experience with them I've yet to see this vet actually do anything or offer a single service. If you're looking for somewhere to help your dog just go elsewhere because they're not helpful at all

Erin Malone

a year ago

I LOVE the staff, I feel like they’re too small for the service area though. They need a second location nearby.

Halah Thomason

a year ago

The Drs here we’re unbelievably kind and attentive. I really can’t express how helpful they were when I needed a vet immediately for my sick cat. I will definitely return.

JC Coleman

a year ago

Good service, fast, however the veterinarian should be more upfront and honest about all possible pet diagnosis, as saying “my pet will be a money maker” isn’t acceptable…

misti ramsay

a year ago

They are very attentive to your pets needs. A little expensive, but my pups are family so it worth a visit at B Street animal clinic ????‍????❤

Mrinalini Mishra

a year ago

Love their service. Took my dog who got some blood in his stool and had diarrhoea. They accepted walk in - took me an hour to get him to admit him - they did a blood test and a stool test, gave him an antibiotic and probiotic. The blood test and stool test both came back great. He had some bacteria that had overgrown and basically needed an antibiotic. I paid $300 for everything which to me seems pretty decent for blood and stool test, doctor fee and medicines.


a year ago

Would give 0 stars if I could. Service has gotten bad and they are rude. I have been massaging for over a week to get my dog his vaccines and they never answered. When I inquired about the fees for the shots they said they take walk-ins but then turn you away when you get there. Do not bring your pet here. They charge you so much money, and don't do anything to help

Luca Jordan

a year ago

Dirty, overcrowded, and indifferent about whether your pet lives or dies. B Street Vet feels more like a shelter than a medical facility. My dog was vomiting all night and morning and refused to drink any water. They said it sounded like this could be an urgent matter, such as an allergic reaction, so they would check her vitals to determine whether she was stable. If she was stable, they would put her in a cage and she could be see in 6+ hours. They didn't give me the option to pursue other opportunities after checking her vitals and I was concerned about dehydration. I asked if they could please make sure she was stable and while I called other ERs seeking earlier availability. I offered to pay whatever they want for checking her vitals. The woman I spoke to went to check with the OWNER of B Street Vet, then came back to let me know they would not check the stability of a dog unless I agreed to keep my dog there all day waiting to be seen. They were happy to have my potentially unstable dog die in my car on the way to another ER as long as their staff didn't need to allocate a moment of time to a dog that wasn't committed to further crowding their already overcrowded hospital. GO TO “TELL TAIL VET URGENT CARE” INSTEAD, they saw my dog immediately, had a great bedside manner, and provided excellent care.

Kelsey Hausken

a year ago

Although it’s insanely difficult to get an appt here, they do offer amazing hours and see walk-ins if you’re willing to wait. The docs are always honest and the cost is fair. Compared to other vets in San Diego, they are definitely above average as far as value, honesty, and responsiveness are concerned. I definitely trust them with my dogs, and that’s the most important thing.

Blanca Hill

a year ago

I visited this pet hospital because I had a sick cat sick, my cat had stopped eating was losing Fur and losing weight nobody would see me , I found this place was able to make an appointment for the next day but because I was a walk in I had to be there early early to form A-line by 8 o'clock doors opened,1st come 1st serve… once they opened their doors, it was very fast prompt and organized... took my cat KARUMA and kept her for most of the day, vet called me with a diagnosis and treated her it was very expensive but now doing much better... I highly recommend this vet clinic, i will defenately go back again...????????????????????????????

Brooke Lynn

a year ago

They take such good care of my little old man dog

Joshua Crawford

a year ago

Really working hard to give you the best service during a troubling time in the world, especially the people at the front

Kat Vargas

a year ago

Great care of my senior cat.

Michael Siemann

a year ago

Dr. Olsen and team at B Street have done an excellent job of helping diagnose and treat our "Senior Citizen" cat. You can definitely tell they care about the pets they treat and families, which easily justifies any higher costs vs a bigger hospital. The VETport portal also streamlines communication and reports (I'm a scientist so I like to track the changes in lab data). I plan to continue to use B Street for all of our cat's future needs.

Rosemary Bystrak

a year ago

The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is never easy, but the ladies at B Street were compassionate and kind and allowed us to come in on short notice despite not being regular clients of their services.

Matt M

a year ago

Took my dog in and signed in at the front desk. I was told that it would be a short wait until my dog would be seen. After waiting almost 2 hours, they finally called me to the desk. When I gave them my info, they said that there was no room for my dog and to go home to wait for a call. After waiting another couple hours, I got a call back and the receptionist was rude. We decided not to go back. I’m sure the vet staff is great based on other reviews, but I would not recommend dealing with the front desk staff unless you have tons of free time you want to waste.

Magui Arce

a year ago

Always very accommodating with walk ins. You can see everyone really cares about our pets. Excellent!

Diane Ferreira

a year ago

I’m giving them 2 stars solely because of the front office staff. One particular employee was extremely rude and belittling in front of other customers, which is unfortunate because all it takes is one person to make me feel uncomfortable and I will not return to give them business. It’s too bad because Dr. Olsen was great! But I will not return to a business to be treated that way.

david morales

a year ago

Always busy, yet they always have time to help.

Ashley Rose

a year ago

I switched to this vet pre-pandemic due to the proximity to my home. I have an animal who requires daily medications. I have tried for over 3 weeks to get my pets medication refilled , and still have not gotten this medication refilled. While I understand the pandemic has affected your staffing, it is highly unprofessional and actually negligent to avoid your patient requests for medication refills. Obtaining an appointment for anything here is a joke; they do not have a reliable scheduling system and vaguely tell you to "call back next month". I have used their online patient portal to request meds and appointments with no action which tells me these things are not properly monitored or maintained. I have now resorted to calling multiple times a day just to request a routine medication refill!! 3 WEEKS IS NEGLIGENCE. My pharmacy has also informed me they have sent multiple fax requests for refill authorization AND ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN IGNORED. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this vet clinic as every experience I have had with them has been negligent and uncaring//rude, with profound lack of communication and I now have to try to find a new clinic for my pet so that my animal can get the care that she deserves. Animals with health conditions should receive quality care. Bottom line is this vet clinic is unprofessional, the employees are uncaring and rude, and there is an abysmal lack of communication. If you want quality vet care I highly recommend seeking services elsewhere.

Danny Corona

a year ago

Two days after the onset of ear infection symptoms I took my dog in and they handled everything very quickly and professionally. The lady at the front desk was very helpful and had great customer service skills. She gathered all my info, as it was my first time in, took Mia into the office and sent me on my way after explaining what was going to happen. During the wait, the vet called twice to give updates and explain exactly what tests she would be conducting. They made a final call informing me that Mia was almost done and if I wanted to head over they would have her ready by the time I arrived. Very good group of people working there. Will definitely be taking my business back to them. Thank you so much for seeing Mia so soon and getting her healthy! Picture is 5 days after her vet visit and she's feeling great!

Tara Sullivan

a year ago

eesh. had to come to this place because my current vet wasn't able to take my cat for a few weeks and he was showing some scary signs like not eating, throat inflammation, lethargy and drooling after a fight he got into with another cat. I was told by the woman intaking clients (blue streak in her hair) to let her know why I was there, I started explaining that my cat had been in a fight and before I could even get out what he had been experiencing since the fight she cut me off, rolled her eyes and told me it's not an emergency and to just write my name down. the next person I talked to was much more understanding and listened to what was happening with my cat. He's in there now so I'm hoping everything turns out ok but am honestly worried about the quality of care he'll receive based on my initial interaction.

Adam Lister

a year ago

Blatantly talking monetary situations and a life or death scenario with a client's dog in front of other customers is not very professional. Today when I called back to discuss the test results about my dog being out of state the customer service was completely lackluster and they were rude. I cannot believe the words that came out of her mouth to me just as though I could not believe the words that came out of their mouth to that poor woman and are waiting room that night I was there I understand I see a lot of pets everyday but where the hell is that respect and dignity

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