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Ashton Nietzke

2 years ago

Just wanted to throw out there that once again I'm super happy with an AquaSD purchase. This is now my 4th purchase from AquaSD. Decided to bid on a bunch of frags on Ebay, won quite a few. Ended up going on their website and ordering a bunch more. Including the 2 freebies they sent, I ended up with 29 frags. Everything came in perfect, even better than pictured, and no visible pests of any kind, and they even threw in a free Acro frag that is so big it's what my LFS would sell as a small colony, and a free Favia frag that is gorgeous! Highly recommend as always! Shipped with no issues, arrived early from Cali all the way to Mid-Michigan, and perfectly warm in the packaging! They have even taken the time to answer quite a few questions regarding individual frags in the order about placement, feeding, etc. Can't recommend them enough!

Mark Lewandoske

2 years ago

Great people to work with. Staff always friendly and helpful. Great selection of corals and deals

ron zamott

2 years ago

I purchased 3 items from AquaSD THROUGH their eBay store. 1. Duncan doing great 2. Torches and one of them not doing so great. My issues is with their lack of communication, empathy, and the quality of care they did not take in shipping my live corals. Shipment was less than desired for. Sent me all my Corals without any protection. An easy fix to this would have been use a small disposable container cut an x on the bottom and push plug threw it and now your frag isn't touching the bag. Even after I expressed my issue to you all you said was dip it iodine. Not once did you ask me for a picture of my dying coral There are many other places to shop corals from and this one isn't for me. Thank you, Sincerely Ronald Lost customer After letting ASD know I had an issue with the receipt of a coral they did send me a new healthy coral and I have to admit that the handling of the new coral was amazing. Asd made it a point to make me happy and for that I am grateful. I TRUST ASD to make things right. I will be purchasing from here again.

sara jeyes

2 years ago

This place is super creepy, a fish store that you can't wander around and look at the fish. It was really dark, 2 big guys inside. All the fish paraphernalia was dusty like no one buys it or the place is just super dirty. Not a place to window shop/check out fish. Don't bring kids. Super disappointed/waste of time.

Justin Tay

2 years ago

I just got my order today from Aqua SD. All I can say is wow! I live across the country in NYC. The packaging was extremely secure and made sure corals didn’t bump around in the trip. The colors from site to life were extremely accurate. Plugs were clean. My only feedback is to say that I wish you guys would add size estimations on the corals, cuz wow! The corals were way huger than I thought they’d be. Thanks a lot, will definitely order again.

Haleigh Ahlborn

2 years ago

Ordered quite a few corals and all showed up happy and healthy!!!! And they're all beautiful


2 years ago

I ordered 7 corals and received one Freebie to my surprise, Thanks AquqSD. Very happy with my corals all had opened within an hour of placing them in my tank. I will be placing more orders in the future!

Sam Galajian

2 years ago

I ordered from them for the first time 3 weeks ago and loved the whole experience they packaged everything perfectly and arrives in a timely matter! They will take care of you! So I ordered again last week. Thank you so much!

Sid Lyon

2 years ago

I have made several shipments from Aqua SD for past years and absolutely not a single complaint about them and simply they are the best. They have huge collections and price ranges so that you can make many choices per your budget. All my shipment came right on time and supper condition and not any DOA corals received. Their packing techniques are advanced and the inside temperature always keeps perfect regardless of either summer or winter. They are super generous to include a few freebies for my shipment yesterday. They have the best customer service and if there are any issues with your corals that you ordered over online, they will contact you before shipping and give you an even better option so that you don't have to worry about it. I highly recommend Aqua SD!!

Karla Duperault

2 years ago

I received my order today and I am very happy with it. All corals were in great condition, packaged professionally and the colors are fantastic. I also liked their web page as it was very clear. I know this is going to be a shop I will use in future. Thank you

A. Song (TonKa)

2 years ago

While I currently live across the state in, I've been a loyal client of Aqua SD for awhile now— via online sales and auctions. When you find an awesome coral seller, distance does not even matter! I've placed roughly 10 to 16 orders with Aqua SD. Each and every one has been delivered on time, exceptionally packed, and with quality far BEYOND my expectations. Each frag is always larger than expected, pristine, healthy, and absolutely stunning. So, I very highly recommend this place to any reefer, no matter where you are in the US. Thanks you for everything!

Beau Brigham

2 years ago

Absolutely my favorite coral source. Huge selection, generously sized frags, simply the best prices. Sales team are helpful and attentive. Had a shipment get delayed by UPS and they were on the case with great communication — and everything survived even after 36hrs. Haven’t found a pest yet in any of the multiple orders. Free legit frag in every box!


2 years ago

Can't say enough about this company. Ordered several pieces and I was more then impressed with the size and colors of the corals when we received them. Corals came securely packed and insulated to ensure that our precious cargo arrived alive. One of the best things was the pricing. I more then doubled what I would normally get from my normal supplier and for about half the price. Looking forward to ordering again here soon to finally fill the rest of the tanks. Thank you so much... Ty P.s. had to edit the review and say that we were so happy that we just added another 9 pieces to our next order. Thank you...thank you...thank you

Rohan Krishna

2 years ago

One of the best place with the best price online for coral.

Steve Lem

2 years ago

I’ve been a repeat customer of AquaSD for well over a year now and have consistently been extremely satisfied with doing business with them. They sell frags as well as large colonies of a wide variety of different coral species and I am impressed how they are able to offer a different selection seemingly every week. I find that I receive a good value for the size and quality of the corals I’ve received. The packing is done as well, if not better, than any purchase of marine life I’ve ever made online (or at my LFS for that matter) and it’s a very rare occurrence when a piece I’ve received is not in excellent condition. And the one instance I did need to contact them, their customer service was courteous, fast and gave me a solution which I was completely satisfied with. Having kept saltwater and reef tanks for over 40 years, I can say that in my experience AquaSD rates as one of the best sources I have found to obtain corals (I haven’t had any fish or invertebrate purchases from them yet but I would expect the same high quality from those as well).

Miguel Dyer

2 years ago

I was excited to order from AquaSD as they had corals I’ve long been searching for, and at really good price points. Overnight shipping was cheap as I live in California, so that was a bonus. I’m giving it two stars for now because of my own blunder, and their odd shipping priorities and restocking process/fees. I ordered late Sunday night 4/25 and expected my order to arrive Wednesday 4/28 as the they are closed Sunday and Monday. I called today 4/28 to get an update, and I found out my order wouldn’t be shipped until 5/7 due to a live sale. That’s 9 of their operating days later. ??? So, after hearing my order wouldn’t ship for a week and a half from it’s order date, I asked to cancel it. I was told there’s a 20% restocking fee if I did. How in the world is there a 20% restocking fee if my corals haven’t even been LOOKED AT let alone bagged and removed from the tanks??? I raised it from 1 star to 2 star as they “bumped me up” to have my order shipped out 4/28 instead of 5/7, which it should have been since my order was also placed before their live sale even started. Why should other customers, that purchase after my order, receive their items before me by up to a week earlier? I’ll adjust the stars pending my orders arrival/packaging/how the corals look. I’d like to give them a higher rating, but their live sale shipping and processing imposing on other purchases is silly, and I’m at fault for thinking my order would go out the first business day.

Matt M

2 years ago

Very friendly service, good price for corals. Shout out to Omar and Ramon for taking the time to educate me regarding taking care of corals so I can make and educated purchase. Will be returning here for future purchases thanks to them.

Jonathon Wethington

2 years ago

Got my first corals from AquaSD today, everything about these guys is good quality, website, selection, pricing, and packaging for shipping. Will without a doubt order again!

Chris C

2 years ago

Super friendly. Ebay sales are a great way to get a good deal.

Anthony Costley

3 years ago

Just received my shipment today and all the corals came in happy and healthy, plus got a freebie green zoa frag with my order... Can't beat 8 frags for 100 bucks with shipping especially considering I had sps, lps, and zoas ... Amazing deals and they have online sales all the time

Nicholas Moya

3 years ago

Jeff was very helpful to me. I came in looking for help with my tanks ph imbalance and he was very helpful in giving solutions to try. Very kind and nice guy and clearly knew his stuff. Highly Recommend this place.

Michele Price

3 years ago

I’ve ordered several times now from AquaSD and I’ve been very pleased every time. Their corals always look as good or better than pictured, they are well packaged, and their customer service is excellent. If you haven’t ‘been’ to one of their online sales, you should stop in, lots of fun to participate in. A pleasure doing business with them :).

keith roach

3 years ago

Amazing healthy pest free corals with great customer service!!!!!! My one order got held up in transit cause of a storm and they replaced all corals no questions asked even though they weren't liable!!!!

Ronnie Decker

3 years ago

Ordered several frags, were shipped and arrived on time and all were nice sizes and condition. Couldn't be happier! This is the second order I've placed, and both times were excellent

Dale Merrifield

3 years ago

Clean facilities and knowledgeable staff.

Ryan Adams

3 years ago

Great corals and packaging with freebies! Awesome place to order from, don't hesitate!

Megan Long

3 years ago

ive ordered from 5 places for Coral, by far Aqua SD is #1, beautiful thriving healthy liquid babies for my tank! Great packaging, great prices and great service.


3 years ago

Fantastic place to order corals from. I couldn't be happier with the quality and healthiness of the corals I received. The prices are always fair as well. Plus they have thrown in a bonus for me. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Crazy Inkjets

3 years ago

I absolutely love aqua sd ???? I've ordered a lot from them their coral is awesome . I definitely recommend them. I got my brother buying from them ever since he seen my tank ????. customer service is awesome very friendly and will to help anyway they can.

Chimney Pioneer

3 years ago

I happened to stubble across Aqua SD in a google search for an Anemone. I'm so glad that I did. However, before purchasing I read through reviews on several forums and noticed a following theme throughout - "customer service". There is a reason why, Aqua SD customer service is top notch. They will work with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. More than that, they will actually respond back. Because of this, I will forever be a loyal customer. Your order will ship promptly and overnight. It will be well packaged. Everything I ordered acclimated right into my tank. The items looked great and you can tell they were well taken care of. Also, you will enjoy the freebie! Be aware though from my personal experience that if you go looking for one item it will take self control not to add more to your cart as I couldn't resist : )

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