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Amanda Banuelos

a year ago

Unfortunately I lost my bestest friend Sonar, My husband found Gateway online, I have to say even though this was my worst heartbreak Gateway staff are incredibly Kind and caring. I was at the drop off section balling my eyes out with my furrito in my arms, The lady was really patient in waiting for my baby. I recommend this place for anyone that has lost their pet. Picking up my Sonar was emotional for me but yet again the staff was great , and understanding, patient and kind. My baby came back in a beautiful box, Gateway also included a molding of his paw prints. So thoughtful. Thank you very very much. You guys made my heart feel a little bit better knowing my baby was very well taken care of.

autumn Westwood

a year ago

Brought our sweet boy there today super grateful for the kind and gentle staff ????

Tatiana Weber

a year ago

Feeling devistated all over again. My beloved dog died this month and I used Gateway services through my vet's office. Gateway misspelled my dog's name on the urn plate even though it was correct on his death certificate. I can totally accept human error even while grieving, but trying to get them to fix it was HORRIBLE. What a miserable, painful phone call it was and the employee made it MUCH HARDER on me. She told me there would be a fee to change the error! Finally, the woman looked up my dog's record and admitted it was Gateway's mistake. They will mail me a new plate and I'll put it on the urn myself. I gave two stars instead of one because they are fixing the error. I will not use Gateway again in spite of the fact I've used their services several times in the past 30+ years. There just HAS to be a place with more compassion and professionalism. ... Just got a useless, condescending reply from "owner". Of course there's nothing you can do for me. You already proved you disrespect grieving pet owners as well as my departed dog, Atticus.


a year ago

Our family pet Edward (Maltese) passed away on 11/01/2021 around 12pm. I called Gateway Crematory around 2:30pm to ask if I could bring Edward today to have him cremated. The young lady that I spoke with informed me if I could bring him before 4:30pm that would not be a problem. My wife and I were at Gateway around 3:30pm and a young lady by the name of Rose helped us regarding our wishes with Edward to be cremated. Rose was very professional and respectful handling Edward. The next day (11/02/2021) we picked up the remains (Cremated) of Edwards around 2:45pm. Gateway had placed the cremated remains of Edward in a nice wooden box (Pictures attached with this review) with three rose petals. They also provided a beautifully worded poem, a certificate of Crematory for Edward, a paw print of Edward on clay with his name and heartful message from the staff at Gateway. This was and still is a difficult time for my family in losing Edward as a beloved family member. But Gateway has made a part of this journey a lot easier for my family with their professionalism and compassion regarding having Edward cremated. Everyone we dealt with at Gateway yesterday and today were helpful and courteous. I’ve attached a few pictures with this review on the material mentioned above. Thank You Gateway Crematory Staff

hope thuemler

a year ago

Our dog was cremated last year by gateway. I am very glad that they did a paw print and rainbow letter for us. He was placed in a very nice box. We may be having another dog pass soon and would like for gateway too also process her remains for us.

Johnny Angel Los Angeles

a year ago

All I got to say is they took good care of me and my little doggie scruffy and I got him cremated and they put him in a little coffee with my last name too, It really touched my Heart. Thank You Gateway 4 years ago

Megan Chang

a year ago

I sent a $40 check with my pet to get a paw ink print and clay mold. They only sent me the clay mold, and when I asked where the ink print was, they blamed the hospital that put my dog to sleep saying they had never received an order for the ink print. When I asked the hospital, the technician that helped me with my dog said she called Gateway directly to ask how much both would be and they said $40- the clay mold only was $30. Whoever called me from Gateway had no remorse that my dog was now forever gone and they have no way of getting the ink print. She even had the audacity to blame me for only writing a $30 check, as if I didn't have the duplicate check that so clearly says $40. When I argued that I had written $40, she double checked and confirmed it was $40. WHY DIDN'T THAT RAISE A FLAG TO DOUBLE CHECK WHAT I WANTED IF THE CLAY MOLD WAS ONLY $30?! EVEN IF THE HOSPITAL DIDN'T PUT AN ORDER IN FOR THE INK PRINT, YOU HAVE MY CHECK WITH $40! They didn't even have the decency to call me back and apologize- the hospital technician called me crying and apologetic (even though it wasn't her fault) saying she had spoken with Gateway about the situation, but no direct apology from Gateway themselves. My dog is forever gone. FOR. EVER. GONE. I trusted you with my a piece of my life and that is something I will NEVER be able to get back and you didn't even have the guts to face me directly about it. I hope you have nightmares about this for the rest of your lives.

L j

a year ago

Danielle is the best kindest person in the worst time with the loss of my love????❤️Mini Cooper ???????? she is so helpful and understanding about our pain and a hole in our ???? ????. I so recommend Gateway for pets resting place if I could give a10* I would ????????i love you guys thank you so much ????????

Jeri Mocsi

a year ago

Compassionate, good pricing Would definitely use again

Krista Lamolli

2 years ago

My cat passed away July 4. Took him to animal medical center in Hisperia they had me pay $200 for his cremation. Was told that I can come pick him up two weeks later upon going to pick up my cat I look in the bag and it’s somebody’s dog named Jupiter. The animal clinic has no idea where my cat is and I still have not gotten a call back from Gateway cremation


2 years ago

We've had several beloved pets cremated here over the years and they have always treated us and sweet babies very well. Thank you for your care.

Lisa Stell

2 years ago

My cat passed away at an emergency clinic last month. She was an incredibly special cat and I opted to have her cremated. The clinic uses Gateway Pet Cemetery and I'm so glad they do. My expectations were thoroughly exceeded as I was not expecting the cast of her pawprint and quality of the box her remains were placed in. When I went to pick her up, the staff was friendly and sensitive. Thank you so very much for providing a tangible memory of her that I will cherish forever.

Sedra Long

2 years ago

I’m so grateful to have had my fur baby cremated here. They surpassed my expectations and made it easier to grieve my loved one by the care I felt he was in. The pawprint keepsake is the most amazing gift anyone grieving a pet can receive. Thank you.

Melody T

2 years ago

UPDATE: They were able to pick up my pet's body from the hospital and rushed the cremation service for us. It was ready to pick up the next day and the ladies who called and greeted us at the cemetery were very apologetic. The one on the phone explained the miscommunication between them and the hospital and apologized several times. I appreciate them for acknowledging their mistake and for prioritizing our pet. It took a total of 2 weeks for us to bring him home and we finally get the closure we need. For future services, I would bring my pet directly to Gateway if possible instead of going through a vet/animal shelter (we went through animal control) to prevent long wait times and potential miscommunications. Thank you Gateway Pet. Initial Review: We lost our pet on the first of the month. Called this organization to make arrangements the same day. First Monday after I made arrangements they said they were going to pick up his body from the pet hospital that day. Two weeks later from the first scheduling, I call them and they said they still haven't picked up my pet's body from the animal hospital yet. The woman on the phone was not apologetic and claimed they were too busy. I am so disappointed with their service so far. They did not personally reach out to me for any updates or anything. Their website claims this service only takes one week, but it has been two and will take the fastest one more week. We dearly miss our pet and his cold dead body has suffered alone way too long waiting to be picked up for cremation.

Jon “Ponytail Jon” Deffenbaugh

2 years ago

I want to thank the people at Gateway for their excellent care of my best friend when her life was over. She was able to go with her dignity intact, and they returned her remains within a week.

Hannah Bair

2 years ago

Gateway really went above and beyond anything I could have imagined for my pup. Everything from the paw print to the rose petals topping his cremains was so lovely. It’s never easy to lose a pet but Gateway really made it easy for them to stick with you forever

HDR Noyb

2 years ago

If I could give ten stars I would . Cried all over again today when my husband brought home my dog Dukes ashes . This place goes above & beyond what I would have expected for how little it cost , and I’m so grateful . Thank you so much . His sudden death has been so hard , and you guys did a beautiful & fast job getting us his ashes & his paw print . Thank you again ????????.

Susan Estrada

2 years ago

Thought out the years my family have had our cats and dogs cremated here they're very kind they're very nice and very professional and our understanding and they're very well priced I've been coming back for years as I'm going as we speak now to pick up my last pet Lisa my dog that's been with me 12 and 1/2 years

Dorothy Ledesma

2 years ago

Updated/edited review: I paid for the extra $5 to add the date of birth and date of death. Instead of 07-28-10 as DOB, my urn said 09-28-10. I went back to the place since they said I could come back to fix the plate for me. The lady showed me the paper that has the dates written down and she said that I wrote down 09-28-10. I pointed out that the wrong date written on there was written in green pen while the rest of the information that I wrote was in black. She then told me that I would have to pay five dollars to get the plate redone. Why should I have to pay for something that was one of your employee’s mistakes. Five dollars is small but a customer shouldn’t have to pay for something that wasn’t their mistake.

Joseph Boobar

2 years ago

They go above and beyond to ease the pain of your lost pet

max aparicio

2 years ago

Paid for 2 locks of fur and only got one, it’s only 5 dollars but it’s not like I can go get the fur again. Apart from this they misspelled my name on my puppies paperwork. Would not recommend this place to others.

Michelle Ellison

2 years ago

Thank you soooo much Gateway Pet Cemetary. I called gateway on the morning my dog died for pick up and cremation. They were here within 2 hours. Within a week I was called for pick up of Bruno’s ashes. Omg such a beautiful wooden box with Bruno on a brass plaque. A lovely poem and his paw print in clay. I was moved to tears and so grateful of what a beautiful memorial to my German Shepherd!!!

Nick Zamudio

2 years ago

Thank you for everything Robin was returned home today we loved everything in the bag my son mark nick the whole family are very saddened.

Norma Garcia

2 years ago

On April 27 2020. I had to make one of the toughest decisions I had to make in a long time and that was to have to have my dog put down she . was 13 years old and having a lot of difficulty breathing and standing, she was a great friend and companion to me and all my family . I love and miss her so much so today when I went to pick up her ashes I saw that they had made me a paw print for me. This brought tears of joy and happiness to my eyes . Thank you to all the staff at Gateway for making this a beautiful gift. Your kindness means the world to those who love and miss their fur babies .Her name was Bella ????

Richard SantaCruz

2 years ago

You guys did an amazing job for my baby girl "Sky" She was our little girl she came to us as a stray we started to spoil her so much and bam the unthinkable happens now she'll never leave my side. Thank you for everything you guys are awesome!

Tansu Philip

2 years ago

Gateway went above and beyond for us during a sad time. We miss our George but feel he was in good hands here. Sweet staff. Lovely to get his ashes back in a nice box and a sweet sweet pawprint.

Victor Reyes Hernandez

2 years ago

My Baby Girl Estrella Passed Away On 2/29/20 . They Made The Entire Process So Easy , They Are Very Compassionate , Treated The Entire Process Of The Burial With Care & Answered Any Questions We Had . & Didnt Move Forward Without Letting Us Know Of The Next Step Thank You So Much For Your Help ! Meant The Entire World To Me That You Understood My Pain & Made Everything Easy For Us ????

yolanda bringas

2 years ago

Hello.. my name is Ebonee I’m 10 years old Schnauzer and I love my family but unfortunately, I left to soon but I was home laying on my momma’s bed with her on my corner side. She comfort me as much as she can and I heard saying a deep prayer to god if it was my time to lift me up and he did ♥️???????? I will always be with my family and time to time I will visit I love them very much. My name is Yolanda I am the owner of my sassy Ebonee♥️ I truly love Gateway they are so thoughtful and caring from my first experience with Hulk 5 year’s ago. And now our beloved Ebonee♥️I follow Gateway in Facebook and they always respond back promptly on messenger. You think people that work in this field are cold NOPE! I would love to give recognition to the amazing Danielle, kristi and Emilia ????????♥️????Thank you all♥️ Thank you Justin who originally helped me with Hulk ♥️ I’m so grateful to all the employees there and knowing that my Ebonee is in good hands she was there when I needed her going through my cancer 10 year’s ago and I was there for Ebonee journey last year with her cancer. I’m not sure that’s how she passed away but she was home with us and had a nice weekend until Sunday night 8/2/2020 anyways. I’m blessed she was home ????♥️????????????God bless you all ????????♥️???? Ebonee passed away on 8/3/2020 and I brought her to Gateway Cemetery ????????♥️???? Everyone is awesome

Yvonne Villareal

2 years ago

I picked up my cats ashes today. The paw print I was given was not a cat print. It was definitely a dog print. The box that held the ashes was bigger than my other ones I have of cats that were larger than this cat. I'm beginning to questioni how reputable this company is. I will never use them again and I will tell all my friends about this experience. I'm doubtful this is even my cat.

jessica polanco

2 years ago

I experienced my first pet loss on May 22, 2020. She was a small 15 year old Pomeranian. I decided to cremate her and when it finally came to receiving her back I was so touched on the detail and thought in her Cedar box. I also received a paw print in clay which was so beautiful! Even her name and a little heart was handwritten in the clay which just filled my heart with happiness. I definitely recommend their services.

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