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Julianna Nuñez

2 years ago

I have been bringing my dog here since she was a puppy, and they treated her nicely. But, the more times I brought her and went myself we noticed that they are not very professional, you have to ask a lot of questions to get instructions on the medical care your animal may need. They are cheap but you end up paying for what you get because they are SUPER busy and kind of a mess. Especially since COVID, I love my dog and I am thankful for the work they do and have done with her thus far but will no longer be going to this vet and suggest other people do the same.

Sharon Negrete

2 years ago

My son took my dog in because he had bad diarrhea. This vet wanted a $30 deposit just to wait! They took my money and sent him out to the car to wait. After 2 hours my son went back in and they told him it would be another 2 hours! My son was so frustrated he left and went down the street to another vet office and he got right in! We thought that because we did not see the doctor they would not charge us, but they did! What greedy people! I tried to call them but they do not have a phone number that works, you cannot get through to them on the phone number they have listed. this is totally unprofessional and absolutely ridiculous to charge somebody $30 who had to wait two hours and still had another two hours to wait and a sick dog. Do not go to this place it is not worth it, pay a little more and go to somebody else ! Arrowview you need a phone number where people can actually get in touch with you!

Luis Gonzalez

2 years ago

Good luck getting them to answer the phone.

Kari Hand

2 years ago

A great place to take your dog or cat for reasonable prices— to get their shots or if you need to have your pet chipped or want their nails clipped on either Wed. or Sat. But expect to wait 1 1/2 or 2 hours to be seen! This is done on a walk-in basis so you can’t make an appointment. Can & should make an appointment on the other day’s if you need your pet to be seen for something else... However, don’t believe Google that says that they take walk-ins until 4:30 because they don’t—the vets get booked up waaay before that time, so call before you drive over there, or you will most likely be wasting your time. Don’t expect to be saving much money when it comes to lab work, X-rays, or surgeries, & they will want to order unnecessary tests which I refused to have done... My vet charges more for office visits but charges waaaay less than they do for the same surgery... saved me $300 & he only orders tests that are necessary (again saving me money) & the medications he prescribes work much faster & better... They give you the smallest liquid dose of medicine possible... Remember, what you pay for is what you get...

Carolyn Lewis-myers

2 years ago

They are amazing everyone makes sure everything is addressed when it comes to the furkids

Juaren Frausto

2 years ago

(2021 Update: This place is still the most unprofessional, unreliable, utterly inadequate vet office I’ve ever had to deal with. Think third world country—that is where this clinic fits in. Finally convinced my relative to stop going here. If this vet clinic is all you know, I highly suggest broadening your perspective. You might pay a little more elsewhere, but my goodness you’ll see what a good and reliable vet clinic had to offer.) I wish I could be nice and give this place more than one star, but the shoe fits. The focus at this clinic seems to be quantity over quality. Which is not surprising considering the area. If you want more individualized care to your pets needs, I’d not recommend this place. Not to mention parking is atrocious and the staff seem to only want to get through the customers instead of addressing individualized needs/wants. Don’t expect much. It’s a little cheaper but you’ll feel rushed and unsatisfied. There are better places that will show individualized care, attention to detail, and have adequate space.

MarieAntonett Guardado

2 years ago

I do highly recommend them the weight might be a little long but it is worth it

Candi Wheeler

2 years ago

They love animals, they're great.

Charmian Anweiler

2 years ago

Just called and they say they will have an appointment for a week away but they don't answer or give me any time for appointment, very unprofessional, they just hang up. Then you call back to get detail and they send the call to voicemail vs answering

Maribel Sepulveda

2 years ago

I took my kitten to an operation so that she would not have kittens and she died I do not know what they did to her I do not recommend them at all.

Raul Aguilar Jr

2 years ago

For starters... they NEVER answer their phone. Once you do come in person early mind you. You wait for at least 2 hours just to see someone. After the whole ordeal you make an appointment to come BACK... they give you said appointment and STILL make you wait 2 hours outside. The receptionists are very rude with the clients. I heard one lady come in for just a prescription and they STILL made her wait in line with everyone. If you're going to make appointments HONOR THEM! Definitely will stick with Day Creek Animal Hospital, better service and quality!

Richard Madrigal

2 years ago

This is the most affordable place in town. lines r long and yes some staff can be human and not always be on there best . being dog owners we should be more understanding and have more tolerance I mean r fur babies have eating up up a good pair of shoes once or twice so we all need to relax and give this place a much deserved four star rating I've been taking my pets here for years and never had a bad enough experience to turn my back on this place or give it a bad rating but let's all stop being Karen's and no offense to Karen's and try to understand thank you


2 years ago

WOW. I want to make it clear, the fact that this place is rated below 5 stars is ridiculous. I was recommended this vet highly, but noticed they had a LOW review ONLY because they recently changed their phone system. The rating is misleading. THIS VET OFFICE IS AMAZING. I came here for the first time ever this week to deal with my 10 year old, unspayed husky vaginal prolapse, which was COMPLETELY CORRECTED. I am very emotional when it comes to my pets and the staff was above and beyond supportive. They were sure to tell me all worse case scenario options yet my dog completely recovered healthily. MY DOG IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND THIS VET TREATED HER AS SUCH. And they SAVED ME MONEY. These people are passionate and I am so forever grateful that I was given the recommendation to take my Luna Lou here. I will confidently say this is one of the true loving vets left in this county <3


2 years ago

Honestly I’ve been here 3 times different days and hours and the service is still the same…………. Dull and Evasive. There are a few great staff that are very nice but other than that it’s not a easy or pleasant place to go. No one answers the phones or returns calls they do not make appointments unless it’s recommended. Employees give different information which is misleading. They have no urgency or concern. I will be finding a new Animal Hospital. Thank for the experience guys.


2 years ago

Regardless if you have an appointment expect to wait. LONG. Even worse if you don't have an appointment prepare to wait 2 plus hours. Staff is annoying to the least.

Moises Padilla

2 years ago

Came today to get a vaccine for my dog and it was affordable, 20 bucks for four! I did get a little confuse since I saw the person who gave my dog his vaccine 3 needles, but on paper it says four...I really want to know what does that mean.

rosalind vega

2 years ago

Dr.Major is amazing. She's such an excellent Vet. Very personable..treats our fur babies with so much love and affection. She treats all the doggies and cats with affection..and the staff members totally awesome..thanks for all you do..Newman's mom.

Seth Freitas

2 years ago

"Poor quality, poor value, not professional, not reliable, and not responsive" all literally sum up the services here perfectly. The staff is always unaware of what I made an appointment for, Despite having a set appointment time, it will typically take over an hour to be checked in and seen. Walks in are prioritized based on how soon they got there before your appoitment.

Rouge Campos

2 years ago

They don't answer their phone and when I did get through they just hung up on me ..or just rude ...bad customer service


2 years ago

Well like everyone else says, no one answers the phone but I believe it’s because they’re so busy in there at all times, it’s crazy. But hey, we can all wait a little for good care right? That’s what I thought until I had two medications that call for blood testing, before and after use to monitor liver and kidney function, for my senior dog and older cat, prescribed after just a look at them. No testing whatsoever, just prescribed and out the door. After looking into it and seeing these medications can seriously harm the animals if there’s any underlying issue, that bloodwork could easily prevent, I was scared for my animals, stopped the use and made an appointment elsewhere. And one of the medications, as told to me by one of the vets there, “isn’t approved in the USA but it is everywhere else and it’s safe!!” But no bloodwork or appropriate testing to make sure. If you want a thorough check to make sure your (elder) animal is good, go somewhere else. This is a decent place for vaccinations, because of the low cost maybe. Staff is super nice though and handles everyone as well as they can (it’s busy from open to close)

Randy Diaz-Case

2 years ago

The vaccination process was a little confusing, but it was affordable and once we were signed in it was quick.

Marisol Palacios

2 years ago

This place should do something about answering their phones. The customer service sucks. They put me on hold for more than 5 minutes and then they hang up. I can never get a hold of someone.

Sasha Herrera

2 years ago

They never answer the phone, Ive called many times to try and make my dog an appointment but they never answered the phone, not even once.

Anne P.

2 years ago

Cheap vacation clinic. The wait is too long. Rescue agencies get priority.


2 years ago

Love them..they are the cheapest and reasonable in town and they have a good least in my visits I have only Good experiences????

Carol Bland

2 years ago

So nice to you Animals you can see they care!

Sayd AleMtz

2 years ago

They never answer the phone I have 2 days trying to communicate I will have to look for another hospital I have 4 years going to that place but their service at the reception is frustrating

Rachael A.

2 years ago

Friendly staff just not a good area to be in. I mean it is San Bernardino so it's expected

priscila talavera

2 years ago

Horrible place will never return.... They care more about money.

Mecca moo

2 years ago

Honestly I went in before cuz my dog was very sick they Gave me medication for him but a couple months later he just seem like he is getting worse not any better in I’m very sad in disrespected cuz I paid over 300 dollars for the Medicine that doesn’t even work and the appointment as well. So now I’m trying to call them about it and no one even answers the phone when Clearly it saids that they’re open. I called 8 times in the morning after 8:30 My dog is very sick he will die but of course they don’t care no one doesn’t even answer the phone idk what to do... They said they well call to check up on my dog in a year. Well that’s not good enough Especially since he’s getting worse...????????

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