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Rachel Cunningham

a year ago

Exceptional and professional service. This place has good vets AND is well run, a hard to find quality among veterinarians. I am so grateful they were able to fix my dogs ear and they were so attentive to my questions and my dog.

Susy L

a year ago

Only Vet I trust with my dogs ????

DDD Boyotti

a year ago

Dr. Clemente and Lorenzo were awesome with @BellaBoyotti who just happens to work part-time as their receptionist ????

Gabby Koloszar

a year ago

Compassionate, kind and courteous staff help provide an urgent care facility for your pets. Prices were considerably less than expected and the care was top-notch.

Sherre Lott

a year ago

Caitlin Diggs was really patient and helpful with my questions.. also her assistant.. my dog is a handful and was very calm around them.. I highly recommend

Sean Merrill

a year ago

I would say how great our vet is, but then it would become even harder to schedule an appointment with her, so instead I will just say the how great the entire staff is.

Megan Reynolds

a year ago

Everyone is very friendly and it's always very clean. And Dr. Ha is great!

Heather Borba

a year ago

I have a 10 month old boxer and his eyes had been goopy, then they became red and puffy. I called my vet and was informed they could get him an appointment in just over a month. They suggested I find somewhere else to take my boxer. I called the closest vet to my house and it happened to be Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital. Once I explained my boxer needed immediate care they booked me for an urgent care appointment that day. I dropped my dog off around 10 that morning. I honestly appreciated that I was able to drop him off instead of sitting at their office waiting. I received a phone call later that afternoon from the veterinarian, she explained what she had observed and took plenty of time to discuss my dog with me. I took my dog home later that evening. The next day someone from the office called to check on how my dog was doing. I have NEVER had a vet follow up. I LOVE that they called to see how my dog was doing. My boxer had a follow up appointment about a week after his first visit. His eyes are looking much better and we think we have discovered the cause of the irritated eyes. I want to touch on a few of the other reviews that have been left about this clinic. I've now been in there a few times at different times of the day. I will admit, the earlier in the day the friendlier the staff has been... But, I mean, I'm more friendly at the beginning of the day too. When I picked up my dog in the evening the staff seemed a little worn out, but still kind. I'm sure the staff has to deal with all types of people. I went in, concerned about my dog, but I was still kind. I have a feeling the people who have left poor reviews on this clinic went into the office and didn't treat the staff with kindness. We are all human and can only take so much rudeness from people. Rocklin Ranch Veterinarian Hopital has become my regular vet and I am dropping the other place.

Harriet Goldstein

a year ago

Very nice Staff. They took great care of my Cat but they're expensive.

Matt J

a year ago

Always a pleasure, pricey though.

Melissa Lednik

a year ago

I really want to rate this place higher, the Doctors are great. However, I ran into a bit of an issue when I wanted bloodwork done on my dog. I had made a tech apt to have semi-annual bloodwork done on one of my dogs but then ended up not needing bloodwork for her (she has a lot of issues and was seen at a specialist the day before-very last min sort of thing)….instead of cancelling my apt last min I decided to keep the apt slot and bring my other dog instead. The dog is a current patient, nothing wrong with him, I just wanted bloodwork on file. I was told I would have to pay for an exam fee, an urgent care fee and get the referring drs info. in order to do the same exact tech apt.. However, there was no referring doctor…I literally just wanted my dog to have semi annual bloodwork on file so we can track any changes as he ages. It was apparently beyond the scope of what they normally do, preventative care? The staff that came out and spoke with me, although pleasant, could not seem to grasp the fact that I just wanted the bloodwork to sit in his file so we can see what his “normal” is and check it yearly as he ages. We weren’t diagnosing anything. Furthermore, My other dog with the really rare condition that the apt was originally for had been seen here prior and at that visit I asked about vaccines (rabies specifically) and was told by the doctor it was better to hold off at this time. At this visit I was told my dog could not be seen without a Rabies vaccine, I explained THEIR doctor had not been comfortable with giving that at the prior visit. Then I was told my dog COULD be seen here but that only one specific person with a rabies vaccine could handle her and I would have to call ahead and make special arrangements. It was all a moot point because she no longer needed the apt but it was certainly news to me that she wasn’t welcome in the facility. I understand policies to keep staff safe, but this is a couch potato indoor dog who would literally NEVER bite a soul and lives in an area with little to no incident of rabies. She had also been vaccinated previously but is now overdue. I am not against vaccines for healthy dogs! I do like the staff and drs here, they are pleasant even when having a disagreement as described above. The facility is nice, they offer many services and I always felt like my pets were being handled safely behind scenes. However, I’ve changed to a diff vet that will accommodate my dogs health issues/vaccination status and is more than happy to take my money when I want to do semi annual baseline bloodwork to ease my mind.

Michael Pickens

a year ago

Very efficient organization all the staff I encountered were better than great. I am seriously thinking about using them for all my animals.

Nolo Kobo

a year ago

I think the staff are as nice and accommodating as they can be. I think they're absolutely amazing and appreciate them. There's really nothing bad to say about the service I received and so I gave then 5 stars. The only issue is that the cost of service is about as high as anywhere else. Although it is cheaper than most other places for most procedures the cost is still pretty steep. I am aware that the staff don't set the prices and I don't hold it against them. It's just a shame that labs and other companies make everything so expensive as to price just about anyone out of taking care of their companion animals. Hopefully some day the corporate hold over places like this will cease to exist.

Rita Perada

a year ago

Great staff and took care of my dog very well.

Vonda Golding

a year ago

My Gracie loves the vets here. They take good care of our fur babies. Staff is friendly and the office is clean. Their prices are way cheaper for better care then the last 2 my dog had.

Bonnie Zinda

a year ago

Been there quite a few times now.They have always gotten my animals in.And aint really had that long await.Very helpful good with me pets .Very respectful no matter how I look.And that means alot to me!

Nichole Wilson

a year ago

A client for a couple years - dog required 2 previous emergency surgeries - lrg down/lrg monthly payed off among many other health issue visits - dog eats everything - needed another EMERGENCY surgery, but policy change and they couldn't except lrg down & lrg monthly payments for EMERGENCY one more time for this great steady client and then say in future won't be able to - keep in mind my dog is sick with severe diarrhea and lethargic etc needing immediate attention!...NOT LOYAL! OMG! NO LONGER A CLIENT! Those who I've shared this with have all had a sincere "That's Horrible!" The irony is that a close friend of a family member, who is quit particular, also had a negative experience here and was able to refer me to a great vet!

Mary Kaufman

a year ago

Dr. Estes is the kindest, gentle Veterinarian.

jennifer cantrell

a year ago

Been here for lunch 2 ruined had their personal pizza burn times. The pesto one is amazing!

Bridget Fitzsenry

a year ago

Best vets ever! Would not go anywhere else

Chris Balding

a year ago

This place is great! Our vet recommended them when we needed urgent care for our cat. They were very thorough and friendly. And I mean VERY thorough - they found things our regular vet had never mentioned and that we could verify ourselves. We received many phone calls from our vet over the few days we had been seeing them, which was really appreciated. Dr. Estes really went above and beyond showing that she cared about our cat. Their prices seemed fair, and they even talked us out of spending extra money that we didn’t need to. The fact they also have a pharmacy inside helped save a trip. We love our regular vet but now we find ourselves driving the extra 15 minutes to go visit this vet!

Nicolette Smorra

a year ago

Six months and countless phone calls later I was not able to secure an appointment for a dental cleaning/mass removal. Pet owners - Please beware when choosing this vet and approach with low expectations. Rocklin Ranch - Look into training your employees and utilizing an effective CRM system. I received at least five calls from Rocklin Ranch telling me surgeries were backed up a few months and I was placed onto a list. Two months became four, four became six. Each time I called, the employees had a difficult time telling me anything definite and always passed me along to someone else to return my call (which ultimately resulted in being told I'm going to be put on a list....again). After 6 full months of waiting, I was offered an appointment with less than 24 hours notice while we were out of town. When I called two days later to hopefully schedule something in the following weeks, I was then "placed onto the list" again and was told appointments are at least two months out. AGAIN. This office is disorganized and frustrating to deal with. I called another vet and scheduled in 8 minutes what this vet could not schedule in over six months. I have had positive interactions with some staff and all of the veterinarians, but this disorganization and some very rude previous encounters have ensured I will not return.

Renee Davis-peterson

a year ago

It's been a couple years sense I took my pitbull Cadi in to have a tear looked at. They were amazing staph..they quoted me alot more then I had, BUT they made it work so I was able to have everything I needed.Cadi healed great and I will take her back..thanks

leia scoville

2 years ago

Dr.Paul is the best! Very caring and helpful. 100% recommend him

Richelle Foss

2 years ago

Took great care of our Max. They were amazing and helpful

Nicole Basirico

2 years ago

Great doctors and techs! However, the practice seems to be overbooked or not running smoothly? Waited 40 min past appointment time to be seen (ok, they got behind, that’s fine). My pup was seen, and that went well! However, my frustration came when the doc left the room and told me that I was just waiting on meds. I waited for 50 minutes without anyone checking in on me and my pup. When I asked what was going on at minute 40, no one was sure and had to find the tech that was helping us. Roughly 5-10 min after I asked what was going on, the tech came in to check us out with not much of an explanation as to why we waited for so long. I understand there is a lot going on behind the scenes… but the combined wait times of 40 min before the appointment and 50 minutes of waiting to get checked out, I was frustrated. Hopefully will find a new vet clinic after this.

Lisa Jackson

2 years ago

Found our vet! Really nice staff. Office is big and well maintained. Thank you!

Linda Brice

2 years ago

This place just saved my dog's life in an emergency situation. The staff are caring and professional. Thank you Rocklin Ranch! Bear and Linda Brice.

ellen voight

2 years ago

Roxy (my sweet chihuahua) had a great day at Rocklin Ranch. She went there for dental treatment and ended up having 16 teeth pulled. The staff was fantastic. They were warm, caring and extremely professional. Every single person from receptionists to intake people to veterinarians were just wonderful. The price they charged was appropriate and I appreciated the Senior Discount. I take both of my dogs there and am so, so happy with their service.

Deborah Brodie

2 years ago

Took care of my elderly kitty with kindness and knowledge

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