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Kavon Adli

2 years ago

My spouse and I completed a 5 session program with WOTD and made great progress with our dog-reactive German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix. Brian teaches you to understand your dog’s psychology and apply this knowledge to overcome behavioral challenges. As an added bonus we found him entertaining and personable. Weeks after our program I called Brian with a question unrelated to the concerns we worked on. He called back with actionable advice within the hour at no additional charge. He considers this part of the deal; I call it going the extra mile. Very glad we found WOTD.

Ally Payne

2 years ago

We just finished our 5-lesson training with Brian in about 3 months, and we couldn't be happier. Brian teaches YOU how to be the leader for your dog. We rescued a 2-year old that probably went through some previous trauma as she was very fearful of men, skateboards, and basically anything when we would go on walks. She is literally a different dog now. It is work and it's not a quick fix but if you put in the effort, Brian's method will work. Also Monique was very easy to work with scheduling-wise and was very responsive. Thanks Brian!

Jenny Yim

2 years ago

Hoku enjoyed every bit of his birthday cake!

Joseph Waddle

2 years ago

Brian understands dogs like no other

Ryan Stearns

3 years ago

Brian Lee is nothing short of incredible. With his advice, guidance, and assistance we were able to transform a dog we rescued and was severely neglected from a dog that we had almost given up on into one of the most magnificent, loving, and faithful dogs you can imagine. Brian's techniques and advice are based in common sense, so all you have to do is listen to him, and you and your dog are virtually guaranteed to succeed. Thanks Brian. My family is truly indebted to you.

Mike Scharnagl

3 years ago

As part of our training, Brian came to our house to train the dog. The training was really for us. He knows dogs and their behaviors. His techniques may seem odds to others, but he really is teaching you how to be assertive around your dog and take the lead by being the alpha. He explains a lot about dogs. Hes not a stay, sit, come guy if that's what you are looking for.

Maddy Morrissey

3 years ago

Because of Brian and his "Way of the Dog" program, our lives (dog and humans) are much more relaxed, happier, and enjoyable. This comprehensive and thoughtful process is catered to each specific case for the optimal results. We are able to create the best possible life and situations for our dog, which make her less anxious, friendlier, and confident. Thank you WOTD!

Alex Jackson

3 years ago

We were referred to Brian by a close friend who brought their dog for training when he was a puppy after we rescued our dog who was 11 months old at the time. We LOVED working with Brian! Our dog was pretty well behaved considering she was a rescue so we didn't come in with a list of problems to fix, however Brian's training taught us from the basics up on what we need to know and do to have a dog who is independent, a good listener and well behaved. Brian's approach is unique and rigid. He has a great balance of being loving with being stern with your dog. For example, he will advise you not to have your dog on the couch or bed as it gives up control, but it's up to you what you do and he'll give you the techniques you need to create good behaviors. Know that he errs on the side of being strict and never giving up on creating patterns and good behaviors. However- it works! He will correct your dog on the spot and it works. He will watch you correct and tell you where you're failing and where you're succeeding. He tells it like it is and can be harsh, but your pup is worth it! I read thru the negative reviews before posting this one and with Brian, what you see is what you get. He’s no BS. If you want someone who is going to make you feel good at the end of every session, he’s not the guy for you. If you want someone who is going to help you train your dog the most efficient way possible so you and your dog live happy lives together, then he is the guy for you. If you have an ill behaved dog, you need to use the force based training skills and your dog will never disobey you again because they work! He has never told me to “throw a chair” at my dog. What he says is “use an object to create a large movement or sound so your dog listens to you correcting them the first time” and if that’s a chair, it’s a chair. If it’s a water bottle, it’s a water bottle. Dogs are animals! You need to use different skills to train and correct than you would a child. I hear people who send their dogs away to boot camp and they come back “better.” Brian will teach YOU how to help your dog be better and it will create a respectful, loving, peaceful relationship between you and your dog. If you are unwilling to learn and fix the issues, he will drop you as a client as he should. It is your valuable time and money as well as his time. I recommend Brian to everyone!!!

consolacion diaz

4 years ago

Thank you soooo much! Brian just gave me a free dog training advice.

Shanna Shryne

4 years ago

Best dog trainer in LA!!

Roark Sandberg

4 years ago

Wow. Great training for the 2 legged animal

Leah Glavan

4 years ago

Amazingly helpful, fast results. Our home is a much calmer and livable place, plus I'm not being dragged down the street when walking my 2 dogs.

Monica Kimble

5 years ago

Way of the Dog has helped our family deal with a number of owner/canine issues. It is awesome to finally understand why we had the issues we were experiencing. I can finally walk my German Shepherd down the street without him jumping on me or barking at other dogs.

Alexander Kazerani

5 years ago

Great, super knowledgeable, he truly can talk / relate to dogs, and he helped us greatly with our dog Buddy. I highly recommend Brian, and ideally you should hire him as early as possible. We had our first session the day before we adopted Buddy.

John Babson

6 years ago

Brian was instrumental in correcting behaviors my dog was exhibiting following a vicious attack she experienced as a puppy.

Gone to the Dogs Rescue Inc.

8 years ago

6 mos ago I hired Brian for behavior training with my beloved Ricky Ricardo. Thanks to helping me understand his anxiety and behavior, we are all doing great. Ricky is quite a different dog now, he's happy, relaxed, calm and sweet. Lyle and Lucy are thankful too! Thank you Brian!

Linda Housden

8 years ago

In March of this year I contacted Brian to inquire if he would please consider putting together a training presentation specifically for the Los Angeles Mayor's Crisis Response Team. I briefly explained about the work that we do with families post tramatic incident, (such as engaging with LAPD/LAFD/families at crime scenes, accidents and homes) throughout all of Los Angeles. Brian agreed to come and his presentation was absolutely fantastic, and without any reservation, that we would like to invite him once again for a larger audience and presentation. There was member participation and we learned some valuable information for when we go into homes where animals are preaent. Thank you Brian. We are so greatful to you for educating us. You are the best! In appreciation, Linda Housden, Terri Sommerville, & Barbara McDermott- CRT Valley Bureau Leaders.

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