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Jaclyn Dare

2 years ago

Receptionist is unhelpful. Clinic policy doesn’t make any sense… As a potential new patient, I was informed the clinic is offering “limited weekly availability”. What does that mean? The receptionist explained, on Monday at the start of the week I need to check availability, and if there’s none, I have to keep trying every week. Even though, I want to book 2-3weeks from now, so basically it’s a lottery on a week to week bases? Make it make sense. Then, I asked if she could recommend another Integrative Vet, she off-handedly said “there’s a website you can check [without naming the site], to look up holistic vets”. The nearest one —after figuring it out myself, is over 40miles away from their location! I’m already commuting from the Coachella Valley. Livid doesn’t begin to describe my frustration. To any medical professional, don’t get involved in (any type of) medicine if you don’t actually want to help others.

Lynn Fryer

2 years ago

I called this Veterinarian hoping to get my elderly dog in for a series of check ups. I have no doubt they are a good place but at this time they are not taking any new pets. That is disappointing but I do understand. The reason I’m looking for a new vet is because the one I’ve always taken my pets to has become so overcrowded I end up spending hours there.

Olga Santamaria

2 years ago

My husband has been taking his rescue dogs to Dr Han for 5 years, him and his staff have always been very caring and understanding, never a long wait, the best part is that Dr Han will not try to sell you expensive, unnecessary tests.

Marilynn Loveless

2 years ago

They must be a fabulously successful company. The person who answered the phone said they are not accepting new patients now, and don't know if that will change in the future. Okay then. First impressions matter. The glib unhelpful person who answered your phone isn't helping you.

ONE SHOT Publicity

2 years ago

Great prices for a vet in California, friendly staff and knowledgeable doctor

Rinalda Rosa

2 years ago

Best Veterinary. Dr Huang really cares about your pets and is affordable. Definitely recommend!!

Marianna Schernan

2 years ago

Amazing service. They are like family with your animals. The care and help is beyond amazing

Thomas Mcfarland

2 years ago

The best vet I’ve ever gone to, he’s really sweet, respectful, honest and educated. You can tell he loves his job and animals. Gave me answers I needed for a while that other vets couldn’t give me. 10/10 would recommend immensely.

Rick Wood

2 years ago

A wonderful vet for all my kitties. Very transparent and honest. So happy I found this place ????

Patricia Scott

2 years ago

Nice clean and very friendly place. Was there with my aunt and her dog. Vet was very nice and explained everything in detail where we could understand.

Jessica Marie

2 years ago

All of the staff are kind. Dr. Huang is patient and gentle with the animals, and he listens well to concerns. He is communicative and gives a good overview of options and what he thinks would be best and least invasive for your pets.

Laura Gonzales

2 years ago

Very kind staff. Dr. Han was always very gentle and caring towards my fuir baby.


2 years ago

Very clean establishment. The lady at the front was helpful and kind. Doctor Han and the assistant were friendly and skilled. We didn't have to wait to be seen.

Judy King

2 years ago

Polite staff, the doctor takes a personal interest in every animal and they do everything they can for the pets that come in. They don't over charge you for an office visit.

John Taylor

2 years ago

Great care and attention from all the staff!!

CJ Agnelli

2 years ago

{{READ}} Wow. I would stay very far from this vet. Have 2 very elderly Great Danes. As in mine is being put in World Record Book currently being 14. Call to set an appt. Rude lady answered. Came back on phone 7 mins later. “Yea?” Strike One. No appt’s for 2 months. I get that, vets are busy. But even if emergency they can’t help or recommend someone? Strike 2. Then I go to set appt anyways. They won’t schedule both dogs. I have to bring one in 2 months and AFTER that, bring in the 13 year old Great Dane 2 months after that? Excuse me? We love our pets. They are our family. Don’t trust a vet that must give discounts for good reviews or are friends of people who work there. But this business is horrible and don’t trust your fur-kids with a place with such uncaring and unprofessional people.

Jessica J

2 years ago

2 stars because of the front desk staff. 5 stars for the doctor and techs! Unfortunately, after 5 years I am seeking out a new vet. I called in the past and they were so accommodating (I had a dog with an ear infection). I took him in and Dr. Han examined him in between appointments. Fast forward to now, I had a dog with a severe issue and front desk was no help. Was told the soonest appointment was a week out. Okay, I understand with Covid, so I took her to another vet. I called today after I was told she needed surgery, because Dr. Han is so great and I trust him completely, to find out his opinion and to schedule the surgery with him, if he felt it was needed still. Once again, even after explaining the situation, the receptionist basically said, I could get in at the end of the month. No accommodating my dog. I told her she didn’t have that long and she replied “okay”. I wasn’t asking for royal treatment but I would think after 5 years, and knowing she needed surgery, she would have helped out in some way. Very disappointed that I now have to find a new vet. If you don’t care about the front office staff showing no sympathy, then I’d recommend Dr. Han, he is the best. He should work on replacing front desk staff though.

Wanda Costa

2 years ago

I was searching for an alternative to being a cash cow to our local vet in Riverside while my dog's health continued to decline. My cane corso was very ill and not showing real improvement after multiple diagnostics, countless lab testing, expensive prescription kibble and compounded special antibiotics. I sought out nutritionist, raw diet possibilities and stumbled onto Dr. Han. One visit, a drive from Riverside to Loma Linda, and I knew I was changing my pups doctor! An office exam after record review and a lab test...Dr Han took him off the antibiotics, we started a home prepared diet (not raw, tummy to messed up for that), and B-12 injections every 6 weeks now. It's now a year later and my pup is at a healthy weight and eating like a champ, all thanks to Dr Han!!!

Richard Nakaoka

2 years ago

Dr. Han and the vet techs are very patient and informative. Its worth the extra 15 minute drive to see their team. Also their pricing is reasonable compared to some other nearby vet offices.

Rich Isaacs

2 years ago

Dr. Hahn is very thorough during my visit. He takes the time to explain the process and options available. In detail. He also writes thing down for you so you do not forget! I have spent lots money in the past only to have them say it could be cancer, kidney failure, etc. Dr Hahn as I have said took his time to rule things out as to the cause of my dogs illness. He did additional tests and took some skin samples and looked through a microscope and then bang he seemed to identify my dogs illness. ???? He even allowed me to look through the microscope ???? and then he took his time to explain what was going on even drawing a picture. I have been to a number of vets in my life time and I will say Dr Hahn is top notch. I can only thank my grooming Salon (Sharon - Holly Woof Woof) for recommending this vet. When I was leaving I was even more surprised with my fees 1/3 of what I have paid at the last vet. I will continue to take my dogs to Dr. Hahn. If I could have given him 10 stars I would have! Friendly and professional staff!!

D.R. Horelle

3 years ago

The Staff were very nice and accommodating- the Dr. Was very kind and informative. Would suggest everyone with a pet to go here.

Carrie Warren

3 years ago

We love Dr Haun and more importantly our dogs love him. We have been seeing Dr Haun for over 10 years! Fantastic staff and vet office!

909Maria 909Maria

3 years ago

Dr. Hahn is very thorough on every visit I have taken my dogs. He takes the time to explain the process and options available. His diagnosis has always been right as we have older dogs, and their health has deteriorated sad to say. I highly recommend.


3 years ago

Dr. Han Huang is the best vet I have ever been to. For only $65, he took the time to explain everything going on with my Dobermann Pinscher, and offered the conventional and herbal approach. He spent 1 hour and 10 minutes discussing everything in a thoughtful manner. He is very knowledgable! I already got all my scans and tests done at the VCA for my dog’s two heart diseases, and he did not insist on another scan, being considerate of my budget. Regarding the herbals he offered in-clinic, he did not force them on me, and even took his own time to research the best alternative supplements and calculate their dosages. When I had further questions that night, I emailed him and he got back to me early morning the next day, in a long and detailed email. This practice was a last resort for me, and I am glad I came here all the way from Palm Springs! I was skeptical of herbal approaches, but this Doctor reassured my confidence to try this integrative approach. To sum up my experience, here is a list of things I noticed: •Super Affordable •Work’s for the patient’s owners’ interests, not against them. •Considerate •Thoughtful •Very Knowledgable on Eastern and Western Medicines. •Great Office and Staff •Responds in a meaningful and timely manner. •Is not a pill-pusher. If you are deciding whether to choose this vet or a conventional vet, CHOOSE this one. He specializes in conventional medicine and eastern medicine, and IS A REAL VET. I saw two fire fighters in uniform come out of this clinic too, so it is not just me with great experiences!

Rene Stahl

3 years ago

Okay this facility is where my dogs chiropractor is and practice out of she's terrific she's done a lot of good for my dog and Ellie actually enjoys going to the chiropractor cuz she feels better when she leaves the facility is very nice and clean the staff is really very very nice and I would recommend going there for your dogs treatments for chiropractor or anything else. Dr Palmer practices there on Tuesday and Thursday from mornings till noon. She shares the office with Dr. Huang he's great. Dr Huang is there full time. Please take a look at there website.

Shay Davis

3 years ago

Very good customer service and the vet took time to explain and educate vs. prescribe and dismiss. I recently moved and will be bringing my little guy back for checkups!

Victoria Reiser

3 years ago

This office is amazing! Great staff and a wonderful doctor who is thorough and thoughtful when answering questions. Best doggie doctor office I've been to.

willard harper

3 years ago

Very nice people and great doctor.

Zoe Bones

3 years ago

Dr. Han is the best! I go the extra miles literally to bring my kids here. Kids = cats. Lol

Alexander Yeo

3 years ago

Love the vet and staff here. We bring our dogs here and have always been able to get quick and timely appointments. Costs are affordable. Highly recommended!

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