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Martina Mojica

2 years ago

We have used this emergency pet hospital twice and both times their staff is so caring and compassionate at what they do. Taking care of our fur babies. The ability to call as often as you need to checkup on your babies health is so …

Sandy Porter

2 years ago

The staff are amazing, kind, and very caring. My fur baby had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. The staff checked in with me as well as encouraging me to call and visit. I couldn't recommend a better vet office. So thankful for their care and kindness.

Hosea Moore

2 years ago

My dog had some serious injuries they were able to get her in asap great service

anna encinas

2 years ago

Took care of my babydog! I called to check on my baby dog every 30 min they gave me an update and called me

Selena Galvez

2 years ago

Early last year, I had taken all three of my pets here between the span of a year. Two of my cats of which were misdiagnosed with just a simple cold by their previous vet. This hospital took them in and diagnosed them with leukemia along with the cat flu. This hospital took them in at their worst and did their very best to keep them going, but ultimately my fiancé and I had to make the decision to put them down. The leukemia had deteriorated their immune system severely. This hospital gave me constant updates while they were in their care. They showed compassion and sympathy once my cats were put down. Second event was recent, our puppy was throwing up and not holding food of water for two days. They kept him for a day and watched him carefully. They offered nothing but the best treatment for him. They gave us constant updates and if we called to get more updates, they had no problem providing and assisting. We had to take our puppy in again this morning he had experienced paraphimosis. The vet took him in within the hour and in a matter of minutes he was back out. We were refunded the emergency fee since it was just a quick visit. I cannot be more grateful to this hospital!!!

Jeanette Burton

2 years ago

I along with my sister brought in a 8 month old Dane, dozer was a puppy of a roommate of my brothers , he was going to die… they saved his life. I’ll be grateful to this amazing staff for what they did for this beautiful Dane. He’s now going to be mine. They were wonderful

Juli Emanuel

2 years ago

Don’t waste your time here because they love to waste yours. Especially with discharging your pet, or calling for updates. If you enjoy waiting and waiting and waiting, this is the spot to take your pet.

kathy sanguinet

2 years ago

At he start they seemed all so helpful and nice. But when I decided not to leave my pet there for days it changed. I compromised and left him for 24 hours and then to continue treatment at home. At the end of 24 hrs. He was very low.on sugar and still deyhryated.one of the main reason To hospitalized. A day or so later when I asked for sub q fluids they said no. Had to bring him back. I feel they put dollars over the pet As it's obvious he needs them as was on the outpatient plan but because I didn't do all out patient and tried to give him 24 hrs in patient they would not give me fluids. It's not like fluids is a controlled substance ..never going back. When I tried to argue..as I was distraught.. they up on me for being upset.

Kevin Zamora

2 years ago

The story would be too long for me to go through, but the staff here did a wonderful job taking care of our beloved pet. They made sure he received the care that he needed. We were able to visit even late hours in the evening and were even able to let our children visit him as well.

Megan Murphy

2 years ago

The staff did such an amazing job taking care of my little guy when he had pancreatitis. They were so patient and gave frequent updates. It’s so hard to find vets that can help in an emergency and I’m very grateful that Redlands was able to take care of my dog and were so kind to us in the process.

Carla Céspedes

2 years ago

On New Year's Eve, my senior dog Gigi became horribly ill. As you can imagine, the next day it was nearly impossible to find an emergency hospital with kennels available as it was a federal holiday and every place was either closed until Monday or full. I am so grateful to have found Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands when I needed them the most. They truly saved Gigi's life! The staff was always kind, quick to answer the phone and available around the clock for an update. Even during what must of been their busiest days of the year we were treated with patience and quality care. On top of that no treatments were done without my direct authorization which gave me financial peace of mind during an otherwise difficult situation. You can feel safe bringing your pet here. Thank you to all the doctors, techs, and receptionists!


2 years ago

Staff is great. They have always taken good care of my fur babies. It is an emergency hospital so it can get pricey, but I’d do anything for my fur babies❤️

Dannette Cooper

2 years ago

Staff was very friendly and keeps us updated on our dog’s status. Very appreciative of how much they care about our fur baby. Thank you

Gina Covarrubias

2 years ago

We came into the hospital quite worried about our little man. The wait was reasonable & the staff was friendly. My husband Jesse & I felt comfortable leaving him in their hands!

Hannah Moreno

2 years ago

NEVER BRING YOUR PETS HERE. We had a 3 month old puppy. He had 100-150 ticks on him from previous ownership and was reacting to it, we decided to take him there to get help. They took him in and started treatment for parvo cause they were convinced it was that and nothing else. They were great with communicating to us personally about what was going on. But when it comes to them communicating with each other in the facility, it was completely unprofessional. They would tell us something and not tell each other what was going on or write information on your pets charts for other employees to read. They are also VERY set on money before care. They told us to come pick up our dog because we didn't pay the extra money for him even though one of the faculty told us not to worry about it and we would deal with payment at a later time. An hour before he died they found out he also had a bacterial infection, mostly caused by the ticks we continuously informed them about, and they would wave us off. I just believe they are very unprofessional, and don't actually care about your pets unless you pay upfront. We only had him for 2 days and the rest of his time was spent there, now he's gone. He was just a baby and didn't get the life he deserved. We are devastated and don't want anyone else to go through what happened with us. -their comment back to me is also a joke. But if you read my review and counted back to Wednesday, September 22nd, when a 3 month pitbull puppy died under your "so-called" watch, you would know exactly which customer we were.

Jacob Taylor

2 years ago

You stole my baby away from me just for money. I understand a job is needed to be done and you guys have your own things you need to deal with. But $5000 down on medicine just for a hope that my pet will make it is disgusting. You didn't take care of her how you said you would. In her last hour she looked as if a car ran over her. You guys refused treatment for her until payment was received. Selfish, incompetent, ignorant, and overall rude staff. We brought my husky in as she was having issues. They said they would look into what could be causing it. Said it wasn't parvo as the test came negative. A few hours later they call to inform that it is indeed parvo and we need to make a decision fast. I put all of my money into it just to be told they needed $5000 more. Absolutely bonkers. To the owner: work on your practices. This is not a humane hospital. They treated my girl as if she was a ragdoll. And after she was dead they immediately started asking about how we wanted to pay. No sense of compassion in this building. DO NOT GO HERE ESPECIALLY FOR EMERGENCIES. YOU'RE BETTER OFF TAKING CARE OF YOUR PET BY YOURSELF

Joseph Wallace

2 years ago

Vary nice workers and constantly keeps me informed with call, texts, pictures and videos

Tri-City Acoustics, Inc.

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly, understanding and there to help in any way to make sure you know you’re baby is being taken care of. It took a load of stress off knowing Chunk was in such loving care. Thank you for all you do!!! -Angela Otjen

Sarah Peralta

2 years ago

AMAZED is an understatement. My (almost 2 y/o lab) was bleeding out from a spay at another location, and the emergency pet team saved her life! Forever grateful for these people!

Juliana alvarez

2 years ago

They were so amazing to my baby girl tink thank you guys for helping her get back to normal !!!

Eduardo Lobatos

2 years ago

We rushed my pup Leia here last night after she ingested something. We were panicked but the team here took care of her. It’s clear they really care about the animals and their prices are truly fair compared to other places. The thing that really put me at ease were the text updates they sent me overnight. I’m truly grateful to the team for taking care of Leia for us! I would and will recommend them to everyone!

Becca Amparano

2 years ago

The kindest animal hospital i’ve been through and kept me informed all throughout my little guy’s stay by calling and sending pictures of him. Can’t thank them enough!

mariha sykes

2 years ago

My poodle p3 was very sick they are taken very good care of her. Im am so thankful for the Dr. and staff very professional.

Amber Marsh

2 years ago

This place is so absolutely amazing!!! After I had to leave my little Buddy there with them for the night all I could do was sit home and worry...then I get a text messege from them trying to reassure me that my baby was doing fine and that he was resting. Super sweet and friendly staff!!! To both me and my pet. VERY grateful for this place!!!!!


2 years ago

Good place, clean, friendly staff

Val Cornwell

2 years ago

Staff and Doctors are awesome. Keep you well informed on how your pet is doing. So grateful!

Rosie Tercero

2 years ago

I contacted this emergency hospital Because my baby ingested rat poisoning and they turned us away. There was no sense of urgency with staff. I was in a panic and all they could say was go somewhere else. I will never take any animal to this place.

Tonja Tucker

2 years ago

So disappointed with this place. They kept my dog for 13 hours and never even examined her. She’s been throwing up for 2 days and won’t eat. I hope I am never in need of emergency services again because I don’t plan to use the facility ever. The young vet techs who work there are great and kept my fur baby company but how do you justify keeping someone’s animal for that long without any kind of service being provided.

Stephanie Hernandez

2 years ago

I was referred to Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands when my pet needed help. All the staff were welcoming and polite. They took my pet in right away and didn’t hold back facts when it comes to the what if’s and possible options. My pet had to stay there for 3 days and during those 3 days, they would send me updates throughout the day in my pets well-being. My pet is doing well now thanks to them!

catlou chan

2 years ago

On the down side, we'll probably be going here a lot because we have senior dogs and their health can drastically change out of nowhere. ...But on the lighter side of things, coming here for our recent pet emergency has been a pleasure and I'll be picking up my senior dog soon! This clinic has been nothing but nice and helpful when I had to admit my dog here for, what she has just NOW been diagnosed with, Addison's disease. Fey was lathargic and barely ate. She'd even refuse chicken and canned dog food! We brought her to this clinic because the our regular vet and our usual emergency clinic was full during that time. I'm really glad we did, because this place is very attentive towards us owners. They were always super friendly and helpful every time I called, they'd send us updates at least once a day and sent me pictures of Fey while she was being hospitalized. They also kept me updated with costs as much as possible and we're transparent with the ranges certain tests/treatment would go BEFORE they did anything, which I appreciate a LOT! This clinic for sure will now be the emergency clinic wed first aim for if anything else happens to any of our senior fur-babies.

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