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martin gracian

2 years ago

First time here today. Stopped by to by some products to switch my puppy to a raw diet and the employees were very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions I had. As a first time dog owner I don't know much but I am glad I came here! Stop going to those big retailers and come here to support this amazing business! Thank you, can't wait to be back and buy my doggie some new goodies:)

Victoria Carreathers

2 years ago

I only buy my dog food from here because they do the research for me and only stock their shelves with quality food. I was really surprised when the food I normally bought went down by $20. I asked them why it became more affordable and the owner explained that they were able to negotiate a better price on their end and allowed the savings to be passed on to their customers. To speak even more to this store’s character: my dog was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and the swollen lymph nodes on his neck were making it hard to eat so my husband stopped there and got him soft food. The associate asked why we were deciding to get him different food and he explained the situation to her. She was very sympathetic. Today, nearly 2 weeks after his conversation with her, the owner called me just to check up on me and see how my dog was doing. Such kind people working there, with huge hearts for animals.

Esperanza Rodriguez

2 years ago

Very rude service, when my fiancé asked a simple question she was answered with an attitude, that didn’t sit well with me at all. I took my business else where regardless if they had what I was looking for I will not Support this place. I honestly feel if you’re not white don’t bother coming here because you will be treated poorly!

Allison Hunn

3 years ago

I have been a customer at Furry Face for over 12 years. I don't live very close, but I had stumbled upon the store when my Husband (then boyfriend) was completing his undergrad at The University of Redlands. All those years ago, I walked in with my 4 pound Yorkie, and was ecstatic when I met Lorin, who was not only a fellow Yorkie enthusiast, but also the most knowledgeable woman I've ever met in regards to pet care. Lorin gave me TONS of information about what to feed my little guy, what kind of shampoo to use, recommendations for places to have him neutered (as I was scared about his small size), etc. I frequented the store while my husband was in school, and utilized their wonderful grooming services for my little fur baby. After my husband graduated, I found myself in Redlands less and less. Fast forward to 4 years ago when we added a perfect little Maltese, Cora, to our family. I HAD to go back to Furry Face to make sure I was giving Cora the best! I walked in so proud that I had continued with all I had learned from Lorin all those years ago, only to find that the pet food INDUSTRY HAD CHANGED, and more so than I had ever imagined!! We quickly followed some recommended changes. Cora was eating Royal Kanin when we walked in, and when we walked out she was eating Fromm (a high quality kibble, or at least as high a quality kibble can be), and a couple of supplements. Lorin knew I wasn't ready for Raw, it was such a huge jump, and she was more than willing to be patient with me while I grew and learned from her. A couple month later, we made the switch to Raw. About a year and a half after Cora came home with us, we had a major medical emergency with her. Very long story short, our little lady was born with an abnormality in her bowls, and it caused her to develop a blockage and she needed emergency surgery. I CAN NOT express the immense support I received from Lorin as I faced the possibility of losing my fur baby. Lorin and I had multiple conversations that week as well as constant Facebook messaging, even in the middle of the night. I want to stress the fact that, I have not spent thousands of dollars in this store, as it's difficult location wise for us to make all of our purchases there. Lorin was not there for me because of the money I have spent in her store, she was there to support because she truly cares about my fur kid. The passion for animals that Lorin has is unparalleled. You will never meet another person like her. My fur babies are so happy and healthy because of the knowledge I have gained from Lorin. As far as the store goes, Furry Face is like the Whole Foods of pet stores, but probably even better. Every single product is painstakingly researched on a continuous basis. Lorin does not stock anything she wouldn't give to her own kids, and her standards are paramount. In this day and age, the food we consume and the products we use, can either kill us or nurture us, it's the same for our pets. Lorin has spent a lifetime learning about and promoting the health and wellness of pets, specifically dogs and cats. I am so thankful to her for all I have learned and continue to learn, and if you are looking for better for your fur kid, go pay her a visit. You won't be disappointed, and you will certainly be enriched.

Fran Cast

3 years ago

I purchased a simple collar for my puppy in January. I was told it would take 2 weeks to come in. It has now been almost 5 month and no collar. I have called several times and have been told that “they are still making it.” I have never received a call back with any updates or even an apology . Today I decided to come into the shop. Instead of trying to make things right, I was told that the owner is very busy dealing with emergencies therefore she has not been able to get back to me about the collar. I was told that it wasn’t there fault that the collar has not been received. I reminded the staff that we are talking about almost 5 months since the order was placed. The collar is nothing special. A regular 14.99 collar. She again deflected responsibility and stated that there are other priorities such as sick dogs that have to come first. I am very disappointed on how this small business treats their customers. I could have easily purchased the collar at PetSmart and gone home with it the same day. But instead I was trying to support local business. Terrible customer service.

Jae Kennedy

3 years ago

Amazing customer service and super knowledgeable staff! Love the products they offer! I’m super happy to see that they carry products for cats too! ❤️

Kelly Smotherman

3 years ago

The most knowledgeable staff around. And we choose to do business from a few states away and have it shipped. Owner is wonderful, great conversations, and passion for helping you make the best choices for your pup. I'm not sure if the people below who said it was overpriced know much about small business stores, especially pet stores, but the brands that are carried, you cant find in petsmart. So I will continue to do business with a trusted business, over a corporate bs that bans specific breeds.

kenneth Harris

3 years ago

My wife, Judith, and I have been shopping at Furry Face for several years. The store itself has a great selection of dog and cat food. From kibble to raw. If you are not sure what you want to feed, the owner and other staff members are very willing to help answer questions. When we originally started going there, we had an extremely sick dog. The owner, Lorin, took her time to talk to us about his diet and help us get him on track to better health. He was literally at that moment, in the vet hospital dying. She helped us save him. 6 years later he is still here. Happy and healthy. I have never met anyone so willing to share their love and knowledge so freely to help others. I highly recommend going, with an open mind, and trying Furry Face out. You won’t regret it.

Mary Howard

3 years ago

The owner is so sweet and knowledgeable! Excellent products and treats - my picky dog now takes her medication and moves around so much better with her new supplement.

Melody Funk

3 years ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this place. The owner has literally spent HOURS with me over the past 10 years educating me on how to be the person my sweet Daisy deserves! Unique, high-quality products, insanely knowledgeable & friendly staff - this place has it all.

Shawna Berry

3 years ago

The first time I went into Furry Face was 3 1/2 years ago, I was looking to switch my dogs to a raw diet, best decision I have ever made for my pups and I have Lorin Grow to thank. She has been absolutely amazing, helped me through the whole process and answered countless questions not only with diet but my pups wellbeing. And it doesn’t end there, my husband and I bought a Grooming/small retail store, not only has Lorin helped me with my pups she has given me invaluable business advice. You don’t come across people like Lorin very often but when you do it’s the most refreshing feeling that there are wonderful people in this world that are true to who they are and want to share their wealth of knowledge.

Victoria Watson

3 years ago

I love Furry Face! I'm in Ohio, and I call to order things monthly. Lorin, the owner, is a treasure!! She helps with my middle fur kid that has Thrombocytopenia, and most recently, my old gal with arthritis. I even called her sobbing towards closing time a few weeks ago when her back legs gave out. Lori gave me some advice, I'm happy to say she is doing well. I order a joint supplement, CBD, and sometimes treats. The girls are always helpful and friendly when I call. I reccomend them all the time.

Jonny Petrila

4 years ago

I've tried giving these guys multiple chances, but every time I walk in or call I get a cold attitude. Everything is over priced and very unfriendly staff. I called in asking about extra small boots for my dog, and she lied saying they don't make small boots anywhere. (I found some by the way) I asked what she recommended, and she coldly said "carry it" So disappointing..

School parent

4 years ago

Really cared for my pet

Peter Adams

4 years ago

Amazing selection and friendly knowledgeable staff. Prices are higher than big shops but still very reasonable. Definitely check this place out!

nicole garcia

4 years ago

I really love the selection in the store but every time I go there like others I too get the cold shoulder. The owner does not give off the friendly vibe at all. Even after I say hi. The first few times I chalked it up as maybe she is super busy or maybe had a bad day but I referred my son and daughter there they have both felt the same way. Funny thing is I never said anything to them about my experience. Oh, I am sure the owner will come on here and point out I am wrong and that they have a great rapport but as I can see from the previous comments .... I am not alone.

Cathleen R

5 years ago

I have been in the store a few times. Trying to see if it was a freak occurrence the first time, each time a blond woman looked down her nose at me. I am an educated female (masters degree in nursing) yet I felt like a was a street person in her eyes. Ugh, it was disgusting! I don't have a foofoo dog like her long furred Yorker, so I was a nothing!

Victoria Rollins

5 years ago

Very friendly helpful staff very knowlegable about their products and what they do and where they come from

Susan Hasten

5 years ago

They carry alot of raw food for animals. It's all high end food for animals. Alot of cool items for your 4 legged babies

rodney schmidt

5 years ago

They love animals. Non sexual.

Michele Cota

5 years ago

They're always so friendly and knowledgeable. I love this place and the people that work there.

Mark Maysey

5 years ago

One of the best boutique pet stores I've ever visited. The friendly staff and delicious treats were awesome. My 5 month old doberman "Brody" and I felt extremely comfortable from the moment we entered the store. This nice lady right away offered a treat for my fast growing little one and she quickly earned his trust. I ended up buying some treats and a nice new quality made harness with a safety web attachment to secure him safely to the seatbelt in the backseat area. I think we're heading back tomorrow for a toy and maybe some more treats. Thank you Furry Face, you're on the top of our list of places to visit every time we visit your beautiful city, along with Trader Joe's, it was Ahi Tuna, Chalkadiki olives and a bottle of Pinot Noir before heading home. Life is Good!

Luis Macedo

5 years ago

The staff if great! They are ready to help you with whatever you might need regardless of what animal you might have. I have been buying my cats raw food from here and it's always nice to know there is a local place that cares about pets the way furry face does. 10/10 would recommend

Lester Walters

5 years ago

Locally owned by knowledgeable pet lovers. Great products.

Julie Lamoureux

5 years ago

Exceptional customer service. Very knowledgeable of dog food brands and helped me pick out a new food for my pups that they love. Even provided me with free samples to try to make sure they liked it. Great place!

Elisa Vichai

5 years ago

Have shopped and had my furrbaby groomed here for the past 6 years!!! Owner is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Edgard Villa

5 years ago

Lauren, is awesome! There is tons of expertise, great quality products, and helpful advice.

Autumn Bleier

5 years ago

Besides the store always smelling clean, having cute products, good hours of operation, grooming services, convienant parking, and best yet my dog loves to visit and is always greeted happily! Owner Lorin and her associate Jessica have been helping me with my dog(s) for several years. They truly love dogs and cats and call them "Kids" They are so knowledgeable about their high quality products, and I know they wouldn't put out anything they wouldnt give to their own 'kids' I can't say enough about switching from what I thought was "the best dog food" to our favorite product now, by a brand named "Honest Kitchen." Getting the BEST will save you get costs down the line in vet bills and truly extend your pets life! #shoplocal

Eric Ontiveros

6 years ago

I've been here several times to get a more speciality type dog food. They have a great selection of dog and cat food. There is also a multitude of toys, leashes, and other clothes for your pet as well. The staff are really friendly and have even helped to take the bags out to my car for me when I have hands full. The staff are knowledgeable about different dog issues as well. They also have a loyal card system which allows you to get a free bag of food after 9 purchases of the same food!

Scott Ball

6 years ago

Wonderful service, very friendly staff. They helped me find and fit a great harness for my pupper. 10/10.

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