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A Yang

2 years ago

Very nice people and pat care

IV javier

2 years ago

I am currently dealing with Denise and she is super nice and responsive. Adopting from this rescue in my experience is not easy which all the more I am keen on working with them. Their difficult process only shows that they are taking time to thoroughly check if the adopting family is the best fit and that is a good thing. I do hope we get approved but nonetheless, my opinion about this place remains positively the same. What's most important is that their rescued dogs go to a loving home. More power to this org!

katie kallas

2 years ago

They don’t adopt out of state for any circumstances. Which they do not tell you up front. It’s truly sad for families looking to adopt- the best fit isn’t always local. Truly sad for these animals that could have forever loving homes outside of the area.

Ally Sullivan

4 years ago

Wouldn’t even give me the opportunity to have a conversation regarding adoption. As an affluent, 30 year old with an extremely well-paying job in Newport Beach with the means to pay for exceptional training and care, trying to adopt here was disappointing. Speaking with Corrie (“VP”) was extremely painful and showcased the ineptitude of this organization. Don’t waste your time.

Lillie Sandorf

4 years ago

ICARE is such an incredible rescue. They always do whatever is best for the dogs they take in. Because they are foster based they are able to know a lot more about each dog and what would be the best fit— they try their best to place a dog with the right people. They are an honest group who lets potential adopters know as much information as they have on any dog — even if that means telling someone they’re not the right fit. They also take in a lot of dogs who need extra care medically. They’ve got a network of great vets and then fosters willing to help rehab them. It’s amazing to see so many dogs get a second chance and go on to live happy, healthy lives. If a dog needs extra help behaviorally they work closely with trainers and are always willing to put in the extra work. This group puts everything they have into saving dogs and finding them their furever families. They’re a caring, trustworthy, and just all around wonderful group of people.

Ticia Tinder

4 years ago

So I go to this adoption event in Irvine ready to adopt a small dog. I go to ICARE dog rescue booth where I saw a cute small dog. They asked me fill out this long application to adopt this puppy. After I filled out this long application I was told that 50 others also filled out an application for the same dog and that they will review all and get back to me if I am the right fit. I was so shocked that they had now 51 applications filled out and were continuing to show the puppy to others and I saw others fill out applications on this same dog. I think something is really wrong with this company. They have all these people filling out these applications with the hope they are getting this dog when there are hundreds of dogs In the other booths that need good homes. This company should be ashamed of themselves. I am wondering if they are selling our application because why would they continue having over 51 separate applications on the same dog. Something is really weird about that. I told several others in the other booths and they also thought how strange was that. I am so thankful I never adopted through this company. I did in fact find the most precious little 6 month old puppy that I was able to take home that same day and from the nicest people ever. ICARE, shame on you.

Alanna Hayhurst

5 years ago

Icare is the best dog rescue I have ever been around. They have a great process and find dogs a safe home forever. The fosters and volunteers are very dedicated and do everything to ensure the safety of the dogs. Both myself and my friends have all adopted dogs through Icare and I have had nothing but great interactions and experiences with this rescue and the people involved.

Kelley Bishop

5 years ago

We've adopted through ICARE and have also volunteered for over two years now and have only had the best experience!

Kelly Rogers

5 years ago

Thank you I.C.A.R.E Dog Rescue-Katie and Michelle for helping Nash (Neville) find his forever home. I can't put into words how happy and in love we are with him!! H has been the best puppy and has the sweetest disposition. He is happy to meet everyone and everything , cats included :-) Potty training was a breeze, crate training was easy (he now sleeps with us at night) and he is a great traveling companion. It is crazy how many comments we get when we take him out with us and how many people, children and adults, are drawn to him. He loves everyone and has the sweetest personality. If ever you need a reference or referral, we would be more than happy to provide one. Loving life and enjoying our puppy,

Kim Tollman

5 years ago

I am so very grateful for my connection with ICare. They are truly and genuinely caring about placing the right dog with each family. I ended up with the greatest dog and would not hesitate to refer them and/or to go through them again when adopting another dog. They work tirelessly to rescue and find loving and safe homes, and their work will continue to save animals and people through the love of helping others. Thank u so much for your service. “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”- May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Linda Keyes

5 years ago

Thanks to Katie and Michelle… They gave me the most wonderful puppies in the world… It change my life! They saved their lives and their five brothers and sisters from being left abandoned in a box… Nursed rhem back to health and bottle-fed them until they were eight weeks old… They are the healthiest happiest puppies in the world and so are their brothers and sisters… This is a wonderful organization!

Louise Brandy

5 years ago

We adopted our dog through this fabulous rescue! And we have fostered too!!! Love their compassion and ethics when dealing with dogs in need and the human hero’s who rescue, foster and adopt!!

Marie Marcal

5 years ago

They stole my rescue dog who was my therapy dog that I had for 6 years. I will get her back... or they will lose their rescue. I have attorneys who have invested them for 3 years. They're going down!! God have mercy on them!!!

Marie Medeiros

5 years ago

An amazing rescue who selflessly rescues dogs from all situations and puts medical care and so much love into their rehabilitation for a forever family. I have rescued my girl from them and they are just awesome. The only rescue I will work with! <3

mary tingley

5 years ago

I adopted my little man Mr Dibbs from this rescue and was moved by the way they dedicated there time and money, but also there blood sweet and tears to save his life!! So much so that I began fostering for them. This rescue is all volunteers that spend countless hours raising money and holding adoption events to save the lives of so many dogs. The work they do still to this day 2 years later amazes me and I’m PROUD to be a part of it everyday. If your looking for a dog, trust me, this rescue goes above and beyond and you can bet your bottom dollar the dog they deliver will be happy and healthy!

Michael Valdez

5 years ago

Total waste of time. They merely snag litter-fulls of puppies from other shelters to keep you from being able to adopt without them being able to foist their own personal restrictions on you. They fill their organization up to the brim with dogs which would otherwise be effortlessly adopted. They deny your application, do not tell you why (for doggie privacy, of course--but mostly so they can discriminate with impunity), and they won't even bother working with you to identify a dog that they (in their infinite wisdom and applying their degree in court reporting) believe that would be a better fit for your situation. I'm pretty much of the belief that all of these "rescues," including this one, are a total waste and should seriously have their non-profit status evaluated. They are a bunch of busy-body people who think they have the unilateral right to determine who should be an owner and do this all shrouded behind a thin veneer of do-goodery and images of hearts and paws on their professionally-designed websites. Seriously repugnant individuals. After three months of trying to work towards the admirable goal of "rescuing" a dog I've come to the realization that it's time for me to just buy one. Never thought I'd say it, but that's apparently the way they want it by making the process as arduous, non-transparent, and difficult to manage as possible. P. S. In reply to the assertions raised by the representative below. If she would endeavor to point out one factual assertion which I raise that the organization believes is in error, I will gladly provide supporting documentation in this public forum.


5 years ago

Two weeks passed without any response after my submission of adoption application form.. I spent more than 2 hours to complete the form. Disappointed.

Pranali Lad

5 years ago

The best dog rescue there is!! I am a foster working with ICARE and I can say their whole team is dedicated to give the very very best care for the dogs. Dogs are vetted and given shots as soon as the rescue gets them. If the dog has specific additional needs, the rescue give them all the care and medical assistance they need. I have seen so many dogs recover, heal, love and play with ICARE!

Rae Master

5 years ago

I rescued my dog Huxley from ICARE three years ago when they saved him from a kill shelter after being mauled by another animal and having his eye removed. That was only the beginning of my involvement with this incredible organization. Within the first week, Huxley got startled and ran off in true rescue-dog form, and just an hour later about 20 volunteers I had never met were sprawling a mile radius at 11pm on a Tuesday, to find him, and they did. Their dedication to rescue is relentless and knows no end. Since then, I have fostered two dogs for them. One was a parapalegic puppy that couldn’t use her hind legs from birth. While many other organizations would have considered putting her down as many thought it was a case of failure to thrive, they supported her care financially, and me as the foster both mentally and emotionally, at all hours! We found her a perfect forever home and today she’s over a year old and the happiest dog you’ve ever seen! ICARE always puts the dogs first. The group of volunteers have the most amazing hearts and will to save lives by any means necessary. They venture all over Southern California to rescue some 6-10 dogs at a time out of bad conditions. They visit high-kill shelters to save lives just days before they would be put down. Dogs with behavioral problems (to no fault of their own) are rehabilitated for months or longer until they’re ready to be part of a family. The adoption team is highly selective in their applicstion acceptance ensuring that homes and adopters are both safe and long term. If adoptions don’t work out for whatever reason, they willingly bring the dogs back to fosters until they find the right home. I may be biased, but three years later I have not one negative thing to say about this group. If you’re looking to adopt, foster or volunteer, go to ICARE first!

Reika001 Ando

5 years ago

They're wonderful people who have a good heart on saving dogs. They've helped me rescue a pittie when I first moved to California where I was renting and they were sending him to a shelter and I never knew pitties have a high risk getting put down there was no way I was going to let that happen, he was a good dog and gentle and I look and they came through, when other rescue werent willing to help due to his breed. They responded to help and he was adopted and because of them, I opened my eyes to help other animals which I never experienced the happiness, I see in dogs. they take the time to learn who they are and make sure they go to a good home they deserve. I'm a volunteer with them time to time depending on my work schedule and it's been 7 years now. Be patient with them they honestly rescue a lot dogs and they have a lot on their hands to take care of and they do their best to keep up with everyone and every pup.

Stephanie Eckberg

5 years ago

We adopted our dog from ICARE 4 years ago. We had such a good experience that my son asked to volunteer for them to get service hours for Boy Scouts!

Stephanie Smolkin

5 years ago

I’ve adopted 2 dogs from ICARE and it was a wonderful experience! Professional & caring volunteers who give so much of themselves to saving dogs...love them!

Vivian Wang

5 years ago

I've only been involved with ICARE for a few months, first fostering and eventually adopting my foster. I can really see how much they care about the dogs they rescue. The application is long but that's because they want to be sure each dog is placed in the best home possible. I love that they do home checks too. Keep up the great work, ICARE!

Brittany Beebe

5 years ago

ICARE is full of heart. They truly care for each and every dog that is in their care. The process to foster or adopt is very simple. They take the time to screen each application to truly find the PERFECT home for each dog. Fostering has been such an amazing experience. ICARE has changed my life

Allison Hoff

5 years ago

The best rescue out there! They go above and beyond for their foster dogs. We ended up adopting our foster because she was the perfect fit for us. They put a lot of thought into who is the right fit for a certain dog which results in fewer returns.

Allyson Wong

5 years ago

I love this rescue. The staff and volunteers are all so passionate about every aspect of helping the homeless dogs of our area.

Alyssa Rogers

5 years ago

Very disappointed with how they handled the process. We are a very active couple with a big beautiful backyard/home that we own, as well as flexible work schedules. However, our application was denied. Then, they would not tell us why we were denied. We will continue our search with a different company and find a puppy that we can give an amazing life to!

Annemarie Sanchez

5 years ago

I adopted my first dog through ICARE. They are very organized and they pick the best applicants to ensure the dogs will be going to the best and loving home!

Annie Aud

5 years ago

This rescue is amazing! I do alot of fundraising with them, and have had the pleasure of fostering several dogs through I.C.A.R.E. and they are so diligent and careful with the adoption process. Love them!

Atzary Vazquez

5 years ago

This place is horrible! They don't know how to COMMUNICATE with applicants. I owned 2 dogs, now one and I applied for one and they did not approve me. I don't understand how an application can suffice on whether or not the person is a right fit for a pup. This is just ridiculous, makes me think that is why many people can't adopt because of all the requisites required from a rescue center like this one and the way their communication works. Very unhappy. AN APPLICATION AND INFORMATION ON THEIR, DOES NOT SUFFICE TO MAKE A DECISION!! You need more than just an application!!!! Hence, trying speaking to the person on the phone or bringing them in to meet...

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