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Quinn Farmz

2 years ago

We are so happy with the progress that was made with our very anxious rescued dog. My family and I are astounded by the change after she attended Crafty Canine Club for four days and she is far more pleasant to be around. We are thrilled!

Morgan Johansen

2 years ago

Crafty Canine Club has been so fantastic for myself & my dogs. We went through the puppy class, which helped tremendously to teach me how to establish rules and handle proper socialization and with my pups. The trainers were very knowledgable and took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I love the structure provided during overnight stays and knowing that my pups will get adequate amounts of playtime as well as training on good behavior while they’re there. I feel completely confident that they are well taken care of & loved while I’m away!

Kurt Markowski

2 years ago

Don and his team are incredible. They are super communicative and run a stellar operation. Our pack of three dogs have stayed there twice for short stay and will be staying for two weeks while we are getting married abroad. We have signed them up for obedience training and cannot wait to see the results. Each time we pick up the pack, they are exhausted. The photo updates Don provides is a great touch to keep tabs on them while we are away.

Katie Small

2 years ago

Our 9 month old English Bulldog, Mac, has been going to Crafty Canine since August. Don and his staff have been absolutely amazing at all of his stays. Not only is Mac listening better, but he also plays amazingly well with other dogs. Don and crew give you the tools to help continue the training at home, which has been super helpful. They also do an amazing job sending videos and photos throughout the stay so we see how much Mac is enjoying his time there!

Shannon French

2 years ago

If you need a dog trainer or a place to board your pup this is THE place! I love their business model and their kind/patient approach to training and caring for dogs. We originally found them to help our dog with his excessive barking. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic they use to keep all the dogs at the facility from barking but it is incredible. They are a no bark facility...I'll say that again, a NO bark facility. They keep the dogs relaxed and calm with soothing music. Our puppy LOVES coming here. It feels like we're dropping him off at a spa retreat instead of just an average boarding kennel place. I feel so confident that our dog is in the best care when we leave him here. So grateful for Crafty Canine.

Lauren Bremiller

2 years ago

*Updated Review 8/16/21* I truly cannot say enough good things about boarding my pups with Crafty. Don and his team take such good care of my pups that I have no worries whatsoever while they're with them. Our most recent trip - our airlines delayed and canceled our flights back home. We were no longer going to be able to make our original pick up time, but Crafty told me to not worry about it whatsoever. They kept me updated daily with pictures and how the pups were doing. When we did pick them up, Gabe brought out the pups and filled me in on their time with them and how well they did. When my pups were a bit too excited coming out, I was impressed at how well he worked with them! I'm so happy to have found such a great place that my pups can visit and enjoy themselves while we're gone. Thanks Crafty!! *Original review* I have had such a wonderful experience with Crafty Canine Club!!! I boarded my pups, Odin and Freya, for a weekend stay. Every day, including the day I dropped them off, I was sent videos and pictures of them enjoying their time. When I picked them up Sunday afternoon, they slept like rocks until the next day as they had had such a good time! They even ate all their food that I sent them with - something that has never happened at other boarding facilities I have tried in the past. Their prices were very reasonable, especially compared to other dog boarding places I've boarded them where they were not as communicative with me, didn't provide as much structure/one-on-one time and charged more in price. Odin and Freya have also worked with Don one-on-one with a walk and train session at my home. He taught us some great techniques to work with the pups on on our daily walks. He provided some really helpful easy to understand blog posts on topics like loose leash walking, using a gentle leader and more. He's quick to respond to questions with helpful information and tools that I have been able to implement successfully. Already I'm seeing an improvement in both pups with their responses to commands, and one pup's anxiety. I think both of the pups and I are excited for their next stay at Crafty Canine Club! Thank you Don, and all the staff at Crafty Canine Club who took such good care of my pups!

Melissa Leonard

2 years ago

Very impressed by Crafty Canine Club so far! My pup Blue is afraid of almost everything but they did a great job slowly integrating him in with the other dogs and gave me multiple suggestions on how to help him relax. I was very worried dropping him off since it was the first time he was being boarded and within 20 minutes Don sent me a video of Blue wagging his tail and smiling with 2 other dogs. I greatly appreciated this and felt much better about leaving him for the weekend. I’ll be bringing him back soon!

Katie Finlay

2 years ago

I am very impressed with Crafty Canine Club! We just completed the 2-week board & train program, and I feel empowered & motivated to break some bad habits that were making things harder for my puppy and causing unwanted behaviors. Every staff member is knowledgeable, patient, honest and understanding in our quest to be the best owners we can be and reach our goal of a calm, relaxed dog. I have already signed her up for another stay, and feel like she has another family. The videos, evaluation and instructions provided upon completion of the training are an excellent resource to transition your dog back home. Thank you!

Jeff Everitt

2 years ago

When we met you all you were very helpful in filling us in and setting her up to stay with all of you for two weeks. She enjoyed being with all the other dogs. We got pictures and videos Daily. Would love to have seen a video of the dogs in the sleeping room. They were very good about answering questions anytime of the day. Cassie came away from this training camp being a much calmer and more well behaved dog. Cassie will love coming back for overnights or longer stays.

Cynthia Nguyen

2 years ago

Crafty Canine was an outstanding experience and I walked away happier and more hopeful than I thought possible. My dog, Hank, has been attacked more than once by other dogs and became insecure and leash reactive. Don provided a safe and structured environment for Hank to learn social skills and guided him through. In only two days, Hank was in the play yard with many other dogs, all different sizes and breeds, all peacefully coexisting! Don was very responsive, professional and understanding. He did not just give me advice and help me understand what was going on with my dog, he gave me the confidence to continue training. I walked away feeling empowered and better equipped to train and handle my dog. I completely trust Crafty Canine and am so grateful to have a place where I can board Hank and know he will be safe, well-loved and cared for! Other highlights: 1. Don took the time to get to know Hank himself. He didn't just take my word on Hank's behavior and immediately start trying to tell me what to do. He got the story and history from me, but took Hank and saw for himself what Hank needed. 2. Smaller play groups are a huge plus in my book! It means the handlers are better able to monitor the dogs and each dog gets more attention. Crafty Canine has a very large yard and keeps play groups SMALL so everyone has plenty of space to play and lounge! 3. Pictures and updates everyday!

Taz Thomas

2 years ago

I’ve taken my dog about 5 times now. He hated dogs and people the 1st time I took him but he has gotten better with both each time. A great price and a great place. He helps teach you so you can help train your dog instead of them losing everything they learned right when they leave

Josh Harley

2 years ago

This is the best facility I have found for my dogs in San Diego. I love that they keep play groups small and send me updates all the time. Highly recommend them for boarding or training. They helped my doodle with her anxiety and social skills so much. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed ????????

Jennifer VanVleet

2 years ago

We rescued a samusky a week before Christmas and he had some training but he obviously had not been around other dogs at all. Don is amazing and has helped with getting our dog to be ok with other dogs and play and also leash training. We highly recommend crafty canine club not just for training but even boarding when things come up and you need to board your dog. Your dog is in great hands here and will have a great time! They send photos and videos of your dog through out the stay so you know they are happy and having a awesome time!

Mia Torralba

2 years ago

We are pretty sure Don is a WIZARD... Our 3-year-old staffy is deaf and we have had a really difficult time with his training over the years - had even dropped $1000 on a trainer who came to our house - with minimal progress. Archer had escalated to the point where we had gotten used to embarrassing walks on a daily basis full of lunging, growling, and general anxiety/attack mode. He had full-on attacked other dogs and even nipped at people before to the point where he had drawn blood. We were told by multiple people that we should put him down. We knew he was capable of being cuddly, playful, and sweet, but had no idea how to access it when he left our home. Meeting with Don the first time immediately gave us hope. He quickly assessed Archer's behavior, gave us clear plan for how we were going to work together to address Archer's issues (as well as our own problematic behaviors), and gave us assurance that he could handle our rowdy boy by remaining calm as Archer growled and pulled on his leash towards him. He did not ask for a large up-front fee, took into account our living situation, and adjusted the training plan to ensure we would be able to take it step-by-step and adopt the tools to communicate with him non-verbally. Before we handed Archer over to Don for his first overnight training, I had said I would be "beside myself if he was able to get to the point where Archer did not freak out at the sight at another dog." Within AN HOUR I was in utter disbelief because I received a video of Archer remaining calm around multiple dogs and actually playing with other dogs later the next day!!!! We shared the videos with friends and family who know Archer and his behavior problems, and they couldn't believe it either. Don has gone above and beyond to make sure Archer and we get the attention and training we need. In addition to the amazing work at his facility, he met with us outside of his facility to make sure we are able to implement the proper behaviors in the real world. It's an absolute game-changer to have not only these new skills, but someone we can really trust with Archer when we need a break! We can't recommend this business highly enough-- we are Crafty Canine Club fans for life! *Attached some small snippets of before/after our first training walk and the video of our typically anxious pup getting along with others at the Club!

Dora Steiner

2 years ago

We recently boarded our dog at Crafty Canine (CC) for five weeks. We were very comfortable as Don and his team always take great care of our dog. We have utilized CC for the past couple years. Don and his team consistently provide a positive and healthy environment for our pet. The facility is clean and very accommodating. There is enough room for the dogs to play or if they want alone time they can go off by themselves. Our dog has had some behavioral issues that have been remedied by Don. Don regularly sends updates on progress or how our buddy is doing. We know he is in good hands because when he's dropped off he immediately runs to Don and doesn't look back. We will continue to use CC as our dog and our family are comfortable and confident that he will continue to receive a caring and special experience.

Jean Guyot Foster

2 years ago

Crafty Canine Cub and Don are great. I’ve used their facility several times and they keep me posted every day. The place is very clean and the dogs well taken care of. Presently Don is training one of my puppies and the pup seems to be learning a lot. You won’t be sorry you used their services.

Bonnie Yu

2 years ago

Don and his trainers are amazing! Our high-anxiety German Shepherd pup went away for a weekend board ‘n train program (or as my husband and I like to call it: boarding school) and she came back much improved. Consistency will obviously be the most important factor, but she is already calmer and less reactive towards men and other dogs. Don will send you plenty of video/photo updates, and he responds scary quick.The booking process is easy and the pricing is very fair. Do yourself and your furry pal a favor and schedule that free consult!

Julie De Witt

3 years ago

We have used Crafty Canine a few times now. The facilities are exceptional and the staff is always helpful, friendly and prompt with responses. We have a young energetic boxer who showed aggression towards other dogs. Don has been patient and professional and has helped our dog overcome his aggression towards other dogs. We receive updates and pictures/videos while he is boarding there, which we love. Our dog loves going for car rides now, probably because he thinks he is going to Crafty Canine. I couldn’t recommend Don and his facility more. They are professional and caring, but most of all they are exceptional at what they do. I wouldn’t board or train my dogs anywhere else.

Kamber McAllister

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Crafty Canine Club! We dropped off our rescue pup who was nervous and unsure of himself and when we picked him up four days later he was much happier and more confident. Now we're reinforcing the things …

Jessie Doyle

3 years ago

My dog JoeJoe came home with a new toolbox of ways to better behave. He is nicer to be around. Going back for a tune-up. They are very responsive and concerned about your furry family member. Don really worked hard to explain JoeJoe's (my …


3 years ago

Don is so wonderful with dogs and has helped our golden retriever puppy become a confident and mannerly dog. He provides excellent tips and sends fun photos and videos while we are away. I fully trust him to take care of our beloved pup.

Jessica Miller

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Don and the Crafty Canine Club. I decided to take my little Piper (9 month old Mini Dachshund) to Crafty Canine after realizing she needed a little more controlled social interaction with other dogs. We met with Don for an assessment and decided that a short 2-day stay at Crafty Canine would be the best place to start! As this was my first time leaving Piper overnight somewhere, I was a little nervous, but Don reassured that she would be just fine! We saw the facility and filled out lots of information about Piper's routine. I felt great about leaving her in such good hands. While Piper was there, Don worked with her to interact with other pups and updated me along the way. I received daily photos and videos as well as update texts. I absolutely loved it! Crafty Canine is clean and reliable. Don and his team take GREAT care of all of the pups! I will continue to take my dogs (I have another Dachshund too!) to Crafty Canine Club and cannot say enough good things about them!

Jaimie Walsh

3 years ago

Crafty Canine Club is the absolute best place to care for your dog. I was in need of a last minute boarding situation for my large dog during the busy holiday season and Don was extremely accommodating. He made time to meet us in advance of our trip (that same day) and took time to show us around his beautiful facility. Each day that we were gone, he sent numerous pictures and videos showing how much fun the dog was having playing outside with the other dogs that were also staying there. He spent time with our dog during his stay and definitely understood his personality. Don was very responsive before, during and after the trip, answering all of our questions and reporting on our dog's experience. I have booked a second stay for our dog at the Club and wouldn't dream of taking him anywhere else. If I could give more stars, I definitely would.

jackie thomas

3 years ago

If I could more stars I would. We Rescued a pup from Mexico and at 5 months he started to become fearful and slightly aggressive to unknown people especially men. And did not get along with …

Heather McBride

3 years ago

Crafty Canine Club is the perfect place for your dog’s home away from home. Being our first puppy together for my husband and I, we were nervous about leaving him for an extended period of time. Don reassured us he would be well loved and taken care of - and that exceeded all expectations! From the first assessment to when we dropped him off for his boarding, we learned how knowledgeable and intentional Don was with getting to know our puppy. The facility is perfect for playing and making new friends and there are options for where your dog will sleep – unlike most places! While on our trip, we received updates, photos, and videos and Don even answered questions about our dog’s behavior when asked! It really made our trip less stressful knowing our puppy was well taken care of. Don really worked with him to help him respect and play with other dogs better, listen to commands, and helped with loose leash walking for some extra training. Our puppy is only 9 months, so we still have lots of energy and behaviors to work on. Don has continued to answer questions and help us to understand our dog better to help us and him learn. His training style and manual are a huge help! We highly recommend Crafty Canine Club to anyone looking for boarding and training!

Emily Jaimmer

3 years ago

Helpful advice and affordable boarding + training options. Planning to get my dog AKC certified here!!

Amber Soto-Williams

3 years ago

Don and his team are amazing!!! We were looking for somewhere new to board our two frenchies, and a trainer to help us with some behavior issues. After visiting and researching about 15 different places we found the Crafty Canine Club! …

Ari Ahmadian

3 years ago

I have had such a wonderful experience with Crafty Canine Club! Not only has everyone been super professional and helpful as I work on some behavioral issues with my pup, but you can really feel how genuinely they care about the dogs in their care! The facility is immaculate, the trainers are amazing and so knowledgeable, and my dog has so much fun when I’m away! The fact that they check in with me and send videos and pictures makes all the difference! I never have to wonder if he’s being taken care of when I’m gone. Side note- I’ve seen such an improvement in my dogs anxiety and temperament since working with Don and incorporating his feedback! He’s amazing! Highly highly recommend this place for boarding and training!

Anne Morgan Yeatman

3 years ago


Ashley McCook

3 years ago

We adopted a 7 month old puppy from the humane society who had previously before been an only outside dog. He had no house manners, wasn’t very social with other dogs, nipped a lot and jumped on others when he was overly excited. In the …

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