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David Salter

2 years ago

On top of it. Great place to take your pet in an emergency. Professional and caring. Thank you to the whole team! Mr. Rudy Salter wants to thank the emergency team for getting him through a rough time.

Wayne Jackson

2 years ago

We have had to use them several times due to having five dogs and a cat. This is the only place I will go for an animal emergency. The staff cares about all animals. I know people complain about going to the emergency vet and spending hours waiting, but the vet treats life-threatening cases first, as it should be. They quickly triage each animal and then place them in order of priority. If you have to wait, don’t be upset, it means your animal is not as bad as you think. In 2020, we had a five-year-old dog that had stomach surgery from another vet. She needed hospitalization and spent several weeks at Animal Emergency Clinic. Ultimately she lost her fight to an antibiotic-resistant infection; Dr. Wishnack and everyone at Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego fought to the last moment to save her. When she did pass, they treated her and us with compassion and respect.

Neko chan

2 years ago

Compassionate and kind staff. The vet was knowledgeable and prudent in his treatment and assessment. I appreciated that I wasn't coerced into doing anything that was not necessary. I would recommend.

Cheryl PR

2 years ago

Very professional and caring during a difficult time. Thank you.

James de Bree

2 years ago

My 7 month old puppy woke up vomiting and super sick. We waited for 6 hours before being seen and ended up with a $1500 bill and what turned out to be a misdiagnosis. She ended up having giardia, which is super common in the area, but they only tested for an obstruction despite our insistence that it was highly unlikely. I'd strongly recommend against using this vet unless you have absolutely no other option.

Lucy G

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, they took wonderful care of my dog Lobo! Highly recommended! Martin did an amazing job dealing with Lobo [who is not too friendly] great job!!!!!

Stephen Cornwell

2 years ago

Took our dog here late last night for an issue with her paw, as she couldn’t put any weight on it. We were in and out within two hours. The doctor, the vet techs, everyone that I came into contact, were simply wonderful. Polite, personable, respectful, thorough, and knowledgeable. Their prices were reasonable and fair. I felt at ease the moment I called them. We don’t live in poway, but will be making a trip to poway, anytime we need our veterinarian needs met for our pups. If you’re looking for a new vet, late night vet-hospital, and don’t know where to go or a spot to choose, this is your sign. This is the place you want and need to go. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Trent Selbrede

2 years ago

I had a concern about my dog's paws but wasn't sure if I should go in. I called and spoke with Forrest. He professionally walked me through different questions and asked me to email photos. I followed his instructions and he had a vet look at the photos. They called me back a short time later. While giving the obvious disclaimer that they could not diagnose without seeing the patient, he walked me through the scenarios including ER wait times and potential risk of waiting. Ultimately, we both thought it would be ok to wait until morning to see our regular vet. It gave me some relief that she will hopefully be ok until morning and that the vet was not out to just make as much as they could from me. Very honest and ethical. Thank you!

Ikaika Kekua

2 years ago

Can't express how appreciative I am of this clinic! My female French Bulldog went into labor after hours, they were willing to accept her immediately, and I didn't have to sell my car to pay for the surgery. Doc made sure pups latched onto mom prior to pickup and was very communicative throughout this process. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Barran

2 years ago

Saved my dogs life, they are great. Keep you updated through the process and really know what they are doing !

Sherry Hatton

2 years ago

Our 17 year old dog health had been declining. On Sunday his got really bad and we knew it was time to out him down. Living in Santee we called several emergency vets and got told to call on Monday. Knowing how bad he was we needed to be done that night. Animal Emergency understood our desperation and told us to come in. We got there and checked in. They explained everything and told us to take as much time with our dog and left them know when we were ready. After he passed they again told us to take as much time as we needed to say our good byes. They were so very caring and we can't thank them enough for helping us.

Notcivil Engineering

2 years ago

Took my Shelby dog here last night. She had been bitten in the face by a Rattle Snake. 16 pounds of dog is all she is. 12 hours later I brought her home. Did it cost money? Yes,. Was it unreasonable. Not in my opinion. This is emergency medical care, and it cost money. But they saved my Shelby dog, and my soon can't be happier.


2 years ago

Paying 900.00 worth of service putting my baby on the side because they said there's another per needs assistance first? The money you paid for there service not worthed the way they do treated your pet.

Brittney Akins

2 years ago

Last night we had the absolute WORST experience. This establishment is clearly in business for profit. They do not have any compassion and are bluntly uninterested in actually caring for our pets. I have zero confidence that the vet even knew what he was talking about and when we asked questions, we got the run around. Zero answers or suggestions as to what could be wrong with our dog. Our discharge instructions was being told “good luck”. A complete waste of our time. This place should be ashamed. We will mostly definitely NEVER return.

Alyssa Sumner

2 years ago

I brought in my seven month old boxer a couple nights ago because he had a cough, the urgent care closest to me wasn't answering their phones. They were very responsive, and professional. He is my first puppy and I have spent a fortune, and a magnitude of research just to keep him healthy. They got him in quickly, and did an exam and recommended some medication. Saved my dog unnecessary pain and expenses. It was also very fair pricing considering it was urgent care. I really appreciate the person I spoke to on the phone as well explaining and asking a bunch of questions to ensure the correct diagnosis. It made everything easier, and it made it seem like they cared more about my pets well being. The person on the phone also gave me information for things I should look out for in the future which I really appreciated. Overall for a night staff at a vet, I was very impressed. Thank you for taking such great care of my puppy, he is doing so much better now :)

Bijan Shakiba

3 years ago

On Sunday September 13 late afternoon I took my seven and half year old Boxer to this clinic as an emergency because of having Scissor, He was admitted after I was told by the nurse what the estimated cost will be. I accepted that and he took him inside. The Dr. did X-Ray and blood test on him and the result was that his heart has enlarged. After six hrs. he was released and the Dr. put him on heart medication and asked me to bring him back for the Ultrasound the next day late afternoon. He was so weak before taking the Ultrasound (maybe I shouldn't have had taken him), I did and had to leave him there again for another six hrs before I pick him up. Dr. Wishnack called me and told me about his condition and it wasn't too good and he prescribed him few more medications. At midnight Monday the 15th I went to pick him up and off Coarse prior releasing him the nurse showed me the costs and was very shocking, all I cared was pick him up and bring him home. Unfortunately as soon as the nurse walked him out he saw me and collapsed and he was taken inside. twenty minutes later the Dr. gave me the bad news that was the end of him. I never figure it out what happened during the Ultrasound and why they kept him there for another six hrs.? All they cared was hand me the new charges even that he was gone. No sympathy at all...


3 years ago

They are people who actually LISTEN and are able to really care, they are reasonable and on the lower end in terms of price as well as being EXTREMELY skilled and experienced. Have saved our pets before. Don’t take a chance going to some unknown potential rip off spot. This place is extremely reliable speaking from experience. Hope this review helps your animal in their time of true need.


3 years ago

This place saved my best friend 2 nights ago. The staff are true angels believe that. Words cannot describe my appreciation thank you.

Craig Spingola

3 years ago

We do not recommend this vet hospital. We brought our 13 year old dog in on June 6 because he was vomiting and noticed a small amount of blood coming out of his Rectum. Because of Covid19 we were not allowed to go into the facility and had …

Brett Geruntino

3 years ago

Recently took my dog in for a laceration to the side of his tongue. I couldn't stop it from bleeding all over the place and didn't know what else to do. When other pet hospitals told me 6 hour wait and that it wasn't a real emergency, these guys stepped up. Very responsive and professional.

Mike Cote

3 years ago

Exceptional care for our dogs! The staff is caring, nice and very understanding. Even with a crowded parking lot, they were able to see our dogs quickly and kept us informed of their status the whole time. Although we hope not to need an emergency vet again we will be coming back here if we ever need to. Thank you again to the incredible staff and to our happy healthy pups!

Nicholas Liddington

3 years ago

Amazing hospital! My dog chewed off a piece of his favorite toy and ate it. I noticed this morning and brought him in right away, and the staff were thankfully able to remove it without much difficulty. Don't wait around, this is the place to go right away if your pup eats something they shouldn't have!!

Richard Ford

3 years ago

THANK YOU to Drs. Wishnack (Mike & Drew)and the entire staff of Animal Emergency Clinic. Bentley had many health challenges. Your care and compassion for him over the past 12 ½ years has been exceptional. Always greeting us with kindness and delivering the best care possible, gave him a long and happy life. The clinic is well equipped to handle whatever comes through their door. We were there enough times to have encountered each and every one of you and appreciate all you do.

Rick Rose

3 years ago

Provided quality care for my cat after a leg injury. Administered pain medication as appropriate and provided antiinflammatories as treatment. The wait on a Saturday evening was long as expected. I feel that my cat received appropriate care.

Sara Woodul

3 years ago

I literally have so much to say about this place. They have taken such great care of my 5lb Shih Tzu Sofia. The first time I brought her in I was beside myself because she couldn’t even walk, and they took such great care of her, did every test to ensure she was ok. The cost was what I expected to pay for emergency vet services, and they kept me in the loop the entire time. I had to bring her back a few months later for an eye injury and they all remembered her and again provided such great care. Of everyone, Drew was amazing. He treated her like his own, offered free rechecks a few times and got me in quick. He made sure he was the one to see her since he knew her history. Thank you SO much. I will only bring her here (hopefully we won’t be back anytime soon????) but I truly trust this place over any other emergency clinic.

Solange Iwansson

3 years ago

I love this Place , I took my dog Mimi about 1 year ago and they took care of her so well. Yesterday, I had a emergency with my new puppy Lola and they were able to take care of her fast as possible, I have to say this place is Great like any big hospital in San Diego and you do not have to wait hours to be seen. Thank you guys to take care LOLA.

Vanessa Marie

3 years ago

Very disappointed, brought in our puppies to been seen shots and dewormes. Over an hour of asking updates no estimate shown they showed us a bill of 700. For the inconvenience they gave us a credit for last time at least.

Laday Blues

3 years ago

Oh my gosh if your pet is sick and you are actively seeking a good hospital with great efficient diligent staff and high quality, passionate , knowledgeable commited doctors, this place is it and please do not bother looking further . I am …

April Dudzinski

3 years ago

On Sunday morning, I took Cognac out of his crate and there was vomit and diarrhea everywhere that caused alarm. I took him for his morning walk and there was a good amount of blood in his stool. I put him in the car and went straight to the vet and after being turned away, found Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego. I called them and they let me know there was a wait but welcomed us to come and get Cognac evaluated and treated. They made us feel very cared for and did a thorough evaluation and explained all options in great detail. We left feeling comforted that Cognac was going to be okay. They called the very next day to check on him and we are so appreciative of this clinic. I highly recommend this place for all emergencies. Thank you so much!!

Aaron Heerboth

3 years ago

The whole staff was phenomenal. My 4.5 month German shepherd pup took an unprovoked dog bite to the face Sunday night, with a deep puncture wound below the eye that went into the sinuses. The force of the bite caused her snout to swell up …

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