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Punkass Matteo

a year ago

My fur baby hurt herself and after calling around to dozens of closer vets who were at max capacity, I called ACVH and they were able to get us in immediately. They were amazing with a fearful dog who was in pain. Thankfully it ended up not …

Kyle Rutherford

a year ago

They sent my dog home fully under anesthesia. He was flopped into my wife car being told "he'll wake up soon". When she got home I had to carry him in dead weight into the house. He sat on his bed for an hour without moving until I had to take him back to the vet where he sat in recovery for another 2.5 hours. I am not totally sure what happened, and obviously there was a mistake somewhere, but this was unacceptable.

Olivia Poota

a year ago

I really liked the family friendly staff. The came tote car, took the dog, did what was needed, had a great conversation where the vet answered all the questions and basically was a helpful group.

jeff orton

a year ago

Dropped by this place on short notice for my cat who was in distress one morning. My primary vet hadn't opened yet and the urgent care location I used in the past was closing for the day but recommended this location. They were really helpful and took her in right away. Everyone was professional and kind and helped us get through our emergency. Dr Brooks kept in contact with me and followed up on her care. I really appreciate all the help and assistance they provided. I'm very thankful they were able to see us in our time of need.

cheryl thomas

a year ago

Dr. Brooks and Paige and Ashley were beyond amazing. My 9 yr old mini Dachshund Chloe had extensive dental problems. As her owner I felt horrible that her issues had gone on so long but I had no idea how bad it was nor was I ever in a financial position to get this fixed. It took awhile to gather the money to have Chloe's medical needs addressed and Dr. Brooks was amazing and non judgmental. I drive from Santee to Poway to go to this hospital because of the excellent service and amazing staff there. At Advanced Care you will never be left wondering what is going on or what is needed and what was done and why. I recommend this Veterinary Hospital for all your pet needs.

Ricardo Ahumada

a year ago

Very happy with the service

Janis Griffin

2 years ago

I appreciated the ability to get in right away. Their prices were reasonable, and the staff was very kind. I will be switching vets!

Johanna Christensen

2 years ago

We chose Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital because of their excellent reviews from happy clients and because they offer a RATTLESNAKE VACCINE which I didn't even know was an option until I started reading about their practice. We come across snakes every summer, so this is going to give us a lot of peace of mind should we ever have an unfortunate bite occur. (It buys you time to get your pet to treatment, doesn't prevent ) The tech Paige and Dr. Vibert were very professional and helpful, the office is pleasant and clean and I'm happy to have found a practice that I think is going to be a good fit for regular care and treatment for my dog.

Kasey Soltis

2 years ago

My Husband and I have been coming to this place for a few years now with our Husky. The staff has always been great and informative. This most recent time in there we found Dr. Drelich and his assistant Isaac and loved them. They were awesome, caring and understanding, and in times where you are unsure and worrisome those people are needed. So thankful we got Dr. Drelich.


2 years ago

I was called by Ashley about my dog and she was incredibly professional and made my whole day better honestly. 10 out of 5 stars best receptionist I've ever seen. Quality worker that one.

Katrina Soares

2 years ago

I spent most of the day trying to find someone to look at puppy on short notice. She was having diarrhea and our normal vet couldn't see her for several days. I called an hour before they closed, hoping for a miracle. And I got one. They were able to see us. All the staff was amazing. They even brought me out a care bag with water and a couple of snacks while I waited for my puppy in my car. The whole experience was very good and I'm so happy with the service they provided.

claudia richards

2 years ago

My cat swallowed something potentially toxic late in the afternoon. Dr. Elias stayed an hour past closing to provide care and we are so grateful to her. Excellent veterinarian.

Hannah Odette

2 years ago

They were so wonderful with my fur baby hamilton, the doctor was so helpful in giving me all the details of what was happening with my dog via phone and so kind when I asked questions. The vet assistant was also extremely kind and helpful in breaking down cost, which might I add was way less than I was expecting. I left knowing my dog was going to be okay. 10/10 would recommend thank you so much for the amazing experience!

Rich Muhr

2 years ago

Unbelievably sincere care for your pets.

Colleen Gray

2 years ago

Dr Perry has been taking care of my corgis for almost 20 years. She is an outstanding veterinarian in every way. She is very knowledgeable, professional, kind and compassionate. She has cared for our *fur kids* from their puppy days through old age and has been 100% amazing every step of the way. And the the staff in this office is wonderful!! They are all A+. Thanks to everyone at Advanced Care for always being so good to us!!

Dana Mckenna

2 years ago

Everyone is so nice and lots of information about upcoming dental cleaning of our cat and for dealing with fleas.....

Debbie B

2 years ago

This place is a complete joke. I took my 10 week old puppy in for his 10 week puppy shots and a fecal test. I sat in the car while my puppy was in the clinic for over 1 hour in 90 degree heat. I told the vet I DID NOT WANT A LEPTO vaccine. It is dangerous and not necessary. The vet insisted I had to have the Lepto vaccine and said it was actually in the DHPP vaccine so I had no choice anyways. He then told me my puppy could not have his DHPP shots as it did not align to the vets 12 week schedule and that I have to come back in 2 weeks. I called 3 times requesting the fecal results. The receptionist told me they had other cudtomers and they'd call me back. I said "Oh I guess I am not an important customer since I already paid you." I was told that I would receive a call back with the results later that day. It's been over 10 days. I guess it's ok if my puppy dies from worms while waiting for the vet to call. Don't go. Don't get LEPTO. You'll regret it. I'd give it 0 stars if I could.

debbie revier

2 years ago

I was really saddened when I found out the Vet who has taken care of all of my pets over the past 25 years had left. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Stewart who has shown such compassion for my sweet lab. He is helping me through a difficult time for which I am very grateful.

Hannah Hong

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place!! Two days ago, I brought my dog, Cody, for a second opinion to see if he needs a surgery to remove his dead skin which caused by a car accident. I personally prefer holistic medicine and want to avoid the surgery. I thought my dog was doing so well, so when Dr. Vibert told me that Cody needs a surgery to remove the dead skin ASAP, I had hard time to accept. Dr. Vibert was really patient with me and explained clear why Cody needs to have the surgery ASAP. I took time to think through. Then, I made the decision to go with surgery. What I grateful for Dr. Vibert and the team is that they really care! Seriously REALLY care!! I can say that Dr. Vibert and the team are the angels that God sent to me to help me, my family and Cody go through this tough situation. Everyone I encountered in this hospital was very friendly and kind. Dr. Vibert went all out to help Cody. She is an amazing doctor who truly care for her patients as her family. I strongly recommend her to everyone who has fur baby.

Jay Weiser

2 years ago

They went out of their way to make sure I had all of the information I needed and to follow up afterwards

Mary F. Collera

2 years ago

Advance Care Veterinary Hospital is pricey but it is because they are very THOROUGH. I’ve been to many vets and even out of city, and none has been as thorough as this veterinary hospital. I currently have 6 dogs and 4 of them have been neutered only here. Any other surgical things that needed done was also done here. And all the outcome of that surgery procedures have been 100% the best, this is because no implications appear afterwards. And this is because they thoroughly make sure they have analyze everything of your little one so that they don’t miss a single thing. And because they don’t miss a single thing, I don’t need to comeback the next day or week because my dogs look and feel better. I recently just moved to Murrieta, California, a 1.5 hour drive away from here. And so I started scouting for another veterinary hospital to be loyal to. I went to high review lower cost vet near where I am currently living and thought why not. After they have diagnosed my little one Ace, they gave him a prescription of antibiotics, Benedryl and an eye ointment all for $225. I thought to myself what a deal! Then the next day hits and something about the medicine did not feel right, and so I realized that I forgot to mention that the house was being treated outdoors for rat poison (in San Diego where I visit my home to do checkup) in which he might have ingested. To which the vet from Murietta replies to me, “Even if he ingested rat poison we would not change a thing to his prescription and we will wait for a week to determine whether or not to change it”. Within that day I called them 4 to 5 times urging to do a blood analysis in which should have been a priority in the beginning, but my persistence finally let Ace in and did a blood analysis. To find out there was rat poison in his system. And that they added something in his prescription, a Vitamin K1, which is a vital anecdote for his survival. If I had waited for a week for Ace’s checkup , he would have been a goner.. Well I came back for a blood analysis, I was charged $275 at the Murrieta Vet. So for that 2 day time frame I have spent more than $500 on that vet alone and a total of 7 hours waiting and calling just to have prevented this kind of issue in the first place. So although I spend more money here, I spend less time in this vet in general. They do such amazing examination/analysis in the first place that you did not need to come back at all, because they will make sure to fix it here and now. And although I live 1.5 hours away, I called this vet to ask their opinions in Ace’s situation and they immediately told me to send them photos of Ace , in which the busy doctor immediately responded to my email and said to take Ace to the nearest emergency hospital in (murrieta). This hospital is the best. They will make sure that everything is prevented before it escalates further. And even if that means paying more , in the end of the day they will analyze your little one more than any vet and will make sure no implications occur further. I don’t care if I live 1.5 hours away, I’ll make sure to only go to them. Thank you for taking care of my dogs! Best regards, Mary and Alyssa (Ace, Hunter, Crater, Ollie, Finn, and Bella)

Nancy G

2 years ago

We have been clients of ACV for a dog and a cat over several years, and their service is next to none! Each veterinarian has been caring and professional! This visit was after a few year hiatus because pup was living out of state, but they accepted her back for a check up and vaccinations without question and went out of their way to weigh her (needed for rental application) without an office visit! Thank you!

Vera Wilson

2 years ago

They have a very thoughtful and caring staff who do their best to take care of your pet and your concerns.

William Calderwood

2 years ago

They take great care of our dog Meli!

Corinne Quinones

3 years ago

They are very kind and compassionate. They are very kind and gentle towards your animal. I highly recommend them for your pets caring needs. I am glad our Lord directed me to them.

Ryan W

3 years ago

Awesome staff that cares. I drive over an hour so my pets get the best care.

Paul Vogel

3 years ago

Very pleased. Location was convenient, and services were provided without waiting at reasonable cost. Dr Perry, her assistant and office staff were professional, kind, caring and worked as a team. Definitely happy we found them.

Robyn Simon-John

3 years ago

Always such a comforting and welcoming feeling. Everyone remembers us and treats our dogs like they are their own.

Roxanna Aidi

3 years ago

I was recently referred to Dr. Perry at the practice through a friend and she is AMAZING! Although my dog had a vet and back up vet already in San Diego, Dr. Perry has become our absolute favorite and is going to be our first choice whenever my dog has any issues. My dog has developed recent panic attacks/anxiety and we could not figure out a solution or pinpoint what caused her recent change in behavior. Dr. Perry is extremely thorough, listens very carefully, and is very detailed with her diagnosis and suggestions. What I love about Dr. Perry is she is the first vet I have found that will stay in the room as long as she needs to without making the patient feel like she has to rush out. Her quality, personality, and expertise are excellent and we could not be happier. She is quick to call the patient back and help over the phone to address anything that comes up after the appointment as well. She always seems to take that extra step in your animal's care and I love it. By far out of all my experiences she is the best vet in San Diego! Thank you Dr. Perry and staff for following up after visits and for taking great care of Ginger :)

Silvia Rohrer

3 years ago

Professional, caring vets and staff.

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