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Mark Byrne

2 years ago

We have been taking our pet cats to Pinole Pet Hospital over the past 35 years .

J Turner

2 years ago

Had to put my dog to sleep due to old age and health concerns. They were very kind and understanding of our situation. Explained the process all the way through right up until the end. Made sure our dog wasn't in any pain. If we get another pet in the future I'll make sure to use them as the vet.

Bambi Spencer

2 years ago

They keep my pups happy and healthy at a fair price.

Kay Muller-Santiago

2 years ago

I love my Veterinarian DR WEHREN, she is amazing! She is so caring and thoughtful. She shows love and kindness and always treats our little ones with respect and dignity. She has a genuine concern for her patients. She is a great asset to Pinole Pet Hospital. My Lola loves her and I trust her implicitly!!! ????

William Runyon

2 years ago

Vetinary Paitica Wehern is great ????

loushan lee

2 years ago

Very helpful, friendly and kind people! Thank you so much!!

Sabeen Pradhan

2 years ago

Staffs ar great! Lil expensive but I recommend this place!

Cmo Cmo

2 years ago

No sense of urgency very rude. Just want to get your credit card info over the phone because they are not allowing people to come inside. They did not state this to me because if they would’ve I would’ve went to another vet. So I had to let my $7000 bulldog in someone’s else hands and trust that my credit card and pup are ok. They did not give me a receipt unless I asked and the male nurse Or what he’s called is rude and should know that a person would like a receipt upon payment.

Jazar Shalabi

3 years ago

Edit:06/18/2021 I got a call today from Toni (not sure if I’m spelling correctly) about my review,, she was very genuine and apologetic about my experience , I feel the person who answered my call did not represent the veterinarian that called me today. I added an extra star for her sincere concern , I would have given more stars but I cannot judge the treatment since my service dog never got any. However, I would trust the kind lady who called today, just not the one I first encountered with. …..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,END OF EDIT……… Called to try to scheduled an appointment. The lady who answered the phone was not present (don't know if she has some personal issues going on but leave your personal stuff at home). All I heard was garble . I asked her how she was doing and she said good, can you hold? I said yes. Placed me on hold for over 10 minutes. Figured this is not a good sign. Very sad, I really wanted this to work out because of the online reviews and the convenience of their location. Why is it so hard to get a good veterinarian who hasn't forgotten why they came into this field to begin with. Either way, a little tip- dont have the face of your company be rude and inconsiderate, it makes you all look that way, Sorry but NOT SORRY

Toni Yancey

3 years ago

I can't say enough about this location. I was a nervous wreak about my Nephew's beloved very old dog the bottom line from the front desk to the Dr's I love the work they do and the care that's given not just to the pets but owners and family members. Keep up the great work.Thank you, Thank you

andra gaines

3 years ago

Great place to take your pet very nice people.

Janette Moorehead

3 years ago

With the pressure all of them have been under over the passed couple of years with this covid- 19 hanging over everyone's head when it comes to our fur baby's they all do what ever they can to help & surport us all I personally have a lot to thank them for cuz if it was not for them I don't no what would have happen this weekend

Joel Stevenson

3 years ago

Made an appointment. Got ignored after checking in. 40 minutes later I left. What is it with vets these days?

cierrah reed

3 years ago

My dog had an injury to her paw we pulled up looking for help and a woman named Pat who works there was really unprofessional. We asked if she could see if they could see our dog she stated that she would ask for us since we could not enter due to cover well rather than going in to ask she decided to talk to friend outside. It her about 5-10 mins before she decided to walk in and ask about our dog

lena mccloy

3 years ago

Pinole Pet Hospital is the best vet I have ever been to!!!! Not only did they take da best care of my Pebbles and not only fixed the problem but they gave my Pebbles instant relief and out of pain!!! They also did a great job calming me down in the process!! Every staff member there treats each animal as if it was there own and handle with such love and care!!! I now will only got to Pinole Pet Hospital for all my pet needs they are da best ever!!! Thank you all so very much me and Pebbles are so very much appreciated of all of you!!! Great job they should give u 10 star option!!!!THANK YOU WE ❤❤❤you!

Heather Parke

3 years ago

Always very inconsiderate, rude people answering the phone here who definitely don't care about your pet, only the $$$.

Edward John

3 years ago

Helpful, friendly staff. Excellent vets and great aftercare. A 5 star business.

Gennifer Tate

3 years ago

They are so nice to pets and parents. Would not go anywhere else.

H Bell

3 years ago

Good people doing a hard job.

Ingret Bruns

3 years ago

Changed a lot since going "corporate".

Laureen Callo

3 years ago

We are thrilled to give a glowing five star review to Pinole Pet Hospital and especially, Dr. Emily Lin, our new vet. We moved to Hercules from NYC recently and chose the highly recommended Dr. Lin as our Shih Tzu Rupert’s new doctor. She discovered elevated enzymes in his bloodwork and immediately ordered a whole day of further testing. Sadly, that confirmed our little boy has Cushings Disease. But I don’t know how we’d be getting through this without Dr. Lin. She has the best bedside manner! She returns phone calls and answers emails promptly, (actually more than any doctor I’ve ever had…) She takes the time to answer our questions and has just been one of the best medical partners we’ve ever known. She is genuinely kind and cares. The staff was amazingly quick to get forms and records to get him a brain MRI, the medicine and so forth. If you are like us and love your pet like family, I would not hesitate to recommend you put their health and lives in the hands of Dr. Lin. We did and I feel he is in the best possible loving hands.

Luis Santiago

3 years ago

They take care of our furbabies.

Mark Clark

3 years ago

We recently relocated to the East Bay Area and needed a veterinary provider for our dogs. A friend suggested Pinole Pet Hospital. I'm sure glad I took that advice! Dr. Lin and her crew made us feel welcome and of value, and they were respectful of appointment times and were as efficient as could be. If you need a good, empathetic, professional veterinarian and you live near Pinole, do yourself and your pets a favor. You won't regret it.

Robbin Irish

3 years ago

Getting my kitten neutered was easy and affordable! They took good care of him.

Savanna Breese

3 years ago

We chose this vet based on good online reviews and proximity. So far, we’ve encountered several small disappointments that add up to leave a sour taste in our mouth after 3 appointments and several hundred dollars for our 2 dogs. Keep in mind we started with them before covid - and have visited them since covid - and have observed their evolution. To be completely honest, they're SMALL misconducts: seriously. But they’re the sorts of things that separate teams with integrity, pride and true care apart from those just doing a job for a paycheck. I point these out so you, potential patient, can know what you’re getting into, and so the managers can consider raising their hiring and training standards. I think it’s valuable to make sure patients really feel like they can trust an establishment to take care of them + their family. Having worked in medical offices for years myself, I understand the value of sensitivity, conscientiousness, and personal touches when dealing with pained, stressed, and concerned patients. I think critical feedback is important for growth, so here are our experiences: 1. Answering the phones: the first thing you hear is a garbled “Please hold” from reception - sometimes they wait for you to acknowledge going on hold, sometimes they don’t - no mention of a business name, and no greeting to make you feel human - instead you’re left waiting, feeling like a burden on their incredibly busy day 2. Appointments BEFORE covid - we scheduled an appointment for 10am - it took over 1.5 hours, much longer than we expected and both of us were late for work. - 60 minutes of the 90 minutes was spent waiting, and only a third was discussing something relevant to our appointment. - we arrived about 10 mins early, to be be ready when the vet was ready (cuz appointments are so no one wastes time, ya?) 3. Interacting over the counter: not the warmest or tidiest of spaces - body language is subtle and important, and I’ve always gotten the sense they’re going through motions to get me out the door - seeing as reception is the first and last thing you interact with in any office, good reception is crucial to leaving good impressions - mostly talking about themselves or other news, and then payment, upsells and your next appointment - not usually mentioning the animals they’re present to help - typically they stay seated, not necessarily looking at you or your pet - everything about every interaction tells me they just want me to spend money and move along 4. Presentation + organization: clean, but not tidy - I could smell the disinfectant and see that the floors were clean - products were scattered on shelves behind reception on folding tables and many were still in boxes - nothing about the displays illustrated that anyone cared how they looked 5. Appointments AFTER covid - we’re no longer allowed inside, to minimize risk of contamination (the new norm) - we scheduled an appointment for 11am - it’s just to get the dog 1 shot - should be quick, right? - we made sure we had no work that day because who knew how long it could take - arrived 12 mins early, called to check in - were told “I’ll let them know you’re here.” - we gave them until 10 mins after the appointment, and then left. - at 11:30 we received a call that they were ready - we were long gone, and will not be returning. In summary, the overall impression left is the office’s time is far more important than the patient’s. Not my flavor, and wanted anyone else looking for a vet to be aware as well. Hopefully the service desk can improve their attitudes and presentation to be a bit more professional.

cora morales

4 years ago

Was a Customer for my dogs, 45 yrs.

John Davidson

4 years ago

RIP off, seems like thay just want to drain your wallet

lynette olson

4 years ago

Everyone treats my romo and Jules like part of their family. Going on 7 years and still a great place.

Marcela Taylor

4 years ago

Extremely disappointing vet visit today. I had two scheduled appointments back to back and ended up being told after 25+ mins of waiting, and only after I repeatedly asked for updates without any answers, to go to their other location in Hercules during rush hour traffic. Worst of all, I witnessed the extremely poor judgement used in giving a family bad news about their pet in the waiting room while also repeatedly insinuating that it was their fault. I kept hearing family members repeat that the pet’s condition worsen after surgery happening at this location. We have been coming here for years. Our past experience doesn’t match today’s experience. However, if I were given bad news about any of my pets, I would certainly not want to be treated as if it were my fault.

Marlene Peerson

4 years ago

I have been taking my fur babies here for many many years and would highly recommend their staff.

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