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Elizabeth Aguilar

2 years ago

***beginning of experience*** I got the puppy package and my girl got all of her vaccines as well as her spay surgery here. Dr Sharp was excellent and caring and took the time to answer all of my questions with clarity and compassion. So all of the initial routine care went well enough although everything seemed kind of pricey and the other staff did not come across as totally professional. They were always super booked too so it wasn’t easy making appointments and whenever I did manage to book an appointment they would have to be pretty far out in advance. The two emails I sent to this location both went unanswered and I had to call several times to get a response to my question (the response was, “you can take her to an emergency clinic or you can wait and see”). The staff would always be unaware of the reasons for my appointments despite my providing detailed information on the electronic check-in forms. ***TWO MOST RECENT EXPERIENCES*** I called to get a refill of a prescription medicated shampoo for my puppy and was told I would have to wait to find out if they would be able to refill it. I waited two days before they called me back and told me they would be able to refill the prescription and that I needed to schedule a time to come in and pick it up which I did. I showed up at that time to pick up the shampoo and the person at the desk said they would not be able to give it to me. I’m of course like “what? I was told to come pick it up today” and the person said they would go check. They come back and tell me again that they won’t be able to give it to me without checking with the doctor then offer to check with the doctor. I’m like, yes please do that. Some back-and-forth and 45 MINUTES LATER, I am finally given the shampoo and promptly leave. Most recently (today, in fact), I learned that if you are 15 minutes or more late to your appointment, you will be rescheduled. This was never communicated to me prior to my (18 minute late) arrival at their office today. This policy, the lack of notice regarding it, and the past unprofessional behaviors are all what is triggering me to find another vet. ***OVERALL ADVICE*** Use this establishment’s services if you must but be aware that while your pet might receive quality care from the animal doctors, YOU yourself will find neither care nor competence as you navigate this overly complex and often automated microcosm of the animal healthcare system. If you can, absolutely spend the time researching other facilities and reaching out to them out via telephone or email to gauge their responsiveness and level of professionalism.

Lily Zhu

2 years ago

Essy to schedule an appt. I called to reschedule my last one, they were nice on the phone. However, I asked them a question regarding my dog and the lady said she would make a note for the doctor to get back to me. Well no one called me back.

geovanny ghaz

2 years ago

This place is a joke At first it was all good but as i kept going for check up for my french bulldog, they kept on telling me the dog needed something i originally didn't go for, they do that just to take more money, never will go back again, they know how to sweet talk people.

Connor Cullen

2 years ago

Went for influenza vaccine. Was not told a booster was needed. No follow up appointment was scheduled until I got an email and had to call. Went for booster appointment and they said they ran out of the vaccine. They could have just called the day before when they ran out.


2 years ago

The front desk is incredibly rude

Eloisa Santacruz

2 years ago

Great experience. I’m new at taking my cats to vet. They were very kind and very informative. No hidden fees or surprises.

David Capriel

2 years ago

Very good prices and the best people.

Aimee Edwards

2 years ago

Excellent Vet with excellent vet techs! And the take excellent care of my dogs for a reasonable amount! Highly recommended!

Devon Reeves

3 years ago

If you are looking for affordable vet care I wouldn’t go here. My dog had an acute leg injury where she was in a ton of pain. This was an urgent matter but not an emergency. I was already a client here and they told me they could fit her in in a month. A MONTH! If you are looking for a vet that will be there in times that your animal needs them this is not the place for you. Also it’s really not that affordable compared to other places. Not worth it. They also didn’t fax over my dogs records to the place that did help my dog. If you want a vet that actually cares about your animal… this is NOT the place for you. They just care about your money.

Veda Casanova

3 years ago

I’d like to commend Dr Cameo Casey, DVM and give her a five star rating. Dr. Casey explained my dog’s health condition the way a layman can understand. She answered all my concerns too. I felt how Dr Casey cared for my dog.

Nallely Badillo

3 years ago

Always booked as soon as you become a thrive plus membership as soon as you want to use it they are booked for months at a time. Pay for pet insurance else where instead

Vee Trairattanapa

3 years ago

Went in for a Puppy Package. My pup was 9 weeks and needed the second round of shots. This is our first time at Thrive. Good: I wanted her to get a Bordetella vaccine, which the vet helpfully got her Bad: Some reason she didn't get a Lepto vaccine, even though it was in the puppy package. The vet exam/consult was so-so and not really helping that much. I had to pay for $49 exam fee (I didn't ask for an exam, I guess it was mandatory) I found out later that if you download the Thrive app, there will be a first free exam coupon there. I felt ripped off. I paid around $150 (puppy package + exam fee + flea/tick/heartworm med) for this visit. I didn't know that I should have prepared her fecal sample. Vet tech gave me a tube to collect her sample and I could return it later (good!). If you're getting a puppy package, prepare your pup's poop would be super handy so you don't have to come back again.

ej zahire

3 years ago

It is a pretty reasonable place got my pups vaccinated there....the customer service was nice and helpful....

April Apodaca

3 years ago

Expensive and long waits between appointments. Took my young cat in to get neutered and over a 2 month long back and forth was told he had a heart murmur and needed an x-ray and echocardiogram. I had some doubts so I took him to get a second opinion. Second vet said his heart sounded fine - got him scheduled to be neutered the following week for half the price. I don't have a direct complaint for Thrives Vet and understand doctors can observe different things, but all in all I was disappointed.

Talia L

3 years ago

Unprofessional, not reliable, not friendly, careless!

Suzanne Devlin

3 years ago

I meant to post a 5-star review, but posted incorrectly and could not go back to adjust- shouldn't do things like this when I'm so tired ???? Had a coupon from Petco, initial $25 exam free of charge. The young man running the counter was helpful, the vet tech thorough, and the doctor, knowledgeable. The practice is set up as an easy-in, easy-out service, estimates and payments completed in exam room, no waiting in more lines after exam.

Stacy Ines

3 years ago

If the system lets you book an appointment- they cancel it an hour before even if you have multiple confirmation of appointments. …

Sophia carey

3 years ago

I never have to wait for more than 5 minutes. The doctors and nurses are super attentive.

Regina Hernández

3 years ago

Very bad attention I had an appointment and I arrived 10 minutes late and they did not want to attend to our kitten

Louise A. C

3 years ago

At first it seemed good. I took my cat on a Sunday when my vet was not available. The doctor ordered urine tests and an ex-ray. I paid and took the cat home. She called but i could not finish the call . I have called back 3-4 times requesting that they email me the results of the tests, as i was so distracted when she called. (I having surgery and am on "house-arrest") I need to have the test results to take them to my regular vet. It is Wednesday, that is time enough to email the results. I emailed in 30 seconds. I cannot get anyone to call me back Cat name Snoopy


3 years ago

Great experience here. Everyone is so friendly and fast service and the doctor always answers my questions. And they treat my fur babies Hopper and Bunny with tenderness and love.

katie brown

3 years ago

Worst experience. Overpriced despite their affordable advertising. The website is very misleading. My dog went in for an exam to prep him for a dental surgery (teeth cleaning) the pre exam was over $200 and that doesn’t include his quoted …

jasmine unknown

3 years ago

It's 10000000% not worth the money you save at the vet here. They are rude, forget things, take forever. I brought my cat in and I have to return his fecal sample. I cannot be connected to someone who actually works in the vet center. If you call they will connect you to the back office (and if you are lucky they won't hang up on you), and the back office 1. Doesn't know anything about the vet side scheduling (when I can bring the sample in) and 2. Refuses to let me talk to someone who can help me. They suggest I just drive there and hope for the best. Edit: someone called me back and advised they will charge me for the fecal sample because of the amount of time that has passed since his visit. No one told me this, and I didn't receive paperwork indicating there was a time limit. I advised this and once again was told tooo bad. At least this representative wasn't rude.. I guess.

Jasmine Pita

3 years ago

I took my kitty Maximus here. I was very nervous about his health and I made his appointment on a whim because they were they next available place. But gosh I was not disappointed and will be returning many more times for his care. They were very professional and made me feel at ease. The vet was extremely informative and gave me confidence in my decision to get x rays done. (Low cost btw!) During a difficult time with a pandemic and a sick kitty they were efficient, comforting and very attentive to our needs. Thank you!

Briceyda Alas

3 years ago

My cat had an appt she's a bit sick, we come from a bit far away and we were 20 minutes late. They declined her not caring about her health and made rescheduled for two weeks after today. I call this a total BS.

Alondra Rod

3 years ago

I got to the Pasadena location on time, I checked in. I got no text, no call. It was 1208 so I called them from my car stating i was there waiting with my dog. They straight up cancelled me as if I was late and as if it was fault I didn’t get a text or notification to call them right after I checked in. Mind you my appt was at 12pm. What’s the point of checking in online if I still have to call from the lot?! And why should I be cancelled because their system didn’t communicate with me correctly?! And why is it is that they couldn’t accommodate a simple rabies shot really quick. I asked to speak to a manager and someone named Toni said no manager was available. I called customer service and no manager was available?! I was livid! Dont take your pet to thrive , because obviously they’re doing the opposite, holding puppies from getting care over some petty ..

Tamara Goad

4 years ago

I called more than once asking about my dog. They hung up once and never returned my call the second time. I work in a school if they treated my dog well. I was in the position to bring in lots of new clients. Better luck next time ladies.

Alyx Morgan

4 years ago

Many problems with this facility (full review on Yelp): 1) Double-booking appointments …

Amado Arana

4 years ago

Great service and very affordable

Annette hooker

4 years ago

Excellent service vet very informative

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