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Laura Starrh

2 years ago

Got seen for my appointment right away. The vet and rest of the staff were friendly and professional. The price was on par with what I have paid at other places. And everyone said my dog was cute which shows good taste ????

Alex Rosen

2 years ago

Avoid this vet. Very unprofessional - twice in 2 months we showed up for appointments and they either forgot to actually make appointment or realized the timing was wrong. Had to come back on another day (both times). Also it is tough to get hold of vet herself; vet sometimes calls after appointments but not always and when there were issues the staff was hesitant to escalate to vet finally, received poor care, with medications labeled incorrectly / inconsistently in how to administer

Jeralyn Moran

2 years ago

The Staff is very conscientious; I appreciate the time they take to fully cover my dog's needs & keep me imformed.


2 years ago

Terrible service and robbery prices. $591 to fill out a single sided piece of paper. The paper itself was $400. Read the paper attached and tell me if that looks like $400 worth of work. What's more, the vet didn't even fill it out, or apparently check it because they marked our dog at the wrong gender. Which if I didn't catch would have meant our dog may not have been released to us in Hawaii. Then when I went to have them correct it they told the vet that they had the wrong gender for our cat. The vet left early so we agreed to come back in the AM thinking the Vet would fill it out when they got in. Nope, we showed up at lunch with the doors locked and they hadn't even looked at it. I watched the front office staff fill it out and have the vet sign in 5-10min. No way is that worth $400. Asked the manager for a partial refund since the most I've ever paid for a health cert is $75 and they agreed to drop the price some, but it's been 21 days and so far no refund. Our dog is a Hawaii based service dog. All she needed was a health check to get on the plane back home. If this was an import or international travel, I would understand, but this dog flies all the time.

Mil P

2 years ago

We’ve been bringing our pet here for several months and have had mixed experiences with them. They arbitrarily cancel appointments that they have confirmed, presumably to take in higher revenue emergency appointments. It’s not very professional. While the veterinarians seem good, there is a desire by this business also to maximize revenue on each visit, which is unfortunate. Wait times on the phone, even when waiting outside in their parking lot, can be 10-15 minutes on hold.

Rebecca 88

2 years ago

Very helpful and kind towards our pet kitty.

Preeti Srinivasan

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE. Horrible customer service and care!!! Out of our 5 appointments (for a new puppy), 4 of them had big issues. In short, we found the staff to be highly incompetent, and when we openly told them about the issues, they got defensive instead of apologizing for their awful customer service. We moved to another clinic as soon as we could get an appointment. Detail on the issues: (1) This vet mislabeled medication, which might have caused our puppy to need a 2nd round of antibiotics. (2) On 2 separate occasions, we drove to the parking lot and were told that someone "forgot" to put the appointment into their practice calendar... after they made us wait for over 30 minutes in the parking lot. (3) After one of the scheduling mistakes, they promised to comp the next appointment. Then when we reminded them at the next appointment, it took 30 minutes of arguing before they actually followed through on their promise.

Marlee Burns

2 years ago

We started taking our cat here in the summer of 2020 and had no problems. However, beginning in August 2021, it seems as though they are under new management. We took our cat in August of 2021 for a yearly rabies vaccine. They gave it to her, but didn't make any record of the vaccine or payment. Several weeks later, they called us to say that she was due for the vaccine. We said we just took her there and you gave her the shot. They said "our apologies, we'll make a note of it!" They called us again two weeks later. Same conversation. Two weeks later. SAME CONVERSATION. We got a new kitten in September 2021. She's been there for 2 visits now, both of which have had problems. At the first, they prescribed her medicine, which we paid for, which they never gave us. At the second, she was meant to come in for a rabies vaccine. We arrived at the vet. They took her inside. They'd forgotten to schedule the rabies vaccine and couldn't give it to her that day - why did they think we were there?! It's such a shame. We moved to San Francisco in Fall 2020 and kept going because our experiences had been so positive, but they must be under new management or something, because the last three visits have all been terrible.

Lynn Huidekoper

2 years ago

My cat, Chai, had been rubbing her ears and scratching her collar area. I wanted her checked for ear mites and fleas. She also needed an annual check-up. The vet asst. was very attentive. The vet examined her ears-no mites but an ear infection and no fleas. She received 2 vaccines and an ear cleaning and I was given an antibiotic ointment to apply twice a day. I was pleased with her care and her care at the receptionist desk. However, one woman at the desk was not helpful when I asked the pricing on flea treatment products. She thought I meant pills(which are for dogs)even though it was obvious that I had cat! She acted like I was bothering her!! Other than her, I liked the vet and her assistants!

Josh Kennedy

2 years ago

My puppy has gone here for all of her shots and a recent spay. Dr Moding has been fantastic!

Matthew Green

2 years ago

Late getting results because there is lack of communication between front desk and vet. The results were in but we didn’t get them until 6 days after they were available (we called every day and asked for the results). We were also sold out of date antibiotics. The vet was friendly and ultimately my dog is ok (hence 3 stars and not 2) but it was a very frustrating experience.

Michelle Blade

2 years ago

I went to this vet to get my dog vaccinated. They canceled my second appointment and told me to call back to reschedule. I called and left voicemails, no response for weeks. Then they called to Schedule a 10:20 appointment. When I arrived they said the appointment was for 9 and refused to see me. The services I’ve received from them are subpar and their organizational skills makes me worried to bring my dog their again. I would not recommend their services.

Silviya Dimitrova

2 years ago

This is THE WORSE HOSPITAL. the front stuff are lazy and should not be employed by a hospital!!! I have trying to get a prescription for my cat with diarrhea for three weeks and they keep hanging up the phone on me. The doctor is great but the ones at the front desk are very unprofessional. Client like us keep your lazy personas employed. So get together and have some dignity. There are so many people without a job that can do so much better than you. Go sit on a couch and let clients be handled by someone who actually cares and can respond to a simple request.

Duncan O. Clements

2 years ago

My cat had an issue and they took care of it as best they could with no appointment. The cat is now home and resting comfortably in front of me. I took my other cat over there before as well and had a good experience the cat recovered fully both cats are 10 now and I'm doing pretty well. I was not able to go inside today due to the covid-19 situation. They have numbered parking lot spots that you pull up to tell them which number you are parking and a vet tech comes out to meet you and get your information. I was lucky enough to be able to drop off the cat with them and a doctor was able to look at my cat between visits. I really appreciated the service.

Joshua Grossman

2 years ago

Standard vet care in a convenient place. Slightly peeved after I was told my cat’s eye didn’t dilate and that his eye should be checked out by an ophthalmologist. After spending $300 on an ophthalmologist appointment, I was told his eye dilates perfectly normally, and turns out his eye has a completely unrelated condition that should have been easily spotted by a standard vet.

Kelly Longley

2 years ago

I just moved back to Palo Alto area and took my 9 year old yorkie for an exam and to have a few issues addressed. First, they had my dog for 2 hours to do an exam while I waited in the car, which I feel was excessive. Then, the veterinarian didn’t give me a thorough explanation of what could be going on with my dogs eye and suggested antibiotic drops but then said she didn’t have the drops in stock so suggested an eye wash and eye wipes. It was very confusing and unclear what treatment my dog needed. I have now made an appointment with an eye specialist because I don’t trust the vet knew what was going on. After I spoke to the vet I paid with my credit card and was told a receipt would be mailed to me. A charge went through on my credit card but the office keeps telling me I have an unpaid balance and they won’t send me a receipt. I have emailed a screen shot to them more than once and I keep getting told I will get a call back but I never do. I would NOT recommend anyone take their animal to this vet.

Matresa Carlock

2 years ago

Having a lower price for the less fortunate that care about their pets health but can't afford it. Other than that a job well done for addressing my concerns and caring for my pets needs. I will definitely recommend you

Brigette Perreault (BayPLS)

2 years ago

No Stars, called to book an appointment for a spay, after agreeing to the payment amount. Got the appointment, showed up and they told us they don't do spays at this time, but told us they would take her in anyways to see what they can do. They call us back and tell us with two vaccinations and a spay was around $800, which is not what we agreed to upon when booking appointment. We told them no thank you and said they would bring our cat back out to us. They called us back and then told us they are charging us $70 for taking her in, even after scheduling her for a spay they could not do "we will take her in to see if we can do the spay now", so they can make money. I have many animals and have been to many animal hospitals/ vets and this by far is the worst one yet. Good luck to anyone that comes here

Bing Wang

2 years ago

Waiting time here is getting longer and longer. I would had changed to another vet but currently it is very hard to find vets that take new patients.

Sam Kirtner

2 years ago

They consistently have very poor and minimal communication. For example, we recently had our dog neutered, and there were no FAQs on the typical recovery process, no information on activity and exercise levels, no follow-up appointment. When we called with a question about some redness at the site 2 weeks after neutering, the person we spoke to didn't seem to know much about whether our dog needed an office visit or whether he needed to continue wearing the cone. Another example, we brought him in for a blood test, and when they dropped him off didn't tell us whether he was positive or negative. We consistently feel in the dark about our dog's health.

Henry Robinson

3 years ago

A little pricey but great people and great service.

Shubham Sinha

3 years ago

My dog got into an accident that caused a pretty bad injury right under his eye. When we got to Sage the wait was a bit long , about an hour but they had accurately determined that my dog was stable enough to wait it out since they had several other emergencies happening at the same time (far worse than ours). Eventually he was taken in and they did an amazing job of cleaning his wound and stitching him up. Glad to say our puppy has all healed up now thanks to all the wonderful people working here.

Alexander Shea

3 years ago

Overall a great experience. The staff was friendly and they honored the appointment time that was scheduled with minimal wait. They seem to have a smooth operation set up to deal with covid where they have you stay in your car and they come to you and take your pet. I do wish they would be more proactive with providing you info and a recap of the services rendered without being asked but once I did they were more than happy to oblige.

Sanjit Patel

3 years ago

Very friendly, they show legitimate concern for your pet. I used to fly out of state to come here

Regino Chavez

3 years ago

Made appointment for my dog to get vaccinated. When I showed up on time I was told that they don’t have the vaccine. Had to leave work early. To make it to appointment. Why didn’t they call to tell me that they didn’t have it. They even still send me messages to confirm my appointment today

vicki barbaria

3 years ago

I had to put my beloved kitty of 18 years to sleep after the emotional devastation of watching him waist away. This was very difficult. He was my companion, loved so very much by the entire family. The Animal hospital of Palo Alto, their caring staff and the wonderful vet were a Godsend. The were empathetic and caring in a very emotional time. They explained what was going to happen, and made Mr. T comfortable, sedating him to ease his pain before this difficult procedure. They gave us time with him, allowed us to say goodbye, and were so gentle with our baby and with us. I can not stress enough how thankful we are that this was where we chose. Thank you for the respectful, caring and beautiful treatment you gave to our very loved family member. I can say the level of care we received here is unmatched with any other vet we have ever had.

Dana McCue

3 years ago

Dr.Kristy Moding is in a league of her own! One of the best Veterinarians in the Bay Area.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eunsun Cha

3 years ago

We did a physical exam (costing $60) just to get a prescription of Heartgard plus for my recently adopted dog who didn't actually needed a regular checkup because he's recently done everything from other country where he was rescued. But my order from was cancelled after a long hold because Chewy pharmacy failed to get the prescription from AHOPA. 1) AHOPA didn't answer the phone from Chewy pharmacy 2) AHOPA told Chewy pharmacy that I'm not the customer 3) AHOPA declined the prescription request. I've wasted 2 weeks and my dog is overdue with heart worm prevention.

Mary Lou Zoback

3 years ago

It was perfect. It all felt very safe Covid wise, but also I really appreciated the phone chat with the vet while she was with my dog and her thoughtful cost-conscious approach to treatment. Thanks!

Gil Oraha

3 years ago

We have a cavalier that was due for a yearly checkup. They made it very easy to drop off our dog and pick her up on during sip order with no issues. Our baby was very relaxed throughout the entire time.

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