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Marie Woods

2 years ago

Great place to board your dog.

des garner

2 years ago

Love Sea Dogs Grooming, located at Shamrock Kennels! Outstanding service, Lisa & Silver are wonderful. Gentle, patient, professional and exemplary cuts. I've been a client for almost 10 years & never disappointed. Best groomers I have ever used in my 24 years plus of dog ownership.

John Meyer

2 years ago

This was an effective option for our first time, a two night stay for three dogs including an agressive GSD. Professional staff and facility. These people know animals and keep them safe and healthy.

Maggie Levy

3 years ago

I brought my 17 week old chocolate lab to Lisa for puppy training. I was extremely nervous since he was so young and he is my baby boy. The training was two weeks and I was so scared he wouldn't remember me. I checked in with Lisa several times and she sent pictures and assured me Tucker was having fun. When I picked him up not only did he remember me but he was so well behaved. He didn't have any bad habits before going in but I wanted him leash trained and a few more commands. He came out with so much more. I am extremely happy with Shamrock and Lisa. Thank you Lisa.


3 years ago

This review is long overdue but I can't miss the opportunity to thank Lisa and let people know what a wonderful place Shamrock Ranch is. Lisa and her staff at Shamrock are outstanding in every possible way. During a very difficult time my family and I had to bring my elderly mother's two naughty little chihuahuas to Lisa. Lisa and her staff were so professional, accommodating & helpful. I can't thank them enough. Through the help of Lisa we were able to find a home for both little guys together and I don't think that would have happened if they hadn't been trained at Shamrock. I am the type of person who feels terrible when having to board a pet (past tense since I no longer have any pets), if I had known about Shamrock Ranch Kennel when I had my dog Buddy, it would have made a world of difference. It's hard to enjoy your get away if you are worried about your dog. You will not find another place like Shamrock or like Lisa and her amazing staff. Lisa, thank you for all you did in our time of crisis, your thoughtfulness and the care you gave Mikey & Pepe will never be forgotten. Thank you!!!!!

Ken Myers

3 years ago

Take great care of our two labs

Marienela Langit

4 years ago

Nice place. Was greeted right away, friendly staff. Gina our groomer was very professional. She took care of Jowy for her first groom. We have a follow up appt coming up and am sure another A plus service. They also have training classes for your pups, will definitely sign up for it.

Jeff Trosper

4 years ago

Great place for a dog to stay !

Sylvia Ayala

4 years ago

Lisa is very good groomer.Sea dogs.Boarding your dog really good

Luna Salaver

5 years ago

We have boarded our Rhodesian Ridgeback at three different places and prefer Shamrock Ranch over the other two. It has a warm, knowledgeable staff, an outside play area as well as training and grooming options. It does not have cameras and I think in the wintertime the kennels may be cold.

Gary Kong

5 years ago

Great ranch for dog boarding, playing, training, and grooming.

Greg Snyder

5 years ago

Great dog training and boarding! My pup came out happier and more obedient than ever.

Steve B

5 years ago

We had heard mixed reviews about the place, so didn't try it for some time. However, we did take our dogs there for some time (boarding and day care), but unfortunately had to find another solution and wouldn't recommend it if you have other options that avoid the pitfalls below. Staff: with the exception of one person, the staff are the bright spot. The folks who work at the front desk were always nice, and the team who takes care of the dogs during day care were the best. It would be one star if not for these folks (again, minus the one). Facilities: a few issues here. First, the day care area: (1) it's largely outside and the dogs are able to dig, so there's the risk of exposure to standing water; and (2) two play areas sit right next to each other with a fence, which is odd for a place designed for dogs - it encourages fence aggression. Second, the boarding area was cacophonous - crazy loud. I realize it's a kennel, but we've boarded our dogs at four different places and none were this loud. Other: after having the dogs there for some time, we were suddenly told they were being aggressive. We didn't see that behavior at home or at the dog park, and became suspicious. It happened to be around the same time we were checking out other places and made a move. Interestingly, we've heard nothing from the new place (and still seen nothing at home) - in fact, the report cards they provide show the dogs as playful. We prefer to keep money coastside when possible, but have switched to a place over the hill and are happy with it.

sheldon gersh

5 years ago

Our dog loves shamrock...that's what counts

R. J.

5 years ago

We went to Shamrock with our two dogs for well over a year. Playcare 1-2 times weekly, boarding several times, so we had contact with many of the staff. The facilities are a bit run down and that is definitely some of its charm some could argue and our dogs did not seem to mind. They frequently came home quite messy from a day at play care. There were a couple notices about kennel cough while we were there and our dogs did get giardia, twice-but I am sure the dogs digging holes in wet dirt had nothing to do with that. A little attention could be spent on making a cleaner play space and not letting the dogs dig all the way down to standing water -just in case. Overall, the people are nice enough. However, we did not have a good customer experience with Lisa. I had seen Lisa around the office and watched her with dogs from time to time as I was coming and going with my dogs. I did not like how she talked to people nor how she interacted with the dogs. I felt she was too quick to tell people how long she has been doing this and even quicker to tell them they are the reason their dog has problems. I did not feel comfortable interacting with her, so I purposely tried to steered clear of her. However just prior to a two week trip, when our dogs would be boarding there, we were told they needed training because of "fence aggression"-a behavior only observed at Shamrock. I also found it odd that our friend's dog also had behavior issues in play care at the same time. Red flag considering our friends had already paid for training with Lisa the year before. We were kind of in a tough place, either use Lisa or risk not being able to use Shamrock for play care and boarding. We reluctantly agreed and the experience that followed was enough for us to stop going to Shamrock altogether. We had an initial training meeting scheduled with her that she could not attend because she was busy with another dog. She did try to call after, once, but I was in a meeting. I returned the call and emailed her before we left. She did not return the call or emails before we left. We left on our trip but after a few days of not hearing from her, I called Shamrock, they told me to email her, I told them I did and that she did not reply. No reply the entire time were gone. When we picked them up after our trip she stated our other dog, had "a limp and we don't know why." Who says that to people picking up their dog after being gone two weeks? Couldn't she be bothered to find out if anything happened? We made some basic requests, that were simply ignored. For example, we had wanted them boarded together in the same kennel and separated during the day to ease separation anxiety. The had boarded together at Shamrock before, so this was not an odd ask. She took it upon herself to separate them--after we asked specifically not to do that. There are other examples of how this just went wrong in a grand way. As we checked out, she started telling the front desk clerk to add various items to our bill but when she grabbed a pinch collar off the wall and added it to our bill, we were done. Our dogs had no aggressive behaviors that would warrant using aversive techniques, let alone a prong collar, and I would not have agreed to it. I am not an animal rights zealot, if you choose to use prong collars on your dogs, that is your business. I don't think it is a big ask for them to be totally forthcoming with their techniques and let owners make an informed decision. Again, most of this would have been easily avoided if she simply returned a call or email either the week before we left or the two weeks we were gone. There are certified dog trainers all over the peninsula-like ZoomRoom. While Shamrock overall has some wonderful staff, it does have some drawbacks in facilities, cleanliness and definitely in customer service. There really are better options at comparable prices.

Juan Rubio

5 years ago

We took Fito, our Pit bull puppy, to them while we were traveling in Europe for 2 weeks. We chose their boarding and training camp since she used to pull a lot during walks. Lisa, the dog trainer, was amazing! It’s a totally different dog now. She does not pull at all and she’s very well behaved. I highly recommend their services!! Thank you Lisa!!

Chad Freeman

6 years ago

First, let me note that we have a dog (Charlie) that is very nervous around strangers and it takes him a very long time to warm up to people. Their trainer, Lisa, was the first person that Charlie ever opened up to. It may have taken a few weeks of training with him, but she is amazing. Lisa taught us the proper techniques that other trainers and dog behaviorists failed to teach us. Lisa and the rest of the staff are very friendly and patient and we are grateful for all their help with Charlie. We've used Shamrock for both boarding and training and highly recommend them for both. Charlie has come a long, long way, with a bump or two in the road, but we are forever grateful to Shamrock Ranch. Can't recommend them enough.

Cindi Rosse

6 years ago

Happy thanksgiving to Hannah, the fabulous dog groomer at Shamrock Ranch. We all had a fun time and are now ready for the holidays. ????


6 years ago

Excellent for boarding and training.

Smitty Harwood

6 years ago

Wow! ???? It's like we have a new dog! ???? Lisa and her team are top notch. They trained our wild Shiba Inu, and our family!

Marina Furlan

7 years ago

Great for nail clippings, they give your dog a free mini bandana.

Michael Armstrong

8 years ago

great kennel care and loving people. honestly don't understand the negativity of past reviews, my dogs have been pretty happy!

Dana Thrash

10 years ago

After you read this I hope you will consider taking your dog to be groomed by someone else. Upon meeting Michelle, the dog groomer, you will probably think that your dog is in caring and capable hands.Please don't be fooled. Once behind the closed doors, she is s screamer,pulling and tugging at your poor defenseless dog. If you love your dog, go some where else. The owners are aware of these things, but choose to ignore them and defend this poor treatment of sweet loving dogs.

Miranda Stauffer

10 years ago

Warning!!! $30 does not include any walks. Your dog will be closed for the entire boarding period with not even a two short chances to use a bathroom outside that I think any dog deserves. Walks are extra but here is my concern: Last three times they claimed they walked my dog two times a day for extra $9.00 a day. Past weekend I looked at the paper that I gave to the man who picked up the dog and it did not specify any walks but when I picked up a dog there was an 8 walk charge. So even though I brought the dog at 5:30 in the evening, I got charged for two mystery walks that night??? I called them and a rude front staff (as usual) said it must have been a mistake. Honestly, I am sceptic if they walk dogs half the time they promise to or charge for anyways. Looking for a different kennel in San Francisco area for the 4th of July weekend. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Beware of this Shamrock Ranch Kennels!!! I feel bad I have been boarding my dog there for a while now. What a scam!

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