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Melissa G

2 years ago

First off: Another reminder to the rude entitled lady arguing and berating the receptionist as I was checking out, no matter what you have going on.. kindness shouldn’t take a back seat on how to treat people. Anyway, 11/10 recommend taking your pet here. My cat has been a patient here for a few years with no major issues but suddenly had trouble peeing. The receptionists were so kind and got him an appointment the same day. Dr. Rose is an angel, cat whisper. She had a clear plan with costs for him for the next few days. she and the nurses explained everything in detail and I felt 1000% comfortable having him in their care the entire day and next day. A huge thanks to everyone!!

Sandra Suárez

2 years ago

We finally found the best hospital in Pacifica for our two senior dogs. They are very professional and animal lovers. Thank you so much, Oceana Pet Hospital team, for the care you are all providing to our two dogs.

Celia Alcantara

2 years ago

I can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about the entire staff, the attention, warmth and kindness of each every person encountered! Dr. Nguyen is the G. O. A. T. my very shy and scared doggo was happy to be handled by her, I never expected to say that about any vet! They have a FURever client ❣️

Alex S. Magana

2 years ago

My chameleon had a little accident and initially i was freaking out and just overall stressed for her but the staff made me extremely comfortable! They definitely know what theyre doing and they took absolute great care of my bud. (the palm tree on the cast was the cherry on top) ???? i live 2 hours away from this area and i am 110% more than willing to make that drive every single time :)

Colter Lovette

2 years ago

Took my Lab (Jack) in today for an ear infection. I travel the country with my family, so this was a brand new visit for me while we're in SF for two weeks. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and got us in and out quickly. The attending Vet was very caring and ensured she fully examined Jack as to not miss anything unknown before addressing his ear. I walked out with the medication he needs, a plan on how to care for him and confidence that he's otherwise healthy. Exactly what you want from a vet, couldn't be happier. Thanks so much.

Christine Dunn-Barela

2 years ago

Our 9lb Chihuahua was attacked by a 70+ German Shepperd guard dog. We took him to and ER hospital in San Mateo to get him stable then our Vet recommended Oceana Pet Hospital. I called for an appointment was advised to come in at 10:30 am that morning by the afternoon our dog GT had ER surgery the doctor cleared her schedule to perform the life threatening surgery that afternoon. Dr. Rose was kind, professional the staff was awesome. Now we have a place to go for an emergency if our vet is unable to see our pets. Thank you Dr. Rose for saving our dog's life.

Felisa Martinez-Rosoff

2 years ago

Helped with our very ill 19yo cat when our usual vet wouldn’t respond, getting him in for a same day appt. Without them, he probably would have suffered unnecessarily for longer. Warm and friendly staff and doctor, and they sent a very nice sympathy card after the cat’s passing.

deng zhonghan

2 years ago

Staff very friendly and professional. I was searching for a good pet hospital to do titer test for my cats because I am going to bring them back to China. This is the one you are looking for if you are in similar situation.

Fiona Chuong

3 years ago

Took my feathery son to see Dr. Butkus about three weeks ago. Green cheek conures are notoriously mischievous, but he was handled very well by Oceana's staff. As for Dr. Butkus, she is knowledgeable and patient. We will be returning for yearly check-ups. :)

Davis Xiao

3 years ago

I have received great customer service for every one of my visits, especially during the COVID pandemic. I take my dog Josan here for dental cleanings and the staff has been very patient with me in scheduling and explaining the process of the cleaning service I had requested. Don't forget that wearing a mask is mandatory! The hospital has updated their procedures of dropping off and picking up your animal with social distancing in mind. Like any essential businesses during these hard times, they are trying their upmost best in providing their services for all animals. Thank you, Oceana Pet Hospital!

jean Finlay

3 years ago

I have 2 indoor/outdoor cats and I have used this hospital 3-4 times so far and always had a very pleasant experience. My cat got in to a cat fight and started limping. They shaved the area and put a collar. she got a shot of antibiotics and some pain meds for a few days. they made some recommendations for the future after she feels better to have her vaccines updated. which I did during her checkup. very good service and friendly people. will use them again.

Tim F

3 years ago

Friendly and professional staff makes it easy knowing that your pets are in good hands and the place is always spotless

Mina Mahbob

3 years ago

This place is hands down the best place to take your pet, best staff and service. I will recommend them to anyone I know. They care about animals. I am super impressed and I am not going anywhere else.

Stephanie Salomonsen

3 years ago

Finding a veterinarian that treats you and your pet like family has always been a must for us. The doctors and staff at Oceana Pet Hospital have been fulfilling that requirement for us since 2017. The office and exam rooms are always clean and welcoming. We love how detailed they are; never overlooking the smallest of concern we may have when going in for an exam. Their follow ups, post appointment, are always appropriated as well. We would highly recommend them for all your veterinarian needs!

Matt Greene

3 years ago

Great service! Very friendly! And organized staff!

anthony mejia

3 years ago

My wife and I have been taking our pets (5 dogs) here since 2013 and have always received the best care for them! We have had care from Dr. Tabai, and Dr. Yang in the past but now have seen the newer Drs such as Dr. Butkus, & Dr. Jeon. At first it was a little nerve wracking having to have your fur babies see someone new, but there was no surprise when they to provided amazing care for them! Both Drs where very thorough and super knowledgeable. Answered all my questions without making me feel rushed and still let me know that if I had any more questions or concerns for that matter, that I can always call! The techs are also very sweet and always give my babies love and attention. Its very comforting to know they love and care for them as much as I do! Thank you so much Oceana Pet Hospital!!

Alberto Nicely

3 years ago

The best pet hospital in the area. they are always busy, but with their extended hours I am usually able to get appointment quickly. Thank you all of you

Aileen Lopez

3 years ago

Love this pet hospital! The staff is super friendly and they always take great care of your pet. I would recommend everyone to go here if they are looking for a vet.

Tuyen Phi

3 years ago

I've been taking my fur babies to Oceana for years and they are the best! I took my new puppy for his wellness check and they immediately detected a heart murmur (something the breeder's vet missed) and now he's all fixed up. Dr. Jeon is extremely attentive and listens to your concerns. He's a life saver and I'll be coming here for the foreseeable future even if I have to cross that cursed Bay Bridge to get here!

Rhiana Gonsalves

3 years ago

I needed to take my pup in for an emergency check up due to eye swelling and I called 6 different Vet clinics/hospitals before finally finding this lovely place. I immediately felt understood and validated once talking to the receptionist about my dogs issue and when I asked if they were able to take her in on such short notice, she said yes without hesitation! Every other vet I called before finding Oceana Pet Hospital declined helping us out, so I was incredibly grateful to find them. They were able to figure out what was wrong and treat my pup accordingly and they were incredibly kind, reliable and responsive throughout the entire process. (With COVID being around it is strictly a drop off, no contact process, and they called me with updates very efficiently) I would recommend this vet to anyone, especially people who need emergency help during the COVID times. Thank you OPH!

Taylor M Bayford

3 years ago

Nice facility, strong up sell business model vet clinic - called in to have my dog looked at for skin allergies / hot spots, to get medication/ointment and antibiotics, but was given such an attitude by Amber at the front desk, who said unless my assistant/dog sitter would be able to authorize any and all charges (IE: full dental cleaning with anesthesia or any other “treatment plan” like they wanted to sell last time) that she wouldn’t book the appointment unless I granted my pet sitter the ability to rubber stamp a blank check. I reminded her that I had been in before for the same concern, yet she remained argumentative with me, raising her voice, eventually hanging up the phone on me when I said I really didn’t appreciate her tone, because there was a chance I might not be reachable by phone tomorrow during the appointment slot they had available. The care received last visit was of quality, and the veterinarian was nice, but the front line sales pressure was intense and off putting, seconded only by this attempt to schedule a follow up.. after being told by them that my last vet had retired since we last came in.. meaning we would have to basically flip a coin and pick a new one. The two remaining Vets may very well be good, (and I’m sure they are), but the overbearing receptionist is beyond rude and as the face of the business, my dog won’t get a chance to see the vet here. So, while I continue to look elsewhere for a veterinarian to take my animal to, your experience as a new or repeat customer/patient may vary.

Samantha Bohn

3 years ago

We love the staff and especially Dr Tabai! We have always felt very attended to by all the staff and doctors and feel Dr Tabai in particular is so incredibly knowledgeable.

Tom Jason

3 years ago

I have been there a few times already and every time had such a great experience. I am able to get appointment always the same day and they don't charge emergency fee. Dr. Neugen is amazing, and my cats are very comfortable with her. place is very clean and service is always perfect.

E Rod

3 years ago

nice place, nice people, nice service, except they need to understand that humans wern't designed to lift and carry dogs in their arms, so they need to learn how to do that safely without causing them pain. For starters, use both arms for support. especially right before you put them to sleep!

drew harper

3 years ago

The people at this pet hospital are very nice but I have brought in two cats and each time they prescribed extraordinarily expensive procedures with little regard for the health of the animal. The latest was my cat got into a catfight and got a scratch on her cheek which abscessed. They wanted to run $900 worth of tests on her, all of which she has been vaccinated for and the blood draws of mom we’re going to heavily impact the health of a cat that was already not feeling well. My daughter is a Vet tech and forgot more about this than most people ever knew. Like I say… The people are very nice but their business practices are somewhat suspect

Diana Tory

3 years ago

I moved to the area about a year ago and been using their service since then. I have 2 cats and one dog. always had great experience. Drs are very knowledgeable and explain every thing in details. front desk receptionist are amazing and they make you feel at ease. great service and friendly staff.

Dave Capra

3 years ago

We received care that was very lacking. The vet called my male dog “she” 4 times after seeing him despite me reaffirming “he” each time. We asked them to trim his claws, they trimmed one. We told them we think he’s allergic to chicken, 5 minutes later they recommended he eat chicken. They decided nothing was wrong with his teeth, mostly because they clearly couldn’t get him to show them his teeth. All for $110 Won’t be coming back, and would avoid.

Annie Glatz

3 years ago

I have been helping my elderly mother take care of her two little dogs and Oceana Pet Hospital is their primary vet. She always expressed how great they are and after helping her the past few months I can see why! They are always so accommodating and wonderful when my mother or myself calls or goes in for an appointment. Very patient and answers all of my questions as I have no idea what older dogs need.

Adam Chase

3 years ago

My 8 week old lab puppy got stung by a bee and started going into shock, including facial swelling, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. This "hospital" told me "we're only open another 15 minutes so we won't see her" even though we would have been there in 5 minutes. My dog is going into anaphylactic shock and you can't be bothered even though you're still open? I'll tell everybody I know to avoid this place like the plague, they are completely unprofessional. SAGE Center in Redwood City was amazing, I highly recommend them.

Zack Smith

3 years ago

We are really happy with the care Oceana Pet Hospital was able to provide from our senior dog. The assistants were extremely friendly and helpful from the moment we called in. Our senior dog, approx. 16 years old was becoming increasingly …

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