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Fausto Howay

a year ago

I made an appt because my dog needed an XRay. I asked how much over the phone before making the appt and they said $250. I showed up early to the appt, then i asked to double check how much? Then they said $500 for 1 xray. I cancelled on …

Steve Lem

a year ago

We live in the City and were looking at an appointment months in advance with vets in the City. Our cat had a wound when we adopted her that seemed to be getting worse and the clinics in the City could only offer to provide an appointment within a week to two week timeframe but fortunately I found the City Pet Hospital. They were able to see Margo the next day. Following her appointment the infected wound healed quickly and during the course of her recovery, we received a follow up appointment which included updating her vaccinations. Even though we had to drive to neighboring Daly City, it was well worth it. Because of Covid, we handed her to the staff and communicated via the phone while I waited in the car. When Margo was returned to us, she was calm and it was obvious to me that she has been well taken care of. I highly recommend City Pet Hospital of SF !

Vincent Smith

a year ago

Very helpful and caring staff, took very good care of my diabetic mini poodle.

Michelle Shin

a year ago

TL;DR City Pet Hospital is only out to get your money. I was new to the area and my dog was running low on his eye medication (he often gets dirt into his eyes when he plays - leading to occasional eye infections that were previously discussed with my old vet). I went to City Pet Hospital asking them to check on my dog's eye and a refill. However, the vet refused to write a prescription unless he did a fluorescein stain. His reasoning was he was worried for a corneal ulcer. I'm no vet but, like, come on. This was a situation I've seen multiple times before with my dog and have talked with my previous vet so I had BIG doubts. But I wasn't about to pay $75 (the office visit price) just to have them do literally nothing. So I paid to get the stain done and to NO SURPRISE, my dog's eye was normal and got the prescription. But let's just say that they were really worried for my dog and they were being extra careful, right? Giving them benefit of the doubt. No. I found a lost dog with no collar or ID recently and called City Pet to see if I can come in to get the dog's chip read. They said that if I do come in, I am responsible for all the fees AKA the visit fee ($75) just to have the dog's chip read!!!!?? That's unbelievable. I called other vets in the area and they were glad to read the chip for free even though I was nearing their closing time BECAUSE THEY CARED ABOUT THE LOST DOG not just the money. So yea, they ONLY care about the money.

Elaine Hosea

a year ago

I could not be happier with City Pet Hospital! We switched from another highly-rated veterinarian, at first because of the ease of making an appointment with City Pet. When I began to realize that the quality of care, expertise and knowledge of the doctors and techs, and their customer-service-oriented approach were all high-level, I decided to change to this vet permanently. On every visit, my doggie and I leave feeling good that everything is being taken care of. There’s nothing more important to me than my dog’s health and happiness and this practice has just been reliable and responsive in every way.

Claudia Woodlief

a year ago

Good services . my pet have a good care in the place.

Bernadette Haggett

a year ago

This is a great pet hospital. Especially Tatiana Thank you. She found my dog and called me. God bless you. Sooo good to know there is still good hearted people in this world . Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mysti Berry

a year ago

We wanted to start with a new vet office and these folks worked hard to help us get records from the old vet. They were reliable, professional, and worked hard to ensure our cat got the care she needs. Our new vet! (Though the parking can be difficult, City Pet Hospital is great!!!!!)

sonya rivera

a year ago

I brought my cat in the tech was just straight rude, they gave my cat meds and told me to follow the instructions. After the 12 day I ran out of medicine had to call them and tell them they never gave me enough they told me don’t u have a follow up appt with the dr? I said no nothing was discussed so I had to drive back to place to get more medicine after I had already paid for it. Made appt and when I went I. For follow up then call me asking why I am there? WTH? They don’t put notes in the files? She was very rude, and has attitude. I would never recommend this place to anyone I been to alot of vets and this by far was the worst!!!!!

Mavis Hirohara

2 years ago

Staffs there are always nice and patient. I really appreciate that they were able to reschedule my appointment during this vet-high-demand time very quickly.

Vinicius Reboucas

2 years ago

We're bringing Dobby there to get his shots and the experience is always great! Fair price and friendly people

Rosanna Gwin

2 years ago

There was no way they could have done a better job. They take great care of Bandit and I.

Phong Nguyen

2 years ago

This clinic will just waste your time!

Marjorie Giron

2 years ago

Don’t ever come here! Making an appointment then say I dont have one! Im not stupid to go drive all the way to clinic if i know my dog doesn’t have an appointment. The first time i came they are short staff and wanted to leave my dog, at first I’m ok with that, but telling me I don’t have an appointment when clearly someone is responding to me and showed the proof of text conversation. And you guys even cant tell me who’s responding to that chat. Don’t ever waste your time on this hospital! Your excuse is not acceptable. WHY WOULD YOU USED AN APP AND NOT EVEN USED IT! what's the reason people make an appointment so its both convenient to us. Option to leave my dog or make a new appointment??? YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY DONT CARE ABOUT OUR TIME!

Dan Bagon

2 years ago

Been in this place few times with 2 different dogs and in the 2 first visits everything went well but from there everything started to goes down. I started to feel they just offering vaccines that not needed and the top was when I asked if they can do health certificate for flying international with my dog. They asked for $680 yes $680 for health certificate!! so I call Masson veterinary hospital in San Bruno and they did it for less than $300 for health certificate and vaccines. NEVER again City Pet Hospital.

Courty Rhoades

2 years ago

Held my dogs for over 5 hours for vaccinations. Told me my chihuahua needed a dental cleaning. Shortly after her breath went rancid with infection, and she began losing tissue/ has been put for high risk in surgery. Upset that due to vets inability to diagnose and care for my dog. Waste of $ for a vet visit. Don’t go here if you care for your dog. Wait for the spca vet to have availability or find another primary care vet. Waste of time and money and now my dog has been put in a unsafe position while her health suffered. Did nothing but allow my dog to be in pain longer than she should have been. Also City Pet Hospital is not returning my dogs surgery team’s calls/ignoring her new vet who actually explained to me what was wrong. These people are worthless and nothing but techs that do basic inoculations. Not a real vet.

Austin Mullins

2 years ago

I switched to City Pet Hospital after dealing with higher prices in other areas. The guys and gals that work there are great and take a lot of care with my doggo. I'll definitely be taking her back in the future.


2 years ago

After bad experiences with multiple vets in the city, we finally ventured a little bit further out to Daly City. City Pet Hospital charges reasonable rates, has friendly and competent staff.

Andrew DC

2 years ago

They were so helpful with my 9 week old puppy and even went out of their way to help with cleaning and nail trimming. I was very nervous about the first vet appointment and they made it go so smoothly.

Rachel Wells

2 years ago

My dog has been going to City Pet Hospital for over 1 year and I could not recommend them enough. Dr. Mukul is knowledgeable, patient and kind. She is great with my dog and every visit I feel that she takes her time and we don't feel rush. The staff are all wonderful to work with. They are responsive to emails and call back when they say they will. They also remember my dog every time I bring him for a visit.

Katie Young

3 years ago

The vet we see and the staff are so great. Everything is explained clearly and throughly. Options are presented. No pressure to do anything unnecessary like you get from some vets. I trust them completely. We have taken our dog to several vets during his lifetime and this is by far the best experience we have had.

Meghan Chakkapark

3 years ago

Needed to bring my dog in for a skin infection on his paw. Doctor prescribed antibiotics and a topical for his paw, after a few days his paw has fully healed and looks great. Visit was affordable and staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

Meghan C

3 years ago

I have a 2 year old hound dog who’s nose finds all sorts of goodies to eat so naturally I do my best to remove anything that can be harmful to him, unfortunately my best was not good enough . A friend had brought over a whole box of Ferrero …

Marinelle Rocero

3 years ago

I've visited other Vets before but City Pet Hospital will always be on the top of my list. They cater towards the needs of various animals! My first visit with them was back in 2019 and it was actually for my parakeet who was fatigued after laying eggs for 10 hatchlings. I called around to find a aviary specialist and City Pet Hospital was the diamond in the rough. I was really surprised that I found a vet that takes care of birds as well!Without their help, I wouldn't even know what to do without Missy. My bird Rocco passed away and I couldn't bear the thought of losing Missy as well. I also brought my dog Kuma in as well because he was only 3 months old and I wanted to get him a check up. And now fast forward 9 months later, he's 1 year old but having some issues with his tummy. My family and I were so worried about him because we didn't want him to suffer the same fate as Rocco so we brought him in immediately. Because of their fast response and flexibility, Kuma is a lot better now and still the same energetic pup! City Pet Hospital is very flexible and accommodating to your needs. Especially during this time when there are a lot troubles happening right now, they still maintain their swiftness and professionalism when dealing with your furry family member. I know that I can trust all the doctors and the staff here with Kuma and I highly recommend this Vet Hospital who is looking for a vet that respects the needs of your furry baby and your needs as well.

Kevin Schaefer

3 years ago

When you drop your pet off you are expected to pay 80% upfront. The office manager actually chased me to my care to get the money. Incredible. So insulting. When I called later and asked if they could simply keep a credit card on file instead. They said no. I hate being treated like a criminal

Kenna Carpenter

3 years ago

The absolute best vet collective in all of Bay area.I send all of my friends with new pups here and everybody agrees. My dog and I have been going since he was a baby and have always had amazing care. We were just there for an emergency and they went above and beyond what I ever thought was possible. I truly can’t sing higher praises!

Katrina Leonido

3 years ago

My pup Gucci and I LOVE City Pet Hospital! My 9 year old fur baby wasn't eating, walking, was extremely lethargic, vomiting, and had blood in her urine. Her usual vet hospital is at Banfield. However, it's extremely hard to get a same day appointment. Susan was able to squeeze me in and immediately made me feel at ease when I called. I was so overwhelmed because I've never seen my pup this ill before, but Susan was beyond patient and extremely understanding. My dog ending up having to be hospitalized for 4 days. The team took such good care of her. Each person that I encountered over the phone, at drop off, and at pick up was wonderful. Angela, Christine, and all the doctors answered each of my questions and took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I was confident that my baby girl was in good hands. After the 4th day, Gucci was walking and eating again. No more vomiting or diarrhea. She came back in today for an ultrasound and yet again, the team took extremely good care of her. City Pet Hospital's staff is amazing. They are a team of people who care not only about the well being of your pets, but also the pet parents! Thank you City Pet Hospital for taking care of my fur baby!

Jim Cruz

3 years ago

Daisy received excellent care during and after her teeth cleaning and surgery. All of the staff are helpful and pleasant.

JIm Kirk

3 years ago

My dog has a lot of allergy-related issues so he’s at the vet often,but every time I come here has been a pleasant experience.They want to really help you and your pet. The front desk staff is always caring and helpful.

Jon Schwindt

3 years ago

Do not bring your pet here. They do not treat your animal in the way that any caring pet owner would expect. More details below: I called and was surprised to get a same day appointment for a suspected fox tail. I came in and because of Covid had to leave him with the tech. They took him away without giving me any details and said they would call me to discuss. I waited an hour in my car before anyone called me at which point they took his medical history, standard stuff and said he doctor would see him and call. 2 more hours went by and finally the doctor called and said it’s too late to investigate and they’d have to put him under full anesthesia. The injury is on his paw so that seemed weird. Then they told me that he really needs a teeth cleaning and they would like to do it at the same time. I thought that was weird but said okay let’s get some antibiotics and anti inflammatory tonight and hey could book me for the procedure tomorrow. I agreed and they said a tech would call to discuss pricing in a minute (why the doctor didn’t want to Im not sure. Just figured he was busy). After another 40 went by, I started calling again. At this point it was 7PM. They stopped answering the phone all together with my dog still inside. There were two other people waiting outside one of whom told me that she was there because they gave her 7 pound dog a shot that’s only for large breeds twice in one week and it seemed like it was dying. They didn’t tell her about the mistake until she brought it back sick 2 days later! She also informed me that the anesthesia and teeth cleaning they tried to upsell me on is 800 bucks (though that’s hearsay not confirmed). I kept calling with no answer. Finally a tech came out to give someone else her cat and I grabbed her befor she was able to avoid my inquiry. I told her to give me my dog immediately and I decline everything. She didn’t even try to tell me about the medicines she was supposed to, just let me leave. Don’t go here. It’s not worth your pets health risk. Avoid avoid avoid

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