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Brendan Sylvia Callahan

a year ago

Love the urgent care, fast, efficient, caring staff.

Shayne Whitaker

a year ago

Very quick. In and out. Helpful and polite staff. They really love animals.

john traore

a year ago

Friendly and helpful for the most part

Love Life

a year ago

Bare minimum services typically American Healthcare

Spencer Hidalgo

a year ago

My cat was being extremely lethargic and wasn't eating, the team here was extremely helpful and friendly in an extremely stressful time for me and my gf. Great clinic!

iris nelson

a year ago

The place was clean & the staff was very easy going & friendly. They did a excellent job & nice to my dog.

Wade Hareld

a year ago

Great service and wait time was reasonable

Rosario Barrera

a year ago

It is useless to make an appointment in this place, more than half an hour waiting from the time of my appointment and no one attends you, other people arrive and they are still attended first, the girl with a black vest ignores you, it even seems that they make you wait on purpose if you claim them. They only say “I apologize” and don’t do anything

Allen .Bartel (CwbyMarine)

a year ago

I've been with Surfside for over 7 years & even though my regular vet retired the other Dr's & very techs are wonderful. The pricing is affordable & service is awesome! I highly recommend this vet.

DIONNE Elliott

a year ago

Receptionist was very rude and unprofessional.

Bill Liggan

a year ago

Had a 5 pm appointment. Made the appointment 2 weeks out. Took 2 1/2 hours to spray some ointment in her ears. And we had to wait in the car because they are Covid neurotics. $300.00 Why make an appointment if we are scheduled to be seen?


a year ago

My only complaint is they are so busy. But it’s because they are dog good.

Margaret Hazlett

a year ago

Took my dog in for emergency leg injury was the easy part. But getting results on x-rays is impossible. The vet stated they would call in 24 hours but no call from them. After 72 Hours no call and several attempts from myself the techs can't give any answer on results and cannot transfer me to a vet.. Vets seems like missing in action.

Patricia Fadaol

a year ago

My Cat was at the end stage of life. So I had them put him to sleep.

Tammy Hurtado

a year ago

The staff was really sympathetic. I was hysterical bringing my sweet little boy in after being killed by another dog. They were very patient with me. Thank you

Trevor Martin

2 years ago

Great friendly service. Staff is very personable and informative. Prices are fair.

Alberto Salazar Hernández

2 years ago

Take my cat for a regular check up. Good vets without the expensive costnof other places. Been my cat vet for 2 yrs

Bill Foy

2 years ago

We needed a good Vet for our dog that was available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We experienced a few near our home that were okay but we needed a 24 hour hospital. We finally came across Surfside A H and the experience was meeting our needs time after time we went there. All the Vets we visited were great as well. Bottom line is we keep going back to Surfside Animal Hospital.

Joseph Espinoza

2 years ago

They currently have no night doctor so we would have had to book an appointment in the morning. We would have booked one but they said they were booked for two weeks. If my pet was in serious need she would have died. Understaffed and useless. They aren’t an after hours care they’re just a regular vet.

Larry Roth

2 years ago

I tried making an appointment by using their appointment appointment they didn't get back to me until very later said I could bring my cat down to their late urgent care called ahead told me to bring her in so I drive there and call them told them I'm out front they told me can't take her going have to take her elsewhere mean while my cats laceration is bad i would never trust this urgent care for any animal vets now days don't care about your animal

Scott Miller

2 years ago

This place used to be the place to bring your pets but with the new Covid protocol and the "car hop" service has come high pressure up-selling and very rude staff. Changing vet for my 5 dogs two bearded dragons and Rainbow Conure after this visit.

Sonya Van Koughnet

2 years ago

Over the years I feel neglected by the front desk staff? Only two are understanding and kind, the rest need replacing! Only one trims my dog’s nails properly! Being on hold is common with all the overstuffing I wonder why? I never let them treat my dog without my being there to watch over them! I have no trust ? Sadly! I had one lady discriminate without just cause and she has been there the longest. They over staff yet the wait is awful! Hold time is awful! I’m holding now reflecting on everything! I waited a month for an appointment but I think it is time to move on! Sadly I don’t trust anyone there to care for my dog’s or respectfully treat me with respect just neglect! So think twice about bringing you animals here unless you want to be treated like a nobody!!! Wait forever if you have a 2: o’clock appointment they will check you in and you will wait an hour in the lobby then 2to 3 hours to get your dog back or 30- 40 minutes in a room unless you complain! I complain ever time to have them remember I am still waiting!!!!! Sadly moving on!! I do like the decor! Oh and try to get flea pills it’s impossible to get them because the staff will mislead you!!!!! Go online! Clean up your staff! They get a paycheck and don’t understand customer service or respectfully treating people as they should be treated!!!

Diane Parks

2 years ago

Very nice and helpful staff, my dog loved the girls ,easy drop off and pick up????

Ana Vidaca

2 years ago

Love them. Wish everyone else didn't. It's getting harder and harder to get in or to even get someone on the phone. Emergency facilities (open 24 hrs) are great and were very kind and empathetic to end of life care giving. I will forever give them five stars for how they treated my baby and me during his final vet visit, especially during covid.

Amannda P

2 years ago

Dr. Colloca and the staff members were so attentive, kind, and took amazing care of my dog Azalea when she was hospitalized. Every time I called to check in or had any questions, everyone was so polite and the response time was very quick. My sweet dog Azalea loved seeing everyone in the hospital because they were so warm and caring. Unfortunately, My sweet girl had a very progressive condition and we didn't want her to suffer anymore. When we put her down Dr. Colloca was there, she explained the process in detail, made sure Azalea was comfortable and that I was comfortable too. I am thankful to have a Dr. and staff members that care. I couldn't have gone through this experience without their support every step of the way.

Just Jane

2 years ago

I had my baby girl spayed there. It ended up costing me a little more than i had told, but i wasn't argue over a few bucks!

Li K.

2 years ago

This place has friendly veterinarian and vet assistants and fair prices! They are transparent with their costs. My cat Lily got a senior wellness exam and teeth cleaning recently. I can't believe my kitty is a senior... but she'll always be my baby @squishylilyloaf (Instagram)

Simon Poulus

2 years ago

Not a direct review of services... Once corrected I will remove. Last week I panic clicked the words "24 hour emergency care" (see image) after googling your website, and called the number as fast as I could. My dog was mid seizure, mouth drooling, eyes in the back of his head. I was informed the emergency care doesn't start until 7pm and we couldn't be helped. I almost exploded. So instead I drove over 1 hour in traffic with a scarily sick dog. He is okay. Please fix your website.

Colleen Janey

2 years ago

This is a long story but I think it tells a lot about this Veterinary Hospital that could prove important to other people. I have taken two of my dogs here over the course of 4 years. For minor things they do a pretty good job but bigger/long term issues I’ve had problems getting quality service as they often do a quick job. I had a misdiagnosis with my first dog in which they told me she had kidney failure and in fact did not (as we discovered to our surprise when we took her somewhere else). The most problems have been with their emergency clinic. In October of 2020 we rushed our elderly dog there in the middle of the night after discovering she wasn’t doing well and they told us she was dying and we needed to say goodbye. My husband forgot his mask because we were so frantic and they wouldn’t let him in to say goodbye to her so he had to go buy a mask and come back while our dog was struggling to stay alive inside. When we finally got to say goodbye we were obviously extremely upset and had to keep our masks on while sobbing and struggling to breathe. It was really a horrible experience and I know it’s important to keep people safe during the pandemic but having extra masks on site for emergencies would have gone a long way in helping us out. In our extreme upset the vet asked if we would like to have her cremated and purchase their little box for her ashes or have her ashes “thrown into the ocean with a bunch of other dog’s ashes.” We bought the package and it was nice but felt it was insensitive to put it that way. Fast forward to a month ago, we really didn’t want to take our new dog there as we had such a bad experience last time but everywhere else around couldn’t fit us in. The emergency clinic vet said she probably had a foxtail that needed to be removed so we went ahead with the surgery. We were told they couldn’t find the foxtail but that it would come out on its own (which I later found out is impossible). After not healing well from that surgery, my dog just got out of surgery again today at another hospital to remove the 4 foxtails that the surfside vet left behind, costing us double. If you go here, expect quick but not quality care. Always get a second opinion or don’t go here at all.

Tammy Chase

2 years ago

Vince was very pleasant helpful.

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