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Daneal Damon

2 years ago

Trust your gut! I’ve debated on writing this review for over a year now, and after much debate I decided I need others to know what a horrible training experience I had. I paid for the 3 week training program for my GS puppy to learn the basics and hopefully continue to work on skills for him to become my service dog. I was referred to this program from a friend my mother knew from her work, and after calling around, I decided to go with Graham and his facility. The biggest fear I had was that I’d leave Dublin and he’d become a scared puppy. My fear became reality. A few red flags that I should’ve paid attention to: I was denied access to physically look at the crate area where the dogs slept and after leaving Dublin there, where they spend the majority of their time, not actually training. The “home” like area to train house skills became unavailable during my puppy’s stay due to remodeling. This was not mentioned when I took the tour, and not until I picked Dublin up did I find out he was never trained in that situation. I was sent a text message in the end of the second week stating Dublin was going to the vet for bloodshot eyes perhaps due to allergies. I gave Stephen the trainer the benefit of the doubt and waited for the vet to share her findings. When she called me to describe her concerns, she said he was pulled around his neck so tightly that it gave him bloodshot eyes. So basically they choked him out because I presume he was not following directions- isn’t this what I was paying them to do?! Train him, not choke him until his blood vessels break in his eyes. The vet advised that he not use any type of collar for a week following the incident. I immediately sent a text to Graham the owner and had to wait until the following day for his response. He stated that Stephen was his head trainer, the most knowledgeable, and very passionate about dogs, he didn’t feel that the vet was accurate. Stephen stated he didn’t pulled him. I decided to believe both Graham and Stephen and continued with the week without collar training and only the use of a harness. Graham offered an additional week due to not being able to use a prong collar and saying basically no training went on during that week of healing the vet required. The day of pick up came and I literally felt like Dublin was sad, dirty, and untrained. Part of the drop off process is to create a list of ten skills you’d like your dog to know at pick up. It is stated that 5-7 is a more likely goal during the training. Dublin was barely able walk on a leash. That’s it. He stilled jumped, wouldn’t stay in place continuously, couldn’t jump in my car, jumped on the counters, mouthed, and was so anxious it was hard to see, as that was my fear. I asked Stephen, as I was leaving, if he could jump in my car. He said- he tried once, but didn’t get to it. Stephen proceeded to open my door and physically try to pull him into my 4Runner, until I told him to stop. He was literally showing me how he gave him bloodshot eyes the first time! Since this horrible experience, I’ve been trying to build trust again with Dublin, calm his anxiety, and train him to complete basic tasks. With that said, Dublin has picked up more with me training him at home after watching different YouTube videos, then he could ever learn at that facility. I refuse to go back for the 3 follow up training sessions offered in the contract due to the negative feeling both Dublin and I have with Stephen and the facility. Now, I’d like to say that the major reason I chose this place was due to the personal referral I received, and the fact that they run the Shelter to Soldier service dog training program for military vets. With this said, I’m sure they have more success with this training program due to the fact that the trainers choose the dogs with the type of personalities that are easily trainable. If your dog is a strong willed German Shepherd, I suggest you stay far, far away from this facility and it’s trainers.

Samantha Hoy

2 years ago

Krystal trained my dog Lady and she came back A++. She loved her time there and is excited when we return for post training sessions. Krystal was excellent at transferring her back to me and showing me how to work with her.

Sarah Wright

2 years ago

Sent my 1 year-old cattle dog mix here for a 4-week boot camp, and he’s a new boy! Trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and good communicators. This isn’t cheap, but so worth it.

Boston Laughrey

2 years ago

They should tell you up front and clearly that they expect you to keep your dog on a leash, at your hip, and you to be fully focused on training your dog and doing nothing else FOR WEEKS after you get them back. Because nobody ever told me that, I don’t know who has time for that, and I consider it blatant false advertising. Literally, they stole 2500 dollars from us my dog is as awfully behaved as ever and their only solution is that I ignore my kids and anything else I need to do in life and attach my dog to my hip for at least a FEW WEEKS and, yeah, can’t say how much I hate this place.

Marenda LaRosa

2 years ago

There really aren’t enough words to express my gratitude towards Specialty Dog Training. For the past 6 years I have always known I had a “special” dog. She was very aggressive due to her fears of the world. I knew her as a lovable, sweet, cuddly girl. But to the rest of the world she was terrifying. My dog, Bear, is the perfect definition of a mutt. She’s an Akita, German Shep, Pitbull, chow chow mix. These breeds have always been known to be incredibly difficult to train and handle if not done properly. I had never owned a dog before, let alone knew about different breeds and their varying personalities. 2020 was an incredible breaking point for me, as it was for many people. My dog and my parents’ dog kept getting into aggressive dog fights. In total, my dog got into 5 major dog fights in the span of 6 months. I had hit my breaking point with her. I knew there was no way I’d be able to keep her if she continued down the path she was on. So, in a desperate attempt to find her help I went onto Yelp. I typically don’t like taking peoples comments at face value, but most of SDT’s comments were so positive. Unfortunately, none of the commenters mentioned anything about their dog being aggressive prior to being board and trained. So I took a chance and reached out. Graham, the owner of this amazing establishment, got back to me within 8 hours of me sending my message on Yelp and had me call into their offices. I spoke on the phone with Callie, who was the kindest woman. Completely understanding, compassionate, and really listened to my woes regarding my girl. The process went rather quickly after I spoke with Callie. Within a month and a half I was dropping off Bear knowing that this was it for her. If SDT couldn’t help, I didn’t know what I’d do. For the 8 weeks she was there, I had weekly updates (sometimes twice a week) on her progress and how she was doing overall being in a new environment. The videos I received were shocking. My scared, timid, aggressive dog was being walked by strangers. She was being walked near people, near dogs, near big items that would have typically terrified her. But she was smiling and seemed so relaxed. 2 months flew by, and by the time I got my dog back I was ready to start a new chapter with her. She, on the other hand, decided to try slipping back into old habits. When I went back to Graham with my concerns he immediately suggested bringing her back for a 2 week retraining session to teach her new hardware (hardware being her collar type). I couldn’t believe it. This company had done so much for me and my sweet girl already, but now they were willing to take her back for FREE to retrain her with different hardware. At the end of those 2 weeks, I was blown away. The sweet girl I know is the one everyone else gets to see now. This dog who was petrified of the world due to deep seeded trauma was now completely trusting of me that the world isn’t so terrifying. That’s not to say she’s perfect either. I went into this with zero expectation other than to help Bear out. She still has her moments, but they are just not comparable in any way. If you got to the bottom of this, and need to take away a single thing, let it be that you consider SDT with your pet. These trainers are angels helping people reconnect with their dogs, and at the end of the day, helping dogs to finally be able to live carefree and loved.

Trevor Twitchell

2 years ago

Graham and his team are devoted to their lifes work. I'm SO happy I found them!! Their Pre trained dog program & boot camps are invaluable. Easy to follow instructions for the owner as well as their Canine Companions. Thank you for everything!!


2 years ago

Wow! Sending my dog Cody here for the 4 week boot camp was absolutely worth it! Seeing him home demonstrating his new skills and behaving so well honestly brought tears to my eyes! From the initial consultation, to picking him up, the staff and Cody's trainer ( Becca) were professional and friendly the whole way through! I received pictures/videos and progress updates throughout Cody's time at specialty dog training, and it was really nice to see the hard work him and Becca were putting in. I've had such a great experience here, I'll be sending my other dog here too!(:

Shae Forbes

3 years ago

My 6 month old husky puppy, Skye, just finished the 4-week puppy boot camp. When I dropped her off, she has issues with resource guarding was a wild little husky pup with little manners. I am so impressed with her progress. Big shout out to Alayna. The bond that her and Skye have created over the last few weeks was apparent when I picked her up yesterday. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of this program and will be forever grateful for Alayna. It was worth every penny. Thank you Alayna, and Specialty Dog Training.❤️

Denis Waitley

3 years ago

Graham Bloem and his Specialty Dog Training Team are the best in the business! I searched globally for a year for my canine companion to enjoy the golden years. Having family pets throughout my life, I knew that the choice I made was similar to adopting a child. I had very specific needs on my want list: Breed, sex, age, specialty training, physical characteristics, personality, and, most of all, a family member to love and be loved by all who visit our home. Graham went above and beyond my expectations in his personal involvement in my case. The result was perfect. Reina, the queen of our hacienda. Our lab retriever, with a heart of gold, trained like a service dog, yet full of playful energy and joy.

Danae M

3 years ago

Graham and his team are one of the most dedicated training teams you could find. We have a strong willed mastiff puppy who was proving a difficult challenge in both behavior and obedience. Despite our best efforts home training we were at a loss. Graham, Chris and Dustin all teamed up to help us get our boy in the right direction. They have given us methods, tools, and training to help us work through our puppy’s issues. I’m honestly tearing up writing this. I’m forever grateful to the team at Specialty Dog Training. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Cate OReilly

3 years ago

Our trainer Alayna was amazing. Our sweet but unruly one year old dog named Tank spent a month in boot camp. He came out so well behaved, with amazing manners, commands and our small kids have even been able to get him to listen. Alayna was patient, kind, treated Tank as part of her family and sent us great updates on his progress while in camp. Highly recommend both Specialty Dog training and Alayna who was the ultimate professional. Tank still has his sweet personality but is much more obedient.


3 years ago

Let me start by saying I am not the kind of person to overstate, or hype a business/service unless I REALLY feel it deserves it. That is the case with Specialty Dog Training. HUGE shout out to Dustin, who trained our Giant Schnauzer puppy Odin. When we dropped Odin off he was a completely unruly 7 month old puppy. Nothing short of a wild animal living in the house with us. My wife and I were at our wits end with trying to train him ourselves. We even wasted over a thousand dollars trying to work with an in home trainer, but nothing would take. Specialty Dog Training puppy bootcamp came at the recommendation of a work colleague. I had witnessed the change in his dog first hand, and we decided to dive in and give Odin the opportunity to become the companion we so desperately wanted him to be. Odin is a completely different dog now, in all the best ways. He is SO well behaved and well mannered. Even his regular vet noticed a massive difference. They couldn't believe it was the same dog. No more jumping on the counters, no jumping on people, will stay in his "place" bed until given his release command, sits, downs, stays...it's like a dream come true. Specialty Dog Training was 100% worth it. We will be recommending this place to everyone we know who either has, or is planning to add a dog to their life. We cannot thank Dustin, and specialty dog training enough for what they have done to our sweet boy and for our family because of it.

Gigi Gonzalez

4 years ago

At first glance I was skeptical about leaving my Abby for over 4 weeks. What I was looking for was a 3 -week quick fix - getting back a well behaved doggie with nothing left for me to do but give her daily belly rubs. Graham Bloem called me and spent more than 15 minutes talking , giving me a breakdown of each day and week. I reluctantly gave in to a 6 week program. Was assigned to Perry ; soft spoken, owns an Australian Cattle Herder so I felt more relaxed. Perry gave me feed back along with pictures and videos. On the day I picked up Abby I must say I was afraid and overwhelmed , as I wanted to follow through with all of their efforts and hard work. Perry was clear, direct and again- soft spoken on what I needed to do daily. When I adopted this 2 year old herding doggie it was apparent she had no training, no social skills, constant barking at all dogs, jumping on everyone and everything. Growled at me and my mother when we hugged her. I could not walk her anywhere as she was too aggressive- lunging and barking. My initial goal was to get her grounded and loved. I introduced her to people first and just focused on that as well as getting her to trust me. Which I did!! But could not get thru to her on anything else. The time that she spent at Specialty Dog Training and with the training Perry gave her was priceless. I now have a dog that can go anywhere , she does not require a leash, loves my mom and is now walking along with other doggies in a pack as well as boards with 5 other dogs roaming free in a private home. That person has introduced her cat to Abby . I could not have accomplished this on my own. Perry gave Abby confidence and instilled in her willingness to trust. To top it off she has this amazing personality and intelligence.

Jessica Ottemiller

4 years ago

Like most people, our dog is a huge part of our family and we have always enjoyed taking him for long walks and adventures. Unfortunately, about a year ago he started developing leash aggression and protective behaviors such as barking, growling, and lunging at other dogs and people. Our pup, Cruz, is a 5 year old Bouvier Des Flandres and we learned that this is common for the breed. Being a large dog, it was very difficult for us to control him and we started dreading the walks that we used to love so much! We are so thankful that we found Specialty Dog Training and especially thankful for our wonderful trainer, Perry. We opted for the 6 week bootcamp and are proud to say that Cruz was released a week early on good behavior. We can't believe the changes in Cruz's demeanor! It has beyond exceeded our expectations. Cruz's aggression has drastically subsided and we now have tools to maintain this. We can easily take him for walks without having to worry about him lunging at someone or pulling us around town. The training that Perry provided for Cruz also seems to have given him structure and he's all around a happier, less anxious dog. This was truly money well spent! It turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you Perry and Specialty Dog Training!

Karen Bochinski

4 years ago

I will be bringing in my lab for training

Rebecca Bunch

4 years ago

I have NEVER, not ever reviewed anything on here until now. The staff here are sweet, nice, understanding, and most of all, ANIMAL LOVERS! My trainer was Dustin & honestly I'm just amazed at the DIFFERENCE he made with his methods. They make sure to always check in with you and give you updates! It's expensive, but worth it! Every Penny! My big guy is a South African Boerboel. His breed is MASSIVE! Before he went to boot camp, he didn't listen. He was obnoxious, embarrassing to take out, aggressive to other dogs, bad manners in and outside, you name it. They took very good care of him, trained him VERY well and even made sure he finished his training after having a rough time with allergy season! He was taken to the vet when his allergies kicked in just to make sure that's what was wrong. They put him on antibiotics just for precaution. He was very well taken care of. They truly do care about your puppers! I would, & DO, recommend this facility to anyone & everyone whether it's for training, boarding, or just pet sitting for the day! The change is amazing!

Paula Benard

5 years ago

I can truly say that this place has changed the life of my dog AND me! I have a 2 year old Great Dane, Apollo, that used to be extremely fearful and reactive to all dogs and most people. He is the sweetest thing when he gets to know you but that was getting harder and harder to accomplish. I hated that he was constantly living in fear and being uncomfortable. I tried two trainers before deciding to take the leap and do a board and train program. I spoke with and did evaluations with 5 places before deciding on Specialty Dog Training. We met with our trainer, Perry, and Apollo fell in love instantly! I got multiple updates a week of Apollo’s progress and you could tell how much fun he was having. Although he was training, he was engaged and having a great time. I still keep in contact with Perry and he has been so amazing. You can really tell that he cared for Apollo as if he was his dog. Since his training finished a few weeks ago it is is I have a new dog. He listens so well and is so much less fearful. He has newfound confidence and is so much more content in everyday life. I can not thank Perry enough and I will recommend him to anyone! My mom is even going to be sending her new puppy to him when he get older.

Rebecca Currier

5 years ago

Never even got to talk to anyone. No one ever answered the phone.

Semhar Hidad

5 years ago

I dropped off an extremely hyper 3 year old Labrador here with Perry, who I couldn't control with a prong collar or a shock collar. I picked up a dog who was calm, disciplined, and a breeze to take on a walk. I don't have to turn around anymore when I see another dog passing by, making my life and Dallas' much easier, and more fun. Dallas also stays right at side on walks and doesn't try to take off ahead of me. HIGHLY recommend Perry, he formed a bond with Dallas and was incredibly knowledgeable on what Dallas needed. He kept me informed by sending me pictures and updates of Dallas training every few days. He also taught me exactly how to maintain his training at home, and I'm so grateful I sent my dog here. It was worth every penny!!!!

Nancy V

6 years ago

Regardless many warnings about stubbornness of Shiba Inu, we love them due to their super-soft wonderful double coat but short hair and their cute face and curly tail. Their size is perfect (22lbs). We got our first Shiba, Happy. He is a doll, super sweet, calm and measure. So we got another one, Pino, with the confidence that it would be as easy as Happy. Oh boy, we were so wrong! Pino is not only stubborn, but possessive and insecure. Pino goes after every moving things including people, this made walking impossible. Pino barks at every little noise he hears, close or far, including barking at us when we get home. The worse is we couldn’t stop him. He was very meant to Happy who scares of him. We were so concern and worry. Our friend referred us to Graham at Speciality Dog Training. After 8 weeks in-home boot camp with Graham, Pino became a wonderful dog very structured. We walk Pino every day with loose leash, no pulling, no go left or right, he focuses on his walk by our side. He comes and sits next to us each time we call him. He can sit at one place for hours until we say he can go. He is kind to Happy too. It is like night and day! We feel so bless that Graham helps us to regain our love and happiness. Nothing is worth more than happiness in life. We really appreciate everything Graham has done to our Pino and believe that our next dog will be another Shiba and it will go directly to Graham before we take it home :)!

Guillermina Galvan

6 years ago

To all future clients of Specialty Dog Training, I was impressed with all at Specialty Dog Training: the founder, trainers and staff--all wonderful. But the trainer that shaped my aggressive Aussie Shepard 6 year old mix to a controllable obedient man was Shan Foster. The ability of Shan as a trainer for your loving four-legged family member is hands down one of the best! He's knowledge and skill exudes confidence with outcome to back it up. You as the owner will also have to do your part but as long as you allow them to help shape you to be a better trainer then your relationship with your dog will reach new levels. With the highest recommendations we recommend Shan for your future clients and their family dog members. We loved Shan so much we sent our 2 newest puppy family members to him also. :) Love can come in many forms and with a trainer like Shan training you and your pup even the most aggressive cases will have a happy ending. Blessings and gratefulness to all of you at Specialty Dog Training, but especially you--Shan Foster. Thank you from our hearts and soul! Blessings of light and love, Guillermina Galvan, Bodb Dearg, Suddhatman, Ch'omack and Bonkai

Karen Jamison

6 years ago

Specialty dog training has been an answer to prayers and just what we needed. Shan is training us and is a PERFECT fit, skilled, experienced, professional and excited about what he does. We adopted Korra as a rescue. Part German shepherd and lab and other stuff, she is stubborn and strong willed. I am a petite young woman, so I was afraid of having a dog too big for me to handle, especially one so stubborn. We tried the training I had used in past dogs, then tried a trainer who specialized in shepherds but he was training her to be an attack protective dog, so we tried another positive training but it was going to take weeks just to get her to learn to come when called. Then we found specialty dog training. We started with one on one with Shan for three weeks and Korra thrived. We figured out her stubborn nature was boredom and once we taught her to "work" she thrived. So, we had Shan train her for four weeks in boot camp. She is so well trained and even better, she is excited to "work", meaning loves working on new training skills. Shan gave me confidence with my big stubborn dog and gave my dog joy in training. We worried she might be hard to train but she thrives on it which makes me LOVE taking her everywhere. So grateful for Shan. We are continuing our training to see how far we can go. We are now working on off leash behaviors such as walking with us off leash in full obedience, lying down immediately on command from afar, come every time, etc. We are very happy with specialty dog training!

Dan Glaser

7 years ago

I adopted a rescue at 2 months old. Not sure of his history, but I took him everywhere with me and did puppy school and socialized him with dogs and people as best I could. After all that, he was still very fearful of people and would growl and back away from anyone who approached him. Walks were tough because he would pull himself away from situations he didn't like and having people over to my house was a stress for me and my dog. On a recommendation I sent him to Braelyn for a two week boot camp. I can't believe what she was able to accomplish in just the two weeks!! My arm doesn't get ripped off when we go for walks and have even taken him to places like Home Depot and he and I follow the training! I am able to have people over without worry! Best money I've spent for both our quality of lives.

Felicia Douglis

7 years ago

I've been very impressed with Graham and his team at Specialty Dog Training, and all the wonderful training assistance he's provided for our dog, Gracie. Last year, my husband and I got an 8-wk. old German shepherd puppy at a local rescue and set about training her. Having had shepherds before, we felt confident that we would be able to manage her training. But the combination of her being on the larger size, and our desire for her to be well-trained enough that we could relaxedly take her to the park and feel confident she would come when called, AND be on leash and not react to other dogs, led us to explore investing in professional training. When she was 8-months old, we sent Gracie to the boot camp that SDT offers - initially for 4 weeks, but ultimately kept her there for a total of 6 weeks. Graham and Christina did a great job keeping us apprised of her progress and sending us pics and videos. The results have been nothing short of amazing - Gracie has gone from a very sweet but unruly and independent-minded puppy, to a consistently obedient and reliable dog. She not only knows all of the basic commands, but is now a joy to take to the park and on walks, and is very predictable with people or dogs she meets. What was once so stressful for us, has completely turned around. Graham is an amazing "dog whisperer', and is a passionate promoter of how to live well with your canine companion. He truly cares about the dogs he brings into his SDT family, and has gone the "extra mile" to make sure that Gracie's transition back to her family life from boot camp has gone well. This was a big decision for us - but it has turned out to be a great decision for us and for Gracie. She continues to amaze us, and we have Graham, Christina, and the rest of SDT to thank for her incredible progress! I highly recommend Graham and his team - they will exceed your expectations.

Gina Moore

7 years ago

Our puppy Ravioli, born 11/17/15, is an English Cream Golden Retriever. We are due with a (human) baby on 9/15/16 and decided that we wanted to make sure our puppy would be ready to be a big brother and also have some basic house manners down. We started doing our research and came across some great options. We visited and interviewed a few different places/people. I think fate led us to Specialty Dog Training. They have been the BEST thing that has ever happened to us. In specific I want to write this review about Braelyn (although Graham the owner is awesome, and Christina who does sales is basically our bff now! We LOVE everyone!! Lori who runs Paw Paradise, the boarder, on site, is also amazing!). Braelyn is so naturally talented with dogs and animals. It was really her calling since she was 6 years old! We found out that she has trained 4 generations of chocolate labs for one family- we are so glad Braelyn is so young because she will be our dog trainer for life now! In regards to what kind of training we were after, we were not a super typical case since we did not need to correct any behaviors. We simply wanted to establish good habits with our new puppy. We decided to go with the 3 week package (we got new wood floors and had to move out of our house for 2 weeks, and then a couple weeks later we took a week long babymoon and Rav did his last week). This worked really well for us since we got to break it up and that also meant breaking down the cost. In regards to cost, I wouldn't think twice about it. It's a huge chunk of change but this is going towards your new family member who will be around for over a decade. Braelyn is not only an amazing dog trainer but she is very compassionate and truly loves every dog she works with like her own. This was so important to us as Ravioli is our sweet baby and we didn't want him in a kennel getting minimal training and no love. Braelyn gave him the best of both worlds. She taught him so much and he came back a better dog. With the fate thing- we got so lucky because Braelyn recently had a baby and she brought Ravioli around her son and reassured us he would be a great big brother!! Even as a 7 month old puppy he is calmer (still has his goofy personality) and LISTENS to us. And not only listens but he understands!!! He hasn't barked once since coming back this last time. He does what we say, such as going to his PLACE and staying there (he is still a pup so we are still working on this- we think he has ADD haha). He is perfect at sitting, lying down, healing, drop-it, leave-it, and so much more I can't even think of it all. He is very obedient now and we constantly get compliments on him while out in public. People are shocked that he is so young. We work with him everyday to keep up the training he has learned (this is very important!) but Braelyn also texts us everyday or we text her to see how he is and to get updates. We feel fully supported by her and the whole Specialty team. These people feel like family now. We could not be more happy with our choice of Specialty Dog Training. We will be sending Rav back in the future for refreshers and new stuff too. We love them all so much! Thank you!

Mollie McGuire

7 years ago

Braelyn is an amazing trainer. I was desperate when I reached out. I had adopted a blind puppy and I was at a loss as to how to get some behavioral issues under control, especially her barking and biting at the hands. Braelyn was so kind, and gentle while getting the message across to both my puppy and me. After just two visits, the stress level in my home was cut in half. I highly recommend Braelyn to help with your training needs.

Nathan L

7 years ago

A week ago today we got our dog back from Specialty Dog Training's 4 week boot camp. Our dog, Piper, a Belgian Malinois, was loved at home, but lacked common manners and we weren't confident enough to take her into public because of her embarrassing ill mannered behavior. Today we went to a birthday party in a park with over 100 people and over 10 dogs. Piper was the best behaved dog, the life of the party for kids and adults alike, we received numerous compliments on her behavior, and she was simply a joy to be with. I can't thank our dog trainer, Braelyn, enough. Not only did she train our dog, but she's taught us. She's helped us understand that it's not rocket science, that we can do it, and with the correct techniques we can have the dog we always wanted. Thank you, Braelyn, and Specialty Dog Training. Nate

Robert Stephenson

7 years ago

My wife and I took our 1 yr bull terrier Beau with many issues food aggression, dominance of us and things, terrible leash manners, and not listening at all. We thought we did everything right but he was just to hard headed. We ending choosing Specialty Dog Training to put him boot camp for a month and some at home visits now he is the perfect puppy he gets so many compliments on how his behaviors in any situation good or bad his training was a world of difference and I would recommend this for any dog. Braelyn has been perfect and awesome very helpful with any of beaus miss behaviors it's like she can talk to him and knows exactly what to do to fix it and shows great amounts of love and praise. She treats him as if he was her own dog. She expects nothing but best from him and pushes him to be better every time.

Tim Barbarino

7 years ago

My wife and I rescued a doberman in July 2015. After 9 months of trying every trick, class and almost every article suggested, we had almost given up on having a well trained dog. We went to Graham as a last attempt for help and it is the best thing we did for our dog. Graham met with us and we knew right then and there that he was the saviour we and our dog needed. After his suggested training regiment we have our dog back and could not be happier with the results.

G Harvey

8 years ago

Braelyn with Specialty Dog Training is absolutely awesome!!! She is not only an extremely gifted dog trainer, she's and incredible person! Like so many dog owners out there, I was searching for the perfect fit, style and environment for my …

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