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2 years ago

I wish I could give 6 stars to Doggy Lama! I've been boarding my 8lbs. chihuahua/terrier mix with Molly and her crew for the past four years. When it is time to drop off at Doggy Lama, Piña, my dog gets so excited, and I have noticed when I pick her up after boarding, she is relaxed and less needy than usual. All you dog owners, especially those of you with small dogs, should check out Doggy Lama for boarding. It is a safe place for them; lots of cuddles and romps through the regional parks.

Alex Couch

2 years ago

For our pup, Doug, our experience so far with Doggy Lama has been excellent! Our normally assigned walker, Michaela, gives us updates about Doug's walks and always has a report for him at the end of the day. She's been great about keeping him with familiar doggies--basically, his usual pack--so that he makes friends and gets some energy out. UPDATE: One year later, we’re still loving that Doug gets to walk with his Doggy Lama groups. His walker Jeysi sends us great updates and wonderful (even posed!) photos after each walk. We feel so lucky to have Jeysi looking after Doug as he hangs out with his friends and goes on adventures.

Matt Barrio

2 years ago

Our boy Warren, a border collie mix, LOVES his time with Kristen & Michael's packs. They're some of the most exceptional and trustworthy dog walkers we've had. Warren will wait up by the window for Kristen or Michael to come every morning - tail waggin a million miles an hour and whimpering from excitement. It makes me happy to see Warren get to play out on the trails, learn new skills, and socialize with his pals every day. Finding a trustworthy and professional dog walker is not easy. But Molly runs a tight ship, and the team she leads at Doggy Lama shows just how much she cares for and loves animals. If you're looking for pet care that exceeds the standard - I'd highly recommend you reach out to Doggy Lama.

Martha Beames

2 years ago

My dog Andrew and I love Dorothy! Andrew breathlessly awaits her every week and comes back from his walk a very happy dog. She's the best!!

Marabeth Duncan

2 years ago

When you meet Barb, you can tell instantly that she is an animal person. I would go as far as to say that our cat might prefer her attention over ours! We have left him up to 2 weeks at a time with her coming for daily visits, and he has been happy as a clam when we returned. I will also add that I love the online scheduling platform Doggy Lama provides and how easy it is to confirm services. We trust them completely in keeping our key safe.

Lisa Grady

2 years ago

Doggy Lama has been caring for my pup, Nate, since I rescued him from the SFPCA. They are a fantastic group of people and I highly recommend their services. Recently, they hired Adal, who is in charge of the small dog group that Nate is a part of. Nate is so in love with Adal. His arrival sends him into fits of joy, which I've been able to witness first hand during the lockdown. He is, no doubt, Nate's favorite human being.

Lisa Amstutz

2 years ago

Sara and Sasha are the best! We love our dog walkers. They know our 7 -year-old Vizsla's personality, limits on the trail and give her lots of cuddles and attention. Their services also provide me a break from exercising our high-energy dog, which I greatly appreciate. I constantly refer friends and neighbors to Doggy Lama Pet Care.

Lauren Rooke

2 years ago

We love doggy lama! Our lab has been with them since he was 6 months old and gets so excited for his daily walks. His walker, Jeysi, is wonderful. She’s prompt, communicative, and loves our pup as if he were her own. She does a great job teaching and reinforcing recall so we can also take him on off leash walks on weekends. The training, exercise, and socialization he gets through these pack walks are priceless.

Kyra Friedell

2 years ago

Our dog is cautious around new people, but has quickly learned to love Jac, Jacob, and Molly. Kendrae is an expert at managing walking schedules. Every part of Doggy Lama is thoughtful and easy to work with

Ken Ikeda

2 years ago

Updating this a year since my last post. Brian has moved on and we were anxious about someone new taking care of Goji. Brian is such an incredible person and our trust in him was complete. We feel the same way about Molly and Doggy Llama. …

Katie Pantell

2 years ago

We love DLPC! Our dog Penny goes on two trail hikes per week with Jac, and she has a blast every time :) we've noticed a huge improvement in her recall since she started walking with Jac, he's the best! It's so nice to know that she's out having fun with her trail crew when we don't have time to take her out for an adventure. And we love seeing the adorable pictures of Penny and her friends from each hike! We love Jac, Molly, and the whole DLPC team!

Karen Breslau

2 years ago

Many paws & thumbs up for Doggy Lama. Vanessa is an amazing walker/trainer/whisperer/spirit guide for my sometimes shy and tender 3-year-old husky-pit mix Margaux. When I just say to Margaux "are you ready for Vanessa??" she starts bouncing off the walls and runs to the door, with her tail going like a helicopter rotor. Vanessa brings so much heart and fun to Margaux's 3x a week hikes, and her photos of each day's adventure are incredible, along with hilarious reports of that day's antics. Vanessa could snag a cover of Doggie Vogue any day of the week! I truly appreciate Vanessa's awesome magic with Margaux, as well as her reliable and wonderful communication with the humans in the family.

Kaela Stuart Christensen

2 years ago

Molly and her team at Doggy Lama are the best! Our dog Toby always returns from his off-leash walks with Jordan having had lots of fun with his pack buds and tuckered out. It’s been a huge relief to know Toby is getting the exercise and stimulation he needs, especially during the work week when we can’t provide that for him to this level. This team is also amazing at communication, from day-of logistics to general awareness of seasonal considerations on the trail.

Jen Birch

2 years ago

Everyone at Doggy Lama has been so good to my pup, Rosie, since I adopted her over a year ago. Rosie has arthritis so Dorothy takes her to the park to sniff about at her own pace or just lay in the sun. It's clear that she loves her time with Dorothy because she always comes home with a huge smile on her face! Kendrae is super communicative and responsive around scheduling, too. Highly recommended!!

Julia Breyer

2 years ago

Molly and her team have been walking our now 8-year-old high-energy cockapoo since she was a pup. For the last few years, she's been walked by Jeysi, who is wonderful: she is super reliable, takes time to report about each walk, and is …

Beth Molnar

2 years ago

This is a wonderful small business to support. Out of all the choices for dog walkers, boarding and pet care...they are the best! I highly recommend Doggy Lama. Very professional and at the same time personable and truly love the animals they care for like their own. They go above and beyond!

Brion Phipps

2 years ago

Our dog has been going for hikes with Jacob for a few months now. She's normally very cautious of strangers and he's been extremely patient with her. Jacob is actually one of the few people outside of the family that she will accept pets from! That's a huge achievement actually :)

Cameron Clark

2 years ago

We love Doggy Lama Pet Care, and all of our dog's favorite walkers: Jeysi, Sasha, and so many more. They're all great and have been lifesavers during the pandemic and work from home chaos! Thanks for being part of our dog's crew.

Daniel Quick

2 years ago

Doggy Lama and our walker Jac have become such an important part of our doggie's lives. They are truly happy when they are with the Jac Pack. We are so appreciative of Molly and Jac and the Doggy Lama crew and we couldn't be happier with the service they provide.

David Besley

2 years ago

Vanessa has been walking my dog Lulu for about a year now. She takes Lulu out twice a week for an hour. Lulu sits at the window and waits for Vanessa to pull up outside and then the whole house is alerted to Vanessa’s arrival. After the walk Lulu returns happy and pooped out. I can easily recommend Vanessa as she sends me a text to say she is on her way, On her return I also get a report of the walk and photos. If it’s bad weather, she reschedules to suit my schedule.

Deb Self

2 years ago

Vanessa is such a skilled and generous person. She walks our challenging cur, Daisy once a week, solo -- giving Daisy confidence in encountering other dogs and people out in the world. We are grateful for Vanessa's genuine care and affection. With her training and support, Daisy has become such a pleasure to go out with! We highly recommend her as a dogwalker for any dog!

elly leggatt

2 years ago

Easy five star review! Molly is fantastic and we feel so happy to have found a second home for our dog Marco. Doggy Llama is amazing because they only positively reinforce behavior from the dogs and let the dogs have fun. Molly truly loves dogs. Adal, who takes Marco on his group walks, ROCKS!!! He brings so much joy to our weeks because he is so fun with the dogs and really gets to know and love their characters. Thank you!!!

Isa DL

2 years ago

Dorothy is the best! Diego our anxious little diabolito doesn’t have too many friends and is challenging. Dorothy is so patient and caring with our 2 little yappy dogs (Trouble#1, Trouble#2) that they now run to her for walks and bacon! Shout out to Adal! He’s kind and attentive to our dear sweet shy Luna. Luna gets a good dose of outdoor adventure every time Adal picks her up. We’re happy she gets good exercise, stimulation and supervised socialization with Adal’s pack!

Janet Miller

2 years ago

Molly has a great head and heart for business. I love my dog walker, Yolanda. She always leaves sweet, funny notes about the hikes and often sends photos. A wonderful team. Update: Molly keeps matching me with terrific dog walkers! Jordan gets 5 stars from both me and my dog.

Jeff Malmuth

2 years ago

I think Doggy Lama is a wonderful company. I can say I had an incredible experience with two walkers from Doggy Lama, Dorothy and Jordan. They took on the job of walking my two dogs and then walking WITH me, a senior citizen, while recovering from total ankle replacement surgery. This is my summary of their duties and attitudes toward me and what was required: Accompanied disabled senior on varied terrain with his two dogs Provided recommendations to observed and anticipated needs Suggested accommodations to increase functionality and dog walking pleasure Exceptional communication skills addressing and responding to real time issues/questions Provided creative solutions to assist in achieving dog walking goals Familiar with and taught effective techniques to enhance walking goals Extremely patient and willing to adapt to multiple requests Scrupulously punctual and reliable Dedicated to client services and satisfaction

Amy Dornbusch

3 years ago

We had Doggy Lama walk both of our dogs for 3 years. They were always courteous, on time, and the dogs absolutely looked forward to their walks. Invoicing was always on time, straight forward and easy and they were responsive to our needs. We loved them and only cancelled because we moved. Highly recommend Molly and her talented team of walkers !

Darcy Brown-Martin

3 years ago

Doggy Lama is a tight ship, with gentle, caring dogwalkers and a fast-response, on-top-of-details admin team. Our walker, Dorothy, is patient and kind with our nervous (erstwhile stray) rescue pup. We appreciate the notes Dorothy leaves after each walk, detailing potty stuff, dog socialization, energy level, and more.

Emily Newman

3 years ago

Doggy Lama dog walking is an amazing group. From the moment we contacted them, we've had outstanding support and customer care. They know and love, love, love dogs. They aren't just random walkers, they are passionate, professional and so trustworthy. WE LOVE our walker, Kristen. Our Aussie knows his walking days and waits religiously by the window on Kristen mornings. She's amazing with our sweet, smart and (VERY) active Aussie. I believe Kristen is an enormous reason our boisterous adolescent is maturing into a super great dog. So very grateful to Doggy Lama, Kristen, and Molly for taking us on!!!

Faith Hale

3 years ago

Why have I been stressing out friends and neighbors all this time asking them to "stop by when [they] have a chance to check on the cats" when I could have just hired Michaela from Doggy Lama? She provided excellent care for our cats, even …

Javed Singha

3 years ago

The Doggy Lama crew has walked and puppy sat our dog for years and are fantastic! They really care about your furry child. Our dog usually doesn't like to go with a stranger but is legit excited to see Tom pick her up.

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