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susan brinkley

2 years ago

Peaka has always been hard to deal with! They jump all in dealing with her was far then easy! Thank you so much!


2 years ago

Other than low prices, be prepared to wait with no shade and unfriendly check-in customer service. Staff who give shots are nice though.

Winnie Lam

3 years ago

IMPORTANT TO KNOW - I wouldn't come here unless you're fully prepared with what your pet needs and how much the prices are. This place is about volume/money making and NOT QUALITY. Go to East Bay SPCA where there are veterinarians and professionals who understand animal medicine and health and where the prices aren't randomly inputted by someone who doesn't know how much the vaccinations are. They are in the business to over vaccinate your pets, relying on the fact that you trust their lack of knowledge with vaccinations. We went there for lepto boosters and the woman there mischarged us and when I asked her why she said that the price is different when you get more shots (not correct). I'm glad I had a record of the text that I was told it was $25, not $30. I know that ultimately it is our own decision whether vaccinations are done on our pets (that's why we didn't get our Lyme booster done) but many people go there to rely on their "expertise." Our vet later told us that Lyme vaccination was not necessary. So why are all the staff telling people to get lyme vacc? When people should be getting more information on if the pet is on proper flea/tick preventative. Over vaccinating! The staff is chaotic/unprepared/unprofessional there and don't have adequate knowledge of vaccinations. All vets would agree to not overvaccinate your dog - this place is taking advantage of people who don't know that. This place is about volume and NOT QUALITY. (Also see their reply full of typos and anger, typical from the staff)

Silvia Garcia

3 years ago

Amazing people and affordable prices.

Renee Hyles

3 years ago

Great service with great people who run it. You can tell they love animals.. Very kind and helpful.

lisa wilson

3 years ago

The service here was wonderful. They took care of my dog like if it was there’s. The prices are very reasonable. I give them a higher 5 stars if I could. They deserve it. Thank you for your A+ service to Bella!

Dionne Campbell

3 years ago

I noticed that my senior pup and one of our cats were not feeling well and needed to be seen. I sent a text to Jessica at Cheap Shots in San Leandro and she said I could bring them both in on the Veterinarians day and see if they could help. Their Veterinarian looked at both pets and was able to diagnose them both. The cat needed an extraction due to a fractured tooth (ouch!) and Jessica & Robert gave me a referral for the work. In my pups case she was suffering from an allergic reaction and thankfully Cheap Shots was able to give her medication and shampoo for the itching, bumps and redness which I am sure was making her miserable. I was also able to purchase flea meds to keep the nasties away. We are SO LUCKY to have a reputable, caring and responsive business in the area who are not only great people, but get the job done!

Diana Van

3 years ago

They love to charge more than the vet. Cheap Shots charged $300 for two dogs shots and it was only a couple of vaccines. They would not provide an explanation. Go to a safe vet. If all of your They are dangerous, ignorant, and combative. Do not get your pets nails cut by them as they will cut the quick. They hold no accountability for their actions. Your dogs chip should be put in when they are being spayed or neutered. Putting a chip in with no local pain relief in cruel and unusual punishment.

A Beautiful Life

3 years ago

We had just purchased a 8 week old kitten and were on the lookout for where we could take her for her shots! I was going to go to the regular old PetSmart but let me tell you.. I’m SO glad that I did my research! I seen that cheap shots had great reviews and decided to send them a text for an appointment! They got back to me right away and fit me in the schedule the very next day! We were running a bit late from a bad accident on the freeway and they were so nice about it and had no problem still getting us in for her shots! I believe we met with Jessica and she was the nicest person ever! Sometimes you come across people who work with animals or even humans for that matter and just want a quick in and out just to get your money and I can 1000% tell you that’s not the case with them. She was awesome at answering any questions that we had not only about the shots and the process but also about the kittens food and her eating habits! The base package for the kitten was starting at $37 which was super affordable and WAY worth it considering we now know that we’ll have a life long place to go to with our animal that we can trust! We also got a few other things like a nail trim, flea preventative and her microchip! All in all it took about 7 minutes! We made our second appointment and I can’t wait to be back in the future!


4 years ago

We have 1 pit and 1 poodle , I had text if I can stand in line with my poodle and get my pit from car when my poodle is being seen . Because my pit dont like men and I know people are afraid of pits they said yes . We went it was Quick Service I mean were I from you can be inline for about 2-4hrs . My furr son and I got there 30mins before so we where one of the 1st to be seen less then 1 hr , which was suggested to get there earlier . Any way they helped me and accommodated when I paid nice lady ask me do I have help I said no staff kindly ask me to park a Bit closer they would go to my van to do my pitbull which I already had her teathered to floor of my van to make it easy for staff . I put muzzle on her just in case I mean I use to own a pet salon I know how some people can flip with putting a muzzle on pet but I'll put it on her if it makes staff feel safe it's no problem they finished Bothof my furr babies shots in like 5mins , which was awsom ! When standing inline they brought tents like 6 or 7 - few over line so we get some what of shade and few chairs mostly for elderlys but of course up for grabs . I would definitely go back to CHEAP SHOTS , and definitely recommend , if customer service is 100% then I'm dedicated. I'm from Texas just moved here 2 months ago so it was nice to know there is a Low cost place for pet shots. I believe I only paid $60 for 3 year rabies & (1 yr) Dapp. Bordatella , Parvo . Thank you 4 people staff .

Daly Dominguez

4 years ago

I don't know why I have waited this long to give Cheap Shots a review. Let me say these people are outstanding! I have been going to Cheap Shots since my Corgi was 1 year old. I got stiffed at Banford Clinic for something like $400.00 for a puppy checkup and then wised up and started going to Cheap Shots. They have ALWAYS been knowledgeable, caring and honest. I started visiting their mobile clinic 10 years ago! They would set up shop near the animal shelter. Now, they are a thriving business with their own permanent spot in San Leandro. I have seen first hand how hard this family works. I could not be more admiring and they have my respect. They love my Shorty girl and keep me posted via email when she is due for shots, check ups, teeth cleaning etc. My dog is going to turn 11, she is super healthy and I have always trusted them implicitly. I adore my dog and if I felt these people did not know what they were doing I would not have kept going back. You see the only thing cheap about them is their prices. Thank you Cheap Shots for all the years of care you have given to my dog. I wish you continued success; you guys are what the "American Dream is about.

daniel kinsey

4 years ago

These guys are the SHIZIT!!!!! Very knowledgeable, attentive to the pets... affordable 5 Stars

Marty Madrid

4 years ago

Good service love animals. Take great care. Very friendly.

Rachel Zarate

4 years ago

They are great and friendly good service.

Teresa Dempsey

4 years ago

yeah I just started volunteering for these people and they're very awesome and they do a great job and have a wide variety of things besides vaccinations to give your pet they have flea products and they have microchipping and they have grooming and doggy daycare and some medical assistence it's such a good deal it looks like a great up-and-coming still growing facility

Tommy MarshmAllow

4 years ago

Wonderful place, Jessica and Robert are very kind and caring. They took care of a stray cat I found and they did their best to make our cat healthy again. Low cost and good treatment for pets and parents. I couldn't thank them enough.

Susan Lee

5 years ago

I take my guinea pigs here for their nail trims and the caring staff is always a pleasure. The piggies vet charges $43 per pig and this clinic charges $10. Thank goodness for this clinic's very reasonable prices. I look forward to coming every 4-5 months.


5 years ago

I highly recommend cheap shot to everyone for all their pets needs is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy team that I would trust any of my animals with at all times

Toya Sanford

5 years ago

I love you guys you saved me so much money. Also you brought Alex back to a great condition. Thanks!!

Sergio Martinez

5 years ago

Great help and really friendly

Priscilla Contreras

5 years ago

They’re very informative, helpful and friendly!

Marcelo Cadillo

5 years ago

I bring my service animal here... she has problems expelling so she comes and gets a squeeze, nail twim, and maintenance!

Luis Martinez

5 years ago

recommended by the price. Only thing is you have to go certain days out of the month but well worth it.

Julie Patel

5 years ago

I love this place, my dogs don't do well in a vets office but they love it here. I like the fact that they know exactly what is needed when I take them in. I won't ever go anywhere else for shots.

Jonathan Johnson

5 years ago

Be sure to check the hours for what you want to get dinner. The vaccine clinic is only a few times a month. Otherwise call for an appointment.

Jasmine Rashmi Warren

5 years ago

Amazing people, great environment and my girls did pretty good, the prices are for sure affordable. Thank you Jessica and Robert ????????????????????‍♀️

Ilknur Vargas

5 years ago

If there was a 10 star option I would give that. Coming for years and we love this place.

Gabriela Zamora Lopez

5 years ago

They are awesome!!!! Their always very friendly and give me great advice!! My pets love them. Very reliable

Filamerick Solar

5 years ago

They provide great service and love seeing our kittens.

Dion Lewis

5 years ago

Cheap shots are the best priced in the area and they have excellent service! I highly recommend them.

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