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Phoebe Smith

a year ago

Dr. Sutton was extraordinarily generous with her time and knowledge for multiple treatment paths. In the end we still lost our Ziggy but even in the midst of that impossible decision the entire staff was incredibly empathetic and compassionate.

Diane MacDonell

2 years ago

Always very pleasant, in and out quickly.

BossMom MakinMoves

2 years ago

This is by far the best animal clinic...They made my puppy Jasmine Bella feel safe and comfortable..

cloudia charters

3 years ago

A bit pricey in my opinion but worth it. Especially if you are taking your pet into the state of Hawaii, they know all the needed paperwork and will assist you.

Native Yogi

3 years ago

I used to bring my lab here before 2012 and it was a great practice. Came back with my new lab in 2019 with a swollen foot. They said he needed surgery due to a foxtail in his foot. They charged me $600, cut his foot open, but told me they didn’t find any foxtail. 3 days later my dog's foot started oozing bad. Had to change his bandage. Took him in, they wanted to charge me $85 for this. I refused saying it should be part of the surgery cost. They lowered it to $35. 2 days after his wound was very bad and oozing. I decided to remove his bandage and take a close look. The foxtail was in his wound!! I removed it with tweezers and took him back for an explanation. The Dr. who performed the surgery (who I was meeting for the first time since she never met with me after the surgery itself) basically implied that I had put the foxtail in his wound myself. Who could do something like that to their own dog? Then she left with no further explanation. Her assistant came in and implied the same thing. Unbelievable!! I asked them to at least take care of his open wound and stitches and they basically told me to leave and find another veterinarian. I have never encountered such horrible customer service and such complete lack of compassion. Dr. name is Kristina Hansson. I also requested to talk to the owner or manager. They told me she wouldn't see me because she was at a “conference call” all day (?). Her name is Nicole Ayers. I was basically left standing alone at the front office with my dog. Everyone disappeared trying to avoid giving me a logical explanation of why my dog had been cut, sedated, and stitched and the foxtail was still in his foot. I am speechless.

cal collingham

3 years ago

Convenient, caring, professional

Kevin Wagner

3 years ago

Great vet, wonderful with scheduling.

Lisa Davis

3 years ago

They quoted be $900.00 for getting my under 10 lb. dog neutered. NO THANKS! Lol that’s outrageous!!

Diane Dixon

4 years ago

My experience was great and the doctors and staff are wonderful.

Paul Hemmings

4 years ago

Friendly and reasonably priced. Our dogs seem to enjoy going there. They must hand out lots of treats. And that's a good thing.

Neil Fraser

4 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Leif Eric Peterson

4 years ago

They were great with our pup

Jessica Moylan

4 years ago

Bel Marin Animal Hospital has been the best veterinary hospital/clinic I've ever dealt with. The staff and Dr.'s are very pleasant and compassionate. I'd highly recommend, Steven Dennis, DVM, for your furry friends needs. He's honest, forthcoming, and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Dennis for your help with my beloved Tigger.

Booger Queen

5 years ago

I'm a first time cat mom - after I adopted from MHS, Bel Marin Animal Hospital was suggested to me as a place to get a complimentary first exam. I've had great experiences here. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, both on the phone and in person. The office is clean and orderly. I also expected to be paying a lot more, but the prices are very reasonable. I'm glad that I keep getting reminders to come back when my cat needs her vaccines updated. I haven't even thought about looking for a different vet.

K Hogan

5 years ago

Professional and friendly Veterinarian's and support staff.

Karen Dionne

5 years ago

This place is owned by a corporation and charges beaucoup bucks.

Carey Clutts

6 years ago

Bel Marin Animal Hospital has taken kind and wonderful care of our family for years. Consistently compassionate and caring while candide careing and frank advice . Our family's pet's health is hapily in their hands.

Erin Branscome

6 years ago

I am so grateful to Bel Marin Animal Hospital and Dr. Robinett. Their office has always been wonderful, which is why we've stayed with them for years, but in the last few weeks, as they've helped us with our older dog (Scarlett), I've come to appreciate them more than I thought possible. We've been with Bel Marin for about a decade, now, and we would never go anywhere else. They know our dogs, and it's easy to see how everyone in the office truly cares about the animals they treat; every time we bring our girls in, they receive gentle, compassionate, competent care, from the entire office. Monica, at the front desk, is an excellent office manager, absolutely indispensable -- not only is she friendly and compassionate, she's also helped us deal with practical pet needs, providing recommendations for everything from groomers to pet food to incontinence products for dogs. Bel Marin also provides consistently wonderful veterinary assistants, who treat our girls with competent, compassionate care (currently, Emily and Natalie, who are both awesome) But Bel Marin also provides something else, something unique and special. We aren't the "typical" Marin family -- this is a wealthy area, overall, and we...aren't, to put it mildly. However, Bel Marin has *never* made us feel ashamed because we couldn't always afford all of the different tests and top-line treatments, or because we've had to spread out diagnostics and vaccinations between a few paychecks, when we couldn't afford it all at once. They never made us feel guilty, or like we were bad people or pet owners. And they've been *wonderful* about providing estimates for all the care ahead of time, so we wouldn't be surprised, and then working with us as much as possible so that we could get the best possible care for what we were able to afford, helping us to prioritize the most important, necessary things...and the stuff that we could comfortably let go. Through it all, they continued to treat us with respect -- and yes, in this area, that is, unfortunately, a remarkable, unusual thing. And now, as we're starting to discuss the end of our Scarlett's life -- not immediately, but as something we know is coming -- they've continued to provide the same quality, compassionate, respectful care. Dr. Robinett has helped us look at our options, available treatments...but she's also discussed how aggressive treatment might not be in Scarlett's best interest, even if it was something we could afford. There's not a cure for her condition, and while there is some treatment that can mitigate certain symptoms, it would also mean frequent blood tests, trips to the clinic -- all that on top of the cost that is probably out of our reach, anyway -- and that "treatment" would likely be worse for Scarlett, in terms of pain and anxiety, than letting it progress naturally, and using things like Doggie Diapers to help. The vet, and their office, certainly isn't trying to wring as much money out of us as they can -- and given how much we love our dogs, they could easily make this process so much more difficult and painful, adding guilt and shame onto the immense sadness we're already feeling. They obviously care more about our dogs, their quality of life, AND the human members of our family, than they do about money. And I am *so* grateful, as we enter this last stage of Scarlett's life, that we have Bel Marin. Thank you all so much -- and if you're in Marin and need veterinary care, check out Bel Marin Animal Hospital.

Theresa M

6 years ago

I love these Drs and the girls who work here!

Kurt Mueller

7 years ago

These guys are great with your pet and great with you, too! My small dog Jax! always seems to have something going wrong all the time (mostly allergies!) and they always manage to squeeze us in. Their prices are fair and the doctors AND the staff are extremely nice and helpful. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS.

Wayne Flower

7 years ago

Surprised there are no reviews here. Let me start by saying the staff are great, your pets will love them. The approach to animal care here starts off with love. You will notice a difference as soon as you walk in the front door. I have never been to a vet that my dogs were actually happy to visit. No putting your dog up on a table, the staff instead works on the floor where your pet is more comfortable. Treats and lots of love are given to the dogs during exams, and our dogs don't even know they are being treated. I have used a handful of vets over the last decade and have never encountered this dedication to making the pets comfortable. My dogs would freak out at the door of our old vet, even on the very first visit. I think the waiting room just gave off a smell of fear. That is not the case at the Bel Marin Animal Hospital. On our first visit my "sensitive" dog was happy to come in the door and investigate. Very open and honest, and I have found their rates to be reasonable. I feel our dogs get excellent care here. I have also noticed that they seem to limit the amount of animals in the waiting room. I have never seen more than one other family in the waiting room. I think this helps reduce the stress levels for all the pets.

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