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Marcy Bravo

2 years ago

I love this place ❤ this guys are very gentle with my little furry sister Cookie" thank you!

Jon Dale

2 years ago

Our dogs run to their door so they must do something right.

Rick DalPorto

3 years ago

Great service at a great price

Sara Yousef

3 years ago

We are happy with Nadine. She keeps our dog groomed well every 8 weeks. She professional, patient, and compassionate. Our dog loves her.. Thank you Nadine! ????????

bill hodges

4 years ago

Would not go any other place for dog grooming


4 years ago

Vince is a very dear friend and good businessman

Nicholas Ronsheimer

4 years ago

I just moved into the area and my pug needed a nail clipping in a major way with his nails about to grow into his paw. The owner really cares about dogs so he figured out a way to squeeze me in same day to help me out. I can't thank him enough. I will be a regular patron at this trusted groomer.

oH luCci

4 years ago

Fantastic price and no appointment necessary for nail clipping. My pup is fearful of other dogs after a past experience rendering her a rescue. The dark, SHORT haired, more mature woman with glasses was so kind in trimming my dogs nails in the lobby away from the other dogs. Super sensitive of her and greatly appreciated!!! I was referred and I will refer to others. Well played!????????❤

john plutino

5 years ago

Vince and Nadeen do an awesome job on all dogs big and small. Just make a reservation as they are very busy.

Michele Schenck (Chele)

5 years ago

My Minnie always comes home nicely groomed, smelling great, and calm.

Alicia Velasquez

6 years ago

I have been visiting this place for three years and I always get a great service for my happy dog.????

Zayduh J

7 years ago

My parents have taken my dog here a couple of times. I came to pick her up and see that they were not even done on the time they said. I see the owner (old male guy) slap my dog under the chin. I asked him why he did that, he grabbed my dog and told me to take her and get out and that he did not hit my dog, that i saw wrong?...Uhm then you tell me what i saw then? With no response. He did not even finish her and I payed for the whole service and gave tip as well. No,.. my dog was not hurt from the slap under the chin, but he had no right to do that to my dog. I WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN! Horrible customer service. I regret now even giving tip and paying for the whole service.


9 years ago

So sorry Susan had a bad experience, but what they said was true, i.e. "Who Does Your Dog?" did close their doors last year & most folks flocked over to Vince's "All Aboard." Mainly because he comes highly recommended by most clients. It can be overwhelming when another business closes & your volume suddenly doubles or triples. Admittedly, they probably should've had you bring your dog back the next day when they could've spent more time, but you likely would've understandably been just as angry. One of those "danged if you do & danged if you don't" scenarios. But if you give them another chance, I think you'll be happy & perhaps even amend your Review? I mean, after all, the difference in a good haircut & bad one is what? About a week for us. Maybe a month for a dog? After all he wasn't physically harmed. You should read some reviews from some other groomers, where dogs go home with dried blood in their fur. Yikes! And no I'm not affiliated with All Aboard. I just know when we take our 3 Goldens in for grooming, they accommodate us to the inth degree. You see, two of our pups have serious anxiety issues & are afraid of males for the most part. But owner Vince, the bather Jose & groomer Nadine, who both also used to work also for Ira at "Who Does Your Dog?", have always been gentle with our "precious babies" (for lack of a better term) & put them at ease when they bathe & groom them. Also, the first time I stopped in to make our appointment for our Goldens, after WDYD? closed, I had one of our daughter's Yorkies with me. He needed his paws & face trimmed. I asked if they could do him then? "Fat chance," I thought. Well to my surprise a more mature lady who was on her break actually did the trim & cleaned his 'tears' off his nose. I warned her that he doesn't like strangers & tends to snap at everyone, but she took him off the counter, cradled him for a moment & he was just fine with her. WOW! Is she a Dog Whisperer of sorts? Then she didn't even charge me for that trim! Whoa! I must say, that kind of service & accommodation is very, very rare these days. How kind of them to do that. I just think everyone deserves a second chance, although now that we live in Marin, I have noticed some folks are not as friendly or forgiving as they were in Sonoma County. Is it progress or life close to the big city? That's why I say Vince's place is kind of like stepping back in time to Mayberry. It's nothing fancy, but always clean & friendly. I think it's more like Marin County used to be not so long ago, before all the 'progress' & high rollers came along. I know there's other groomers out there, but I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Susan Wilson

9 years ago

Well, I took my little poodle there after being referred by another poodle owner I met in the park. I arrived at 9:30am and the gentlemen asked me how I wanted him styled and told me I could pick him up by 2pm. When I called at 2pm, they told me he wouldn't be ready until 4pm, as "they were so busy" They said they would call me and didn't, but I decided to show up at 4:30pm and he was just getting started. The guy said come back in 10 minutes...Really!! I came back and found a sloppy haircut with none of the things I wanted. Really not a good experience for me or my dog and I would never go back there. Lots of excuses from them about another groomer went out of business and they were "So Crazy Busy" Don't tell me that...You were clearly overbooked and my dog's haircut suffered.

Matt VanEnkevort

10 years ago

Friendly service, dog done on time. Easy to find, nice place.

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