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Terry Santacruz

2 years ago

Please if you dearly love your pet never bring your fury friend/ baby to this place, they will literally keep your pet in pain for hours, if no payment has been made, I learned to never trust a vet hospital if they won’t see your pet without payment being made first. How do I even start, please make sure you always check the reviews and believe everything I wish I saw the reviews of this place before I came here and give them any money. To start they charge $115 just to open the door to you and you have to call for every single thing this place does not welcome anyone I understand it’s a safety protocol but it’s ridiculous. They charge almost $2000 for a diagnostics and surgery would be around $5000. They tried to convince me that the best option was to put my dog to sleep and I almost believed,and they try to threaten you with calling animal control fyi they don’t even notify them they only say that to scare you and try to convince you not many vets do surgery to try to make you believe you came to the right place. Thank God I brought my dog to Colima animal hospital they literally saved my dogs life and never mention a payment until my dog was completely done with surgery and treatment and I paid 5x less of what this “emergency “ hospital was demanding. And they recommend this other hospital that was more affordable that is called kinder, but there is no way I will trust anything those workers if they are probably connected. This place literally needs to be shut down, this place is hell

Luke Thomas

2 years ago

Do not go here! They will not allow you into the building because of you know what "protocols". You have to call someone and they take your info and then they will leave you on hold for a long time all while you can see employees are standing around doing nothing. I've been to other vets and none of them have such severe restrictions in place.

Maria Colmenero

2 years ago

DO NOT COME HERE! Came for an emergency today and they didn’t open their doors. There was a sign on the window saying to call them and remain in the vehicle yet they didn’t answer after claiming to be open 24 hours. They had me waste time with the answering machine and claimed they’d reach out later. They never ended up reaching out at all.

Ruben Alcazar

2 years ago

their prices are extremely ridiculous. the service is more expensive for my cat ????‍⬛ that for all my family together for a whole year


2 years ago

I would give then 0 stars if I could, I went in 11/27/2021 to have my 3 month old puppy with vomiting and fever, the staff is unconpationed and careless. They had me wait in the car for an hour they checked her in and I requested to have my dog looked at asap because I felt she was dying, well they have me wait in the car and stated they would contact me via telephone when it would be my turn. It is 9:50am 11/28/2021 and no one has reached out. Unfortunately the dog passed away.. I would never ever take any of my pets to this place.

Fernando Vargas

2 years ago

To start off April a staff member was very rude. I brought my dog in for an allergic reaction. Obviously my dog was having a reaction where her face was swollen. I tried to bring her in since I just got off a shift from an Emergency room myself so I'm aware of Covid protocols I tried to check in at the door and April came up to me and told me go to the car call in to check in. It is not ok to tell someone to go sit in the car to be seen. And if that's not ok with the owner the dog does not have to be seen here. We are here for a reason which is an Absolute EMERGENCY. otherwise we would not be here. It is unprofessional for you as a person who works in the medical field human or pet. Then to finish they told me I would have to pay up front before she even enters the building. Thanks FOR NOTHING. I went somewhere else by the way.

Sharon G

2 years ago

This place is horrible. I rescued a stray kitten that was in poor shape that same night the kitten was getting worse so I took him in. Long story short, they wanted $1000 to treat the kitten (which I didn’t have). So then, their staff member (some large Caucasian man) threatened to call animal control services on me for animal abuse! I felt disgusted for how they were extorting me to either pay or accuse me of abuse. They don’t even allow you to take your pet elsewhere unless you pay. I was almost to tears because I was just trying to rescue a stray animal I’d found. Do not go here!!! These people business practice is disgusting.

Nany Reyes

2 years ago

After I process the lost of my cat I just think about writing this review I’m thankful with this hospital They were very busy but they put the priority in front My cat was run over by a car , they assist him immediately, they were very kind carefully and work with us through all the painful process Is pricing but they worth every penny I spend in this hospital Thank you so much for tried to save my cat I understand was not posible but just be there for us made me respect your work and your mission Thank you so much

Marky Elizondo

2 years ago

This place is such a rip off!! My wife and I could not believe it! Just walked in and right off the bat they wanted to charge us $198 just to start exams on my pup. The dude up front was so rude, he didn’t even seem to care what was going on. My wife called a place in Whittier and took the dog in right away. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anybody.

Iris Elizondo

2 years ago

!!!!!!!DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could give -0 stars!!!!!! The guy on the phone that I had to “check in” with didn’t seem concerned at all. We were more like a burden than anything. The girl that answered the phone and put me on hold was snobby and didn’t care either! I seriously have no idea how this place is still open!!!!! All they care about is money! They didn’t even examine my dog yet and wanted to charge me $198 and I would have to wait more than 2hrs! So I hung up the phone and drove to a better animal hospital where I was able to go in, be seen and out for no more than an hour! And my dog loved them!!!! So again, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET here!!!!! All they want is money.

Elizabeth Avila

2 years ago

Do not recommend. The doctor wasn’t even in when they opened. ????????????????????????????????

CJ potato_cj

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR FURBABY HERE, AND LISTEN TO THE 1 STARS! On Sunday, my dog was attacked by another big dog, which left him with an open flesh wound which caused a hernia. We took him here because it was the closest thing from where he wad attacked. He was in so much pain, slightly moving him would make him whimper and yelp in pain. When we got there we had to call ahead and wait was felt like forever (i think almost 2 hours) for him to be attended to. Once they took him in they wouldn't allow us to go with him so we had to not only wait outside, but call everytime for an update because they didn't bother to call us and tell us what was happening. They told us he threw up from the pain, and that they recommended an whole bunch of things from an ultrasound, to xrays and other stuff which was unnecessary (but we didn't know that, we were all distraught from the attack). All of those things COST ALMOST $2,000. And we had to WAIT ANOTHER 2 HOURS JUST FOR A DIAGNOSIS WHICH COST US 400 DOLLARS. They literally said it was so bad they don't believe he'd make it through the night, which broke my family's heart. They LITERALLY OFFERED TO PUT HIM DOWN, AND WE SERIOUSLY ALMOST CONSIDERED IT. We asked if we could take him home which pain meds so we could take him to another hospital, and they told us they would but would call animals control because it was cruel to take him home without treatment. Oh did I mention already that they are a pay first, treat later type of business? When they handed him to us the lady said that his INTESTINES WOULD START FALLING OUT, which shattered me. She said it so nonchalantly like she didn't even care. It was so disturbing how they acted so careless while my dog whimpered and whined in agony. The next day we took our baby to Hacienda Heights Animal Hospital and they were wayyyy more caring. Once they notice that our baby was in pain they attended to us immediately and didn't charge us for anything before even doing anything. They told us that this place was ridiculous and that the injury was bad but the open wound wasnt severe, on teared through the top layer of skin. Please please pleasseee listen to the other reviews and DON'T TAKE YOUR BABY HERE!!!!!! Take them anywhere else BUT HERE. This place should be closed down and blacklisted with how they treat their animal's

Mary Anne

2 years ago

They don’t care about your pets all they care about is money!!! They will kill your pet instead of saving it. They made us wait for “emergency surgery” they had no urgency whatsoever and instead were trying to convince us to kill our pet because we could not afford the bill over $10,000. No way this place cares for your pet. price gouging, greedy and no sense of urgency. The “staff” is so unprofessional and rude. Please stay away from this place!!!!

Vivi Y

2 years ago

Regret not reading reviews ahead of time. Moral kidnapping is their sales tactic. I felt threatened & coerced by the doctor when I denied their service(estimated to be at least $2000- $4000) and wanted to leave seeking option elsewhere. The doctor got mad & tried to convince me to euthanize my 2 weeks old cat for extra $500 on the spot in a manner that reminds me of a car sales rep trying to add some upgrade to your package. I denied letting the kitten die right there in their facility, doctor then accused me of animal cruelty in a very rude tone and made me feel PRESSURED to put my cat down right there at the moment. However I ignored their BS and took my cat home, after entire night of monitoring & massaging the kitten it is getting a lot better. READ OTHER REVIEWS! Cuz they’re real.

Alondra Ramirez

2 years ago

If I could give this place zero stars I would. My dog was seen tonight because of an allergic reaction. Dr.Ortega was not only condescending but just rude. She in no way cared and also made us feel as if we were ridiculous for even bringing her in. Does she not realize that pet owners bring their pets in because they care and can tell when something is wrong with their pet . It is not a nice experience to begin with but to have a vet that does not seem to have a empathetic and caring bone in her body just makes experiences like this even worse.


2 years ago

IF YOU HAVE A PET EMERGENCY DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE! My dog is suffering from seizures and called Crossroads which is the immediate emergency number off of our primary vet’s. Dylan told me to bring him down because they didn’t have anyone waiting. As I arrive I call them from our vehicle, per instructions and Dylan says they can’t see my dog anymore because they are at full capacity. It was 4am and their lot was empty. Absolute nightmare!

Angela Rios

2 years ago

The worst ever do not recommend this place! Had me waiting since 11:30pm to 2am left that place now is 4am never called us or emailed us! Stupid place !

Aracely hr

2 years ago

The worse experience don’t take your pets there very expensive bad customer service they just want your money . I took my dog with a fractured leg at ten am I was outside in the sun from 10 am until 3:30 they took her in they called me to tell me how much they charge then 10 mnts later dble that amount. Whem I picked up my dog at 11at nite all they did was splint,bandage. And I medicine. That cost 2 ,000. The next day my dogs leg had to be imputed.

Billy Ray M

2 years ago

STAY AWAY from, this place just wants all your money up front before they help your pet. I a emergency situation and every minutes count they drag their feet, wasting valuable time and your stuck with them. They are super high in price for the services. Cost me over &5000.00 dollars. Stay away from this place for the pets life.!!!!!!

Jennifer Esquivel-Ramirez

2 years ago

Brought my 10 week old kitten and had a horrible experience. Paid $95 and waited from 7 PM to 3 AM for them to tell me absolutely nothing and try to charge me $1,000 for blood work?? Take your pets somewhere else because here it’s like they’re a joke. The vet tried to tell me my kitten hadn’t lost any weight when I could visibly see weight loss and then she tried to question me. Take your pets and your money somewhere else, they try to belittle the issue and scam you.

Dennis Fa

2 years ago

I brought my cat in for what I thought was an injured leg. Come to find out it was not injured. They found other problems which cost me a small fortune. She ended up with stitches and l was told to bring her back in two weeks and they can remove them. They also told me l could go to my regular vet but l did not want to that. I did not want to put addition costs on this already expensive experience. So 2 weeks later l brought her in and they told me it would be a 4 - 6 hour waite. They also said l could come back at six the next morning. The moral of the story is if no additional money is involved in the follow up, you go to the back of the bus.

Yeimy Mercado

2 years ago

Never take your pets here. They are the worse. They should call them Animal Killers. I hate this place!!!

Juan Soria

2 years ago

I'm so disappointed in this animal hospital the worst experience ever I took my dog because she was in labor and having complications and I was told to wait out in the parking lot for 8 hours or more and I was so upset and sick to my stomach to watch my poor baby suffer and yet they still wanted to charge me a fee and they did nothing to her so I left and took her to a different vet. I don't recommend this place to no one at all this place needs to be shut down. We go to you for help and you guys give us no hope what so ever.

Maria Gonzalez

2 years ago

Very poor service my dog was in labor but having complication and they had me wait in the parking lot they said 8 hours just to but seen they were going to call me so i waited all night with my dog in the car and no one ever called

Rum Ham

2 years ago

Friendly and helpful. Price is reasonable for an emergency clinic. People in here are just giving bad reviews because they complain about the price. Animal hospital meds and equipment are just as expensive as in human hospitals, people. STOP expecting Animal hospitals to be cheap or free, or don't you value your pet as much as a family member? If you go to a "cheap" place you should be concerned on what they actually do. And remember that this is an emergency hospital, if it's for a check up I suggest you go to your pet's vet.

Lavina Correia

2 years ago

Do not go here!! My Aunty took her cat with fever and they straight up said she needs to be put down. Luckily we went to AM PM clinic and the cat was saved. She is now healthy as well ever. Our pets are of no value to them.

Jennifer Merritt

2 years ago

They are EXTREMELY expensive. Like, 900 bucks for a exam, X-rays and pain shot. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, they after your wallet

Chad Sachs

2 years ago

Crossroads did an amazing job for me tonight. At the time of an absolute emergency, they went above and beyond for my pet. Their prices for an ER visit were higher than I expected, but all records were transferred on for me without even asking. I really feel like everyone cared and was doing everything they could tonight. Thank you all very much.

Alan Rodriguez

2 years ago

Horrible hospital!!!!!!! You’d expect them to be caring with the animals but all they care about is the money!! Go somewhere else. They are not worth it

Carolina Martinez

2 years ago

I’ve brought my pup here 4 times (from swallowing foreign objects to kennel cough) and every single time the staff has been diligent and kind. I agree it can be rather expensive, but it’s an emergency room so you get what you pay for. Each and every time after they have evaluated my pup they have called me to give me options on what to do next - in my experience, they have never pressured me to choose the option that is more costly. In fact they have done the opposite, and have told me that certain procedures weren’t necessary which is why I believe they truly have your pet’s best interest at heart. They work odd hours and deal with many patients so the wait can be long, but I take comfort in the fact that if my puppy’s life was on the line they would take her in immediately and do everything in their power to save her (as I’ve seen them do in the past). Ultimately do what is right for you and your budget, but based on competency and care by the staff, I wholeheartedly recommend Crossroads.

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