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Stinker Bell

2 years ago

I didnt go in staff were OK....kinda helpful.

Chelsea Rabinovitz

2 years ago

Thank goodness for this place!!! I am just so grateful they were able to help my dog. She was a rescue with horrible teeth and they were fantastic! They do the best they can to help as many people as possible which means they aren’t going to hold your hand- but they will take the best care of your pet. They make it feasible to own a dog even if you don’t have an endless stream of expendable income. Thanks Kinder4Rescue!

Carolina Lopez-Herrera

2 years ago

I took my 19 year old chihuahua to get dental work. Let me tell you, her teeth were horrible. You could tell that my baby was in pain and she was always uncomfortable. Not to mention that bad teeth can cause other major problems. For about a year, I have been trying to find a place that would do her teeth and at an affordable price. I was getting denied servie by vets because of her age (since they did not want to risk putting her under, even though she was otherwise completely healthy) or I was given quotes that were plainly unaffordable. I found about this place a couple of weeks ago and I could not be any more relieved. I did not believe their prices, which were very affordable and they were very professional. They are very direct and clear with the procedure and possible issues. They do not sugarcoat (which I personally appreciate). They do not give too much communication to keep their costs low and becuase they are so busy, but that is not a problem with me. They will call when they are done or if there are any complications. You just have to be patient and let them do their thing because they do not deny anyone and they have a lot of clients (understandably). My 19 year old had 24 teeth removed and the rest were cleaned and polished. She is forever a "gummy girl" but she is rapidly recovering. they gave me all the medications she needed and told me how to use them. They were very clear on complications to watch for (again because she is 19). Although, she still has a pain from loosing all those teeth, you can tell that she is much more comfortable and maybe in less pain than she was before. She is definitely eating a lot more now. I am so thankful for Kinder because I was able to get my dog the treatment she needed and give her a more comfortable rest of her life (and hopefully add a couple more years). I will definitely be back with my other pets. Thank you Kinder for taking care of my little dog.

pH Ayers

2 years ago

Probably one of the most unprofessional places I've ever been to. Last time I came here they tried to overcharge me, add services I didn't ask for and overall the head lady there was just rude. This time I drove all the way here and specifically asked about the non anesthesia cleaning. She made me fill out 5 pages of paper work. I refused to initial the XRAY and the Anesthesia part, because neither applied to my dog. After wasting all that time she came out and told me I had to initial those. I asked why when I was only coming in for the dental cleaning and she said "Well you didn't say that" I did. 3 times. My friend sitting behind me heard me say it 3 times. She said "Oh it must be the mask". She took the paperwork and handed me a flyer said "You can read this, BYE" Her attitude was nasty from the beginning. She was so unprofessional. She refused to give me her name stating that I "didn't need it" and slammed the door on my face, because she knew I was going to report her terrible behavior. She is the Latina at the front with long, ugly artificial nails that don't belong in a clinical setting. This place is sketchy, shady and has twice now tried to bait and switch for more expensive services then lie about it afterwards. Such shameful behavior, I'm astounded that this place receives any business. Go elsewhere. Anywhere else.

John Polikolsky

2 years ago

VERY Reasonable and good in an emergency

Jennifer Sanchez

2 years ago

Very helpful and care for every pet HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jake Shapiro

2 years ago

Our one month old kitten Kala had a life threatening wound that was growing over her body. We took her to Kinder and they performed a surgery that saved her life. It was extremely affordable and they continued to give free checkups until they removed the stitches for two weeks. We now have a perfectly healthy kitten and could not be more thankful. Thank you Kinder 4 Rescue!


2 years ago

My puppy fractured her leg right above her knee. Her vet was quoting me $4,500 for distal femoral fracture surgery. I found Kinder 4 Rescue online and i ended up paying $2,100 and I couldn’t have asked for better care. Everyone in the office is incredible and super friendly, they honestly go above and beyond for our fur babies. They gave me pic updates as they kept her overnight and I was able to pick her up at 7am the next day. The cost included all take home meds, overnight care, and amazing quality care. Thank you Kinder 4 Rescue for EVERYTHING. so incredibly thankful for you guys!!!


2 years ago

I love this place. They are kind, compassionate, professional, and capable.

Anami Nguyen

2 years ago

These people are life savers. ❤️❤️❤️ If you don‘t reach them via phone, you can text them, or you can just show up (during business hours & listen to their voicemail- it has critical instructions.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Kinder4Rescue Team, incl. volunteer Liz & manager Lupe, who took in my cat 30mins before close. Everyone was super kind, competent and acted swiftly. I paid only 1/6 of the price I got quoted at MASH for critical surgery ($2k vs $12k in my case!!) I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. I didn’t have to wait for 6h unlike at other hospitals. My cat might have had worse repercussions if I would have had to wait longer. They also gave very detailed post-surgery instructions in writing and sent a text with a photo and an update after the surgery. And everyone was so nice!! Thank you so so much again. ❤️❤️❤️

Bonnie Monaghan

2 years ago

No humans can be reached. It’s a “Virtual front desk”. You have to just show up. Then you wait in your car, and they take the pet in without you (Money grab disguised as Covid protocol) they do WHATEVER THEY WANT to the pet without giving you an itemized treatment plan, and without getting your authorization/ permission and they jack up the prices that are quoted on their website without telling you. They claim the higher prices are to “Hold Your surgery appointment” They fail to provide the treatment the pet actually needs, and they are a one trick pony with pre op exams and they ONLY do bloodwork and XRays (even if against your will- and at double the prices on their website). Then they will cancel your surgery if you have sent a paid tranaporter and need to pay over the phone by credit card or PayPal. They should provide a printed out treatment plan with prices on it and get approval for said blood work and XRays and jacked up prices. I’ve tried reaching out to them extensively and can’t get a person. Cant access bloodwork or XRay. Cant get a surgery appointment, so I won’t be paying until they call me to rectify the situation. I’m not giving them a penny until they fix the problem- and in fact I feel they owe me for the $80 I had to pay to my transporter. Plus the poor senior cat had a rough day and for no good reason but their incompetence. Apparently it’s hit or Miss. one of my friends had a totally different experience recently where she got an itemized statement and everything. Either it is that some days they get too many walk ins so they should do appointments - it is the staff that is working that day. I had seen the bad reviews previously about this issue but was gave them the benefit of the doubt and hoped for the best and that was a mistake.

Cara White

2 years ago

I am speaking on behalf of someone who was a client here previously. I have witnessed the poor professional treatment that was given to my friend and their pet. I can't say that every single person on the team here is of poor quality, but I can say that their leadership and protocols are below subpar. The professionalism is not even worth 1 star. Individuals at this location will harass their clients if they feel it is necessary; it is never necessary. The pet was not even given a thorough examination. There was no compassion or understanding for the condition of the pet, and no medication was given for the ailment in which the pet was brought in for.

Maritsa Macias

2 years ago

Great customer service and they save my dog.

María Gonzalez

2 years ago

I did not like them

Busy Bee

2 years ago

This place saved my dogs life! Don't believe the negative reviews! I called several ERs asking to take my dog in, all of them said they were booked or if they did the surgery it would cost up to 10k. As a student, I couldn't afford that! I was devastated, I didn't want to see my dog go so soon. I called here told them my dog's symptoms and they told me to bring my dog in immediately. That same day she had her surgery. This place also saved me half the cost! After her surgery they sent me a txt to let me know how my dog was doing post op and the Dr even called to check on her. I am truly greatful for this place! ????

Ad Cd

2 years ago

I took my dog here, for “X-rays” and “bloodwork.” The people at the front said they’ll be emailing me her bloodwork and x-rays. They never did this. They tried explaining they performed all said work but I haven’t received any proof and they wont refund me. Do NOT come here. Rinky dinky operation? More like Sketchy and shady operation.

Yeny L Perez Trujillo

2 years ago

Great people to help your pet when needed. Low cost as well

Katelyn Nelson

2 years ago

They dont offer eye care services!!!! And they are not a full service clinic. SURGERIES ONLY!

Lou Holloway

2 years ago

Not at all kinder like the name suggests. Very unprofessional, told me that my dog was going to die ( and I quote “he’s gonna die anyway” after she offered us to take him over night for fluid and care because we were going to transfer him somewhere else better than here because we already saw the bad reviews but wanted to do anything we could to help our baby and at 5pm on a Friday this was basically our only option until the next morning. After our therapist at the dog hospital we were at called her to ask questions for release We then called back to back about 5 times because she wouldn’t answer anymore at 6 to make sure he could still come and she outright rudely said “he’s gonna die” again after the doctor we were sitting with at mash said he had a chance. And refused to give us her name, she then became extremely rude and hung up on us. Today I received a text of her asking about my dog and after I politely told her that her services weren’t needed and that her customer service was terrible and I’d be reporting her she then became more belligerent and continued to say ride things about my dog and tell me I care more about myself then him when I’m grieving. If I could give no stars I would . If I had any advice. Please don’t take your dog to this lady. She is so rude and disrespectful. If that is any indication of how she treats the animals she needs to be shut down and I am working on it.

M. Gorgy

2 years ago

This vertural answering service is terrible, i have been trying to get in contact with comeone all day. Horrible....not good for when you are dealing with the health of your pet..

Rosa Isela Avila

2 years ago

Amazing young lady and they truly care about animals!

Yaya Wells

2 years ago

The person on the other line answering the emergency calls has no compassion. Was very rude when I was trying to explain my situation. She hang up on me after I told her this. Vets might be great here but this particular person(older lady) has anger issues ad lacks sympathy to help others.

Linda Lalaian

2 years ago

Went 3 times for my dog and each time they had a stupid excuse not to see her. First time, she told us to finish with the antibiotics and then bring her back on Thursday. On Thursday, the Vinlad clinic is closed. So we came back on Friday and they said, they are short staffed and cannot do an x-ray to check my dog's symptom (shortness of breath) What a waste of time this place is. Not kind but cruel and rude.

Frank Canon

2 years ago

Take time to learn from our pets. Our Pets are reminders of our link with all Nature.

alus nova

2 years ago

They charged me for an application, two weeks after I applied for a neutering service yet STILL haven’t gotten a confirmation for the neutering appointment. Why?

carol byers

2 years ago

Kinder 4 rescue treated my dog humanely and put her health and safety first. I brought my dog here on 2 recommendations by experienced vets because she was not eating and an ultrascan revealed an intestinal obstruction. Kinder ordered an X-ray to access the danger posed by the blockage and cautiously advised holding on surgery as Jackie began to eat and regain vitality. At home Jackie ate, drank and peed as I waited for her to poop I am impressed by the sincere car of the staff and follow through of Laurel who kept the focus on Jackie’s well being. She looked out for both Jackie and me.


2 years ago

I cannot believe that they would treat my bunny like this, my bunny has never went under surgery, and i asked simple questions about will she be ok, and she says i’m killing my bunny by asking these questions. this left me in so much shock that i knew when i left that place that i was never coming back. shame on u guys.

mariela mata

2 years ago

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. The woman who answered the phone asked my mother in law to speak English because this is America! She made her feel terrible. This is not ok! I called back to file a complaint but she refuaed to let me talk to her manager or superior. Now i understand thats perhaps she is just the owner!! Businesses like this should NEVER be supported


2 years ago

This is the perfect place to take your little pup for his teeth cleaning and medical needs. They are much lower in cost than regular Vet's.

Michael Dean

2 years ago

I took my dog there because she had a pyometra. Laurel and her staff took real good care of her and went above and beyond to help me and my dog.

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